The messages today are responses to questions posed by you, the readers of this site. As I have said before, the messages posted here build on each other; for their full impact read them in sequence beginning with September 2008. This is my 22nd posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009.


You will simply “know” when you are communicating with a being who is not a human of Earth. It will happen in a quiet moment when your conscious mind is still. You who receive messages from those who are not humans of this planet must be weary that the messages are benevolent and in the best interests of all. One way to do this is set an intent that the messages you are receiving are from those who are operating from the highest Christ consciousness. Those who are communicating the messages posted here are coming from the best of intentions for all Earth humans, and all other beings in My universe. I am who AM. I am one with you.


Please understand that scientific knowledge as promulgated on this planet is not immune from the influence of the dark energy and its agents. Earth science is no different than any other belief system or structure. Your science is limited by the beliefs of those who postulate theories and then go about proving them correct. It is in their best interests of your scientists to have their theories approved by their peers, who have similarly based their finding on structures intended to control, and on beliefs promulgated as control mechanisms.

The comparison between what we have told you about the age of the moon, and that it is an artificial satellite, versus conventional scientific theory demonstrates what I have just said about structures and beliefs. The moon is an artificial satellite. It was placed here by the dark energy 555,000 years ago. That this conflicts with current scientific theory is a problem for your scientific theory, not for what is true in the larger picture. I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda.


From our observations of your current economic and government situation we see that there is much of which you are not being informed. Those who have amassed wealth and power are intent on holding onto their positions of privilege. The common people have been left out of the largess of the past. We anticipate that your economic system will collapse. We anticipate that governments that have supported capitalism will likewise collapse. This is now happening much faster than reported in your media.

We will be making our appearance to all on this planet quite soon now. Your economy and governments are degrading to a point where historical remedies no longer function. When you reach a point of chaos, which will be quite soon, we will show ourselves in 3rd dimension form. So that all may know that your beliefs are just that, beliefs, and that the truth lies elsewhere. This will momentarily increase the chaos, until people wake up to the reality before them. Then they will choose whether to grasp the new, or cling to the old. Turning their backs on the old, and grasping the new will increase their energy signature such that they will accompany Earth to her higher level of functioning.

Many people await our physical manifestation, the coming of our ships. It is much more important to see the truth of the larger picture, particularly from an energetic point of view, and to comprehend that we are all one. When these concepts are ingrained, then the appearance of our great starcraft and other ships will not induce fear. We will be welcomed as your brothers and sisters.

Those who choose to cling to their beliefs and structures will not accompany Earth. They will die or they will be transported to another 3rd dimensional realm. But they will no longer be present on this planet.

Yes, these will be difficult times. As we have told you, prepare yourselves. Many tough decisions will be required. The only true path is a path of love for one another. Yes, you may choose those whom you wish to assist, for, just as today, you will not be able to assist everyone. You each will decide in the moment how to conduct yourself. Share what you have, but do not do it from a place of fear. Preserve what you have, but do it from a place of love. We of Altair experienced much of what you will be faced with in the near future. That is why we are here at this moment to give advice and comfort. We are Justine and Moraine, along with Bren-Ton from Andromeda.


Each of you who are reading these messages is seeking understanding. “What can I do?” is often expressed. By grounding these messages in the reality of the Earth dimension, you are providing a wonderful service to your brothers and sisters here on Earth, whether they know you personally or not. All is energy; take these messages into your consciousness. Replace fears that you hold with the messages from those of us who are here to uplift Earth and her people.

So what you can do is rather simple. Hold in your heart the promise of a paradise on Earth. For that paradise will manifest itself in the coming months. Be with that vision, knowing that we are all one. Allow your individual energy to be like a beneficial organism that multiplies itself within its host. You, along with other beautiful people who are manifesting this benevolent energy, have the power to change the humans of Earth. I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda. I convey our blessings to all who are interacting with us through these messages.


ANYONE SHOULD FEEL FREE TO COPY THIS MESSAGE, AS WELL AS OTHER POSTINGS TO MARK’S CORNER, AND DISTRIBUTE THEM. We are approaching a time when this information will be most valuable as a source of truth amidst confusion.

Those who are communicating with me have said that they will entertain more questions as long as they are not specific to your particular circumstances. Please send your queries to me at

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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11-30-08 Impact Your Reality

The following communication was provided on 11/30/08. It is my 23rd posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order. Also, after you read my other writings, you may gain a greater appreciation for the material presented on these pages. Today we welcome back Justine from the star system Altair.

Good Morning Mark. In response to your question as to how you impact your reality, I offer the following. We of the lower densities affect more than we might imagine. We are constantly communicating with other humans: verbally, telepathically, and by our physical presence and actions. We are communicating with our environment, and the things that occupy the space around us. Our unique vibration sends off communications to all.

If we send off a vibration of fear, that more dense vibration, it will be felt by all. If we broadcast a vibration of love, everyone picks it up. Just as when you move into a crowd and send our your vibration to the other people there, you also send out your vibration to the non-human objects within your immediate vicinity. Those that are alive will more readily pick up your vibration than those that are not.

While it is true that the slowing of energy creates all that is physical, you as a 3rd dimension being are unable to accomplish this. At a somewhat higher vibration you will more easily affect that which surrounds you. At a higher vibration yet you will create all that you require for your existence by the mere act of willing it to be.

