12-9-08 Causation and Discernment

At the request of our sisters and brothers from distant star systems, who are currently in orbit about our planet, I am submitting these messages. This is my 26th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read my earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order (see notice below).

Today I welcome Moraine. She is a human from the planet Supsten of the star system Altair, as is Justine who has communicated with us in the past. She is a member of the group who is bringing energy crystals to assist us during the interim time.

Thank you Mark, it is my privilege to communicate with you. You have asked about what humans are able to change within this physical dimension. I will give you my experience as someone from a planet that has transitioned to a density without the dark energy, but still in the physical.

Please keep in mind that your planet was thrust into the very densest of physical dimensions many years ago when the dark energy came to this sector of the galaxy. It caused many changes for the people of your planet, but it was unable to change some of your basic relationships.

In a physical dimension there are material things in place at the time of your incarnation. At the moment of your birth you were released from the womb of your human mother. This physical reality is the same for all humans. When you were born, your soul attached to your physical form. It is unique to you the new human.

When you were born you come into a reality that was already in place. You encountered the loving hands of those who attended your birth. These experiences and things were real; they were not of your creation. The cloth in which you were wrapped was made from fiber; it was not of your creation. The bed upon which you rested was likewise not of your creation. The breast from which you received your nourishment was there for you; you did not create it. What I am describing is the wondrous things that God has put in place as a part of His creation, the things that welcomed you when you came into this world, this physical density. These form a stage upon which you will play out your life.

Now let us jump forward to the time when you are a grown human. What can you affect and what can you not? The body within which you reside is a physical form. You, an incarnated soul, are captive within your body for the lifetime of your contract. Yes, your astral body may travel out of this body for brief periods, but it returns. Your soul, captive within your body, remains there until you transition.

So, looking about you, as an adult of the human species, you ask what can I affect, and what must I accept as that which I cannot change even if I so desire? Your relationships with other humans are the most obvious thing over which you have control. It is yours to determine with whom you will interact, and how these relationships will develop. You have free will, so unlike the physical you are totally in control in the relationship arena.

You say there are “officials” who wish to interact with you, and over which you have not control. That is not true. You can choose not to interact with them, and suffer the consequences. You can choose to live in another location. You can choose to live outside your present society by choosing to become one who does not respect the laws of your society. So you have options.

Moving on, you can choose not to interact with certain members of your species, not to recognize former relationships, and not to make new ones. So the whole arena of relationships between humans is yours to explore and affect as you wish.

Then there are the relationships you have with non-humans. Each person has a spirit guide, and a guardian angel, or two. Here you have a choice, either to recognize your guardian angel and spirit guide, or to ignore them. This is a relationship over which you have some control. I personally would advise any human to recognize and cultivate relationships with both your guardian angel and your spirit guide. You have the ability to speak with your spirit guides, everyone does, or you may choose to ignore them. That is a choice. Many in your society dismiss this opportunity, to their detriment.

Then there is your relationship to God. Everyone has the ability to acknowledge God. Those who dismiss Him, Her or It, (God does not mind what you call Him) lose something quite valuable. Every human can interact with God. He is available to speak with you whenever you wish. He is most accessible when you are in quiet moments.

Anyone can speak with God; I would encourage you to do so. God will answer. This is not the same as praying. Speaking to God is recognizing that He and you are of the same oneness. Prayer sets up a condition of a petitioner, a supplicant. God wishes to interact with you, not receive your petitions from bended knee. The former elevates you to the level where you see yourself in a new light. Agents of the dark energy thrust the petitioner role upon humankind as a control mechanism.

Seeing yourself as divinity is too much of a stretch for me. The whole concept of divinity presupposes hierarchy between you and God. You may speak with God, the God who created this universe, the God who is everywhere within His creation. He will speak with you in whatever way you are most comfortable. Seeing God within all is most appropriate. God is the consciousness within all. At the same time there are myriad celestials and spirit beings who are here to assist you. They are the agents of light, the messengers of God, and the controllers of the physical universe. And, yes, the physical universe is real. My planet does exist. I walk upon its surface.

Beliefs are at the root of what humans may change. If you believe that you can change something, you will be able to do so – within certain limitations. For example, you are not able to change the wood of your desk into something else, because it is a part of the physical in this density. So discernment is an important part of knowing what you can change and what you cannot. The intent of the following invocation is worth remembering:
God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And wisdom to know the difference

Yes all manner of relationships can be changed by the human in physical density, but be discerning how you spend your limited time on this planet. Make choices as to how you can best contribute to the whole, to your growth and to that of your brothers and sisters.

Know that you can change by altering your beliefs. It is beliefs that the dark energy has worked to proscribe for so many years. One of the main forces for the control of beliefs is religion. It is here we see so many in your culture shackled. Even today when technology and economics are so dominant, when so much information is available, we see religious beliefs controlling the behavior of many.

Economics is another arena in which beliefs are most important. The entire financial system is structured on belief. The value of a fiat currency is based on the belief that it is worth something. If that belief is shattered, it will quickly lose value. The reason the dollar is so valuable is that it is “believed” to be the most stable currency. If that faith were no longer there, it would quickly descend from that status. Soon events will conspire to wipe out people’s belief in the value of the dollar. This will bring chaos on a worldwide basis. The agents of the dark energy are currently engaged in a last frantic attempt to buoy the dollar.

A pyramid structure is ingrained in all religions, and other belief systems: those on top dictate to those beneath. For belief systems to work, it is necessary to have a good and bad, a better and an inferior. Then priests and executives can dictate who is worthy of receiving the fruits of the system, and collect their tribute.

