Chapter 14

As mentioned in my most recent posting, I am completing a book, “Transformation, From Enslaved to Magnificent,” that will assemble all 144 communications from Mark’s Corner for 2008, 2009, and 2010 by topic and author. Following are my introductory comments for the book and Chapter 14 as a sample. I trust these words will assist you to navigate the transition to the new Earth.



From Enslaved to Magnificent


Editor’s Note

I received the communications on the following pages during 2008, 2009, and 2010, posting 144 of them at Mark’s Corner at the Cosmic Paradigm web site. I have recorded them herein using the same beautiful words that I originally posted. The communications have been grouped to make the information easier to assimilate and to connect communications from different beings on similar topics. Although I have been reluctant to change any of the beautiful words of these messages, I have, working in conjunction with the original authors, omitted redundant passages, occasionally changed wording to better reflect the intent and scope of messages, and found more appropriate words to express their meaning.

The messages at Mark’s Corner were the result of communications with beings from other star systems, celestials, Earth, Jesus, and God. The communications have been verified as coming only from those who are of the highest Christ Consciousness. These messages detail the transformation of this planet, our place in the universe, and a positive outlook for our future – if we are willing to act. I hope, by presenting them to you in this new way, that they spark your curiosity, and a decision to join with others to become Caretakers of the new Earth. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth, and live it.

As you read the messages on these pages, you may feel that some of the material is redundant. In some cases it is. Nonetheless I have included all the messages because, 1) they were so beautifully written; each author has a slightly different way of expressing him- or herself. 2) I have been told that the redundancy will help readers to internalize this information, so that they might internalize it rather than seeing it as a source of entertainment. 3) This material has a special quality: It changes to meet the needs of the reader each time it is read.

Adrial, Bren-Ton, Justine, and Moraine have informed me that the messages in these pages are all the information and insights we require to navigate the transformation. I have also included communications from them that were not previously posted at Mark’s Corner. These were provided in recent weeks for inclusion in this book.

A careful read of the following pages may produce some apparent inconsistencies. These may be due to different perspectives of those who are communicating this information, or they may be due to my abilities to receive the communications. Please keep in mind that no one, with the exception of God, has a complete understanding of the larger picture, or of Earth’s human transformation.

On the following pages, I introduce the beings who transmitted their particular information when I present their initial communication. I find each to be unconditionally loving; each is providing their information and insights in hopes that it will speed you through your personal transformation.

You may find some differences between the communications in this book and those presented by others who are receiving messages. It may help to view the larger picture, the transformation of Earth and humanity, and what comes next as all parts of a giant crystal: There are many facets to it; no one has the complete picture.

The collected messages of this book paint a hopeful picture for the future of mankind, as we come to realize and manifest the truly magnificent beings we are – magnificent beings having a bodily experience in the density of 3rd dimension, magnificent beings undergoing the rigors of a fear-based enslavement in order to choose living in the light of love, and magnificent physical beings who now have the opportunity to ascend to lighter densities within these physical bodies – something that has not been accomplished before in this universe. All that remains for each of us is to raise our personal frequency to a level that we may accompany Earth.

In Truth, Love & Joy,

Mark Kimmel

November 2010

Pagosa Springs, Colorado



The messages in this chapter were received from Adrial in July and August of 2010. They focus on the Transformation to the new Earth, and provide her views on the following:

  • Earth Changes
  • Monetary System and Government
  • Structures and Beliefs
  • Spiritual Perspective
  • Energies of Transformation
  • Chaos
  • Metamorphosis
  • New Earth
  • Possible Responses
  • Decisions

Greetings to all. Some of this may seem like a repetition of things already discussed, but I believe they lay a necessary foundation. There are several facets to the transformation that affect Earth’s human guests. First of all, Earth is transforming herself to a planet of higher frequency. She is asserting herself against the fear-based energies that are being generated by her human and non-human occupants. Her alternative was annihilation of the planet and all upon her.

The process of Earth’s transformation to a planet of light began about 70 years ago when she cried out for assistance. Many beings around the universe responded. They came aboard their gigantic ships to transmit light to assist Earth in raising her frequency. This process has been successful; Earth is now well on her way to become a brilliant planet with a pristine ecology. Her frequency is rising at an increasing rate. She has a few more steps to complete; these will take place in these the final moments of her transformation.

Earth now is cleaning herself of the damage inflicted on her by her human guests. Think of Earth as a patient who has been grievously wounded. The wounds must be tended to so that she may successfully heal herself. That is the process she is now undergoing. This will entail extreme weather, earth shifts, volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Like the cauterizing of a wound, some of this cleansing will be painful to those involved. No area of the planet will be unaffected; all humans will feel some effects. Areas where violence and fear are endemic, or where chemicals and munitions are manufactured, will experience the most extensive cleansing.

Part of this process is so that Earth may attain a more pleasant and salubrious climate worldwide. She is warming from her core as the result of radiation directed to her from the sun, which, in turn, is being impacted by energies from the galaxy. Earth’s glaciers are melting as a result of this new warmth. Her seas are rising with water contributed by the melting. Her tectonic plates will adjust as part of this process. She is returning to a pristine planet of beauty – she once had such beauty, you know, before the dark energy plunged her into darkness.

Another aspect of attaining a more pleasant and salubrious climate is the correction of Earth’s tilt. The dark energy moved her from a vertical axis to the tilt that produced seasons. This is being corrected as a part of creating a more pleasant climate worldwide. Another aspect of Earth’s transformation will be the removal of the artificial satellite that you call the moon. The dark energy placed it here many, many years ago as an observatory, and as a control mechanism. Your space brothers and sisters will remove it.

So what do these things mean to the human inhabitants of Earth? If Earth is raising her frequency, then Earth’s human inhabitants will be required to raise theirs also. All animals, plants, and rocks are welcoming the beneficial frequencies directed to Earth from the galaxy, the sun, and from your space brothers and sisters. These beneficial energies are directed to helping humans ascend along with the planet. Many people are experiencing disorientation, headaches, and sleepiness. Those that fear these beneficial frequencies and resist them will make themselves sick. Those who welcome the frequencies will find themselves living in a more relaxed state, free from fear and anxiety. This is what you call the 4th dimension.

Many, many years ago, the dark energy removed part of the DNA of the human residents of Earth. The new energies are now restoring this lost DNA. Humans of Earth now have the opportunity to function at a level of consciousness unknown until recently. This higher level of consciousness is available to all on the planet – if they accept it. If they resist it, if they fight to remain in their conventional lives, whatever those may be, the frequencies cannot perform their intended uplifting. Humans who resist the call to raise their consciousness will not attain sufficient frequency to ascend with the planet. Those who choose to resist will be allowed to continue in 3rd density lifetimes on other 3rd dimension worlds until they choose to ascend along the path of soul growth.

