Awakening to Cosmic

Chapter 1



Mark Kimmel




Chapter 1





Bright sunshine awakened me. The clock on my dresser showed 9:00. 9:00! I never sleep until nine. What’s going on? I’m usually awake at five. That’s four hours more than my usual.

Barely awake, I recall a powerful dream from last night in which I had died, then I was awake quite alive. Ghost-like individuals around me. I find this most unusual because I never remember my dreams.

After visiting the bathroom, I climbed back into bed thinking my bladder had really cooperated since I had fallen asleep.

The blinds on the east-facing window blocked most of the intense morning sunshine. To my right a winter landscape painting with a ski trail and green pine trees beckoned me to come skiing. The dull pain in my right knee reminded me that it would no longer tolerate such. The mirror on the closed door reflected my sleepy image still nestled under the quilt.

Realizing I should call my office to tell them I’d be late today, I picked up my iPhone and restarted it. I always shut it down, before going to sleep, so I wouldn’t be disturbed.

I glanced at the iPhone time, just to be sure my clock was correct. The time read 9:06, but the day was Wednesday. I was sure that today was Tuesday. It made no sense. If it was Wednesday, meant I had slept thirty-six hours since going to bed on Monday evening. What happened to Tuesday? Had I lost an entire day? Impossible.

I pulled my laptop computer from my briefcase. Opening it up, I saw the date was the same as on my iPhone. What was going on? I didn’t recall stirring until I awakened just a few minutes ago. I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I didn’t look much different, maybe a little rumpled from sleeping so long, but otherwise no different.

I called my assistant June Blackman and told her not to expect me for the rest of the day. “Just take messages,” I said, and hung up when she attempted to tell me about something going on at the office. I had to figure out what was going on with me before I showed up there.


Still in my sleeping shorts, I wandered about the kitchen eating counter. It was attached to the center island. The countertop was plain granite. It matched the grey of the cabinets and the white tile floor. Everything was neatly organized, in its place and clean, just the way I had trained myself to do since the death of my second wife.

There were plenty of eggs in the refrigerator for breakfast, also English muffins. However, I noted that I needed to replenish a few things. Still feeling uncertain about my lost day, I fixed myself two scrambled eggs and a muffin. When the hot water kettle boiled, I made a chai latte with plenty of sugar and milk.

As I ate, I looked around, nothing seemed out of place. I lived alone, had two grown children, a boy and a girl. My second wife, had died two years ago from cancer. My first wife had not spoken to me since our divorce thirteen years earlier. I was sure I was not ready to get connected with another woman.


After showering, I drove to the grocery store. There I wandered among the huge selection of food and other things. Picking up cans and cartons, I was astonished at how many of them contained additives and chemicals. I knew these were not good for me. Previously, I had not paid attention to things like this, or where food came from. Today, I reasoned that it was probably from some corporate farm, like in California or Mexico. I settled on organic frozen meals, plus cheese, lettuce, eggs, bread, and milk.

Returning to my house, I created a snack from these and from what was left in the refrigerator. I turned on the TV and watched three different channels with almost the same news, just a different talking head. I opened my business laptop computer and wandered about the Internet. Again, more of the same.

After an hour with different heads, I stumbled on a site that presented alternative news. The discussion was on politics, about which I cared little, but the woman commentator made some sense. After watching for a few minutes, I could see why so many people rejected her point-of-view as it was way off the mainstream. I shut down my computer.

For the rest of the day I wandered about my house, took a drive around the neighborhood, and stopped at a shopping center to buy some new socks. Did anyone stop to consider where these had come from? Who had made them? How little they got paid? This was not my usual approach, usually I just bought, usually I did not have time to shop.


I called my oldest child, Kevin who lived in Loveland, a few miles away. We chatted for a short time. I asked him a few very general questions and listened while he went on about his work and family.

Then I called my daughter, Victoria. The conversation immediately became involved because she sensed a difference in me. Worried, she demanded to come and visit. She lived in Santa Monica, California, hours away by plane. I put her off for a couple of weeks.

My next call was to a friend, Peter Lockwood, a chiropractor. I had known him for several years, knew his wife and three kids. He knew much of my history back to my second marriage. He and I went fly fishing. The best thing about him was that he had no connection to my work. We agreed to meet for coffee on Saturday.


On Thursday morning I drove to work. My vacant space was labeled “reserved.” The ultra-modern building, fronting Interstate 25, was four stories tall, all glass and polished metal. It had been newly constructed when we designed our offices.

Grabbing my briefcase, I existed my Jeep Wrangler and strolled through the double doors of the building. Rather than ride the elevator, I traipsed up one floor on steps with a geometric design. I was aware that I was walking more casually, taking one step at a time versus my usual two.

Opening the door of suite 201, I encountered a typical office foyer, with large letters spelling out Technology Alliance Ltd. We had designed the foyer to express our company’s success. A large painting of a sparkling blue high-altitude lake surrounded by rugged peaks hung on the wall above a seating area to my right. I had selected it because it reminded me of hikes I had made in the high country of Colorado.

Our receptionist an attractive middle-aged brunette, who had been with the company since its founding, greeted me from behind her counter. “Morning, Michael. How’re you this morning?”

“Quite good, Donna, thank you,” I replied as I walked by.

Passing closed doors for the offices of my two general partners, Jack Shipero and Fred Feldman, and a hallway that lead off to the offices of our other employees, I headed for my office at the end. The name on the door is Michael Garrison.

Next to the door was a cherry wood desk and several low file cabinets of the same color. A woman was leaning over a bottom file drawer, her back to me. “Morning, June.”

Startled, she jerked upward. June Blackman, attractive, long blonde hair, turned with a broad smile and in a familiar voice said, “About time you showed up. Enjoy your vacation?” This morning she was dressed in a knee-length dark blue skirt with a yellow patterned blouse. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail.


Before turning the door handle to the office, I set my briefcase on the floor and said, “Let’s get some chai and you can tell me what I’ve missed out on.”

I followed her to the coffee room. “I can get it,” she said over her shoulder.

The room smelled of coffee and something sweet. An empty donut box sat on a side counter.

I picked my mug from the cabinet and put in a chai tea bag, then added hot water and generous amounts of sugar and milk.

June’s eyes were wide, but she said nothing. This was the first time I could remember that I had come into the coffee room first thing in the morning. She had always brought chai to my office.

Walking back to my office, we chatted about her family. She had a fourth-grade boy in school. He was doing well but had gotten into a fight with another boy and wound up in the principal’s office. Her husband, a software engineer, worked from home while providing care for their baby girl.

I told her that I had spent the past two days getting over a physical problem, and left it at that. Passing the full-length glass panels of the empty conference room, I noticed that I was walking with a more relaxed stride, that my limp was not so pronounced.

June snagged her notebook and a stack of pink slips from her desk. I held the door for her as we walked into my office.


One wall was completely covered by a map of the earth. Behind the desk was a large picture of Monument Valley, one of my go-to places for relaxing. Full height windows looked out on Interstate 25. In the distance was Mount Evans a snow-capped fourteener. My other wall was covered with citations and pictures of various associations and events. The large plants in each corner, serviced by an outside firm, gave the room a warm atmosphere.

My heavy oak desk dominated the room with a matching credenza behind. There was a coffee table and four comfortable chairs off to one side.

There were two stacks of papers neatly arranged on the desk, and a computer printer on the credenza. Otherwise the surfaces were clean. The neatness was June’s touch.

I motioned to a low table with four chairs, pulling one out for her. “So, tell me,” I said.

She hesitated because this was strange. The other partners of the company were not yet in this morning, but I always went to them first.

“Where to start,” she said with blinking eyes. “Okay, here goes. Our sale of Electromer closed on Friday.”

“What was the final price?” I asked.

“We got five percent of the thirty-seven million price in Monand’s stock plus three million in cash.” She read from her notes.

“Everybody happy?”

Again, she was stunned. Usually I was only concerned about what Alliance received. She blinked again, then looked up at me. “As far as I know, everyone was satisfied.”

“Good. Anything new with the bank?” Alliance had negotiated a $20 million line of credit to support their newest acquisition, the takeover of a small chemical company in Texas.

“I have the papers ready for your signature.” She started to rise.

I motioned her to remain seated, “We’ll get to that later. I want to see where everything stands.”

“Fred’s anxious to get it done before the seller changes its mind,” she said.

“I know. What’s next?”

“Josey quit.”

“What?” Josey was Alliance’s in-house accountant, a critical piece of our operation.

“She and Jack got into it, two days ago. She walked out.”

“I want to talk to her.”

“Probably wouldn’t hurt. You two got along real well. Maybe you can convince her to come back.”

“What’s with Jack?”

“You’d better talk to him. I think his divorce isn’t going well, child custody issues. He’s scheduled in court tomorrow.”


After a half hour more of being filled-in, I walked to the conference room where I found my two partners seated at the far end of a long cherry wood table with ten chairs. I glanced at the pictures on the wall opposite the glass that fronted the hallway. They reflected the various businesses in which we were currently involved, or had been. A projector hung from the ceiling with a screen for it on the wall at one end of the room.

