11-10-08 Context

The following communication was provided on 11/10/08. This is my 18th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read the earlier postings first, preferably in chronological order. Today, we welcome back Justine from the star system Altair.

Today I wish to speak about context. There is more to causing change than merely voting for a new leader. Real change comes from the way in which individuals think and live. Furthermore, until an individual understands the context of his or her existence, and decides it is not suitable, they will not change it. It was only when the people of my planet saw that the context of their existence needed to be changed that we were able to change the way in which we thought and lived.

All people of Earth live in a cleverly contrived context: A reality that has been constructed for them, and a way of life in which they have been taught to believe. Most of it is a lie. The context in which you live is contrived so as to make you believe you are free to act while at the same time you are constrained by the context. Yes, you feel free to vote for a new leader, but that new leader is constrained within the context of an existing government, hemmed in by established rules.

Yes, the newly elected leader of the U.S., Barack Obama, will have to deal with the economy, but the economy is contrived. The U.S. economy has been built by layering debt on top of debt. It is designed to keep ordinary people enslaved, while allowing a few to prosper. Most people never get out of debt. Only a privileged few live out their retirement in a state of bliss. This debt-based monetary system has been spread throughout the world. Developing countries, innocent of doing anything other than having natural resources and cheap labor have fallen under the burden of debt created by the U.S. This is one aspect of your context that must be changed. It will only be changed, by changing energy, the individual energies of people.

Those of you living on Earth must come to recognize that you are the ones creating this context. Yes by your beliefs you have enslaved yourselves within it. Those of you alive at this moment inherited it. The dark energy and its agents cleverly worked on it for thousands of years to bring it to a place where it is today.

It is reinforced at every turn. Your history is a lie as it supports the reality of the context. Your television drums in the conventional context. Your books, your newspapers, your schools, your corporations, your sources of food, and housing all contribute to the conventional. You must learn to look beyond this conventional context, to see it as you go about your daily lives.

This may seem like a daunting task, and it is. If you are awake, you have experienced how hard it is to live in a situation where you are constantly assailed by the conventional. It is a constant struggle to remind yourself that it is not real, that those who are supporting it are unconsciously telling lies. This is particularly difficult when you are not certain as to what to believe or not believe. It is much more than “living in the world but not of it,” as your bible says. It is recognizing that you are surrounded by a contrived context of your own making.

In America today, those who have been marginalized by the dominant white society have a greater chance of seeing the conventional context for what it is than the average white person. They have had the advantage of seeing it from outside. They have not been allowed to participate in the system, so they recognize it for what it is. I am speaking here of American Indians, African Americans, and other minorities. Also those of other countries are more likely to recognize the American system for what it is. Yes, the American system promises material abundance, but at what price? The American system requires one to put aside ones deepest held beliefs about the basic goodness of all people and to see others as them versus us, to compete with them rather than cooperate. It is in this compromising of basic beliefs that the degrading into slavery happens.

So what is the solution? Individual energies support the dominant paradigm. The combined energies of millions of American support this context. Those who have little material wealth, support it in the hope they might acquire material wealth. Those who have material wealth support it in order to keep what they have. The larger picture is largely ignored.

So a reorientation of individual energies is what is required. This can only be done one at a time. First there must be some sort of disillusionment with that which is. After that begins a process as follows: A seeking for something better. Defining what is better. An intention to create that which is better. A free-will decision to cling to that which is better. Then the determination to pursue the new at whatever cost is entailed, including the fact that your neighbor or family member is opposed to your new way of seeing and behaving.

When this happens, the simple act of casting a vote can be turned into real change. When enough people make individual decisions for change, it reorganizes the energy of a planet. Normally this is a gradual process, however these are not normal times. The convergence of so factors makes this an extraordinary time. We, who are here to assist, plan to speed up this process by making ourselves known.

That will happen in the near future. It will shatter the conventional context for most people. After that it will be up to everyone to reconstruct a new way of seeing and believing. This is where you, and others like you who understand, come in. Continue to give insights into a beautiful and loving new civilization. We are hopeful that enough people will wake up to this possibility to create real energetic change. When this happens a shift will take place. Throwing off the current context and adopting a new one is likely to engender fear of the unknown in many people. Help them to trust in a beautiful and loving way of being.

The stage is set; the players are assembled. All is in readiness for the great event. We will appear soon. Help to prepare the attitude of the other actors to openness and acceptance of our good will.

I am Justine from the planet Supsten of the star system Altair. I give all of you our blessings on your work.

Thank you, Justine. That’s it for today folks.

In Truth, Love and Joy,