Let us now speak about the monetary systems of all countries of your planet, and how they are designed to underpin those in power, even as they appear to support the activities of ordinary citizens. The introduction of debt is a way for the government to create more money than the wealth of an individual country can generate. Fiat currencies are an illusion that people support with their trading in goods and services, but it is not real; it is an illusion that will sooner or later crumble bringing with it the governments of countries.

That you have interlocking countries that trade with each other recognizing the fiat currencies of each other is a further pyramid of illusion. Today other counties carry the fiat currency of the United States as treasury reserves; this is the pinnacle of a debt based monetary system. It is a grand illusion perpetuated on the people of this planet by their governments.

Those within the high ranks of the government and managers of the monetary system recognize the house of cards they have built. The central bank of each country, the EU, the IMF, and the IBS, all participate in this debt based scheme to expand trade and commerce beyond the limits otherwise imposed by natural forces. Currently they are straining to maintain an illusion of stability.

This grand scheme is about to be broken. Countries have inflated their currencies by issuing excessive debt. Fiat currencies are all being inflated in the name of sustained growth despite contrary factors, for it is only under the illusion of continued expansion that a government can continue in power. Ordinary people foolishly expect their government to care for them. Governments care for people within their higher ranks. They. In turn, care for little else than staying in power.

How has this scheme of things become the situation on your world? It has happened because agents of the dark energy are at the very top of your governments and monetary systems. These non-humans work behind the scenes to insure their own power and wealth. They cleverly ensnare willing humans (remember everyone has free choice) to assist them, to partake in their power structure, in their extraordinary wealth.

How does a willing human align with non-humans? Any human who allows greed and the lust for power to rule his or her life makes a silent contract with the agents of the dark energy. You have had movies about people selling their souls to the devil to allow them to achieve more than they would without such an arrangement. The truth is very much like this. Ordinary people who aspire to the top ranks of wealth and power cast aside the yearning of their soul to love their fellow man, cast it aside to join the ranks of the powerful and wealthy. Once they start down this road, they telegraph their willingness to do whatever is required to achieve their ends. They will climb over others on their way to the top of governments, the financial world, or corporations. They will do anything, including murder, to achieve their ends. And the non-humans in charge welcome them to the ranks of the powerful, knowing full well that they are now captive to the system. Thus is born support for the organization known to you as the Illuminati.

As for the transformation, all of these manmade structures will disintegrate. The transformation of Earth’s human race requires that all such structures fall by the wayside. These manmade structures and systems — monetary, corporate, and government — are in the process of failing. The U.S. dollar has been eroding in value for many years, as it has been inflated with massive amounts of unsecured debt. The monetary scheme and the government it underpins will soon fail. With its failure will come a worldwide collapse of other monetary structures. The transformation of your planet demands that all such monetary systems and their associated structures disappear. When this happens, most commerce and its underlying systems will cease.

Beyond the failure of the monetary system and governments will arise simple structures build around the needs of ordinary people to trade with each other, to live lives of mutual respect, and to provide the necessities. On other planets there exist monetary systems that are in the best interests of the people. With the help of your star brothers and sisters the transformation to this type of a monetary system will unfold. But first, the existing system must be disappear; it will, and quite soon. The resulting chaos will cause many dislocations. The recovery from this part of Earth’s transformation will be neither swift nor without hardships. All are advised to prepare for it.

Beliefs rule the actions of most humans because you are unable to see the truth of things. You believe a certain diet is healthy so you eat certain things. You believe a certain way to exercise is good for your body so you practice it regularly. You believe that by conforming to certain standards of behavior that people will accept and like you, so you behave in certain proscribed ways. Beliefs precede actions. Beliefs rule the activities of most humans.

Many of your beliefs come from other people. Doctors tell you that you must do certain things to cure an illness, so you follow their advice. Teachers tell children how to behave, so the children follow the rules. Churches tell their followers what to believe, so those that attend that church believe in a proscribed way. Corporations, through their advertising, convince you that you need a particular product, so you buy their product. A bank advertises superior service so you deposit your funds with them. You watch television to learn what others believe is going on in the world.

Beliefs do change. Parents convey judgments to their children; their children hold these beliefs until something comes along to change that belief. The media conveys a story; days later the truth of the situation comes out. Governments publish statistics to show a particular trend; a month later a new statistic overrides the older one. Scientists discover a new virus; a new theory of disease is born.

Because you understand so little of your environment, your beliefs are what you have to go on in your daily lives. This is not a criticism; it is a statement of the situation in which the human race on Earth finds itself.

Those in power use beliefs to control others. Governments convince those they rule that they are operating in their best interests. This may or may not be true. Corporations convince customers that their products or services are the best; this may or may not be true. Religions convince their followers that they know the larger picture and that their followers should believe them. This is an exceptionally powerful way in which people are manipulated — for the benefit of a particular religion.

Most religions do not want their followers to believe that there is an armada of starships about this planet, and that aboard these ships are humans from other worlds. This will destroy the churches grip over their followers, so they deny the possibility. Religious beliefs will be particularly difficult barriers for many people to overcome during the time of the transition. When the reality of the earth changes and monetary collapse hits them they will seek out religion for answers. It is most unlikely that their religion will supply them with satisfactory answers.

Many people who have achieved a certain level of consciousness believe that they are in the right spot and in the right frame mind so that the changes I spoke of in my earlier messages will not affect them. This is true only for the few who are truly able to maintain a higher frequency. To say that all is in “divine order” and believe that none of the projected difficulties will touch you is an illusion. Better to prepare yourselves for the difficulties, and then of they do not touch you all well and good. If however you are not prepared for the changes associated with the transformation and they come despite your best efforts to deny them, you will find yourself in a most difficult situation.

Beliefs cut both ways. A strong belief in your own ability will carry you through the difficult times ahead. Such a strong belief will set an example for others. A belief that you will remain totally unscathed, and need not prepare, will not serve others well because in the event you collapse their belief will disintegrate. If on the other hand you have prepared yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, then your belief will stand strong. You will weather the changes with a minimal amount of fear, and you will stand as a rock for others so that they might also weather the changes.

Examine your beliefs, really examine them. Are you in a state of denial because you believe it is too hard to be realistic? What can you change; what can you not? You are in charge of your experiences on the stage of life? Experiences are neither good nor bad; they are just experiences. Concentrate on having many wonderful experiences.