Jack and Fred were engaged in quiet conversation. Jack was a large man with a ruddy complexion. I guessed he might weigh in at over two-hundred fifty. He had a gruff manner about him that I had found useful in certain circumstances when it was not directed toward me. Fred was more mild-mannered than Jack except when he got passionate about an issue. Then he became a bull dog. He was the shortest of the three of us, probably not more than five-three. His blonde hair was short, almost a buzz. He smiled a lot and laughed often, mostly at his own jokes.

As soon as I entered the room, they stopped talking, as if they wanted to keep something just between the two of them, something they did not want me to know about. I greeted them and slipped into my usual chair at the end of the table.

They filled me in on what had happened over the last two days. When Fred introduced an investor with whom he had been working, I said, “I still don’t like taking money from those people. It’s a sovereign wealth fund, controlled by their government. If anything happens that doesn’t meet their expectations, they don’t play by the rules of civilized people. Things could get very nasty. I’ve heard stories about what happened to other companies who took their money.”

“Everything’s okay right now, but we’re in a cash flow crunch,” Jack said. “We need somebody’s money.”

I said, “I want to think about it some more, before we agree to take their money.”

“We don’t have too many other options,” Fred said. “We need an infusion of new money. I think it’s at a good price.”

The discussion went on for some time, as we looked at every aspect of the funding, disagreeing about key aspects. Finally, I said, “I refuse to go forward as thing stand.”

Fred and Jack got up, shaking their heads, and walked out of the conference room without saying another word.

I walked back to my office and closed the door. I sat down in one of the soft guest chairs and put my feet up on the coffee table, reflecting about my earlier position. I did not like conflict among the three principal officers of the company. However, I was adamant about my positions on the funding.


In a few minutes, a soft knock on my office door awakened me from my thoughts.

“Come in.”

June cracked the door open and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, just a little disappointed. Come on in.”

She took a chair across the coffee table from me. “What happened?”

“I got into it with Jack and Fred. We were discussing the details of our new funding. Fred had discovered something that might screw up the deal if we disclosed it to the investor. Fred and Jack want to finesse the issue. I disagreed, said we were going to operate with transparency, not hide things. I told them how I foresaw that things would get worse, if we didn’t own up to everything right now.

“I told them what I knew about the investor. I told them we had to operate from a position of integrity, not hiding things. They insisted that was impossible in our competitive environment.

“I refused to go forward with the funding. The meeting broke up without a resolution. This was the first time we have been so far apart about something so important.”

June said nothing. Arguments among the partners were not that unusual. It would probably blow over in a few days. She got out her notepad and placed it on her knees, expecting directions.

I sat back, took a deep breath, and glanced at the Monument Valley picture. It was such an uplifting place, so beautiful. Was there a way to conduct business in an ethical and peaceful way?

“Get in touch with Josey,” I said, pulling my thought back to the company. “I want to have lunch with her today. I’d like to get her back with us.”

Pausing, I said, “I want to institute a new way of operating this company. Please bring me the files on all the projects we have in the pipeline. Yes, I know there’s a bunch. Just stack them up here.” I pointed to the coffee table.

“I’m going to have a short day today. I’ll be at home if you need me.”

I reached for the stack of pink slips she had placed on the coffee table. Walking behind my desk I reached for the telephone and muttered, “I’ll return these before I go.”


My lunch with Josey was initially strained. After a few minutes of exchanging information about our personal situations, she and I both relaxed. She and I had enjoyed a friendly relationship and I knew her to be a very competent accountant. She had been with the company almost since its founding.

When the server came to our table, Josey ordered a salad, I did likewise. She noted that I passed up on my usual cheeseburger and fries. We both had water without ice, again something different for me.

“So, what happened?” I asked after the server had left us alone.

“Jack gets very upset when I couldn’t produce a current financial statement for Alliance. I explained that the latest one was for the close of last month. He demanded a current one and wanted it immediately. I told him that would take a couple of hours to produce. He started yelling at me, screaming that I was not doing my job. I picked up my purse and walked out.”

“I heard that you quit.”

“That’s right, nobody deserves what I got. I called an hour later and told June, ‘I quit.’ She told me she could not get in touch with you and begged me to hold on. I said I’d wait until you and I could talk.”

I reached across the table and place my hand gently on her arm. “I’m very sorry this had to happen. I saw Jack this morning. He’s not acting like the Jack I know. I understand he’s going through a divorce. But that’s no excuse for his behavior.”

“Thanks, Michael. I was afraid you might side with him.”

“Not in this case. Like you say, nobody deserves being yelled at. Besides I think you are very good at what you do. Will you reconsider?”

“I’ve thought about it. Only if I can report directly to you. That assumes that Jack gives me a full apology and promises not to do it again.”

“That may be difficult. I’ll see what I can do.



Chapter 2

Chapter 2





After my lunch with Josey, I returned home and switched out of my business suit into bicycling clothes. There was a shaded path along the nearby Highline Canal, a couple of blocks from my house. It wound its way for several miles through south Denver. A quiet place to ride, I had enjoyed it many times. I pulled my road bike from the garage, fastened my helmet, and started out.

Tall trees, probably dating from the early days of the canal, a hundred years ago, shaded most of the bicycle and walking path. Bright yellow flowers on low bushes clung to both sides of its bank. There was a wonderful smell this time of year, fresh leaves on the trees and perfume from the flowers. The back yards of south Denver homes were fenced off from the path, but open to view as I rode past. There were few streets to cross or oncoming bicycles or hikers, so the ride this day was quite leisurely.

What a great time to think about everything. I suspected that something strange had happened to me when I had slept for thirty-six hours, but I did not feel any different. Looking at my body it was the same as a week ago. Looking back at how I had acted at the office, I did not see much of anything different. My experiences at the grocery store and the shopping centers were a little different, but then I had rarely spent much time in either place. I wasn’t a guy that shopped. I knew what I was after and went in to buy it.

The stuff on the TV bothered me. For most of my business career, I had always been involved in innovation, in new products and services, in things that went against traditional way of doing things, against much larger, better financed competitors. I had learned that what the majority of people believed to be true was almost always suspect, always at odds with new ways of thinking outside the box. That had been my secret to success and I was pretty good at it.


On Thursday evening I went to a meeting with fifteen other people who belonged to Creative Consciousness, an organization dedicated to improving everyone’s lives. We met at Jim Oakley and his wife Alice’s home, about a mile from my house. There were doctors, business owners, women professionals, and retired folks, all smart and motivated. I liked these people because they truly thought beyond the conventional, discussed things beyond what we read about in newspapers or saw on television. I sat next to my friend Peter Lockwood, who had introduced me to the group. He was a tall thin man with black curly hair, heavy black eyebrows, and a face that showed extensive exposure to the sun.

The conversation that evening was mostly about something called the Disclosure Project. It was all about UFOs and aliens, an event that had taken place on May 9, 2001.

Peter said that he knew of Dr. Steven Greer who was in charge of the Disclosure Project, and thought highly of him. He recommended that we all watch the video.

I had no prior experience with such things, beyond Star Trek or science fiction movies and books. But I thought, “What the hell, I’ll give it a try.”


After the meeting, Peter and I went for his coffee and my chai.

“I had a most unusual experience a few days ago,” I said. “Slept for thirty-six hours, didn’t move until I woke up on the second day.”

“Wow, what did that feel like?” Peter asked.

“Didn’t feel anything much different. Got up, went pee, had breakfast, and lounged around all day. Did not go to work until the next day.”

“I don’t see much difference, maybe a bit more relaxed is all.”

The conversation continued as we sipped. We talked about our planned fishing trip to Southwest Colorado in a couple of weeks.

We wound it up with Peter saying, “Let me know if you feel strange, or if something happens.” He spoke like I was a patient of his clinic.

We gave each other a man hug as we headed for our vehicles.


On Saturday I sat with Peter, his girlfriend Lois, and others from Creative Consciousness and watched a video of the Disclosure Project on a big screen. Twenty-two witnesses at a long table in the front of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. presented their experiences with UFOs and extraterrestrials. The event had been organized by Dr. Greer, who presided over it. Cameras panned the audience showing every news source and national television network present for the event. The intent had been to present something so undeniable that Congress and the government would own up to what they knew about extraterrestrials and how it was affecting the government, military, and everything else. I had never seen anything like this before.

I watched as Dr. Greer gave a preliminary introduction about what he was trying to achieve with this group. He talked about the stature of the people and how their testimony made the case that we are being visited by beings from other planets. He made the case that it no longer made sense to keep this information secret out of fear of exciting the population, that we were aware enough that we could handle this startling disclosure. He said that special interests are intent on keeping this information secret to preserve their status.

I watched as USAF and Navy men testified about the various sightings they recalled and the radar images that accompanied these. They all relayed how they had been told not to talk about these.

I was very impressed by Captain Robert Salas who talked about a “a glowing red object” hovering around missile silos at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. Ten missiles were rendered non-operational by its presence.

