2009 Highlights II

During 2009 it was my privilege to receive, transcribe, and publish messages from certain of our brothers and sisters from other star systems, and other distinguished sources. The communications have been verified as coming only from those who are of the highest Christ Consciousness. They are filled with hope, love, and reverence for that which is uniquely Earth, and uniquely Earth-human. I would encourage everyone to pay close attention to these messages as we are entering unchartered territory: Nothing like our current transition has ever happened to the humans of Earth during our long history on this planet. The messages on this site build on each other; for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008 (archived below).

The following is a summary of sorts in that I have chosen a paragraph from the postings to this site for the second quarter of 2009. Each posting is a beautiful expression of the love its author holds for you the citizens of Earth; the excerpts are but samples that fall short of capturing the full expression of each message. (As was the case two days ago, as I undertook this process for these new postings, I was truly overwhelmed by the magnificence and insights in the words of the various messages.) If one paragraph particularly appeals to you, or if the words seem somewhat out of context, then go to that particular date in the archives (below) and read the message in its entirety. I hope, by presenting these paragraphs to you, that they spark your curiosity, and a decision to join with others to create a new civilization on Earth. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth, and live it.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who have communicated with me this past year. I am humbled to be part of such an insightful uplifting for the people of this planet.

Happy New Year

In Truth, Love & Joy,

Rev. Mark Kimmel

April 2nd: Bren-Ton
From our vantage point aboard starcraft orbiting your planet, we see the governments slowly crumbling, as they are unable to supply the needs of their populaces. We do not see that the current efforts will results in a strong solution, rather they will exacerbate the weaknesses inherent in the debt based monetary systems that are used to control Earth’s human population.

April 6th: Justine
As we observe the situation here on Earth, we see that this 1st stage is just now commencing. Many people are seeing that the deeds of the wealthy and powerful are not, and have not been in their best interests, despite what they have been told by the media. As yet there is no outrage. We expect that to begin as soon as the extent of the fleecing of ordinary people settles into the common consciousness. Quite frankly, we are surprised that it has not already occurred. I can only say that maybe things will be different on Earth as your beliefs and structures collapse.

April 6th: Bren-Ton
We see the agents of the dark energy scrambling to assemble Earth-human manufactured starcraft to create an event to convince the people of their power as well as instill fear of their brothers and sisters from other star systems. They are doing this in complicity with Earth-humans who desire to retain their power, both within the U.S. government and within private corporations. They desire to have this event happen very soon, prior to the legitimate disclosure of the truth about UFOs, extraterrestrials, and your government’s involvement with off-planet beings.

April 11th: Justine
Associated with this time was the failure of all services such as public utilities, law enforcement, fire protection, and garbage collection. It is not until one has to do without these that one appreciates the value of what one has. This second stage was not a pretty picture, and I am having trouble recalling some aspects of it. We foresee this stage occurring for you within the near future. However, on Supsten we did not have the giant corporations you have on Earth, so our actions were targeted solely against our governments. Yours is a more complex situation, in many cases you do not know who is responsible for what, or where to find them, so doing away with existing structures will be more difficult. Stage I was the unfolding of the truth about your enslavement. Stage II is the reaction of people to that realization.

April 11th: Bren-Ton
But act you must. Choose you must. We who are of the armada are awaiting your actions before coming to assist you. The bifurcation of humanity will be determined between those who are active and those who remain passive. Those who are not active participants in the change, or who remain fearful or angry, will continue in the 3rd dimension by reincarnating at another time, or moving to another planet.

April 15th: Earth
All life forms that now inhabit my surface were brought here from afar. After I provided a suitable ocean and land, the agents of God who are charged with such tasks introduced plants. In my case I was given an extraordinary variety of plant life, both on my land and in my seas. This variety is unrivalled anywhere else in the galaxy. A while later animals, birds, fish, and insects from around the galaxy were introduced.

My transition to a lighter density is being accomplished with the help of many of your brothers and sisters from other star systems, as well as mighty celestials, agents of God. Together they will be freezing time for my human guests, as well as my animal, bird, fish, and insect residents. This will enable me to accelerate my return to my former state of pure waters, clean air, and pristine land. My plant life will be repaired, and once again my deserts will bring forth the trees and grasses that formerly existed in there.

April 24th: Adrial
When an individual human such as you wishes to create something, the universe mind presents thought forms that you may access. You think you have a new idea; in reality it most likely is a thought form that floated into your consciousness from the universe mind. Your individual mind then adapts it to your particular circumstances. With trillions of thought forms in the great ocean of the universe mind, you may tap into almost limitless variations of solutions. Your mind sorts through them as needed then adapts them to your particular situation.

