Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why have you switched from focusing on extraterrestrials and UFOs to focusing on the larger spiritual reality?
A: Several years ago I was afforded the opportunity of communicating with non-human beings. I then understood that my books, Trillion, Decimal, One, and Birthing a New Civilization had been written with a lot of outside assistance.

After I finished writing One, I was offered the opportunity to receive messages from our star brothers and sisters, and from celestials, and to post them on this web site. After overcoming my initial reluctance, I began posting messages in 2009 (all archived). The massages from 2009 and 2010 were organized into my latest book, Transformation.

It was during this process that I was directed to an expanded vision and an understanding of how the whole subject surrounding our star brothers and sisters has been warped to the advantage of those who wish to control us, the humans of Earth. I now know that the physical reality we see ourselves as a part of is a tiny percentage of the much larger non-physical reality.

Going the next step involved undertaking a process of personal transformation. I now know that the larger reality is not focused on a hierarchy where our star brothers and sisters are somehow superior, but that we can become equal in capability to the most advanced of them. I have also learned to see all in Oneness.

Q: Why the urgency of your message?
A: We have entered the period of metamorphosis — the evidence is quite compelling. Almost everyone is aware of changes about them whether they openly admit it or not. It is not any one thing, but a combination of many factors that is leading us to planetary and human transformation. The end result will be quite amazing and very positive for those who choose to participate: Living in the vibration of the 5th Dimension.

Q: Will we have a period of chaos as a part of this transformation?
A: No one knows for sure the extent of the chaos — earth changes, extreme weather, and human dislocation — due to the transformation to the 4th Dimension. We do know that all the structures created by 3rd Dimension humans — governments, monetary systems, banks, corporations, medical systems, history, and religions — will go away. We have been advised to prepare for some level of dislocation by storing water and food and by obtaining adequate shelter. I personally believe that this dislocations will be lessened by the actions of highly conscious humans who are working to smooth the transition.

Q: Why would the government cover-up UFOs, extraterrestrial contact, and similar happenings?
A: First of all, the presence of non-humans has been going on for a long time, probably before the dawn of recorded history. The early appearances of non-humans resulted in religions that were based on worshiping these higher functioning beings. Whether it was the high priests of ancient temple or modern religious leaders, knowledge is power, and those in power wish to remain there.

Second, there have been non-indigenous beings among us since ancient times. There have been working relationships, treaties, and disagreements with extraterrestrials. There are large numbers of mixed race beings, many who appear human or are able to appear human, among us. Many of these are in positions of influence. It is much deeper than refusing to acknowledge the presence of UFOs and aliens.

Third, there are the reverse engineering projects and U.S. bases on the moon. Lots of people will have egg on their face when the whole story came out. More important those in power will have great difficulty remaining there.

Fourth, governments wish to remain in control of their people. By opening the subject of extraterrestrials and UFOs, they then open the possibility of admitting that we are undergoing the time of humanity’s transformation and that they are no longer relevant.