Donna Hare, a NASA employee, talked about pictures that NASA had of UFOs, but that they would not talk about. She described how NASA airbrushed them out of photos released to the public.

Karl Wolf, USAF, talked about pictures he had seen of objects on the back side of the moon. There were huge structures like towers, spherical buildings, and cooling towers. He relayed that he was very afraid at the time because he knew he was seeing something that he should not.

Mark McCandlish talked about three flying saucers he had seen in a hangar at Area 51. They were floating off the floor. The largest was about 120 feet in diameter. He showed a cutaway of a so called “alien reproduction vehicle” with seating for four occupants. It was a project from a private company. He talked about the propulsion systems and said the vehicles were capable of doing light speed or better.

My favorite witness was Sergeant Clifford Stone who was a member of the US Army Extraterrestrial Retrieval Team. He insisted that this effort, called Project Moon Dust, is ongoing. Its goal is to recover objects of non-earth origin for analysis by scientists to discover new technologies. He described the precautions taken while doing a recovery.

Stone talked about crashes of craft in the forties and fifties brought on by our radar interfering with their guidance systems. We had retrieved the debris from many crashes. The aliens had also recovered some of their own debris. He insisted that the aliens were living, breathing creatures, as mortal as are we. He stated that he had seen living and dead bodies of ETs.

Daniel Salter, USAF, discussed a UFO that was targeted and hit by US military in the late sixties. He stated that the National Reconnaissance Organization had been created by President Eisenhower to collect and oversee information about alien visitors. It was still operational under new names. Other governments were allowed to participate in our information if they agreed to certain conditions. He pointed out that our orbiting satellites were focused outward, not towards earth.

Dr. Carol Rosin, assistant to Doctor Werner Von Braun, talked about how it was imperative to keep weapons out of space. Van Braun was adamant that space-based weapons were dangerous. She also talked about a false flag alien attack as the final rationale to get space-based weapons.

John Maynard, USAF, and Daniel Sheehan, constitutional lawyer, both talked about the highly secret information about UFOs and how it was tightly controlled. Sheehan spoke about how information on ETs and UFOs had been denied to President Carter.

Dr. Greer talked about compartmented unacknowledged special access projects – no one outside these projects is told about them, no one. He talked about his briefing of highly placed government officials who knew nothing about what the witnesses were testifying to. There are many such projects where those who were involved would not admit to them. He said that less than one hundred people within the intelligence community control access to all UFO and ET information.

By the end of the video I was thoroughly stunned. Never before had I realized anything like this existed. The group sat for an hour discussing what they had seen. I learned from one of them that the networks had told Greer that he had done a great job, but that they would not be reporting any of it to the public.


During the following days, I became less and less enthused about my work at Alliance. I saw my relations with Jack and Fred deteriorate because I would not move off my position relative to the potential investor, and how we should be conducting ourselves as a company. In the face of this, I began to think about what might come next.

Finally, a week after I had returned to work, my two business partners asked for a meeting.

We sat at the conference table. I on one side, the other two opposite. As was normal, we each had our laptop computers before us along with piles of papers representing various projects.

Jack spoke first, “Michael, we don’t know what’s happened, but you’re no longer the eagle with the blood on its beak. You’ve lost your drive. You don’t seem to want to compete, or support the programs of the company. You’re, you’re a different person.”

“And what about your signature on the bank loan?” Fred asked, “We still haven’t got that squared away.”

“I like who I am,” I responded. “I don’t see any issues that can’t be resolved.”

Fred followed up with, “Michael, we respect you, know this company was your idea. We’ve all done well together. But you have slacked off, particularly since the death of your wife. Recently, something has taken your mind completely off the company. Also, you have been taking a lot of time away from the office to pursue god knows what. We’re getting cut out of deals because you are not available. We’re losing the respect of others because you just are not with it.”

Damn it, I thought. I didn’t see this coming. I looked at the two men with whom I had enjoyed such success for the last seven years. This is not what I wanted right now. I was not ready to launch out on my own. Granted, I had been distracted recently, but it was only temporary.

Then I thought back to recent events, my 36-hour sleep-in and the Disclosure Project video. I simply did not have the same passion for the business that I had when we started the company. The money was great, the best I had ever earned, but the business just doesn’t interest me the way it used to.

Fred spoke up, “Jack and I would like to buy out your interest in the company, so you can go on your own, pursue what you’re really interested in. Here’s our proposal.”

He laid out the terms of a buyout: A large cash payment now, continuance of my salary for one year, and medical expense coverage. A carried interest in twenty percent of the profits over the next five years.

It was logical that Fred would present the deal, he had been the most recent to join the company, had the least history with me. He was also the most rigid in insisting that we follow our traditional ways of doing business.

Their offer was nowhere what I expected to receive if all the company’s deals came to positive fruition. At the same time, it was unlikely that they would all pan out as planned.

I looked at the two men with whom I had been in business for some time. We had experienced a very good history as a team, made good money individually, and had made our investors happy. What were the company’s future prospects with these two running things? I resisted the temptation to make a remark about what I thought the company’s future prospects would be without me.

I said, “I’ve been managing partner, running this company for seven years. And I’ve done a very good job of it. Now this. You surprise me. Think you can do better? I’ll think about it.”

“We believe this needs to be settled right now,” Fred said.

“We can’t let this go on,” Jack added.

Without waiting for their reactions, I got up and walked to my office.

Standing before the windows, I saw snow on Mount Evans and thought what it would be like to take advantage of some late season skiing, while I decided what to do with the rest of my life. My knee said no way.

I had not seen my partners discomfort with my recent behavior, didn’t believe they had the balls to do something like this. I was torn between what I had been learning about the unconventional bigger picture and the business world I had known for most of my adult life.

I returned to the conference room and said, “I’d like a cash settlement of one million dollars, paid immediately. Salary and medical for two years. Seventeen percent of profits, paid annually, for five years. And, the company assumes the lease on my Jeep Wrangler.”

Fred and Jack looked at each other. “Now, we’d like a short break,” Fred said.

“Come get me in my office,” I responded.

Fifteen minutes later Jack knocked on my door. “Let’s get back to it.”

Ten minutes later, after tossing things back and forth, we concluded the deal: what I had asked for, including my office furniture and my computer, but no car.

They presented me with a document with the numbers filled in, plus a non-compete agreement.

After glancing at the pages, I said, “I’ll get my attorney to review it.”


Three days later, I arrived at the office in jeans and a sweater. I watched as the movers packed up all my office furniture, including my computer printer, personal files, plants, and pictures. I had assumed the lease on my Jeep, not wanting to relinquish a vehicle that I used frequently.

I said good bye to Jeff Wilson, the man in charge of our computer system, to our advertising public relations woman, our research analyst, and our company’s new accountant. My final good bye to June was emotional for both of us. We had become good friends and promised to stay in touch.



Chapter 3

Chapter 3




I moved my heavy oak office furniture into the finished basement of my house. I set up the laptop computer I had brought from my office on my desk. The credenza was against the wall in back of my desk and large leather chair. The coffee table and four chairs were off to one side. The plants from my old office were on the main floor above. I hung my picture of Monument Valley on the wall behind the credenza.

Looking around the room of my new office, I thought, “I am alone. I have no job, no wife, not even a girlfriend, and no plans for my future.” And then, without knowing where the words came from I said, “I hereby release my future to the highest good of all.”

For the next two days I wandered about my house, emptied the boxes from my office, took bicycle rides, and did a little shopping. A part of me felt the loneliness, the other part felt the freedom to do whatever I wished.

I took the checks totaling $1 million, from Fred and Jack, and deposited them in my bank account. Then I called a man I had dealt with before and purchased $300,000 worth of gold and silver coins. I called the mortgage company and arranged to pay off the balance on my house.

I had enough money from my savings and the settlement with Alliance to carry me for several years without working. Should I find a job? Should I create a new company? Should I consult? Should I become an angel providing money to start-up enterprises, helping them find money? How about some charity affiliation? Maybe help homeless people. These all rattled around in my brain.

I went to Risen Christ Catholic Church on Monaco Parkway, because I liked its exterior. Although raised a Catholic, I had abandoned all religions a number of years ago. I now thought of myself as spiritual, when I even thought about it at all.

The big front doors of the church were locked. I found a side entrance and entered the brightly lighted expanse of pews with an altar at the front. I smelled the votive candles as they burned near the altar. Many traditional churches were darker, by comparison, with stained glass. I had been to churches in Mexico; they were all dark.

No one else was in the large space. I found a pew off to one side and sat down. It was a quiet place to think.

I examined my college years, the things I’d learned and the fun I’d had. I thought about my first job, as a sales engineer, thought about my business history, and then reviewed my recent years. Until my departure from Technology Alliance I had been reasonably happy with my life, and had a defined path.

I thought back to my childhood years. I had attended Lake Junior High. In reaction to a Mexican kid who had been harassing me, I punched him and knocked him to the floor. He and his buddies wanted to meet after school. They never showed up, but other kids then wanted to fight me. I declined.

