Spectrum of Reality

The above picture captured something on film. Was it a mere flaw in the film or processing? Or was it a semi-physical presence of some being? Many people have “seen” things that are not purely physical. How are they explained?

The Spectrum of Reality encompasses both that which we can see and measure, as well as that which we can neither see nor measure. Our human senses detect only about 5% of reality. Scientists can measure, perhaps, another 10%, above and below our sensory range. The remaining 85% is the non-physical. It has been called quasi-physical, supernatural, mystical, spiritual, astral, and/or celestial.

Reality Spectrum

Much of the confusion that extraterrestrials present to us is caused the fact that they “live” at a higher dimension — making themselves visible to us only when they wish to be seen or to have contact with us. In fact, if we use the dictionary definition of extraterrestrial, all beings except Earth-humans are extraterrestrials. (The sole exceptions to these are the intraplanetary beings.) It is easiest to picture the wide diversity of extraterrestrials by seeing them as occupying a spectrum from the purely physical to pure spirits.

We can glimpse some of the non-physical from the accounts of those who have experienced near-death or those psychics who undertake out of body traveling. Likewise we can glimpse it though the efforts of remote viewers. Through meditation, anyone can get beyond the purely physical and begin to appreciate the Spectrum of Reality.

The most important implication of extraterrestrial contact has to do with our understanding of the spiritual and the non-physical. This is true because, first of all, extraterrestrial visitors to our planet utilize the non-physical for both transportation and communications.

Second, both these more highly evolved mortals and spirits, share a common playground with us, the cosmos.

And third, we can learn so much from mortal extraterrestrials, not only about the technology that allows them to function in the non-physical and has brought them to our planet, but about their view of the cosmos, the purpose of mortal life, God, and life beyond death.

From our investigations, we have concluded that our extraterrestrial and celestial visitors are mostly benign and friendly. True, their technology may, at times, be dangerous to us — if we approach it haphazardly — but, in general, it is not their intent to harm us. If they wished to do us harm, they have had ample opportunities over the past thousands of years.

Rather, we would invite each of you to open yourselves to the possibility that extraterrestrials wish to help us evolve this planet to a place of beauty, peace, and love. After you are willing to admit to that probability, then explore the other implications of extraterrestrial contact.

This is not to deny the existence of extraterrestrials with a dark agenda, or that they have imposed their dark agenda on this planet — a fact that we all struggle with daily. However, to focus on the dark agenda gives it power to continue its rule.

That then leaves us with the whole subject of spirits. We know from out of body contact and from various revelations that spirit personalities exist. We also know they have the ability to interact with us, and on occasion can manifest themselves enough for us to glimpse them. They are not mortals; they do not experience a life in animal form, nor do they experience death as we know it.

Spirit personalities abound in the universe. They range from the various orders of angels to those who rule the planets, the systems of planets, and the galaxies. They function, more or less exclusively, in the non-physical portion of the Spectrum of Reality.

We are caught up in a galactic chess game. We are the pawns. There are several agendas being pursued, several alliances. Rather than thinking in terms of good and bad, it is more helpful to think in terms of beneficial and not.

We, the pawns, have it within our power to determine the ultimate outcome of this chess game. By exercising our free choice, we can exert influence. The Cosmic Paradigm Network is dedicated to this process.