Collectively humans can change Earth. It is after all your collective fear that has degraded her. I say collectively, that means the participation of a critical mass dedicated to change. It is our opinion that you do not have that critical mass. Therefore we foresee that the changes associated with the transformation will impact you despite your beliefs to the contrary. Better to seek out those close to you, or move to a place of safety, then band together for your mutual benefit.

We foresee that there will be collections of people in safe places who share common beliefs about the transformation and what lies beyond it. We foresee that they will come to the assistance of each other in time of need, not degenerate into fear. On this basis we are prepared to assist these dedicated groups of individuals. We will not plunge into the chaos of the transformation and save people from what they have wrought. We will work with dedicated groups who care about each other and who are operating in the best interests of all. Seek out those of a like mind. Prepare for the changes. Support each other. We will come to assist, not save. Your beliefs will drive this process. Examine them carefully.

Each soul that is currently incarnated in human form on planet Earth is a member of a soul group. These soul groups have been together for a long time, experiencing many, many reincarnations. Among the souls within the group the roles may shift in each incarnation, so that one time it might be father-son, or mother-daughter. The next time it might be son-mother, father-daughter, brother-sister, cousin, friend, or distant relative. Over the past thousand incarnations all roles have been assumed, including dark and light, master and slave, gay and lesbian, perpetrator and victim, as well as angry and gentle. So it is today that most souls on this planet have experienced multiple lifetimes and are here for their final lifetime in this 3rd dimension. They are preparing to move forward, both as individuals and as members of their soul group.

The billions of souls present on Earth at this time are also here to be part of Earth’s transformation. Everybody wants to be present as Earth and her inhabitants ascend to a lighter frequency. Lighter frequency has several meanings: Lighter meaning more light infused. Lighter meaning higher frequency.  It is an exciting time for all in the universe, for all are watching Earth if they are not physically present. Earth is moving from under the influence of the dark energy into full brilliance and taking with her as many of her human inhabitants as wish to go. The rest of the universe is likewise experiencing an uplifting in energy, a transformation into an era of brilliance and enlightenment.

You as an individual soul must make a determination at this time. You must decide if you have had enough 3rd dimension experiences, enough of living in duality, enough of living surrounded by fear, and enough experiences of darkness. You must decide if you have acquired enough experiences that you are ready to move on, that you truly wish to live in a new way in the 4th dimension.

As one of the many celestials who serves this universe, I am giving you a universe perspective. We see quite a number of Earth humans ready to move forward. However, we see most on Earth remaining in their comfort zones whatever that may be. This is due to the lingering influence of the dark energy. This darkness has served to change Earth, the schoolhouse planet, from merely a 3rd dimension experience into one of extreme hardship immersed in the darkest of fear. As I have spoken of in earlier messages, you are surrounded by violence, greed, and judgment, you are constrained within structures, and you are manipulated by beliefs. It makes for a wonderful experience of the darkest of the dark, however it is quite possible to have a 3rd dimension experience without the extreme of darkness that is present on Earth. You have lived through it, have experienced all that it has to teach, now rise to the call of ascending to a higher way of living.

We see many souls, who volunteered to come to Earth at this time, stuck in the allure of the 3rd dimension. The 3rd can be quite comforting for those who are well placed to partake of its wealth, comfortable living, and pleasures of the flesh such as an plethora of foods, entertainment, and companionship. Alcohol and drugs play a large part in convincing people that their lives are satisfying. Entertainment and the media play a role also. It is with great disappointment that I report that the vast majority of humans are unlikely to take advantage of this opportunity to ascend to higher frequencies; they will choose to remain in their comfort zones.

What about all the people who are not comfortable in this incarnation, those starving, those imprisoned, and those in poverty? My response is as follows: Many chose to be present on Earth at this moment to experience the great transformation, to experience living in very dense 3rd dimension. A soul born into a refugee camp wanted the experience of living in this denseness, perhaps as an initial incarnation. After Earth’s ascension, there will be fewer opportunities to experience this darkness.

Some souls present on Earth are previously incarnated at the time of Atlantis. They have volunteered to come back at this moment to help overcome the mistake that led to the demise of Atlantis: The choice of technology and rational driven action over the soul choice. They are here working to awaken the people of Earth to a similar situation.

From a spiritual perspective we see many who are choosing to assume the role of lightworker. Some of you are walk-ins who full well know your mission. Some of you are from many other lifetimes and are now advanced enough in your journeys to awaken to the light. In each case you are holding the torch high as an example of right living, and are spreading the truth about the larger picture. We salute you who are working to uplift this planet. Also among you are those who are recent arrivals from other star systems. They appear as humans of this planet, having shifted into human form. They too are working to the uplift Earth and her people.

The energies of transformation that are coming to Earth from the galaxy are uplifting all who wish to be uplifted. The energies coming to this star system are raising all the planets as well as the sun. All is in a process of transforming. It is a glorious moment to be present. Those who surround your planet as members of the vast armada are here to witness your transformation. We who are the celestials are in full cooperation with their efforts to heal the planet and transform its inhabitants. Beyond your sphere there is a wondrous cooperation in and knowledge of the Oneness of all. We recognize that all are interconnected, that all are One with God.

Oneness with God is not necessarily a gentle experience. The rules of the universe are quite specific. They are demanding of all who would live in harmony. You who are on Earth are only dimly aware of these laws, let alone follow them. Your lives have been corrupted by the influence of the dark energy who would have you live self-centered lives. It is in this self-centeredness that you serve the darkness.

Let me be very clear, when I speak of the spiritual point of view, I am NOT speaking from a religious point of view. I am not speaking about beliefs. I am speaking from universe truth that is known to all who are operating in the higher densities, the higher energies. There is no belief involved. We know God, we are One with God. We are One will everybody and everything. Just as on your planet, each animal, each bird, each fish, each insect, each planet, and each rock is conscious. All in the universe are conscious. Belief does not enter into it. Love and light are the bedrock of all in a universe of Oneness.

The most important thing for you to remember during this time of transformation is to discover who you really are: A soul having a physical experience. Worry not about death; you have experienced it before. Treasure your time in the material with its myriad experiences for soul growth. Discover how to live in the present moment without attachments to the past or worries about the future. In quiet moments listen to the quiet voice of your soul as it guides you through whatever challenges are in the days ahead.

Picture a place that is somewhat familiar, somewhat not, a place that is different in some respects, but not in others. You are now on the new Earth after her transformation. The transformation has been completed during several of Earth’s orbits about the sun star. Time is not measured in months or seasons as the moon is no longer in orbit about the Earth, and Earth is no longer tilted on her axis. Each day follows the prior in a tranquil procession of day and night.

