Good Morning, Mark, it is I, Adrial Greetings, Adrial. It is always nice to connect with you. (For those of you who are not familiar with these posting, Adrial is a celestial from Andromeda who has been aboard the starship … Continue reading

Adrial returns

Good morning Mark, I come to you today to begin a series of communications that will touch on many of the things people are experiencing plus what they might be hearing about. Good morning Adrial, this sounds exciting and most … Continue reading

Energy Part 2

Good Morning, Adrial. Good Morning, Mark, I am most happy to be with you this day. It is nice to find you in such high energy. Today I wish to follow on my earlier communication about energy, for we see … Continue reading

Energy Part 1

Good morning Adrial Good morning Mark It has been some time since we have communicated. I was worried that I had lost our connection. Our connection extends back to when you were in Andromeda, so there is little chance that … Continue reading