I thought back to an earlier company, where I was the CEO. I got into a proxy fight with my major investors. Standing up to them, I convinced my outside directors to side with me. A few months later we sold the company and those same investors received millions. When I was right and persisted in it, things worked out. I had proven that to myself.

Then I realized, “I’m thinking inside the box. I need to look beyond my old business ways of seeing things. Now I have a blank slate. I can write the rest of my life on it. What am I being called to do? I need something to get passionate about.”

I thought back to my thirty-six-hour sleep. I recognized that it had produced changes in me, changes I was just now coming to realize. I knew that I was comfortable with the new me, but could not see where I would go next.


I purchased an iMac desktop computer with a large screen, and hired Jeff from Alliance to set it up in my new home office. I spent a couple of hours Saturday with him as he showed me how to operate everything. It functioned almost the same as the MacBook I had brought from Alliance. The larger screen was wonderful. Something told me not to connect it to my MacBook.

I had lunch or breakfast with several old business friends and talked about business possibilities. Nothing jelled. I had dinner with women I had met over the past couple of years; I felt nothing that would lead to further involvement. All were pleasant conversations, but nothing to give direction to my future. I decided to leave conversations with my parents and siblings until I was more settled on my future.

I called my son, Kevin, and set up lunch. An hour later he and I were enjoying burgers at Red Robin, in Longmont, a town just north of Denver. Kevin took after me in that he was about six-feet tall with a muscular body that spoke to his time in the gym. He wore his brown hair long and shaggy. He said that it was the norm at his job.

The restaurant was near where he worked. I listened as he talked about memories from his earlier years, about his wife and child, and about the job he was not happy with. I talked about my final days at Alliance and how I had come to see it as a blessing that I was no longer there. He could not understand why I had agreed to leave a business I had established.

Two days later I hopped a flight to Los Angeles and drove a rental car to see my daughter, Victoria, at her home in Santa Monica. She was an attractive young woman who wore her long blonde hair in a pony tail. Her tanned features spoke to her time on the beach. Her slim body reflected her commitment to exercising and enjoying ocean sports like kayaking and surfing.

For all of Saturday and Sunday, we walked the beach, ate good food, and drank some excellent wine, while I talked about my last days at Alliance. On the second day I told her about my thirty-six hours sleep, and how I still had no explanation for it. I told her I was happy to be out of the pressure cooker of business. We talked about the video I had seen about UFOs and how taken I was with the whole thing. I also told her I had no idea about what came next for me. She promised to support me whatever it was.

Back in Colorado, I connected with people from Creative Consciousness. Peter Lockwood and Doug Stapleton were headed for a CSETI week with Dr. Steven Greer on what was called the Baca Grande near Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado. Doug had gone the year before and thought it was very special. I made plans to join them.


The CSETI group stayed at the White Eagle Lodge. It was just off the road leading into the town of Crestone, at the western edge of the Sangre de Christo mountain range. This tiny town was the heart of the Baca Grande, a former Spanish Land Grant that had covered many miles of southern Colorado. It was situated a few miles north of Sand Dunes National Park. Religions from around the world had established monasteries and places of worship close to the town.

The rooms at White Eagle were nothing special, but the beds were okay. I had driven alone, but at dinner in the restaurant, I sat with my friends from Creative Consciousness, Peter and Doug. Some of the rest of our group straggled in because of flight delays and the long drive from Denver.

Surveying the others gathered for this week-long event, I spotted a particularly attractive woman across the room. I decided to get acquainted when the opportunity arose. In addition to her pretty face I noticed how erect she stood. Must be an athlete, a model, or do a lot of yoga.


We gathered in the conference room. As the focal point of the room, Dr. Steven Greer stood two inches taller than me. He wore cargo pants and a T-shirt that stretched across the body of someone who had spent long hours in the gym. He projected the image of someone who was in charge of the group.

Dr. Greer gave instructions about where we would be going that night, where to park, and the late hour when we could plan on returning to the hotel. He reminded us, “Bring lots of warm clothing and something warm to drink, because the nights on the Baca get very cold.”

Since he had advised carpooling, and I was alone, I offered to drive. Peter and Doug took me up on my offer. I filled my thermos with hot tea from the restaurant.

We crammed folding chairs, blankets, drinks, and extra clothing into my Jeep. It was dusk as we caravanned behind Dr. Greer’s van, going back to CO 17 and heading south in the San Luis Valley. We kept the Sangre de Christo mountains to our left. Turning off on a gravel road we followed Steve’s van for a couple of miles past an occasional house. Finely we parked on the side of the road of a deserted cul-de-sac.

Steve had us arrange our chairs in a circle, “So you can look in every direction,” he said. Those that had done this before found their favorite spot. My two companions and I stumbled through the rugged underbrush and found spaces in the circle.

Steve planted his chair facing south toward Mount Blanca, a fourteener, several miles away. Without planning it, I wound up sitting on his right.

As the sun sank lower in the west, the temperature dropped. I was most happy I was wearing long underwear and had brought some of my ski clothes.

There were no clouds. Before long, brilliant stars blanketed the sky from horizon to horizon. Steve led us in a meditation that involved calling on extraterrestrials to come visit us. It was somewhat spiritual and recognized that the ETs were benevolent.

A way into the meditation, a bright light suddenly crossed before my eyes. I opened them and followed Steve’s laser to a spot in the dark sky much brighter than any star. It was almost directly overhead. “That’s kindness,” Steve said. I watched as the object traced a wide corkscrew and disappeared upward. I had just seen my first UFO.

Later that night, I glanced toward the San de Christo mountains on my left. There I saw three large yellow squares, resembling those of a passing train, hanging against the mountains. It was hard to tell how large they were or how far away, because of the dark night. I watched for a few moments as they remained stationary. Then I blinked and they were gone.

“Did you see those?” I asked Steve.

“Yes,” he replied.

Much later that same night I watched as red and white lights appeared on the side of Mount Blanca. They appeared to move toward us. I asked others in the group if they were seeing the same thing. Several said yes.

The lights moved closer as I watched. My whole body began to shake with excitement as I watched them approach us. Then they retreated back to the side of the mountain and disappeared.

“What happened?” I asked Steve.

“They sensed that our group was not ready for them, that we were too fearful. So, they backed off.”

It was almost 2:00 in the morning by the time I turned into bed, very excited and thoroughly exhausted. I had been preoccupied with everything out on the Baca and did not see the attractive woman.


After breakfast, the next morning, we met with Steve at the hotel and talked about what we had seen the night before. We discussed the Disclosure Project and the witnesses. Steve used the media’s refusal to publicize the witnesses at the national Press Club as a perfect example of what he called “the cabal.”

He saw the cabal as a secret government controlled by petroleum-based companies and others who did not have humanity’s best interests as part of their agenda. I listened very attentively as this was my first exposure to a so-called “secret government.” At the same time, it made a lot of sense because I was fairly sure that politicians were not working in my favor. I had also run up against mysterious brick walls as Alliance Technology sought to penetrate certain businesses and obtain funding for projects. What Steve was saying made some sense. I would have to think more about it.


When we broke for coffee mid-morning, I sought out Peter and Doug. “So, what do you think this morning. Was it worth staying up late?” I asked.

Peter replied, “It was fantastic. I saw a lot and learned a bunch.”

Doug yawned and nodded in agreement.

I said, “I found the conversations between those that were regulars at these things to be very fascinating. They looked upon Dr. Geer with reverence. They also had great stories about past weeks out here when ET craft came in very low and when they were much more visible in the sky.”

“Yeah, I heard some of those stories too,” Doug said. “Interesting bunch of regulars.”


A while later, I approached the cute blonde with a slim figure. She was a few inches shorter than my six feet. Her short hair was styled in a wavy becoming fashion. Up close, her complexion was as attractive as it had been at a distance. She wore little or no make-up, no lipstick on very kissable lips. Her green eyes were very alive as she focused on me. “Did you enjoy last evening?” I asked her.

She paused a moment and then said, “I wouldn’t call it ‘enjoyed,’ but I did see some interesting things.”

“Did you see the red and white lights coming toward us from Mount Blanca?”

“Yes, I was so excited that I forgot how cold I was.”

“I’m Michael,” I said. “Michael Garrison.”

“Heather Langen.” Her hand felt friendly as I grasped it.

“These are my friends Dolores and Mary. Is this your first time at something like this?”

Mary was shorter and heavier than Heather. She had straight dark hair that touched her shoulders, blue eyes and a nice smile. “Nice to meet you,” I said to her.

Dolores was also shorter than Heather, and quite a bit heavier. She had curled fiery red hair. Her smile seemed a little forced as she said, “My pleasure.” Then she glanced away as if preoccupied.

“Yes,” I said, “I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I find it exciting.”

“I saw my first UFO when I was a little girl,” Dolores said, as she turned back to the group.

“One of the lucky ones,” I commented. “So how did you all wind up at this event?”

Heather started, “We were at a lecture with Dr. Greer in Boulder where the event was announced. This was perfect timing because it came right after school was out.”

“I came here last year,” Dolores said.