Much seems the same in terms of what you call nature; some is much changed. Mountains and oceans are still present. The oceans define unfamiliar islands and continents. Some of the land has arisen; some has dropped. In a few places there are beaches, in most places beaches are in the making as the water laps against newly exposed cliffs and shoreline.

On the land streams and rivers carry water to lakes and the oceans. The air is clear, the skies blue with patchy clouds. Everywhere there is rich vegetation. There are no more deserts for the land has been repaired to become once again productive. Rain falls as needed to produce trees, bushes, and grass. Flowers are sprinkled about the landscape.

In the particular place where you are standing, you see that there are trees bearing fruit and nuts. You see bushes with berries and all manner of vegetables. Most of the vegetables and fruits are familiar. Most of the trees are in rows, stretching as far as you can see. Smaller plants are scattered throughout the rich natural vegetation of the orchard. In the distance you can see a tall mountain. You watch as rabbits and deer graze on grass, ignoring the planted varieties. Overheard the skies are filled with many types of birds. A wolf appears, but it chases neither rabbit nor deer.

It dawns on you that you are in a veritable paradise. You are alone, and quite comfortable being so. You wish for an apple, and turn to see an apple tree a few steps away. Your first bite of the fruit is wonderful, just the right mixture of crispness and flavor. You next think raspberries and turn to find a raspberry bush not far away. Like the apple, the berries taste is just as you remember them. You have stepped into a place on the new Earth to which you can relate.

You hear voices and walk past a small wooden sign, “Appleton.” A short distance away is a playground filled with laughing children. Adults sit in the shade observing the children at play. There are familiar toys such as a slide and swing set. The children are dressed in brightly colored clothes of a typical western style. You are visiting a place familiar to your specific background. If you were to visit a place on the new Earth similar to a different background it might be quite different.

You approach one of the adults. Recognizing you as a fellow human of the new Earth, she stands to receive your hug. After receiving directions, you wander off toward a nearby village. You pass houses with an open friendly style that speaks of the gentle nature of the climate. You feel neither hot nor cold. The sun is shining brightly, but its warmth seems gentler that you had remembered. The first house you pass has a wide porch. The two people on it are engaged in a conversation; they pause to wave as you pass.

A shadow causes you to glance upward; a sleek vehicle passes overhead. It makes little sound. You can see windows with people glancing out.

Walking further into the town on a grassy road, you come to the village square with a bakery, vegetable stands, laundry, and a clothing and general merchandise store. Each shop is brightly lighted within. You notice the absence of a bank, service station, church, or government office. People pass on bicycles and there are small vehicles for individuals that resemble golf carts; they glide along quietly, above the surface of the ground.

You approach a group of people, men and women, seated around a table under a large tree. They invite you to join them. You take the only empty seat. It is as though they were waiting for you.

Let your imagination soar as to the rest of this picture unfolds. Perhaps you will discuss the larger picture with the others, or you will talk about local happenings. I hope with this message that I have conveyed the sense of tranquility that pervades this snapshot of the new Earth. You are now in a lighter density.

Between now and the end of 2012, the structures on Earth created by the dark energy and its human and non-human accomplices will collapse. These include governments, monetary systems, religions, educational systems, and health care systems. The oil and extractive industries, as well as major corporations will crumble. Your public utilities, media, and internet will no longer function. This is all part Earth’s healing for, as with any patient, her wounds must be cleaned before her healing (transformation) can commence.

Most of your current structures and beliefs are now being shown as rotten at their cores. Financial systems benefit the wealthy. Governments benefit those in power. The legal system functions for those who are a part of it. The churches preach to squeeze contributions from believers. Oil conglomerates and corporations exist to enrich management and stockholders, not customers. Educational institutions train the next generation to be passive and compliant robots for other structures. Your media serves those in power. Your enslavement has been quite cleverly and thoroughly constructed. Short of becoming a hermit, you cannot escape the structures and beliefs imposed on you. All of this must undergo a metamorphosis in order for a new Earth and a new civilization to emerge. As these structures break down, there will be a time of chaos.

The Earth will be healed of the many wounds she has suffered at the hand of her human inhabitants. Her waters will be cleaned, as will as her land and air. This however cannot proceed until there is an end to the burning of fossil fuels, mining for minerals, and dumping waste. 2012 is not the end; it marks the beginning of a new era: Earth’s 4th dimension — a higher frequency, a lighter density for the planet and her inhabitants. As I have previously communicated, this new Earth will resemble the old in some ways, but not in others. Beyond 2012 lies a time of rebuilding a new civilization for Earth’s humans. It will emerge from a metamorphosis of the old, like mushrooms emerging from decaying matter, like new grass emerging from rich soil.

After the chaos a time of gradual reconstruction will emerge. Measured from today, this period will take from 3 to 5 years. Little will happen instantly. Those who are preaching instant transformation are misleading otherwise conscious people. Each person has the ability to manage his or her experiences in this lifetime. This experience management takes place against the backdrop of the existing environment. All about you is a created reality, energy slowed into matter, but you did not perform that task; it was done long before you appeared on the scene. You are the actors and actresses on the stage of your circumstances. You as individual humans do not have the ability to create your circumstances, experience them yes, create them no. The problem with seeing your circumstances, your environment, as of your own creation and attempting to change your reality by imaging it differently is that this type of reasoning will lead you to withdrawing from the practical side of your current circumstances. Withdrawing is not the reason for which you incarnated at this time and place. Experiencing life in this 3rd density, overcoming its restrictions, and moving into 4th dimension living is the reason for your incarnation.

The disintegration of the old is a necessary prelude to the emergence of the new. Yes all is energy; your physical world is but a slow form of energy, but it still obeys the laws of the universe: If one thing is to emerge, that which is currently in its place must disappear. This holds true for the current situation on your planet. The structures used to create your current civilization  (corporations, monetary systems, healthcare, schools, governments, media, and religions) will disappear. Unfortunately there are few pieces of these current structures that can be salvaged to construct the new. It is only when people realize that the current paradigm does not serve them that the there is a possibility to construct a new one. As long as people cling to their current ways, or refuse to admit how they impact their lives, there is little room for reconstruction.

This is not to dismiss the many new initiatives; some will ultimately bear fruit. The individual initiatives of ordinary people will ultimately emerge as the bedrock of the new. It will not be necessary for you to descend to the depths of a primitive society without modern conveniences like running water and toilets. Your new civilization will be constructed from bits and pieces of the old, minus the overarching structures and beliefs.