God created the stage upon which you are currently playing your part in the grand drama. The hands and tools of man then subsequently molded it to that which you currently experience. Men used the tools of the 3rd dimension to modify your environment; they did not do it by means of exercising a higher vibrational technique. In this way they created the computer that you use, and the chair upon which you sit. You may utilize these things, but you may not modify them except with the tools of the 3rd dimension. If you were vibrating at a higher level, you would be able to modify the computer with that vibrational energy, and be able to modify the chair also.

While it is fine to constantly tell yourself that all is just energy, you must also remind yourself that this is the platform upon which you are currently living. This is the stage upon which you perform your daily routine. See the stage, be grateful for it, honor it, embrace it and love it. You are here to experience it to its fullest. Do not dishonor it by saying to yourself, “it is all an illusion.” You have important tasks to perform here. You have people to influence to a greater love of this planet, of themselves and their brothers and sisters.

Yes, this plant is transforming itself to a higher vibration, but it will be a gradual process. It will take many months to accomplish all that we have spoken of: the pole shift, the removal of the moon, and the removal of the last of the dark energy agents. Now is the time to decide how you will respond to these changes, respond to them on the stage of your existence, not denying the reality of your existence, but making the best of it. You have but a short time on this planet; make the most of it. Enjoy the little things; enjoy your companions, your situation. You can influence much around you by your attitude. Those who look at you will know by your individual resonance whether you embrace your situation, or whether you chafe at your very existence. Set an example of being. The light of one positive person can influence many with whom he or she comes into contact. These in turn can influence others in myriad ways. This then becomes a cumulative effect.

Soon I, and others like me, will come to your planet. We will introduce a new vibration into your reality. How you receive us will have much to say about your future, about the future of all on your planet. We encourage you to resonate now with the light, with love. Do not be fearful of the little things in your daily life. Keep focused on that which is uplifting and positive, both the small and the large. Help others to see the positive side of their existence. Then when we make our appearance, everyone will more readily accept us as their brothers and sisters.

I am Justine of the Altair star system. May we all move forward to create a brilliant new civilization for Earth.

Thank you, Justine.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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11-17-08 An illusion?

The following communication was provided on 11/17/08. This is my 21st posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order. After you read my books, you may gain a greater appreciation for the material presented on these pages. Today we welcome back Bren-Ton from the star system Andromeda.

The most important thing to remember about your incarnation in this body is that your soul determined that it was in its best interest to have this experience. Furthermore, it decided that this particular time and place was an appropriate time and place in which to undertake this incarnation.

There is great value in this 3rd dimensional experience. It should not be denied. Why else would your soul undertake such a difficult experience? All experiences in this 3rd dimension are desirable, those you may decide are good, and those you may decide are not so good. They all contribute to the growth of your soul; they are all experiences that your soul craves. Do not diminish these experiences by choosing to ignore some aspect of them. That which surrounds you, the people, the setting, the climate, all are important to gain the fullness of the experience.

It is not in anyone’s best interest to dismiss aspects of this 3rd dimensional experience by saying that it is an illusion, or by choosing to focus on one part to the exclusion of others. Yes, this reality was crated by the slowing of energy into this dense material state. That was the mechanism used. It is good to keep that in mind as a mechanism of change, but as a 3rd dimensional being, do not deny the reality of any of it. What you experience as a 3rd dimensional being is very real to you in your role as a 3rd dimensional being.

Savor the fullness of this experience; do not refuse to experience its fullness by dismissing some part of it. There is great value in living a life in either the light or in the dark. From the dark you may learn that which you do not desire. From the light you may learn what you do desire. Both are of great value.

If you do not fully appreciate aspects of this material reality, how can you know what it is you wish to avoid? Someone who has experienced eating burnt food is in a better position to say that they do not wish to consume it again, than someone who has never tasted burnt food. Furthermore, it is impossible to avoid many aspects of this 3rdreality, because you are immersed in it. Better to recognize it for what it is, and experience it; then discern what you wish and what you do not wish.

For those who wish to live looking at reality through the lens of “it is just an illusion,” they are not too much different than the alcoholic who refuses to look at reality except through the bottom of a bottle. Distortion of the truth is never helpful. Those who have experienced the effects of alcohol are in a better position to say they do not wish it than those who have never experienced it. Furthermore, those who have overcome the addiction to it are stronger from that experience. At the same time, focusing on the dark aspects of your existence here is not helpful. Allowing fear to fill your being, so that it distorts your perspective is certainly not helpful.

Seeing this world though the eyes of one who loves the experience is most appropriate. Love the life you are leading. Savor these moments, each and every one of them, those that appeal to you, and those that do not. Learn from the experiences of each. Feel what it is like to love, what it feels like to fear. Learn to distinguish between the two. After you have figured this out, help your brothers and sisters to do likewise. But hurry, the hour of the transition is nearing. Soon we will make our appearance. Soon the transition of the planet to a place of greater light will be upon you.

In a planet of light, the stark choices of the darkness and the light will not be so apparent. This planet, Earth, is a unique experience. Savor it. See it for the experiences it gives you. Do not dismiss it by diminishing it as an illusion, or falling prey to drugs, alcohol, or some other diversion. Reach out for as much of the experience as possible. We, who observe you, envy your situation.

At the same time maintain an attitude of love toward all. Love your sisters and brothers whenever they may be on their path. To those who are open, show them the high road. To those who are not, allow them their path. You see the institutions of man are crumbling before your eyes. This is a marvelous moment to help everyone discern how he or she will live: in fear or in love.

I am Bren-Ton of the star system Andromeda. We will make our appearance soon and what a splash it will be, but that is for another day.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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