“She convinced me,” Heather said.

“And I’m just tailing along,” Mary said.

“I’m fascinated with all this ET stuff,” Dolores said. “I’ve got a collection of books and videos.”

At that moment Dr. Greer called us back into session. “Talk later,” I said as I took a last sip of my now cold tea.

“Okay,” Heather smiled. I followed them as they wound their way back into the room. Heather chatted briefly with other people whom she appeared to know, then sat with Mary and Dolores on the far side of the room.


That night, we had just settled into our chairs in the circular formation and were set for a long evening when a beautiful eagle descended. It circled completely around our group at about the height of our shoulders, and then flew off. Heather and her two friends, seated off to my right, watched it closely.

Later, I saw three ET craft settle in alignment with the moon that hung in the western sky. It was hard to determine whether they were large and far away or smaller and within our atmosphere. They hung there for a few minutes. Then two USAF jets, out of their base in Colorado Springs on the other side of the mountains, roared overhead. They aimed directly for the ET craft. The ET craft winked out as the jets approached them.

I was sitting next to Sam, a man from Berkley, California. Like myself, he was at such an event for the first time. We  traded impressions of what had gone on so far and exchanged contact information.

On my other side was a man, Al Simpson. He said that he had been involved with Steve for several years and that this was his fifth CSETI outing. He was a large man with a mop of grey hair. I guessed that he probably weighed in excess of two-hundred twenty-five. He had the rough hands of someone who worked with either automobiles or farm equipment. In a brief conversation he told me he was from the central valley of California where he grew almonds. Except for the eagle, he said this evening was about normal for a night on the Baca with Dr. Greer.


The following day, as I was walking along the road toward Crestone, a red-tailed hawk flew down and buzzed my head. I flinched. This had never happened before, felt totally out of place. Thinking I had acquired some talent from last night’s meditation, I tried to communicate with it. It perched on an electrical line and watched me as I walked along. Finely it took one more swoop near my head then flew off.

As I walked further down the road, a ten-foot circular shadow suddenly appeared around me. I looked toward the sun but saw nothing blocking it to cast a shadow. Nothing in any other direction large enough to create such a shadow. I steadied my mind and tried to communicate with whatever it was that was creating the shadow. Nothing entered my mind, so I walked on.

When we assembled that afternoon, I told Dr. Greer about my experiences. He said that I had been contacted.


That evening I had dinner with Heather and her two companions, Mary and Dolores. I learned that they were all from Loveland, a city north of Denver. All three taught at Loveland Middle School. Heather taught physical education, Mary was an English teacher, and Dolores did math.

They had seen the Disclosure Project presentation, so much of today’s discussion was not new. All three were excited to go out tonight. I offered to drive, saying that my Jeep Wrangler was good on rough roads.

They hesitated, checked in with each other, and then took me up on my offer.

The night was cloudy and threatening rain. Steve led us up on the side of Mount Blanca to an area that was called Zapata Falls. I parked my Jeep in a lot overlooking the San Luis Valley, but with the clouds we could not see much. To my right, no more than fifty yards was a sheer cliff on the side of the mountain. The gravel road we had used on the way up made a sharp u turn to avoid it and headed back down the mountain.


Steve had the group exit our vehicles and follow him up the hillside. At one point, he asked us to remain behind as he went ahead. I had the feeling that we were not alone in the wooded area, but I was unable to distinguish anything from the surrounding trees and bushes. Later Steve asked us what we had experienced. Several people said they had seen faint images of beings standing alongside our path.

When it started to rain we hurried for our cars. Just as we settled in, the cloud burst and torrential rain came down. It looked like we were done for the night, as there was little visibility other than clouds and lightening.

“I didn’t see much when we were up on the hillside with Steve, I said.

“Had a hard time following what he was trying to convey,” Heather commented.

Then everyone fell silent, hoping we could get something out of this night. Heather was in the passenger seat, with Mary and Dolores in the back.

The three women continued a conversation that they had obviously begun a while ago. They talked about the training they were involved in and how it was providing them with ways to maintain themselves at what they called “higher consciousness.” Rather than involving myself in their interactions, I sat back and listened, hoping to have an opportunity later to delve into the whole area.

Then they referenced their understanding that all of us were souls having a physical experience. Heather called us “vehicles.”

“Can you tell me a little bit more about this?” I asked.

“Sure,” Mary said. “It’s like this. Our soul is a great being of light, much larger than our bodies, if you could measure it. It decides on the body it wishes to inhabit, parents, family, location, etc. Lots of available choices, but also lots of demand for bodies. This is done way before the moment of birth. The soul joins with the body at that moment. When I say inhabit, that is not quite right, as the soul is

many times greater than the body.”

“So, my soul is really in charge?” I asked.

“Yes,” Heather said. “Quite different than most people believe when they talk about their soul as a tiny something within them.”

The conversation went on for a while as we watched the rain and lightning flashes on all sides.


Then something nudged me to turn right and a voice in my head said, “look at me.” I glanced toward the cliff. Suddenly, flashing bright blue lights appeared. I was very sure that an ET craft was coming out of the side of the cliff. Excited, I shouted to Heather and the others, “Look, look.” I pointed to the lights outside to the right. Everyone in the car got a glimpse of the blue lights of the craft. It flew out over the valley and disappeared into the overhead clouds.

After the rain stopped we got out of our cars. “Did you see that,” I exclaimed to anyone who would listen.

Those in Steve’s vehicle and in one other car said they too had seen the craft. Others did not know what we were talking about, as we described the event of a lifetime to them.

Heather and I looked at each other. “We definitely have to get together to talk more about this,” I said.

“For sure,” she responded.


The following morning, I struggled to breakfast at about 9:00. Selecting food from the buffet, I joined a table for eight with Heather, Mary and Dolores.

“I’m still amazed at what I saw,” Mary said. “I’ll never forget those blue lights.”

“Me neither,” Dolores said. “We didn’t have anything like that last year.”

Three men joined our table. “Just what did you see?” A burley man in a heavy parka directed his question to Mary, as he sat his plate down.

“I saw a ship come out of the mountain, lights flashing,” Mary replied.

“What do you mean came out of the mountain. Did the mountain open up somehow?”

“I saw it materialize, as it exited the mountain,” I said. “The mountain did not open up. The ship became physical, as it emerged.”

“I can’t believe that,” the guy said.

I snagged Al Simpson, whom I remembered from the other night, as he walked by. “Al, you saw the ship emerge, right? Did the mountain open up or did it materialize?”

He set his cup of coffee on the table and sat down.

“Let me see if I can help. I was sitting in Steve’s van, right next to these guys.” He motioned to me and the women. “So, I saw what they saw.

“My understanding is that inside that mountain is a large ET base. On the other side of the mountain, the U.S. military has been tunneling in to reach it. So far, they’ve found nothing because the ETs are at a higher vibration than physical.

“What we saw last night was a most unique display — a craft from that base materializing. I’ve only seen anything like that once before in ten years. I thought last night was spectacular, a once in a lifetime event.”

“That’s too much to believe,” the burly man said. “I’m going back there today to find the opening in that cliff.”

“Yeah, and I’m going with him,” one of the other men said.

“Suit yourself,” Al said, as he moved away from the table.

I looked at the three women and said, “I know what I saw, and I’m not likely to ever forget it.”

All three nodded in agreement.

The three men got up and walked to another table, leaving me alone with my three female companions from last night’s event.

“When are you headed back to Denver?” Heather asked me.

“As soon as we finish up here,” I replied. Then focusing on her, I said, “I want to stay in touch with you. We experienced something very special last night.” I passed her one of my new business cards. “My son lives in Loveland, so I get up your way occasionally. Can we have lunch?”

“Call me,” Heather said. “Here’s my phone number.” She wrote it on a paper napkin. The others added their names and numbers.

“One final question before we break up,” I said. “What do you think about the cabal and the other stuff that Steve talked about this week?”

“I’m going to need some time, see what other people are saying, before I answer that,” Heather said. “Maybe after a week or two.”

Each woman gave me a hug, as they headed to their car. I followed a few minutes later, after I said good-bye to Steve Greer and thanked him for a great week.


On the way home, I reflected on Steve’s comments about the cabal. This is something I had never encountered before during my years in the business world. I had interacted with bankers, executives of major corporations, and government officials. In none of these did I see a hint of what Steve had spoken about.

I decided that I would spend some time pursuing an inquiry into the mysterious secret government. Somehow, Steve’s comments about all ETs being benevolent didn’t sit right. I planned to look into this also. I wished I had driven to Crestone with others, so we could chat on the drive home. I made a mental note to call Peter and Doug, and meet with them as soon as possible. This was definitely something I planned to pursue with Heather, assuming she wanted to.

Chapter 4



Chapter 4



I returned from the Baca a changed person. I had seen a craft from another planet at close range, and had witnessed other phenomena that proved that ETs were close by and there was far more going on than commonly acknowledged. I had also received information about a cabal, a secret state behind the government that ran things for their own benefit, not for the people of the U.S. Now what was I going to do with all this?