Nothing in the universe moves quickly, deliberately yes, quickly no. You can see it in the creation of galaxies, and in the growth of plants and animals. Their creation is not done in an instant. It is only the impatience of humans that would construct instantaneous solutions to situations that have taken many years to develop. Yes the higher dimensions are the path of ascension, but it is a path, not an instantaneous elevator ride.

The reason that change is taking so long, despite the desire of many for a better life, is that the situation is quite complex. First there are some who like things the way they are. Second there are many who would welcome change, but only on their terms, only by avoiding the rigors associated with the change. Third is the desire, on the part of those assisting this transition, to make it as painless as possible. Only a very tiny fraction of the whole of humanity is ready to move from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension, by taking the necessary steps to uplift their consciousness while at the same time paying attention to their bodies’ needs and the needs of their environment. Many want to instantaneously ascend to the higher vibrations, yet they have done nothing more than wish for it. Wishing will not make it happen. Action makes things happen.

So it will take several revolutions about the sun star for Earth to return herself to a pristine state, and that will be with maximum assistance of your space brothers and sisters, and those of us from the celestial realm. Coupling all this with the dissolution of your structures and beliefs, and making the transformation as smooth as possible, will ensure a level playing field for the new Earth civilization. Then we shall see what Earth humans will do with that.

You will be assisted with electricity supplied by your space brothers and sisters. This will come first to the settlements of the caretakers, second to the surrounding areas, and third to the larger population. Again it will not happen instantaneously in all areas. Again I say, yes, all is energy, but Earth controls all that is natural and she is dictating what will be on her new world. She plays an integral part in all creation on this planet, from newborn babies to tufts of grass. You as individual souls do not have the ability to instantly modify your physical surroundings. Yes you can create your experiences, but that is only against the backdrop of a willing planet.

So the time beyond 2012 will be a time of rebuilding. It will not be easy, as so little of the current structures and beliefs can be utilized. New structures will be put into place, in the context of Oneness and collaboration. New truths will emerge to replace old beliefs. Look about yourself today, how long does it take to change a belief? Years! How long does it take to construct a new institution? Years! Even with the benefit of living in the 4th dimension, it will still take several years for the fullness of the new Earth to emerge.

So a new civilization will slowly emerge after 2012. It will start in pockets that have been spared the worst of the chaos, due to their relatively benign attitudes and “fear-less-ness.” In these sacred pockets of community will emerge the new humans for the new Earth. Many are being led to these gathering places, knowing that they are to be part of the something new. Slowly they will emerge into viable communities, sustainable communities based on barter and collaboration, but living in love at a high standard of development, not cave dwellers. Your space brothers and sisters will come to mentor these communities. They will bring with them technologies that will enable these communities to develop quite rapidly – rapidly, not instantaneously.

During the dismantling and reconstruction process there will be many opportunities for soul growth, for experiencing, for setting examples, for leadership, and for discovering who you really are. It is a wondrous time to be present on Earth, a time of massive change, but also a time of great promise. All who are now present on Earth are invited to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.

If you are digesting this message then you are already functioning at a higher frequency. Recognize those situations in which you are without fear, without anger or anxiety, and when you are seeing all about you from a center of love. Find ways to remain in that state for longer and longer periods. In addition, discover the personal merkaba that will make your transition to the lighter densities much easier.

It is my wish that by spelling out the Earth transition that it will cause you to prepare yourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I look forward to interacting with you in the higher dimensions. I am Adrial; I wish you a wondrous journey through the transformation.

This is my final message in this series. I trust you have benefitted from them. Most humans who see the information I have presented in these messages, if indeed they see the messages at all, or if they receive this information from another source, will not relate to their content in the slightest way. It is beyond their realm of consciousness. They do not see the larger picture, nor do they wish to explore the possibility of such. Unfortunately this is a majority of mankind at this moment.

The second group of humans will see the messages as fearful forecasts of what is to be. They do not wish to change from their comfortable lifestyles, so they will reject the messages as too radical, not based on science, not conforming to the current paradigm, or any number of other excuses. Fear will rule their response and they will reject the messages and the possibility of truth. This is a large percentage of the current human population of this planet.

The third group of individuals will see the messages, will understand them to some degree, and will interpret them in their own way. This is most acceptable, as none of you understands the larger picture in the same way. Each person sees a facet of the larger crystal and interpret it in his or her own way. Within this very smallest of the three groupings of Earth humans there are several possibilities.

  • The first reaction among this group of conscious people is that they are above the chaos associated with the dismantling of the current paradigm: “I do not relate to what you are saying, because I will not allow it to touch my life. I fully expect to be at the right place, at the right time, and to be transported to a higher dimension at the moment of transformation. I expect the transformation of Earth to occur as time collapses. All will be of the light; nothing will impact my attitude of love for all.”
  • A second or alternate reaction is that, “I must prepare for the coming difficult times by creating a survival cocoon about me. I will store food and water, and will create a sanctuary off the grid. I intend to survive whatever will come. Why, because I do not wish to die.”
  • The third reaction is one of preparing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for what is to come: “I am storing store food and water. I will find a suitable shelter. I view the chaos about me as a loving observer without becoming enmeshed with it. Most importantly I am reaching out to others of a like mind to create a community of like-minded people. When this transformation is over, we will come together to create a new civilization on this planet. I understand that Earth is not going away, although she will be much changed, as will I. She will be functioning at a higher frequency. I will join her there. I will become a caretaker of the new Earth.”

So here are possible responses to the material I have presented in this series of messages. Where do you come down? What response do you choose? My blessing on each of you, may your journey be filled with soul enriching experiences and opportunities to express love.


YOU MAY COPY AND DISTRIBUTE THIS MESSAGE, AS WELL AS OTHER POSTINGS TO MARK’S CORNER. Please do so in total, preserving all notations, attributions, and announcements.

In Truth, Love and Joy,

Mark Kimmel


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    • Preparing myself and my family
    • Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of transforming myself.
    • The bigger picture and where I fit into it.
    • Personal problems relating to the changes we are all experiencing, and how to overcome the stresses thereof.
    • What is my purpose in this life?
    • My family does not relate to who I now am…
  • You may contact me at to arrange for a telephone appointment. Please place “consult” in the subject line.

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G20 and Summary

I have now returned from my two weekend Gatherings and a brief vacation. Both Gatherings were memorable for the exceptional people who attended as well as heart-felt interactions. This was my third trip to Costa Rica (at the invitation of a special group of people there). I continue to be amazed at the openness of everyone in that country to the larger reality. Many have had contact experiences for years, and continue to receive messages on a regular basis. I find it such a contrast to folks in this country. The gathering in Denver was also very special, producing new insights into the times that are fast approaching.