Beliefs are changed
by the impact of new information, which may lead to new insight. In addition to new information, openness in the individual is required to transcend the hold of beliefs. In your case, Mark, it was divorce that shattered your adherence to the Catholic religion. Then you became aware of the Urantia Book and its teachings. It was UFOs that shattered your adherence to that religion. Now as you receive these messages, and information from other sources, be open to what resonates with your inner knowing. Do not depend on others to shape your beliefs. Set an example of one who listens to his heart and chooses which messages to accept.

At the same time you are being open to new information, be discerning about dark energies that seek to ensnare you. Reports about depraved behavior, along with images and stories about those reveling in activities of the dark, are available from many directions. Here is where discernment is most applicable.

This is most easily done my calling on the Christ energy, asking it to embrace you, and saying to all entities that if they are not of this high energy they are to depart and never return. Jesus brought the Christ energy to this planet. It is here for all to use. Call upon it as needed. The Christ energy is a gift from the Creator. It is the energy of truth, love, compassion, acceptance, and joy. It embraces all laws of the universe. Allow the Christ energy to work with you; it will help you to discern.

Each person has a unique path to pursue in this lifetime. Listen to your inner guidance to discern that path. Each of your choices can be aided by looking into your heart. As you read these words, you know that the heart energy is guiding you to a higher way to live, to a life free from attachments, to a way other than the conventional.

You volunteered to come to this planet as an example of the light. Become so in your own unique way. As you go about your daily routine, you can shine your unique light for all to see. Become a beacon. When many beacons of light shine forth, all will ascend to lighter densities. More and more beacons of light are shining forth. Will you choose to join your light to theirs?

At another time I will have more to say about how you may use energy to impact your physical and psychological wellbeing and that of others. I am Moraine from the star system Altair.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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11-12-08 Light Within All

The following communication was provided on 11/12/08. This is my 19th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order. Today, we welcome back both Justine from Altair and Bren-Ton from Andromeda.

Despite the best efforts of the darkness to overwhelm Earth and her peoples, it and its allies on your planet have been unable to accomplish this feat. This is due to the spark of the Creator that resides in each conscious being. That spark of light is enough, in most cases, to enable that creature to cling to that which is inherently good and noble. Few are totally depraved, unless drugs or chemicals overwhelm them, or their minds become deranged. Almost everyone clings to the notion that what they are doing is in their own best interests, and in many cases the best interest of others. Some see the majority as misguided and in need of reigning in, but it is deemed to be for everyone’s good by those who would control all. So you see the dark energy can twist the reasoning of the controllers, but it cannot, in most cases, completely subvert all.

This has played itself out in successive societies since the dark energy enveloped Earth and installed its allies on this planet. Despite all that has been done to her, Earth has retained the spark of the Creators love and light. Earth never completely bowed to the dark energy; she resisted in many ways, always providing sustenance and light to her many inhabitants.

As for Earth’s human inhabitants, they too never completely bowed to the will of those who would control them. In their hearts they kept the light alive, always believing that there was some good in all, never completely surrendering their souls to the control of others, and knowing it would end someday.

We are of course generalizing here about the entire human population. There have been instances where the darkness had such a complete hold over a population that that the population succumbed to its reign. But even these instances did not last forever. After the death of those in control, the spark once again emerged and the light directed people to build anew, to seek a better way to live. Thus the great dynasties of China, of Rome, of Atlantis, and others throughout history flourished for a time, but ultimately decayed because they were not built on the good of all people.

It is so in the U.S. at this time. In the beginning the country was founded on what was to be a better way to live. Yes, wealthy white men did it, however they too sought a better way for all to live. America evolved toward a beacon of freedom and openness. But the dark energy sought to capture this bright spot on the globe, so it instituted control of the financial system, control of the government, the creation of corporations and other institutions, and the subjugation of the common man in various subtle and secretive ways. These institutions, initially created by the actions of men for good, were twisted by acts of men who had sold out to greed and fear. In this way the system was perverted to the ends of darkness.

Yes there have been bloody confrontations between those who believe one way and those who believe otherwise. However the depictions in your movies and in your history books exaggerate the reality of these. In every case there were those who operated from the light, who inspired others to do things in the best interests of all. In every case some people recognized the Creators light within and set out to manifest it.

So you see the light resides even in the darkest of circumstances. The dark energy has been unable to squash it. Ordinary people have ultimately arisen to seek their common benefit.

The situation today on your planet is that the dark chains are being broken by the actions of common women and men. Do not believe everything you read in the media about the actions in this country and in others. It is being deliberately distorted to prolong the reign of capitalism and those who control it in the name of wealth and power.

We, who watch from orbit, see the truth in the uprising of peoples around your planet. There is a ground swell of those seeking that which is right, true, and based on the common good. Yes, we will wipe out the last vestiges of the dark energy when we remove its off-planet allies. This will happen soon. Then the playing field will be level and the innate goodness of people will emerge to construct a new civilization based on truth and love. All of this will occur in concert with a revitalized Earth.

Our brothers and sisters of Earth, in the coming days and weeks remember you are of the light. You have the ability to remake yourselves and your civilization. Take this opportunity to live in the light. Your belief systems will be sorely challenged. Be open to new ways of seeing and believing.

I am Justine from the star system Altair and I am Bren-Ton from Andromeda.

Thank you, Justine and Bren-Ton. That’s it for today folks.

In Truth, Love and Joy,