12-1-08 Vision

At the request of our sisters and brothers from distant star systems, who are assisting us, I generated this message on December 1, 2008. This is the 24th posting to Mark’s Corner. Rather than recording a message from them to us, I am recording my message to them.

I strongly suggest you read my earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order (see notice at the end of this posting). Also, after you read my books and newsletters (archived at this site), you may gain a deeper appreciation for this material I am now posting.

For several months the members of the Cosmic Paradigm Network, and others, have been participating in an exercise in which we convey to our sisters and brothers from distant star systems what we wish for our new civilization on this planet. We have been told that Earth is a unique sphere, the most diverse in this galaxy, and certainly one of the most beautiful. We have also been told that we have a large say in determining the details of our future. So here goes, here are the factors I wish for the future civilization of my home planet.

Truth: The speaking of truth would be the norm for all individuals. Communicating telepathically in addition to the spoken and written word will facilitate this. Truth will be presented both directly and gently.

Love: All will come from a center of love rather than fear. This does not mean that there will be a loss of free will; rather the extremes of choice will be less stark than currently present on this planet.

Community: We will see each of our Earthly brothers and sisters as members of our extended community. We will treat each other, assist each other, and honor each other as members of an extended family. We will accept differences and not judge.

Energy: There will be abundant new forms of energy to power our civilization that will not adversely impact Earth’s resources or ecology. This energy will be available to all as needed.

Wealth: Money will become a medium of exchange. It will be available to all as needed. It will no longer be used to differentiate between those who have it and those who do not.

Health: Disease will no longer be a part of our lives. We will each take full responsibility for our personal health.

Environment: Earth’s ecology will be restored to that which was present before the dark energy invaded and constrained her. She will once again shine forth in all her radiant beauty.

Cosmic Citizens: Each of Earth’s residents will know that they are citizens of an extended community that reaches to the distant stars. There will be a free interchange between peoples from different planets.

These are my thoughts for this 1st day of the month. I hope you will join me today, and each first day of the month, in expressing your wishes for a new civilization on this planet. Hold your vision in your heart. Those who are assisting us will read it and know what we wish for our new civilization of light.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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