The messages on this site build on each other, for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008. They detail the situation on this planet and our place in the universe as communicated to me. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they spark your curiosity. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth.

This is my 34th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. I was most pleased to receive the following message. It is in response to a question.

I am Adrial, whom you would call a celestial in that I have never had a physical body, and I do not reside on any particular planet of the universe. My function is as we are doing today, answering questions posed by sentient beings. I am quite happy with this task.

You asked if I am part of an oversoul. No, oversouls are related to physical beings like you, not to pure spirits such as me. Celestials are direct creations of God. You do not now recall, Mark, however I have communicated with you many times during your numerous prior lives.

All in this universe is one with God, so I am just as much a part of God as are you, no more or no less. This is a realization that you must come to in order to discover how important you, and every other human being of this planet is. You are remarkable creatures; both your physical body, through many years of evolution, and your souls, through many experiences, are one with God. They were brought together here for you to experience this lifetime. Be grateful that you are here at this moment of Earth’s great transition.

You have asked what is imagination. Universe mind is a vast ocean of knowledge. It is the accumulation from billions of lives on trillions of planets. It is a vast storehouse of ideas and thought forms. Almost every conceivable thought form, every conceivable idea, resides somewhere in this vast storehouse.

The universe mind is shared among all sentient beings. That is beings who are capable of creating and are conscious of their existence. On your planet, this is confined to the humans who walk the planet’s surface and those who live within it. While the animals, fish, birds, and insects are clever, they are not capable of creating, nor are they conscious of their existence. The great whales and dolphins are, but they are limited by their dedication to the single-minded task of holding this planet’s energy.

When an individual human such as you wishes to create something, the universe mind presents thought forms that you may access. You think you have a new idea; in reality it most likely is a thought form that floated into your consciousness from the universe mind. Your individual mind then adapts it to your particular circumstances. With trillions of thought forms in the great ocean of the universe mind, you may tap into almost limitless variations of solutions. Your mind sorts through them as needed then adapts them to your particular situation.

The universe mind is not a passive function, it is capable of sorting through the many thought forms that reside within it, and offer to you a selection that might be appropriate for your situation. Thus a solution that was rendered practical on a planet covered in ice will not be offered to someone who is in the middle of a desert or a jungle.

Keep in mind that the universe mind has been functioning for many billions of years; it has accumulated a vast number of individual thought forms from all the sentient beings who have ever lived. Each of these thought forms, appropriate or not to your particular situation, is constantly circulating. Without judgment, the universe mind constantly presents to your mind different ideas. Some of these are based on love; some are based in fear, some are uplifting, and some are degrading. It is up to you to choose which thought forms enter your consciousness.

If you wish an erotic experience, thought forms are presented from which you may choose. You wish a gentle, loving idea, through forms come to you to from which you may tailor one to your particular situation. You wish a particular depravity; it too is available. You want a scene of great beauty, call upon the universe mind, it has probably already been experienced and a thought form created. In addition to your own memories, you draw upon the thought forms from the prior experiences of your many sisters and brothers.

The artist, the musician, and the inventor, all are able to tap into this vast ocean of thought forms. Each is able to withdraw a thought form and make it into his or her unique creation. Again, it is tailored by the individual human mind to be appropriate for a particular situation, a particular desire. As each creation takes place, it creates new thought forms to be shared with others in the universe.

Mark, you used your imagination when writing your books. You set out to communicate certain ideas; thought forms were presented to you as ways to tell the story. You selected and then adapted these thought forms to your needs. In doing so you created new thought forms that may be used by others. In your particular case, by writing these books you also anchored certain truths in this dimension. So, you see, the creative process is a beautiful collaborative effort that utilizes and supports the oneness of all.

On your world, because of the legacy of dark energy, there are many fearful thought forms circulating among you. These can spark anyone to think about something fearful. It is this process that leads to confusion, to hysteria, and allows you to be controlled by the dark energy and its agents.

Thought forms that trigger some apparently impossible or unrealistic situation may play havoc with your mind. You must learn to control these, or they will lead you down roads paths not for your highest good. Books that present fantastical plots arouse the reader to believe such things are possible on your world, in your life. While it is true that anything is possible, you would do well to decide what is appropriate for your highest good and pursue learning along those lines, not indulge in unattainable flights of fantasy.

During these days of the transition, it most important to stay focused on your highest good. Select the thought forms that lead you in that direction. Find ways to increase your love for all others, and most importantly love yourself.

Thank you, Adrial; it is a privilege to hear from you (again).

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