Structures Part V

During 2008, and now in 2009, it has been my privilege to receive, transcribe, and publish messages from certain of our brothers and sisters from other star systems, and other distinguished sources. These uplifting messages are available in the archives of this site. They are filled with hope, love, and appreciation for that which is uniquely Earth, and uniquely Earth-human. I encourage everyone to pay close attention to these messages as we are in unchartered territory: Nothing like the transition we are now experiencing has ever happened to the humans of Earth during our long history on this planet.

This is my 8th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. Once again we welcome back Bren-Ton of Andromeda aboard the starship Athabantian, in orbit about our planet, for a continuation of his discussion about our structures.

It is my pleasure to continue with our observations of human life on your planet. We observe structures in place around your globe in every culture, country, village, and city. There are structures in government, education, the economy, and more. Every person has multiple structures within which he or she lives, and to which she or she is addicted. Addicted, you say? Yes addicted.

We observe how the structures of fossil fuel have addicted you to a way of life that has become the bedrock of your modern civilization. You find it difficult to imagine what life would be like without this structure, for it gives you freedom of mobility, freedom of choice in food, and freedom to have comfortable homes. Yes, the availability of this one commodity has addicted you to a way of life, but at what price?

Look at the fouling of the environment due to the burning of hydrocarbons. Look at the damage to Earth with the extraction of coal to fuel your lifestyle. Look at the fouling of the oceans from transporting of vast amounts of goods across great distances. The refined products of oil power those great ships. Look at the fouling of your atmosphere from jet airplanes that whisk you around the globe. Yes, you are addicted to a modern lifestyle, but it is unsustainable.

There are other structures also that are very much a part of your lives. Educational systems are structured to disseminate a certain range of knowledge. This results in proscribed ways of studying history, and other subjects. All that is taught within the educational system of a country is based on the views of that country’s leadership. What about the million-year history of human life on this planet? Where is it taught? What about other civilizations in the universe? Where are they taught? What about alternative science? It is not because these things are not known; the educational system is rigged to limit the range of knowledge.

As humans on this planet, you take comfort from these structures. They support your material needs, and supply your thirst for knowledge, but like fossil fuels, at what price? As you examine each structure; ask yourself, “At what price?” So, why are these structures in place? They have but one goal. Those who established them feed off the energy of fear that these structures engender, as they constrict the true nature of humans. Long ago those in control concluded that humans confined within structures would supply them with the energy of fear that they require.

From a universe perspective, there was also a larger desire. The dark energy descended on his planet, and on other planets, in an attempt to counter the light of the Creator, to create overwhelming darkness to challenge the Creator’s rule of light. Your sector of this universe succumbed to that dark energy, and the planet upon which you reside became one of the darkest places in this universe. Yes Earth, felt the full brunt of the ambition of the dark energy. Darkness became a cancer upon the planet, smothering a brilliant sphere, and stifling her human residents. It was not until our starships, and the ships of others, came to her rescue that Earth breathed once again in her beauty. Today she has regained her health; her human residents are their way to regaining theirs.

So you see, it is through the structures imposed upon you, humans of Earth, that the dark energy has controlled you. It is through the energy of fear, engendered by these structures that the dark energy damaged this planet and her residents. Such structures do not exist in the star system of Andromeda. They never have. That is what has allowed us to evolve from the status of human life that we brought to your planet to the high consciousness in which we reside today. We are light bodies, not the dense bodies of your existence. The dark energy would have you remain as its servants in the dense energy of fear, but that is not to be. The last vestiges of its reign are now disappearing. We will remain until it is all gone, and we have one again established a free human condition on this planet. Then it will be up to you, the human residents of Earth, to create a civilization of light.

Thank you Bren-Ton. I look forward to more communications from you about our structures, and how we can create a civilization without them, a civilization of light.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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