As I have said before, the messages on this site build on each other, for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008. They are the situation on this planet and our place in the universe as communicated to me. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they have sparked your curiosity. As always I encourage you to seek out your own unique truth.

This is my 28th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. The following is a brief message from Bren-Ton of Andromeda plus a summary, in my words, of the posting to this site since the first of the year. (The summary in no way is an adequate substitute for the beautiful words of the original postings – read the originals!!)

Greetings to my brothers and sisters on Earth, I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda. At this moment in Earth history, the governments of your planet rise and fall based on the strength of their monetary systems. The current attempts by the G20 nations to clobber together a new world reserve from a basket of currencies highlights the weakness of the American economy plus the shakiness of the other economies as well. These are unprecedented moves by the industrialized nations. You are living in unprecedented times.

You will look back on this meeting of the G20 as a historical moment when all came apart. The economies of your world have grown to massive proportions, based on the system of issuing debt. It is a house of cards, ready to collapse.

From our vantage point aboard starcraft orbiting your planet, we see the governments slowly crumbling, as they are unable to supply the needs of their populaces. We do not see that the current efforts will results in a strong solution, rather they will exacerbate the weaknesses inherent in the debt based monetary systems that are used to control Earth’s human population.

This is the beginning of the final phase of the transition. From here it will gain momentum, despite the showing by the stock markets and other outward signs. Your current government structures are built on the greed of those in power. I look forward to speaking to you again soon.

The following summary, January through March, is from Mark’s Corner:

Moraine: Transitioned Earth

• We will see many changes as earth is restored to her former brilliance. Disease is a 3rd dimension manifestation of frequencies generated by agents of the dark energy. It will be gone as those who have been sending disease will be gone. Food will taste more delicious and be more nutritious. Water will be pure. The climate will be moderate. Since there will be no urgency to achieve, just “being” will feel normal. We will have many more years of life.
• All will operate from a place of love. Fear will no longer dominate. We will love everyone who transitioned, recognizing them as fellow survivors. Each person will wish to cooperate with others to maximize the good for all. This will form the basis for “collaboratives” to use at all levels of organization. Telepathy will be restored to directly communicate truth, ideas, and opinions. There is no hierarchy of power; everyone will operate in the best interests of all. Leaders will operate from the basis of love, equality, and non-judgment.
• Money will be available for all. Money will not be lent or hoarded; it will expire after a period of time. No one may charge interest on the money given to another.
• Extraction and burning of fossil fuels will be halted. We will generate electricity by utilizing certain crystals, like those that power starships. These crystals are present on Earth, some occur naturally; our brothers and sisters from Altair have brought more.
• All gasoline and diesel-powered forms of transportation will stop as we transition to new technology. This will be done in such a way that our civilization will not crumble, nor return us to the stone age. The armada will provide some vehicles to transport food and people.
• Time will be measured by the rotation of the planet. The seasons, along with the moon, will be gone. Humans will experience a more relaxed way to live, as will animals and plants. We will discover more about being one with all. We will not feel pressure to perform or to survive.
• The surface of Earth will be altered by earth shifts, and by the heating of the planet. Sea levels will rise. Weather patterns will alter the face of the planet. There will be disruptions in life as we know it. Provide food, water, and shelter for a few months during this interim time.

Bren-Ton: Structures & Beliefs

• All structures function with the objectives of serving the needs of those who control them. It is beliefs that give them cohesion and longevity. Fear enters into the belief – structure equation by making people who are fearful subservient, and willing to give up their rights. The transition to a civilization of light will require that rigid structures and beliefs be abandoned. They will be replaced with truth, oneness, and love. Structures are ingrained in all humans of this planet, from those in primitive societies to those working for multi-national corporations. Elitists are at the top of any structure because they epitomize its beliefs. This is true for political, corporate, financial, educational, and religious structures. The humans we observe on other planets do not have such rigid structures.
• Truth is something that is very hard to determine; there is much circulating among you that is based on beliefs. These beliefs are used to control you. The belief that a structure is necessary is what gives it power over you. Laws are structures based on beliefs that they are necessary. Beliefs and structures are the opposite of knowing and living with the truth that all is one.
• Before the dark energy invaded, our distant ancestors knew from which star systems they came, knew that they were related to each other, and knew that they needed to cooperate in order to prosper. They did not see the black, red, yellow, and white races as so different. After the dark energy altered our ancestors’ DNA, the resulting primitive humans, overwhelmed with fear, descended into superstitions and rituals. Structures of control have been imposed, based on the principle that humans were somehow fundamentally flawed, and that powerful “gods” had the right to control them. Competition and differences were introduced. It was only a small step then to placing non-humans within any structure so that it followed the specific intent of the dark energy.
• From time to time the light of the Creator asserts itself. Explorers, entrepreneurs, artists, creators, or innovators, see that life can be better and set out to achieve something despite the complacency of others. It is these examples of the light that have brought the star people here to assist us.
• Oil companies are the epitome of large multi-national corporations. The current civilization of this planet is defined by oil more than by any other structure. Burning fossil fuel has addicted us to a way of life that has become the bedrock of our modern civilization.
• The belief about the flawed individual was injected into us by the dark energy many thousands of years ago. It is this premise that has allowed structures to be put in place to control us. When government
s see people as flawed, it allows them to exploit those governed.
• This belief of a flawed individual is the basis for most religions. Your belief, and it is only a belief, that you are fundamentally flawed is incorrect. Once you see yourselves as flawless, you will accept all your brothers and sisters in this universe as loving relatives, not as lesser or greater beings. The universe is basically good; you can be a part of this goodness.
• To move forward with Earth, you must learn to flow with energy, learn to abandon rigid structures. By establishing collaboratives everyone would be part of a new type of structure.
• What is different this time is the “on the ground” assistance from our brothers and sisters from other star systems and the vast armada of starships. We will remove the dark agents, forcing the last vestiges of the dark energy to withdraw, causing structures and beliefs to collapse. They ask, “What will you create with such a level playing field?”

Jesus: Christ Energy

• My primary purpose in incarnating on this planet was to bring the Christ energy to you and your ancestors. I did not intend to establish a religion. I did not come here to die for your sins.
• The Christ energy that I brought to this planet with my incarnation is unique, but at the same time universal. It is a facet of the Creator’s love focused on the relationship between one being and another. If you walk with Christ energy, you will assume a new gentleness, a new tolerance, a new way of moving within a group, and a new friendliness. The quality of Christ light is like that of aquamarine: it has the colors of the rainbow.
• The Christ light that I brought to this planet has done much to assist the development of your modern civilization. The Christ energy has kept the light of the Creator alive. The Christ energy transcends all beliefs. It is a powerful force for good. Its effects have been largely wiped from your historical records so as to minimize its impact on the positive aspects of civilization.

