Transformation Part 2: Structures

The messages at this site are the result of communications between Mark Kimmel and beings who are not the current indigenous humans of this planet. The communications have been verified as coming only from those who are of the highest Christ Consciousness. There are now 135 messages on this site; they build on each other. For their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008 (archived below). They detail the transformation of this planet, our place in the universe, and a positive outlook for our future – if we are willing to act. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they spark your curiosity, and a decision to join with others to create a new civilization on Earth. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth, and live it.

This is my 15th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2010 that involves communications from off-planet beings and other non-humans. It is with great pleasure that I again welcome Adrial, a celestial of this universe. This communication is the second in a series of messages dealing with the transformation of Earth’s civilization.

Greetings. Let us now speak about the monetary systems of all countries of your planet, and how they are designed to underpin those in power, even as they appear to support the activities of ordinary citizens. The introduction of debt is a way for the government to create more money than the wealth of an individual country can generate. Fiat currencies are an illusion that people support with their trading in goods and services, but it is not real it is an illusion. It is an illusion that will sooner or later crumble bringing with it the governments of countries.

That you have interlocking countries that trade with each other recognizing the fiat currencies of each other is a further pyramid of illusion. Today other counties carry the fiat currency of the United States as treasury reserves; this is the pinnacle of a debt based monetary system. It is a grand illusion perpetuated on the people of this planedt by their governments.

Those within the high ranks of the government and managers of the monetary system recognize the house of cards they have built. The central bank of each country, the EU, the IMF, and the IBS, all participate in this debt based scheme to expand trade and commerce beyond the limits otherwise imposed by natural forces. Currently they are straining to maintain an illusion of stability.

This grand scheme is about to be broken. Countries have inflated their currencies by issuing excessive debt. Fiat currencies are all being inflated in the name of sustained growth despite contrary factors, for it is only under the illusion of continued expansion that a government can continue in power. Ordinary people foolishly expect their government to care for them. Governments care for people within their higher ranks. In turn, they care for little else than staying in power.

How has this scheme of things become the situation on your world? It has happened because agents of the dark energy are at the very top of your governments and monetary systems. These non-humans work behind the scenes to insure their own power and wealth. They cleverly ensnare willing humans (remember everyone has free choice) to assist them, to partake in their power structure, in their extraordinary wealth.

How does a willing human align with the non-humans? Any human who allows greed and the lust for power to rule his or her life makes a silent contract with the agents of the dark energy. You have had movies about people selling their souls to the devil to allow them to achieve more than they would without such an arrangement. The truth is very much like this. Ordinary people who aspire to the top ranks of wealth and power cast aside the yearning of their soul to serve their fellow man, cast it aside to join the ranks of powerful and wealthy. Once they start down this road they telegraph their willingness to do whatever is required to achieve their ends. They will climb over others on their way to the top of government, the financial world, or corporations. They will do anything, including murder, to achieve their ends. And the non-humans in charge welcome them to the ranks of the powerful, knowing full well that they are now captive to the system. Thus is born support for the organization known to you as the Illuminati.

As for the transformation, all of these manmade structure, these grand illusions will disintegrate. The transformation of Earth’s human race requires that all such structures fall by the wayside. These manmade structures and systems — monetary, corporate, and government — are in the process of failing. The U.S. dollar has been eroding in value for many years, as it has been inflated with massive amounts of unsecured debt. The monetary scheme and the government it underpins will soon fail. With its failure will come a worldwide collapse of other monetary structures. The transformation of your planet demands that all such monetary systems and their associated structures disappear. When this happens, most commerce and its underlying systems will cease.

Beyond the failure of the monetary system and governments will arise simple structures build around the needs of ordinary people to trade with each other, to live lives of mutual respect, and to provide the necessities. On other planets there exist monetary systems that are in the best interests of the people. With the help of your star brothers and sisters the transformation to this type of a monetary system will unfold. But first, the existing system must be disappear; it will, and quite soon. The resulting chaos will cause many dislocations. The recovery from this part of Earth’s transformation will be neither swift nor without hardships. All are advised to prepare for it.

Thank you Adrial, your message further assists our understanding of what is occurring about us, and to us.

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In Truth, Love and Joy,

Rev. Mark Kimmel

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Beliefs Part II

During 2008, and now in 2009, it has been my privilege to receive, transcribe, and publish messages from certain of our brothers and sisters from other star systems, and other distinguished sources. These uplifting messages are filled with hope, love, and appreciation for that which is uniquely Earth-human. I encourage everyone to pay close attention to these messages as we are entering unchartered territory: MY UNDERSTANDING OF THAT WHICH IS COMING IS THAT IT WILL NOT BE A MERE EXTRAPOLATION OF OUR CURRENT CIVILIZATION.

This is my 11th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. Again we welcome back Bren-Ton of Andromeda aboard the starship Athabantian, in orbit about our planet.

It is my pleasure to return for more discussion. I would like to continue with our observations of beliefs as used on your world. A belief that underpins much of the civilization of Earth is that every human is flawed, that human nature is fundamentally tilted toward iniquity. This belief is at the center of your need to create structures to take care of this fundamental flaw. This results in seeing others as unworthy or bad, and forms the basis for fearing others.

Two structures on your planet that have flawed humans as their basic tenant: governments and religions.

When governments see people as flawed, it allows them to exploit those governed in whatever way suits the structure. Those who believe they somehow know better than the common people control all governments on your planet. Sometimes, as in the case of dictators, this belief is a convenient excuse for saying that people need a heavy hand.

The belief about the flawed individual was injected into you by the dark energy many thousands of years ago. It is this premise that has allowed structures to be put in place to control you. From our vantage point, of an advanced civilization of the stars, we know there is no such flaw in ourselves. We see it as a belief ingrained in the humans of Earth. From generation to generation, the belief in a flawed humanity has been handed down from parent to child, from one society to the next. It has also been imposed on those who have been conquered by the strong, making them slaves to the conquers’ beliefs.

This belief of a flawed individual is the basis for most of your structured religions. The Christian, Jewish, and Islamic religions all embrace this as a basic tenant. The basis for conquest by Muslins and Christians is based on the premise that other people, primitives or developed, are flawed and need to be bought under the protection of religions that have learned to cope with this fundamental flaw.

The idea of the need to be saved stems from the belief of a flawed human. The idea that Jesus came to earth to save people, and that we need to see him as a savior is based on the premise that human are flawed and need to be saved. From our perspective, not only is this wrong, it is not true.

When our ancestors, yours and mine, placed you on this planet, you were in no way flawed. You were a pristine people on a pristine planet. Nothing happened to you along the way to create a flaw. There was no Satan or devil that led to the flaw. Yes, your DNA was manipulated, but it was belief in a flaw, a belief created by the dark energy, that became the means of controlling you through structure.

Once you see yourselves as basically good, you will begin to see that you are one with Earth who is basically good. Once you see yourselves as flawless, you will accept all your brothers and sisters on your planet as loving relatives, not as lesser beings. Once you see yourselves as flawless, you will see those of us from other planets as also flawless, and not immediately jump to the conclusion that we are evil.

Your belief, and it is only a belief, that you are fundamentally flawed is incorrect. Begin to see yourselves as flawless. Open to the larger truth that the universe is basically good, and that you can be a part of this goodness. The love of the Creator shines very brightly in you. If you shed your belief that you are flawed, you will more easily resonate with that love. When you resonate with the Creator’s love, you will ascend with Earth to a place of light. That is what this moment is all about. Come with us to the light.

Thank you Bren-Ton. I look forward to more communications from you about beliefs, and how we can create a civilization of light without them.

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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