Light and dark

Good Morning, Adrial Good Morning, Mark, I would like to work with you to construct a message about the current situation for humanity. We offer our perspective as Celestials from Andromeda who have observed Earth since the first physical humans … Continue reading

Comfort Zones

Good afternoon, Caltous Good afternoon, Mark, you have been wondering about my name. Yes, that is right. Is the name that I attached to you, Caltous, worthy of who you are? Names given to us of a higher vibration generally … Continue reading

Belief Boxes

Good Afternoon, Mark, my name is Caltous. Like Adrial, I am a celestial connected to the Andromeda Galaxy, and also like Adrial I am currently stationed aboard the starship Athabantian. Good afternoon, Caltous. I am very pleased to communicate with … Continue reading


Good Morning Adrial Good Morning Mark. Today, I would like to communicate with you about death. That is a topic I seem to be faced with because of those around me who are very sick. Yes, we know. Let me … Continue reading

August 2016 Perspectrive

I am observing what from my experience are extraordinary events, and I believe we are reaching a point of elevated energies, a turning point, a moment of decision for the people of our planet: Continuing conflict in Syria and other … Continue reading