God: One

• Before the universe of time and space, before the spiritual domains, before all, I determined to undertake a grand drama in My universe. In connection with that decision I created oversouls to assist Me. I charged the oversouls with allowing Me to experience every aspect of diversity. Each oversoul is capable of individuating many souls simultaneously, each containing the Creator’s light. As I look out at My vast creation, I see all as one and I embrace all in love. None of my oversouls have specific names as they are all of My energy field, and not truly separate from Me.
• You are an individuated soul, meaning that your oversoul has allowed a piece of itself to become your soul for this lifetime. All was known to your individuated soul prior to your birth. On the one hand it is like you borrowed this fragment of your oversoul for a time; on the other hand this individuated fragment, even after it is reunited with your oversoul, will forevermore be known as you. Do you see how you are one with Me? How you are one with other individuated souls from your oversoul? How you are one with the souls of other oversouls? Understanding this, how could anyone do anything but love all My children?
• I created planets and inhabited them with all manner of plants, animals, and self-conscious beings. The oversouls supplied individuated aspects of themselves, souls, for each of these material creatures.
• One of the My oversouls decided to find out what it was to live with diminished Creator’s light in the souls he was individuating. He determined that the fear which emerged in the absence of the Creator’s light was a substitute for love, not a fully satisfying substitute but nonetheless a substitute.
• A struggle commenced between the oversouls of the light and the oversoul of darkness. The oversouls of the light, determined not to yield to the dark energy, stepped up their individuation of souls with strong light. Strong individuated souls volunteered to live on planets dominated by the dark energy. The dark energy retaliated by individuating souls on planets where the light was the strongest.
• Earth volunteered to host incarnations of the dark energy, those who functioned principally out of fear. After a few hundred thousand years of increasing fear and planetary destruction, Earth’s called for help; my children of other star systems came to her aid. Earth is emerging as a planet that will be predominately of the light. After the light has fully vanquished the dark energy from Earth, and the agents of the dark energy have been removed, you who remain will exist in a veritable paradise. Only those who see all as one will accompany Earth to her new way of being. My grand drama is now entering its final act, in which darkness will be balanced with the energy of light.

Bren-Ton: History

• One million years ago Earth was a pristine paradise. All mammals, fish, birds, and insects comingled in harmony; all were vegetarian. There were no adverse bacteria, and no viruses or funguses. There were no seasons as the tilt of the planet was vertical. There was no moon.
• Four races, numbering about ten thousand in total, were brought from nearby star systems: black, yellow, white, and red. The idea behind this experiment was to blend these four races. The colonists who came to this planet from the four star systems were all volunteers. They were about as technologically advanced, as was your civilization two hundred years ago. They were not driven to evolve, because Earth was such a paradise, everything was here for them. They were a very spiritual people, and knew about God and celestials. These were not a primitive people: They had been transported by starcraft from their home planets. They knew of the larger picture, knew of advanced technologies.
• The dark energy descended on Earth, about a half million years ago; there were many changes resulting from the fear that overwhelmed everything and everyone. So fierce was the fear that males and females were transformed into barely human savages. Overnight they were changed from caring family members to selfish individuals, from accepting to suspicious and judgmental. After a short while, physical entities under the control of the dark energy came to Earth to create beliefs and structures. They were seen as gods.
• Earth’s axis was tilted so that she now produced seasons and her poles were shrouded in ice and snow. Overall she cooled from a moderate temperature to seasonal with latitude fluctuations. As a final insult, she was harnessed with an artificial satellite that tugged relentlessly at her waters and land.
• However the light of the Creator had not been totally extinguished. In each generation, and in each region of the planet, there were a few who could not be manipulated by the priests of religions or the strongmen of governments. These were hunted down, persecuted, and killed, but the Creator’s light did not disappear. It reemerged in others who continued to lift primitive man out of the darkness.
• Lemuria was colonized on islands in the Pacific Ocean to assist the red and yellow races. Atlantis was created in the Atlantic to assist the white and black races. After a time, the dark energy infiltrated these two colonies and they too began to set up structures and adhere to beliefs not beneficial to their inhabitants. They lost their connection to the star systems that had originated them, and diminished their connection to God. They engaged in a war that resulted in the detonation of nuclear weapons creating some of Earth’s deserts.
• The evolution of human civilization on Earth has been driven somewhat by the influence of the survivors of Atlantis and Lemuria as they mingled with humans. Many of our inventions have been the result of ideas planted in the minds of individuals by those from other star systems. Indigenous peoples habitually communicate with star people. The cover-up of in
teractions with beings from other planets within your governments and corporations is a power play, intended to induce fear and maintain power structures.

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Once again, I thank you who made a financial contribution. It has made a difference in my ability to continue with this work, my gratitude to each of you.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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The messages today are responses to questions posed by you, the readers of this site. As I have said before, the messages posted here build on each other; for their full impact read them in sequence beginning with September 2008. This is my 22nd posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009.


You will simply “know” when you are communicating with a being who is not a human of Earth. It will happen in a quiet moment when your conscious mind is still. You who receive messages from those who are not humans of this planet must be weary that the messages are benevolent and in the best interests of all. One way to do this is set an intent that the messages you are receiving are from those who are operating from the highest Christ consciousness. Those who are communicating the messages posted here are coming from the best of intentions for all Earth humans, and all other beings in My universe. I am who AM. I am one with you.


Please understand that scientific knowledge as promulgated on this planet is not immune from the influence of the dark energy and its agents. Earth science is no different than any other belief system or structure. Your science is limited by the beliefs of those who postulate theories and then go about proving them correct. It is in their best interests of your scientists to have their theories approved by their peers, who have similarly based their finding on structures intended to control, and on beliefs promulgated as control mechanisms.

The comparison between what we have told you about the age of the moon, and that it is an artificial satellite, versus conventional scientific theory demonstrates what I have just said about structures and beliefs. The moon is an artificial satellite. It was placed here by the dark energy 555,000 years ago. That this conflicts with current scientific theory is a problem for your scientific theory, not for what is true in the larger picture. I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda.


From our observations of your current economic and government situation we see that there is much of which you are not being informed. Those who have amassed wealth and power are intent on holding onto their positions of privilege. The common people have been left out of the largess of the past. We anticipate that your economic system will collapse. We anticipate that governments that have supported capitalism will likewise collapse. This is now happening much faster than reported in your media.

