Battle of Los Angeles

According to reports in the Los Angeles Times, on Wednesday, February 25, 1942, an unidentified craft hovered over the city of Los Angeles. This event, dubbed the “Battle of Los Angeles,” was witnessed by hundreds of thousands of residents of the area. Spotlights, intent on spotting Japanese aircraft, played over the motionless craft. The military lobbed almost 2,000 rounds of high explosive shells at the floating sphere. Unscathed, the hovering UFO leisurely moved off to the south and disappeared over the ocean south of Long Beach. Six civilians were killed, others injured — the results of shells fragments.

The following day, the Los Angeles Times reported the incident on page one:

Below is an inside page from the Los Angeles Times, February 26, 1942.

No national media carried this story. For details go to: & MAJIC EYES ONLY by Ryan S. Wood