Billy Meier

Classic UFO

Billy Meier is all about a collection of the
clearest, most detailed photographs of ET craft that we have.
The picture above and other pictures on this site are but a
few of these amazing pictures.

Eduard “Billy” Meier
was invited by the Pleiadians to take pictures of their space craft

The Pleiadian Craft were large by comparison.
Photo courtesy of Billy Meier/FIGU which is a recreation of
one of Billy’s many photos.

Contact with extraterrestrials began for Eduard “Billy” Meier on Tuesday, January 28, 1975, 2:12 PM: A strange craft with visitors from the Pleiades landed in the field not far from his home in the Swiss countryside of Hinwel.

In the ensuing four years, he would take 800 remarkable photos of the Pleiadian craft and record over 3,000 pages of notes on his conversations with them.

His story is best told with pictures and quotes like the following:

“We, too, are still far removed from perfection and have to evolve constantly, just like yourselves. We are neither superior nor super-human, nor are we missionaries… we feel duty bound to the citizens of Earth, because our forebearers were their forebearers…” — SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, February 8, 1975

“You call us extraterrestrials or star-men, and you attribute to us superhuman powers even though you do not know us. Regarding this, we are men, like you, but our knowledge and our understanding exceeds yours considerably, especially in the technical field.” — SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975

“We extraterrestrial living forms have no authority yet to interfere by force with terrestrial concerns.”
— PTAAH, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975

Additional information on the beautiful contact with Billy Meier can be found at Two large picture books exist, although they are out of print. Similarly, a book of Billy’s notes is also out of print.
Michael Horn is the authorized American media representative for the Meier material and the new book on the case And Yet They Fly! by the Austrian author Guido Moosbrugger. He has appeared on dozens of radio and TV shows.