You are not alone

The messages at this site are the result of communications between Mark Kimmel and beings who are not the indigenous humans of this planet. The communications have been verified as coming only from those who are of the highest Christ Consciousness. Messages on this site build on each other; for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008 (archived below). They detail the situation on this planet, our place in the universe, and a positive picture for our future – if we are willing to act. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they spark your curiosity, and a decision to join with others to create a new civilization on Earth. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth, and live it.

This is my 7th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2010 that involves communications with off-planet beings. It is with great pleasure today that I welcome back Bren-Ton.

You are not alone, even though you may be feeling that you are. We are sensing the energy of each and every human of your planet. We see the fear based reactions of some. We see the love based action of others. We see the points of light where those of you who are aware of the larger picture are moving forward to create a new and better life for yourselves and others. We are with you even though you do not see us in materialized form.

Those who are feeling alone should reach out to others to see if they can find someone of like mind. Do not be shy about expressing your feelings, your insights about the current situation; you may find like-minded friends in the most improbable places, friends who are just as shy about speaking out, as are you.

Now is the time for everyone on your planet to let it be known that they will no longer tolerate current conditions. It is important to take a stand and let it be known. Yes, there are circumstances where it is not appropriate to let your inner most thoughts out to the public, but mostly it is shyness and fear of being thought strange that compels you to be silent. Now is the time to take a risk with your fellowman to see if you can find like-minded people with whom you can share this journey.

Over the next few months, there will be many changes. Over the next few months you will see a crumbling of the structures of mankind, structures created to control you. You will also see earth changes. How you reach out to others will determine the course of your future life on this planet and elsewhere. How you lead your life during this period of turmoil will test whether you are truly love-based or fear-based.

Each of you incarnated into this lifetime on Earth because you wished to be present at this moment. Those who do not wish to be here are already leaving – the true numbers of those dying is being hidden from you. There was a great demand among many billions of souls to be present on Earth for her transition. You are here because you wish to be here. Now how are you going to conduct yourself?

As you walk the daily routine of your life, be aware that millions of your brothers and sisters from far off planets wait to be with you — those of us in orbit are coming soon; there are trillions of others who remain on distant planets. However our moment of appearing will have to be at the correct instant, the right conjunction of events. Time is not a consideration; the timing of events is what counts for us those of us in the higher dimensions.

If you wish to see us more clearly then remove yourself from the constraints of your 3rd dimension. Leave material things behind. Leave structures behind. Leave your dependence behind.

So now, if you are not feeling so alone, then perhaps you will find more courage to speak out about who you really are. We have been teaching you that you are each an incredible being who has donned a costume to partake in the great drama of Earth’s transition. This drama is unique in that you are both the actor and the director of the play. You are writing your script, and acting out your drama each and every day. The same is true for the billions of others on your planet. Each of them also is an incredible being who chose to be part of the drama. See them as your brothers and sisters in the costume of their choosing. Then reach out to them, speak to them in terms that they will understand, tell them who you are and what you foresee. You have been given the light of knowing; share it with all. Do it appropriately; do not attempt to force your views on anyone, but do it. If you successfully connect with only one or two others, think how wonderful that will be.

If you reach out to some and they reject you as crazy, then allow them to be who they wish to be at this moment. You cannot force anyone to be part of the script in your play. All is an individual choice. All you can do is to reach out, reach out and connect. We are observing you, we are walking beside you, and we are holding your hand as you attempt this courageous way to live.

There are many of your space brothers and sisters walking in the material plane of your world. They too have donned human costumes. There are many more of us who are present in form you cannot detect. We are beside you each moment. We are supporting you as you tread this difficult path. You are not alone.

Fear has entered the psyches of many. Fear stemming from the small changes they see. Fear from the revelations of misdeeds by those they had previously respected, fear of the unknown that lies ahead.

Overcome this fear by understanding the larger picture. Overcome this fear by knowing that we are with you, that we support you during this time of Earth’s transition.

Reach within to find strength to overcome the fear. Reach within, for that is the only lasting source of strength. Find quiet moments when you can get in touch with the small voice within each and every human of earth. Many have ignored the voice for so long that it has become weak. Listen to your soul and find peace within yourself.

The pace of life is accelerating as time collapses. Do you find yourself wondering where the week has gone, where the day has gone? Do you find yourself accomplishing less in a given amount of time? It is not your imagination, not the result of aging. Time is shrinking. This is the result of Earth accelerating herself to a higher frequency, and the true cause of global warming. This speeding of your lives will accelerate even more over the next months.

The collapse of time, along with the changes and revelations will become so extreme that many will be unable to cope with life. How do you choose to live from this moment forward? Do you choose to accelerate your psyches to flow with the new ways of being? Or do you resist the changes being thrust upon you? The choice is yours.

We are with you to mentor you about existence at a higher frequency. We are with you to show you how to restructure your civilization. Make your choice, and then accept our assistance. We who are already at these higher frequencies wish to guide and mentor you. Leave behind the things of the old paradigm. Make the decision to join with us as citizens of the cosmos. We come in love. Will you return that gesture? Our hands are out to you; will you extend your hand to us?

I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda. I wish you love as you tread the path of your transition.

Thank you Bren-Ton. That was a beautiful communication.

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In Truth, Love and Joy,

Rev. Mark Kimmel


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