I looked at my financial situation and recognized that I did not need to work to support myself. This freed me to look at possibilities from an interest view point. What could I do that might be fun?

I thought of politics for me, but quickly dismissed the idea. Politics had never really interested me. I had not seen how they affected my life when I was part of Alliance. In fact, in my low opinion of politicians, they were mostly interested in raising money to be elected or stay elected. Little was done in the interests of those who elected them. Would politics now come into my life? I did not see how, but I let the question sit for another time.

Then I thought of Heather, wondering how quickly I could call her. I did not want to appear too eager. I had watched how other men’s eyes followed her, I was sure she had plenty of boyfriends.


After talking to a number of business colleagues not connected to Alliance, I hit on the idea of holding myself out as a business consultant. I had years of experience in turning around companies, securing financing, and upgrading management and organizations. I reluctantly decided to find opportunities where I could make a difference.

One of my contacts immediately directed me to an investor who needed help with a struggling company. I set out to write a proposal to do that.

In my leisure moments, I had searched the Internet for references to cabal, hidden government, and deep state. I found two obscure sites, but nothing as detailed as what Steve Greer had talked about.


I called Peter and Doug, my friends from Creative Consciousness. They had been with me in the Baca. I connected both in a conference call.

“You don’t seem so taken with what we saw last week,” I said, after I explained that I had taken Greer’s comments seriously.

“I’m working full time and have a family,” Doug said. “Besides things are going well with me. I don’t want to rock my boat. I enjoyed the week with Greer, but the stuff about the cabal is a little fantastic, too far out for my taste. I don’t see it in my work or my home life. I’ll leave it to you, Michael. If you do find something that’s exceptional, let me know. Otherwise it’s steady as she goes.”

“I’m going fishing in Canada next week,” Peter said. “Got a lot to do to get ready. I’m enjoying my life as is. I’m with Doug, the stuff that Greer put out is a little too much for me.

“It’s like extraterrestrials, when they make the evening news, I’ll get serious. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the week in the Baca, saw some great stuff. But I’m not ready for it to change my life.”

I came away from the conversation very disappointed. What was I feeling that they weren’t? They seemed to buy into ETs and UFOs, now that they’d seen some. However, they made no reference to the cabal that Dr. Greer had spoken about. I had my doubts, but was not willing to totally dismiss it simply because it had not affected me.


The next day, I called Al Simpson, who I had sat next to me one night at CSETI.

“The situation is desperate,” he said, as soon as I mentioned what I was looking into. “People don’t understand just how controlled their lives are. This cabal is the real thing.

“Can you imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have all the regulations we live under, if we weren’t loaded with debt just to live, or if the medical system really functioned in our best interests? Then there’s the media. They lie to cover everything up, to make us believe this is the way it’s always been and always will be.”

He referred me to several obscure sites on the Internet with people who were presenting information about the cabal.

“Much appreciated,” I said. “I’ll let you know if I find something real interesting.”


I went to my computer and started searching. I found all but one of the sites that Al had referred me to had been taken off by YouTube or Facebook. The one that I did access had only information I had seen elsewhere. I took all this as indication that I might be getting into some interesting territory.


Later, I was in the midst of writing my business proposal when my fingers were directed to begin writing something else. It was as though something had taken hold of me. I decided not to resist it and just let my mind flow and my fingers with it. It was as though I was being shown the words that then spilled onto the page. Totally consumed, I wrote at a furious pace, ignoring my business proposal.

Four days later I had a fifty-page story, including plot and characters. It was about a group of extraterrestrials walking among us.

It was not polished, needed better descriptions, and required a tighter focus, but I felt it had some real possibilities. I found an adult course on creative writing at Colorado State University in downtown Denver. The course had already started, but I was free to join.

I went to my first class the next evening. At fifty years, I was the most senior student. Most of the others were about the age of my own kids. I saw a blonde girl seated in the front row. She reminded me of Heather, but she was nowhere as pretty.

Before class began, I talked to the teacher, a woman with flowing red hair. She too was young, early thirties. After showing her my manuscript, she suggested I get in touch with a writing coach and gave me several names. I continued with the class for the evening and discovered that my writing was not bad, but that I need to follow certain rules to create a book that people would enjoy reading and recommending to others.

Over the next four days, I interviewed three writing coaches, all located in the Denver area. I settled on a retired teacher of writing who had taught at the University of Colorado. We met at her home for two hours.

Taking her suggestions, I went to my home and began to go over my manuscript to improve the plot, descriptions, and characters. As I went about editing, more of the story emerged.


After four days I needed a break. The next morning, I called Heather’s phone number at 8:30 and got her machine. I left her a message saying I wanted to have lunch, without specifying when.

Then I got on my bike and headed for the path on the canal. I was six miles away from my house when my iPhone rang. By the time I stopped and dug it out of my bike bag, the call had gone to messaging.

“This is Heather, returning your call.”

With apprehension I dialed her number.

“Hi. Remember me? A rainy night on the side of Mount Blanca?”

“Vaguely,” she retorted. “Seen any good UFOs recently?”

“How about lunch?”

“Not today, how about tomorrow?”

“Where? Give me an address, I’ll use my GPS to find it. What time?”

She gave me the address for Bai Tong, a Thai restaurant. “Meet you at noon. Don’t be late, I only wait so long for blind dates,” she laughed.

“I may be a lot of things, but I’m not blind,” I responded. “See you tomorrow.”


The next day I left my house about 10:00 AM, thinking I did not know much about Loveland other than an exit sign from the Interstate. I had called my son Kevin and left a message about coffee that afternoon, just in case my lunch was a bit short.

I turned off Interstate 25 at the Eisenhower exit and headed west. It had taken me about an hour to navigate heavy traffic through central Denver and slowing for an accident further north at the interchange with Interstate 70.

I turned on Colorado 34, then went right to find the restaurant.

Rather than wait in my Jeep, I chose to go into Bai Tong.

I was immediately assaulted with the rich aroma of Thai food, one of my favorites. I asked for a quiet table, and got one in a back corner.

I had dressed with tan slacks, blue sport coat, and an open collar blue striped shirt. Believing I had a while to wait, I pulled my notepad and pen out of my sport coat. I was quickly lost in thought about another chapter in my book.

“Hard at work,” she said. I had not noticed her arrive at the table. “Thought you were taking it easy.”

I stood. She was beautiful, more than I remembered. Her cream-colored coat complemented her blonde hair and light complexion. Slightly darker eyebrows highlighted her very green eyes. No lipstick to clash with her near-perfect face. I was really taken back. “You look stunning,” I said.

“Thank you. So, you’re not really blind after all.”

I stepped up to pull out her chair. In the process we brushed arms. “It’s nice to see you,” she said.

“Likewise. Don’t know why it took me so long to call,” I said. “Things have gotten complicated. I’ll explain.”

Pushing her chair in, I said. “Nice restaurant you chose.”

“Thank you. It’s one of my favorites. Did it take long to drive here?”

“About an hour, in heavy traffic.”

“Do you live far away?” I asked.

“A few blocks west.”

Saying nothing, I paused to stare at her. She was indeed quite pretty, with a mature younger woman look.

“What?” she asked.

“Just admiring the scenery,” I replied. “I think you’re pretty.”

She blushed. After a quick recovery she said, “Thank you, but just so you know compliments will not change who pays for lunch. After all, I’m just a poor school teacher.”

I said, “I’m good for lunch, have a few dollars left from my old job.”

We paused as the waiter came to get our drink order. Then I asked, “Your last name, is it English or German?”

“It was originally, Langenberg, which is Dutch. My grandfather who was full-blooded Dutch, changed it to Langen when he migrated here. My mother is part French. How about you?”

“Garrison is English. I’m a mixture of English and Irish.”

We discovered that we each had gone to the University of Colorado in Boulder. Her degree was in Physical Education and Health. I had graduated eight years ahead of her with degrees in Engineering and Business. That made her about thirty-eight years old. She looked to be in her twenties. I had married Phyllis two years after my graduation.

We talked about Tulagi’s and the Sink, popular watering holes for students at CU. Neither of us had been in a Greek house, but had found plenty of distractions to studying. I was on the ski team. She played tennis, was on the softball team, and did intermural track and field.

I talked about my daughter, Victoria, who lived in California. She was studying to be a physician’s assistant while working at a private family practice. She was twenty-three years old, single, and spent her off-hours surfing. “I visited her several weeks ago to explain my thirty-six-hour sleep. She was quite concerned because it doesn’t match up to any standard medical diagnosis.”

Then I spoke about my son, Kevin, who was an engineer for an electronics firm in Longmont. He lived on south side of Loveland. He was twenty-two, married  with one child, and focused on his job, skiing, and bicycling.

Heather said, “I envy you with a family. My kids are the fifty or so I have in classes. I get to play sports with them and teach them health. Neither of my two marriages resulted in children.”

“So, you’d like to have children?” I asked.

“I’ve come to accept the fact that I may not, but if it happens, I would welcome it.” Then in a more serious moment, she said, “As they say, the clock is ticking. Now let me ask you a question. How do you feel about having more children in your life?”

