Join Cosmic Paradigm Network

Thank you for your interest in the Cosmic Paradigm Network.

Those of us who have joined CPN have decided to make the transformation of this planet a priority in our lives. We recognize that it will be a huge effort embracing many points-of-view. However, we are determined to move forward using the following principles as guidelines.

  1. Acknowledge that we incarnated at this time and place to assist the transformation of Earth humans and this planet, and that this is much different than a focus on ascending.
  2. Acknowledge the presence and workings of non-human conscious life forms – from physical to spiritual – in the cosmos and on our planet.
  3. Accept that there are beings with wisdom than humans, not better than, just wiser, and more sure of themselves because they know who they really are. We acknowledge that they have been and continue to be involved in our lives.
  4. Recognize that humans have free will. We are here by our own choice. We make choices each day. We are totally responsible for who and what we are.
  5. Admit to the xenophobia, desire for comfort and security, and victim mentality that controls many of our actions in the 3rd Dimension. We see our current situation for what it is and step away from depending on the dominant paradigm.
  6. Renounce domination and violence – physical and psychological – as a means of solving anything. We treat each other as sisters and brothers.
  7. Project to all that we wish them no harm, and that we wish to live in peace. Carry that message to the universe by becoming emissaries to the cosmos.

The Cosmic Paradigm Network is being initiated to assist those with a genuine interest in transforming planet Earth by

  1. Cumulating the energies of those dedicated to the work of positively transforming planet Earth so that this sphere might become a beacon for all planets.
  2. Providing a safe interchange for those who have had positive contact with extraterrestrials and/or celestials and who seek support to continue their work.