Two Paradigms

The  following statements contrast two paradigms.

  • Many people on planet Earth cling to the existing paradigm: A fear-based reality that has dominated this world for many thousands of years.
  • A small percentage of Earth humans recognize the larger (Cosmic) reality of which all are a part: A love-based reality in which each individual is a great being of light having a physical experience.


“This is the way things have always been, and will continue to be. People are basically flawed, greedy, and unable to change.”

“I’m not willing to open myself to the possibility that there is something more, a larger reality. What if I can’t handle it? What if people think I’m crazy? Besides, I’m real busy.”

“Most likely we are not the only inhabited planet, but if there are aliens, they are way out there, a long ways off. Where’s the physical proof that there has ever been contact between humans and extraterrestrials?”

“Global warming? Where’s the ‘scientific proof.?’ It’s just a normal cycle for the planet. The Earth has built-in mechanisms to cleanse itself.”

“We need oil to run our economy. Sure, we should start looking for alternatives sources of energy, but there’s plenty of oil to last a long time. We just gotta drill for it.”

“God is in charge. He told us to dominate the Earth, so it’s okay what we’re doing. Besides, He is so powerful He will take care of everything, if I just believe.”

“I can’t worry about other people. I have enough problems right here at home. After all, people are poor because they want to be.”

“I think this world’s in pretty good shape. The problems people talk about are exaggerated.”

“I believe in the right of private property. I’ve worked hard for what I have; it’s mine and I have the right to do whatever I want with it.”

“There’s all kinds of nasty things that can happen to you, maybe just around the next corner. It pays to be real careful and watch what you’re doing, and what somebody might do to you. You just can’t be too careful.”

“Things are so much better today than in years past. Look at all the modern conveniences we have. I’m willing to fight for what’s mine.”

“Even if I wanted to help make a change, how could I? I’m only one person.”

“I guess I can probably admit that there are angels, and I know I pray to God. But ETs? They are probably the work of the devil.”

“The media generally reports the truth. After all, we do have a free press.”

“My major concern is security and a comfortable lifestyle for my family. I really don’t care about the larger picture — it doesn’t help me make a living. It’s all about feeling protected.”

“Our institutions — government, economic, educational, and religious — have evolved over time and are serving us pretty well. They may be screwed up right now, but we can correct that by getting back to basics.”



We are individuated souls living in physical bodies. Our lives are determined by a pre-birth contract.

We Earth-humans are not the only conscious life forms on this planet, let alone on other worlds.The universe is teeming with life. There are trillions of other planets inhabited by otherworldly beings; some are remarkably like us. All of physical reality accounts for less then 1% of the totality of all there is.

Some non-humans function from selfish motives. They have enslaved us for thousands of years.

Most of our space brothers and sisters function from a core of love and are in service to others. Many of them are present to awaken us to who we really are, and to help us transition this planet.

If we hold fear and paranoia as our primary thoughts and feelings, we will attract, non-human life forms with similar characteristics. If we hold love and acceptance, we will attract those who are love centered.

This world and our traditional beliefs about who we are an illusion. Living within the illusion means that we do not notice the perfection of the universe, the diversity of life on this planet, the love behind the spinning of the atom, or the possibility of discovering who we truly are.

The illusion was created to make us compliant. Those who would control us do it through the illusion that we are free, that we are being told the truth, that they are acting in our best interests, and that we are inferior beings.

We are here at this time and place by our own choice. We are here to experience, good and bad. We have the ability to choose how we behave. Therefore, we choose the future of humanity.

This planet will soon evolve to a place of higher vibration. We are invited to come along to the 4th Dimension, and then to the 5th Dimension. Some of us will become caretakers of the new Earth.

In the process we will become cosmic citizens, individuals who rely on communications with our souls. We will enjoy peace, truth, love and joy.

Being a victim is an illusion. We are totally responsible for our actions. By taking responsibility, we can create any experience we choose. By joining with others of a similar mind, we can change the world.

Due to our misuse of technology and our addiction to violence, this planet was on a path of self-destruction. Now that the stickiness of the 3rd Dimension is evaporating, Earth will become a pristine, brilliant planet, a playground for higher conscious beings.

Only our limited thinking stops us from becoming and doing all that we imagine is possible. Once we understand who we are, we will realize that we are unlimited.

There is a spectrum of reality that ranges from humans and other mortal life forms to the Divine. Somewhere between these extremes is a vast hierarchy of non-human conscious life forms. There are beings inhabiting this plant and trillions of others. There are even more spiritual beings than physical.

We Earth-humans are the recipients of a continuous stream of energies from extraterrestrials,  celestials, and Archangels. We also benefit from starseeds and walk-ins who have come to lend their higher consciousness to our positive evolution. Our planet continuously receives energy adjustments from the center of the galaxy via the sun.

We Earth-humans are blinded by a psychological construct that dictates our beliefs and behaviors. It keeps us “safe” in a protective “box,” free from harm, free from understanding reality. We must set aside this illusion to act in accordance with the larger truth, with who we really are.

Everything I have has been freely given to me. I see things as tools to be used for my growth, and the growth of others. I have a duty to be a caretaker of my world.

The truth about extraterrestrial visitors to our planet has been systematically hidden from the public. The truth has been the subject of both ridicule and misinformation. The national media has routinely reported a contorted picture of extraterrestrial visitation.

All people of this planet are being asked to awaken. This means moving to a higher state of consciousness.

Our planet will enter into an enlightened state when ordinary people awaken and take charge, to emerge in a new paradigm of peace, kindness, caring for each other, abundant living, and understanding who they really are.

The time of the great transformation is now.