I thought for a moment then said, “I know what it means to raise kids. I’ve done it. Thankfully, my two are out on their own, without any college debts, I might add.

“So, yeah, if I was in love with someone, and I thought it would be a long-term relationship, I’d be okay with being a father to another child.”

I looked her very carefully in the eyes and said, “I’m not used to having this kind of a discussion on my first date. Kinda clears the air, doesn’t it? I like your approach, Heather. Getting things right up on the table.”

“Why is she bringing this up?” I asked myself. “Is she really looking for a relationship with me? Sure sounds like she’d like to have a child.”

“I have found that it’s an important issue with how men and women relate to each other,” Heather said, “even as friends. How do you feel about marriage?”

“Again, if I was in the right relationship, and it looked like it would last for a long time, I’d get married, and happily so. I enjoyed being married, although my relationship with my first wife faltered after a number of years. What about you?”

“My first husband died in an automobile accident. I divorced my second husband for cause.”

Without probing further, I moved beyond what seemed to have become a difficult topic. I said, “Change of subject, how are you doing after what we experienced in the Baca? Everything going okay? I’m guessing that teachers take a break to recover from the school year.”

“I get paid for playing with kids,” she said. “With a few exceptions they were a good bunch this past year and we had fun together. So, what about you? You still in the business world?”

“I’m writing a book,” I said. “Don’t look too surprised, I’ve got a tutor helping me.” I went on to explain how the book had come about.

“What’s it about?”


“So, it got to you,” she smiled. “I’ve been immersed in the library and on the Internet since we returned. My friend Dolores, who you met, is a wealth of information. She’s led me to some interesting websites and videos.”

Changing the subject again, I said, “What do you do for fun?”

“I take hikes. Really like Rocky Mountain National Park.”

“I do too. Maybe we can go some time.”

“I’d like that.”

“When?” I asked.


I almost fell off my chair. “Sure. Maybe I can stay at my son’s house. We can get an early start.” This beautiful woman was offering to come out and play with me. Was I dreaming?

We agreed to meet at 8:30 in the parking lot for Bill Reed Middle School, just off Interstate 25 in Loveland.

After lunch, I headed back to my home to pack my hiking clothes, boots, hat, and a water bottle. I had thought about staying at Kevin’s home, but he had a young child and no spare bedroom. I decided to get up early enough to meet Heather. I was elated all the way home. This was the first woman I had met in a long time who intrigued me.


As I was awakening the next morning, I received words that I promptly recorded.


You have the opportunity to assist the growth of your soul. This is usually accomplished through the reincarnation process.


I wondered what this had to do with my meeting yesterday with Heather. I would ask her what she knew about reincarnation.


Heather and I met as planned, both on time. We loaded her clothes and backpack into the rear of my Jeep.

“I’m taking a big risk,” she said, as she climbed into the passenger seat. She smiled and said, “Going off with a strange man.”

“Having second thoughts?”

“Oh, no,” she laughed. “But just don’t try anything. I’m a judo black belt.”

“In that case, I’ll be on my best behavior.”

We drove west on CO 34 through the Big Thompson River canyon and around Lake Estes. The going was slow as we got caught behind trucks and RVs on the twisting two-lane road.

I talked about my thirty years in the business world and my recent departure from Technology Alliance where I had been the founder of the company. I explained that I had lost interest in things business. That my partners had picked up on it and had bought me out of the company, thinking they could do better without me. I told her I was exploring various business opportunities, but they held less interest than the amazing revelations we had heard from Steve Greer and what we had seen with the CSETI group, and now my unexpected book.

We arrived at the town of Estes Park a half-hour later. It was not crowded as the day was still early. I enjoyed this unique mountain town with its mountains and pine forest. There were a number of small restaurants and shops along main street.

Continuing through the town we stopped to show Heather’s park pass, then drove into Rocky Mountain National Park. The road to the Bear Lake passed through Moraine Park with its pristine trout stream. I had fished here and elsewhere in the Park last summer.

The road led us to a parking area where we were to switch to a bus for the remainder of the trip to the hiking trail head.

As an experienced hiker, Heather quickly slipped on hiking boots and shouldered a small backpack. She wore a broad brimmed hat that shadowed her lovely face. I was surprised when she pulled out hiking poles that she had slipped into my Jeep. I had not noticed them earlier. “I found these in Switzerland, two summers ago. Everyone there uses them. Now, what are you smiling about?”

I pulled out my own hiking poles that were way in the back of my rear end compartment. “I visited Switzerland a couple of years ago,” I said, as I held mine up.

“I can see already I’m going to have to watch myself around you,” she smiled and playfully poked me with a pole tip.


At the trailhead we took the trail that led past Bear Lake. Turning west on a less used trail, we started toward Lake Helene.

“I notice a little limp,” she said, “old football injury?”

“Skiing in Switzerland. My knee’s never been the same.”

For a long way, we passed through a dense grove of aspen trees. Their shimmering leaves were a bright summer green. In the fall they would turn golden. This was the part of the trail I liked the best.

Then we hiked along a steep slope of boulders and smaller rocks. I watch as Heather expertly navigated the narrow trail.

I enjoyed hiking behind her. She was a strong hiker, moved like a cat, effortlessly conquering the miles. Her faint perfume wafted my way occasionally, often enough to let me know she was just ahead.

Because the trail had been uphill and we were at over ten thousand feet of elevation, I was a little winded when we arrived at the lake; Heather appeared unfazed.

It was 11:30 and we both agreed that we were ready for a break. I found two flat rocks that were comfortable to sit on.

Around us the dark rocks of rugged mountains rose another two thousand feet. Snow was still present in their dark crevasses. A clump of aspen trees and willows along the side of the lake were in their full green glory. I saw a trout break the surface, as it came up for an insect, and wondered if the Park stocked this lake as it did others. This was miles from the trail head, so probably not.

I breathed in the aroma of the wilderness. There was nothing quite like high altitude air with its mixture of trees, bushes, and grasses. I also relished the quiet that came with the scenery and air, again far from noisy civilization.

“I love places like this,” I said, and closed my eyes to take in the quiet and smell. “This makes me feel very close to God.”

“Yes,” she said leaning back to better view the tall peaks around us. “I have come to understand that we are here for only a while as the physical vehicle for our soul. Our soul has enjoyed many such experiences in past lives.”

“I don’t know much about past lives,” I said, “but I feel what you are saying has merit. I’m just getting in touch with my feeling to be able to even say that. Coming to places like this opens me to something beyond my body, something more than just the day-to-day life I lead.”

“I’m happy to hear you say that,” she said. “I wondered where you might be with the spiritual. I’ve explored a number of religions and spiritual paths. Nothing seems to have stuck except the general idea that I am more than my physical body and that I’ve been here before.

“I’m part of a spiritual group. We meet on the Internet once a month to share experiences and to receive messages from non-physicals like Archangels through a medium.”

“Sounds interesting,” I said. In my new way of being, I would be open to something like that. My old me would have shut down immediately.

“I grew up a Catholic. Lots of that is still rattling around in my head. I don’t do that anymore, but haven’t found a path to replace that old way of seeing things.”

We sat for a long while, without speaking, just enjoying the scenery and each other’s company.

“I brought tuna salad sandwiches,” Heather said. She dug into her backpack.

I watched as she delicately unzipped the pack and dug out sandwiches and two small bags of potato chips. There was a part of the way she moved that was very feminine, another part that was very athletic, as I had seen her scramble up the trail.

“And I have delicious pastries.” I displayed the brownies I had picked up at a bakery near my home last evening. I stayed at my house last night. My son, Kevin, really doesn’t have any extra room with his child.

“Thanks for doing this,” I said, holding up the sandwich. “Plus, I enjoy your company.”

“I’m enjoying myself.” She gazed into my eyes, then gave me a smile as she quickly shifted her eyes away.

At that moment I knew we had a connection. I wasn’t sure where it might lead, but we were definitely connecting. It had been two years since I had felt inclined to connect with a woman. There had been several who had seemed initially interesting, but any connection failed to materialize after a short time. On the other hand, Heather and I had experienced something extraordinary in southern Colorado, something way out of the ordinary. That alone had brought us together. Now there was this, I really enjoyed her companionship.

“Anything new with the book?” she asked.

“I’m a little stymied at the moment, looking for more insights to continue writing. I work on it a few hours almost every day, polishing what I have, exploring new stuff.”

“I’ve put aside any efforts to get something going in the business world. This extraterrestrial stuff is consuming me at the moment. Somehow. I feel it’s all tied together, my book and research into the paranormal.”

“I know what you mean. I’m spending hours surfing the Internet. I’ve found some really interesting things that go along with what we got from Steve Greer.”

“I’d like to see what you’re coming up with.”

“Want to steal my proprietary information?” she teased.

“Sure, why not,” I said. “Now that I have a good feeling about the reality of UFOs, I need something more concrete to think the same way about the cabal.”

I caught her eyes and sensed that she had been studying me. Now she hurriedly looked away, as if I had caught her.

