Turkish Meteor

At the International UFO Congress January, 2003, several amazing extraterrestrial events were reported. Among them were the many sightings of UFOs over Turkey — some lasting for several hours. Turkish national television and newspapers regularly cover these UFO incidents. Haktan Akdogan, director of the Sirius UFO CEnter in Turkey, reported that a huge meteor was destroyed by a UFO.

Reports on the following incident have ranged from "It was part of the Leonid Meteor shower" to "It was the breakup of a Russian satellite" to "It was a UFO disintegrating a large meteor before it could do some real damage." After some investigation, it is our conclusion that the latter of the three is the truth.

At the bottom left of the picture, there is clearly a collection of objects passing through the atmosphere. Their fiery tails attest to the fact that they are burning up. (UFOs do not leave fiery traces.) On a video of this event, the objects are traversing across Turkey from east to west. Note that the collection of objects is not inclined at an angle greater than 45 degrees, which is most typical for meteors entering our atmosphere. Rather they are more nearly horizontal. As you can read in the following testimony, the cluster of objects was as large as a 747. You can also read that the cluster was recorded at an elevation of 22,00 to 36,000 feet.

In the upper right corner of the picture is a round light. On the video it pulses at a rate of once per second. Meteors, or fragments of meteors, do not pulse regularly like this. It is not a star or other fixed object, but follows the path of the disintegrating meteor. Again, this picture, and the video from which it was taken, were published in Turkish national media.

First, the testimony of observers (before the video became known):

The pilots of four (One foreign, three Turkish) planes reported that they encountered a UFO squadron on November 1, 2002 near Afyon, and reported the incident to the flight safety departments of Turkey. It is recorded that the objects had been observed at 05.30 AM, at 22-36,000 feet, between Afyon and Yalova. The pilot of the plane which was the closest to the UFO squadron, Ercan Eken said, "Approximately 10-15 objects (but when you calculate the distance, as big as Boeing-747) were flying closely, 1-2 miles far from each other." This claim caused Captain Pilot Necmi Ekinci, the chairman of Turkey Airline Pilots Association (Talpa) to say, "Our friends are confident people. We trust on the information given by them".

Vedat G�rb�z (Captain Pilot):"In the morning of November the First, we were moving ahead to our plane at 05.40 – 05.45, in Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. We saw 4-5 objects in the direction to Afyon, in the sky. They were leaving traces 10-15 times bigger than a plane’s behind themselves. Going forward and down at 7-8 times faster than a plane.

Yilmaz Atli (Captain Pilot): "In the morning of November the First, we have started out to Germany from Antalya, around 05.00 in the morning. Around Afyon, we saw a very bright light on the top-left corner. The light was getting brighter and closer. Than it flew on us. We were seeing it but it wasn’t on the radar. Then it divided into 10-15 units and disappeared on the right-bottom corner.

Sinan Yilmaz (Pilot): "We had started out to Salzburg from Antalya. At 15 miles ahead, northwest of Afyon, we saw a very bright light on the north. Stable yellow and white lights continued flying to east. There were at least 10-15 traces. It lasted for 40-45 seconds. Then this bright light divided into 10-15 lights, they flew at the same level and disappeared on the right. I wasn’t believing in such things so far, but it was impossible to not to believe.

Second, the analysis of Haktan Akdogan, a Turkish UFO researcher:

A picture of the event was published and then the video was brought to Haktan. He went back to the airline pilots and they changed their story from that of a cluster of UFOs to that of the destruction of a meteor by a UFO.

By closely examining the video of the incident, one can see a large meteor descending on Turkey. (If you can imagine a meteor the size of a 747, you might also imagine that it would cause real harm if it were to strike as a solid mass.) The video shows the meteor being fragmented by a UFO — the blinking light — and guided to a splash-down in the Agean Sea, off the western coast of Turkey.

More details are available at: http://www.siriusufo.org/engnews/haber.htm

Third, further confirmation:

The following day of the IUFOC conference, Valery Uvarov, a Russian who heads their government’s UFO investigation department, and who reports to President Putin, said that in 1984 two large balls of energy came out of the ground in Siberia and destroyed a large meteor before it impacted.