We will be making our appearance to all on this planet quite soon now. Your economy and governments are degrading to a point where historical remedies no longer function. When you reach a point of chaos, which will be quite soon, we will show ourselves in 3rd dimension form. So that all may know that your beliefs are just that, beliefs, and that the truth lies elsewhere. This will momentarily increase the chaos, until people wake up to the reality before them. Then they will choose whether to grasp the new, or cling to the old. Turning their backs on the old, and grasping the new will increase their energy signature such that they will accompany Earth to her higher level of functioning.

Many people await our physical manifestation, the coming of our ships. It is much more important to see the truth of the larger picture, particularly from an energetic point of view, and to comprehend that we are all one. When these concepts are ingrained, then the appearance of our great starcraft and other ships will not induce fear. We will be welcomed as your brothers and sisters.

Those who choose to cling to their beliefs and structures will not accompany Earth. They will die or they will be transported to another 3rd dimensional realm. But they will no longer be present on this planet.

Yes, these will be difficult times. As we have told you, prepare yourselves. Many tough decisions will be required. The only true path is a path of love for one another. Yes, you may choose those whom you wish to assist, for, just as today, you will not be able to assist everyone. You each will decide in the moment how to conduct yourself. Share what you have, but do not do it from a place of fear. Preserve what you have, but do it from a place of love. We of Altair experienced much of what you will be faced with in the near future. That is why we are here at this moment to give advice and comfort. We are Justine and Moraine, along with Bren-Ton from Andromeda.


Each of you who are reading these messages is seeking understanding. “What can I do?” is often expressed. By grounding these messages in the reality of the Earth dimension, you are providing a wonderful service to your brothers and sisters here on Earth, whether they know you personally or not. All is energy; take these messages into your consciousness. Replace fears that you hold with the messages from those of us who are here to uplift Earth and her people.

So what you can do is rather simple. Hold in your heart the promise of a paradise on Earth. For that paradise will manifest itself in the coming months. Be with that vision, knowing that we are all one. Allow your individual energy to be like a beneficial organism that multiplies itself within its host. You, along with other beautiful people who are manifesting this benevolent energy, have the power to change the humans of Earth. I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda. I convey our blessings to all who are interacting with us through these messages.


ANYONE SHOULD FEEL FREE TO COPY THIS MESSAGE, AS WELL AS OTHER POSTINGS TO MARK’S CORNER, AND DISTRIBUTE THEM. We are approaching a time when this information will be most valuable as a source of truth amidst confusion.

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In Truth, Love and Joy,


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9-30-08 Off-planet Perspective

The following information was provided on 9/30/08. This is the 5th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order.

I am commenting from a starship of the Pleiadians on what I observe happening on the surface of your planet. Please know that what is happening these days impacts all within this galaxy. Everything is interconnected, more than you would ever imagine. A saying of your planet, that the flapping of the wing of a butterfly in the Amazon is felt throughout your world, is quite true. Energetically, we are all connected.

It is clear to us that the orchestrated fall of the stock market is intended to induce such fear that Congress will vote funds for the powerful of Wall Street and the banking interests, without consideration for ordinary people. As usual, the real story is what is going on behind the scenes. Power hungry off-planet handlers are trying to obtain their last energetic morsels as the enslavement of Earth’s people comes to an end. They believe, wrongly, that by diverting massive amounts of funds into the hands of those who serve them, consciously and unconsciously, they will retain some semblance of their stranglehold over the majority of people. Regardless of how the economic situation is finally resolved, when it indeed it is, it demonstrates a desperate gasp by the powerful to suck energy from the people they dominate.

Politicians in Washington are mere pawns in this game. They are being stampeded, by fear of not getting reelected, into doing something that they would not ordinarily do. A few are seeing through this grab for money, seeing that by merely adjusting regulations on banks that they could accomplish what is necessary to solve the crisis. Despite wishes to the contrary, fear based action will probably rule the day, as it is easier to do what is being asked than to take action with clear eyes.

Again, the hidden hand of those from off-planet who rule the beliefs and actions of a small cabal are clearly seen in their preferred way of solving the dilemma: create more money to reward the few. By gouging the populace, they tighten the screws on the poor, both in America and elsewhere on the planet, make a mockery of the hard-working middle class, and enrich those who already have a great plenty.

The energies everyone is feeling, consciously or unconsciously, are directed to you from several sources. There is the energy from HAARP that seeks to cloud the minds of humans, make them tired, and induce fear. It operates at 4 to 6 hertz, the same frequency as the human brain. It is operating at full power these days. It is particularly effective, as aerosol spraying has lowered the resistance of everyone’s physical body.

Energies are also coming from the armada of starships in orbit about your planet and from elsewhere in the galaxy These energies are beneficial, intended to uplift those who will open themselves to receiving. Your physical health is better for receiving these energies. This is the same for everyone who is open.

There are also energies which earth is directing to her surface dwellers. She is calling you to experience her revitalized beauty. Go into the wild to allow her to talk with you. She is clearing the skies and waters, and refreshing the ground. Enjoy the revitalized Earth. There is more of this to come as she ascends into her beauty of a lighter density. Find ways to resonate with her. Walk on the soil barefoot. Smell her fragrances. Look upon her beauty.

Make no mistake these are extraordinary times. This is not just one more business cycle. You are living in times that will not be repeated on this planet, or for that matter anywhere else in this galaxy. This is the triumph of the light over the darkness that has gripped this planet for eons. Enjoy the fact that you are here to live through it. I am most appreciative that I am here to observe.

From the perspective of a visitor to your world, I am amazed at the darkness in which mankind has labored. If you could but see the civilization of my home planet, you would see a huge contrast. Even though we still have to choose, we are not overwhelmed by the overarching darkness that makes it almost impossible to see the light clearly.

As an example, on my home planet children are only brought into homes where they are to be loved. No one is brought into life without the decision of the parents that they have the time and the means to dedicate to the new person. This leads to less dysfunctional family life, healthier children, and better-balanced more loving adults. There are few instances of drug or alcohol abuse, few suicides, and almost no abuse. Contrast this with your world where all of these are present.

Here on Earth you have the ability to choose between the dark and the light, and that it is a wonderful experience for many to undertake, but the price that is paid in ruined lives is too high. So earth will ascend into the light and those of you who wish may accompany her.

There will be no more of an economy that is structured to enslave the many and benefit the few. There will be no more need to climb the corporate ladder in search of riches and power. There will be no more need to lie and claw ones way to the top of an artificially structured pyramid. On my world, there is no economic deprivation, and no economic pyramid. Wealth is provided to all in abundance.

I am Justine of the planet Supsten of the Altairian star system. I leave you with my blessing.

That’s all for today folks, more in the days ahead. Stay tuned.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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