Thought forms that trigger some apparently impossible or unrealistic situation may play havoc with your mind. You must learn to control these, or they will lead you down roads paths not for your highest good. Books that present fantastical plots arouse the reader to believe such things are possible on your world, in your life. While it is true that anything is possible, you would do well to decide what is appropriate for your highest good and pursue learning along those lines, not indulge in unattainable flights of fantasy.

April 29th: Adrial
How severe the transformation of Earth’s residents will be, will be determined by what it will take for all of the structures and belief systems to fail, and new ones to emerge. How long that process will take can only be determined by the people involved. Look around you, how many of your neighbors are ready to give up what they have for a new way of living based on love? Not many.

April 30th: Adrial
As I explained yesterday, the complete transition of Earth and her inhabitants will require some time: there is no single event that will magically solve all your problems. There is nothing about such an event that will abrogate the process that I communicated yesterday. I reiterate what others have said, “We are not coming to save you.”

May 4th: Adrial
As Bren-Ton has told you, the races that seeded Earth were not primitive. They were placed somewhat apart so that they could establish themselves before beginning to interact. They each developed a civilization somewhat reflecting the star sy
stem from whence they had come. The four civilizations developed independently until they achieved the means to interact. The majority of the individuals of these civilizations operated from a place of love. They knew of their origins, knew of the Creator, and were telepathic. They valued their direct connection to God. These civilizations lived in peace for a long time.

May 7th: Adrial
In the coming months all will be sorted according to the light. This is the light coming from the ships of the armada, the light coming from the galaxy, the light generated by each individual human, and the light of the Creator. Those humans of the highest light, light workers, and those who resonate with them, will be called to move with Earth, as a moth is attracted to the light of an electric bulb. Those who resonate at a much, much slower frequency, that which is dictated by fear, will not be able to tolerate such a high frequency of light and will flee from it. They will be removed, or they will choose to die. After death their souls will be placed among others of that slow frequency and will be given opportunities to reincarnate in order to achieve lightness.

Then there are those who fall into neither of the above categories, those who are neither of the highest frequency nor of the lowest; these are the humans who are asleep. They are the vast majority who are comfortable in their discomfort, “who go along just to get along.” The third aspect of the trifurcation will be for these. They will be removed from Earth and taken to another 3rd dimension planet where they will awaken. As I say, all of this will occur over the next months of Earth time. We, who are not of Earth, see it as already accomplished.

May 11th: Adrial
Also, please keep in mind that there are limits to what I may disclose to you. We do not allow you to foresee the future in the same way as we who see the all-present, because there are many choices involved, and because there exists the need to allow each person to choose in the moment. Based on observing you for thousands of years, it is my considered opinion, an opinion shared by many others, that mankind is unable to overcome the dark energy and its agents without external assistance, thus the armada of starships and the many non-residents who walk the planet to assist you. We are restoring your DNA so that you may more fully function knowing the truths of the larger universe, and be less bound by fear. Those who enslave you limited the solutions you are able to conceive. The schemes, constructs, and beliefs imposed on the humans of earth must be dismantled before you will be truly free to create your own future.

May 14th: Bren-Ton
What is it that you are doing that keeps you attached to this 3rd dimension? Are you clinging to the money, or to possessions that you have amassed? Are you enjoying the pleasures of this 3rd dimensional existence such as food, wine, and sex that momentarily satiate your appetites? Or is it the drama of life in the 3rd dimension that appeals to you? Do you desire the give and take of competition with others to demonstrate your superiority, and their inferiority? Or is it the drama you find in a book or a dark movie. Or is it shopping for new clothes, or just the thrill of shopping?

April 20th: Zirtof
The third part of my operation is keeping the dark energy at bay, for it would gladly return if it detected a weakness in the light energy we are transmitting. From time to time its agents attempt to penetrate our curtain of light, but they are rebuffed by a renewed intensity of light energy in that particular sector. Our ships now completely surround your planet in every direction.

The fourth task I am charged with is to right the planet in her polar rotation. We are gently returning her to a vertical rotation This process has begun as well as the gradual warming, despite what your scientists my be reporting. Light from our craft has been warning the planet, while others of my fleet have been gently tugging at the planet herself. This process is proceeding to my satisfaction and will be completed in a matter of months.

May 28th: Bren-Ton
On the ground, the agents of the dark are staging their last futile attempts to intimidate those of the light who are on the planet’s surface. Yes, we are on the surface, assisting in your battles to emerge from darkness. The agents of the dark energy are so well entrenched in many of your institutions that it will require their total collapse before they can be replaced with structures to serve the needs of all in a loving way.

June 3rd: Adrial
The third significant energy, concomitant with the Christ energy, is to open your heart to receive the light of God, and to embrace all your brothers and sisters of the universe in Oneness. Before the Christ energy, women were treated as less than men; the Christ energy helps men see women as equals. These energies help everyone see those of all races and ethnicities as manifestations of the Oneness of God. These beautiful energies, concentrated in your heart, the seat of your soul, will ultimately allow you to become more telepathic, with your heart speaking to the hearts of others.

June 7th: Adrial
It is my pleasure to speak with you again. Fear, caution, preparedness, and worry are different when manifested in humans. It will be easier to define fear by looking at caution and preparedness first. Preparedness is what the squirrel does to prepare for the winter. Preparedness is what is taught to boys and girls who are Scouts. Preparedness is what the mountain climber or scuba diver does before setting out. Being prepared is prudent. We are encouraging you to be prepared.

Caution is paying attention around heavy equipment that might injure you. You exercise caution while driving a vehicle, as you watch out for others, pay attention to the rules of the road, and observe signs and traffic lights. Caution is the parent telling his or her child about safety on the playground. Caution is a teacher explaining a new sport and its rules. Caution is paying attention when walking down a dark alley or a dimly lighted street. Exercising a reasonable amount of caution is a prudent way to live your life; excessive caution can be debilitating.

Fear is different from preparedness or caution. Fear is that which grabs your gut for some unexplained reason. Fear is most likely caused by not knowing the truth about a situation. Fear is disabling, whereas precaution and preparedness are enabling. As I explained in my last message, the energy of fear is directed at you from a number of sources; these create unidentified feelings of fear. You are also able to create fear within yourself.

June 15th: Bren-Ton
Leading is seeing what needs to be done and crafting a plan to do it. This vision comes from the ability to foresee. It is intuitive within the leader to be able to foresee a way in which events will play out, to take into consideration all factors that will come into play, and to see a path through the morass. Thus we see that one aspect of the talent of leadership is vision. Not everyone has this ability. Other people have different abilities for which they are to be honored, but a true leader will have vision.

June 16th: Bren-Ton
Those who are attracted to the vision of the leader will comfortably express to him their talents and their desires. Those who would be a part of his team will show him how they will fit with him and others. It is the leader’s job to listen to each of his potential participants and to ascertain what they are saying about themselves. It will take wisdom and openness on the part of everyone involved for this process to work.

Inherent within this is a lack of structure, yet some form of structure will be achieved to move forward. A leader will make decisions for the team, the group, the community, or the state. The participants who are closest to him will absorb his vision and make it their own. They then can c
onvey it to others. It is through this approach of mutual appreciation, shared vision, and Oneness that a new type structure will emerge.

June 18th: Bren-Ton
Since you have all be taught to compete with each other, to see each other as different, and to seek your own welfare, this type of functioning will be quite a new experience. Seek out those people who will join with you in this type of an organization. Let the natural leader emerge. Within a short time an experience will emerge in which everyone communicates openly, everyone recognizes the strengths of each person, and in which there is a free exchange of ideas.

There are many other aspects of leadership and organization, such as ethics and leadership training for children, which we will share with you. These will become known, Mark, as you build the leadership institute we have requested of you. By this message we are recruiting those who might join with Mark in building such a teaching institute for Leadership in Oneness. We see such an effort as essential to creating a new civilization for Earth, and have promised to assist in its success.
June 24th: Bren-Ton
What of your current life is worthwhile bringing into the new civilization of Earth? Do you have skills that will be of value in constructing a new civilization? What particular skill do you have to offer? Do you have a facility with relationships? Are you a leader? Do you know how to maintain appliances or electrical equipment? Do you understand electronics? Are you a great mother? Do you know how to grow lettuce in a hot climate? Do you understand what a new currency will look like? Do you know about the wild herbs in your area that can be used in healing? Do you have skills in helping people to see the energy of their bodies and how they can heal themselves? Are you a writer or a public speaker? Are you a cook who can make an excellent meal from a simple larder? Are you a teacher who can train the young? Are you a teacher who can teach the teachers? Are you wise with age and can contribute your decades of experience to practical aspects of daily living?

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