“What about growing up? Where did you live?” I asked.

She hesitated as if giving out such personal information was more than she wished to divulge. Then with a thoughtful sigh she said, “I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. Went to both public and Catholic schools. My parents were separated so I lived on and off with each of them.

“When it came time to go to college, I wanted out of Kansas City, wanted to experience new things. I heard that CU in Boulder was a fun school, as well as academically sound. So, I applied there and to more local schools. I was accepted at CU. Guess they wanted my out-of-state tuition.”

“What about you?”

“I grew up in Denver, in a very strict Catholic family. I too had a mixture of public and Catholic schools. My teenage years were very tough. I was shy and felt like an outcast among the other kids in high school.

“I wanted to get away from my restrictive family, so I decided on CU. I had worked since I was fourteen and had enough money to help pay my way. My family was not wealthy, so the lower tuition worked well. In those days, for in-state students, it was a few hundred dollars. I worked at different jobs all the way through college.

“Then I got caught up in the business world, working for large corporations. Finally started my own company, Technologies Alliance, about seven years ago. As I told you, I left there two months ago.”

After that exchange, we sat quietly, drinking in the fresh air, the sunshine, the mountains, and the lake. I glanced at Heather a couple of times. Once I caught her looking at me.

“That’s a ptarmigan,” I said pointing to the bird scratching at the ground a little way down the hill.

“Yes, I love to watch them,” she said. “There are no birds close to where I now live. I miss hummingbirds and the others that came to my old house.”

“Can I stop by your place so you can show me what you’ve uncovered?” I asked.

“That probably doesn’t work so well. I’m living with Mary and we don’t have a lot of room in our apartment.”

“You can come to my home in Denver. It’s only an hour away. I’ve set up an office with all kinds of computer capability.”

“Maybe that could work,” she hesitated. “I’ll check my schedule.”

I immediately jumped to the conclusion that she had at least one boyfriend that needed attention.

“I have a softball game tomorrow, and another one next week,” she said. “I could work it to come down between these.”

“Just let me know,” I said. “I’ve been focusing on the monetary system, because I believe it is one of the keys to everything. Just getting started, but in my prior life, I met some of the major players. I had just never thought about them playing a game behind the facade of conventional banker or investor. More to investigate. It’s all hidden, not much available to be delved into.”

I added, “One thing that has been reinforced for me is that just because the majority of people believe something doesn’t make it true. You only have to look as far as the TV to see that the majority can be convinced of anything.”

“So true. Brain washing is as close as your TV set,” Heather commented. “I’ve been looking at the medical system and how it controls so much of everyone’s life. I’m convinced it doesn’t operate in my best interests. I’m sure the pharmaceutical companies are in control.”

She studied me for a moment, head cocked at an angle, then said, “I’d like to try coming to your house to see your fancy computer setup. How about next Monday?”

Shocked, without thinking about any possible conflicts, I stammered, “Let’s do it.”

“I’ll bring my laptop,” she said.

“Let me ask you something,” I said. “What do you know about reincarnation?”

She thought for a moment then said, “I have studied many spiritual traditions. Reincarnation is generally discussed in the Eastern religions like Hindu. I believe that my soul has incarnated in many physical bodies over the last millions of years, both here on Earth and elsewhere in the galaxy. That makes this lifetime just another moment along the journey.

“Thank you for asking. Let’s talk about it more when we have time. It’s a very intriguing subject.”

She picked up her backpack and shouldered it. Stooping to reach her poles, she grinned, “Now, I’ll race you back to the trailhead.”

Before I could react, she was off on the trail. I gathered my stuff and crammed it into my backpack. Picking up my poles, I started after her.

I tripped and almost fell. I had loosened my boots when we stopped. Sitting back down on the rock, I tied them quickly and started after her.

I found her a few hundred yards down the trail. She was calmly standing to one side as a large group of hikers came up the trail, passing by her. I could not move ahead, so I waited until the group passed me.

She sprinted ahead down the trail. Clearly, she was even better downhill than she had been on the climb up. I finally caught up when she paused at Bear Lake to talk to a group of youngsters.

Heather looked at her watch and said, “I need to get going. I have softball practice at five.”

“You’re going to practice softball after that hike we took?” I asked.

“Sure, I’m warmed up and ready to play.”

“When do you have a game?”

“In three days. We play at Carson High School in Greeley.”

I made a mental note to see if I could work this into my schedule. Greeley was not much further from my house than where we were right now.

“What’s the name of your team?” I asked.

“We’re the Wildcats.”

When I dropped her off at the Middle school, I gave her one of my business cards. I wrote my home address on the back. “It’s in southeast Denver, be sure to take the Yale exit.”

“I’ll see you on Monday,” she said. “Probably about ten.”

She did not give me a hug, as she hopped into her red Toyota Camry and drove off. I had a bit of an insecure feeling, as I watched her go. We’d just have to see how things developed from here, if at all. I did know for sure that I liked her.

On the drive home, I called Jeff Wilson. I explained the additions I wanted to make to the computer system at my house and asked for his assistance. He said he would stop at Best Buy after work, pick up the necessary cabling, and meet me at my house.

Chapter 5



Chapter 5





After I arrived home that evening, I began my investigation into the cabal that Dr. Steven Greer had talked about. How intrusive was it? How widespread? Where had it originated? Beyond desiring to control everything, what were its intentions? Where could I find some verifications?

I checked the dictionary and found a definition that did not satisfy me. Then I explored further and found a reference to it at several websites. There they talked about the “Illuminati” as a dark force, or collection of dark forces, that controlled world economics. It then went on to say that the New World Order or the Global Elites worked inside governments with an agenda of world domination. This was not unlike what Greer had said. It was nice to have some verification. The material at that web site went well beyond what I was looking for at the moment. I bookmarked it for later use.

Other sites referred to the 13 families who control the Cabal as some of the wealthiest families in the world. At I found a list of a hundred web sites many of which dealt with the cabal. There was so much information about the cabal and other conspiracies that I finally quit and went up to my bedroom.

I was slowly falling into a peaceful place for sleep when I began to receive fresh words in my head relating to a different aspect of my investigation. I wrote out the words on a scratch pad that was next to my bed:

The slippery slope is indeed quite slick, for once you open yourself to all of its possibilities, and investigate them to satisfy yourself of their likely truth, you can never climb back to seeing your Earthly existence from a conventional point of view.

That was the sum total of what I heard in my head. I waited for more, but nothing else happened. Checking the clock, I saw 10:34. I turned over and attempted to go to sleep.

At mid-day two days later, I drove to Greeley. It was an easy drive north on Interstate 25. The ballfield was hidden behind a school that looked like it had originated in the 1940’s. I found a seat in the stands, not knowing which side Heather’s bench was on. It turned out I had made the right choice.

I immediately spotted her at first base. Her team was ahead by two runs. I watched as she easily caught an in-field hit, stepped on first base, and then threw to second. This ended the inning.

I watched for the remainder of the game. There were few people in the stands, but she did not see or acknowledge my presence. She got one nice three base hit that kept her team ahead.

At the end of the game, I saw a man in his thirties  approach her. After they had talked for a while, he seemed to insist on something she did not want to do. She wound up turning her back to him and walking away.

I hurried to catch up with her before she got into her car. “Nice game,” I said.

Without turning to see who had spoken, she proceeded to climb into her car. I approached it as she slammed the door shut. She looked up with a scowl on her face, then, recognizing« me, it turned into a smile.

“Hi, thought for a minute you were Chet. He’s been pestering me for a date. You, on the other hand, I’m happy to see. I’m rushing off to an appointment, so can’t stay and talk. Looking forward to Monday.” With that she started the engine, gave me a little wave, and drove off.

I felt a little rebuffed, but quickly recalled that I had not told her I was coming to the game.

Talking to the coach, I found the schedule for the next games. I put them into my iPhone calendar. I also looked up the schedule for the Colorado Rockies.


After returning home, I immediately went back to work exploring more about the secret government, UFOs, and all the other things that we were not being told about. After two hours, I paused to check my calendar, then called off lunch the next day with a prospective consulting job. After a quick dinner, I returned to the Internet.

That evening, as I was falling asleep, I once again received a message in my mind. I again wrote on the scratch pad next to my bed:

The energies that you receive from and give to other humans, animals, and plants play a large part in your lives. The smell of flowers or food stirs certain emotions. The embrace of a pet stirs feelings of love. You sense the energies of other people and act accordingly.

As with the prior evening I waited for more, but it was not forthcoming. I tossed and turned the entire night. What were the implications of the slippery slope or of the energies we give to each other? I would talk to Heather about these messages I had been receiving.

I arose the following morning ready for more. Yesterday’s explorations led me to the whole issue of Roswell and what had taken place there. I read several accounts, both those that had appeared in the Roswell newspaper in 1947 and some from alternative sources.

I called Peter, who had been with me at the CSETI gathering in the Baca. We agreed to meet for lunch to talk about Roswell and other UFO crashes.

As we ate, he confessed that he knew only a little, principally what he had read about them. He also said that it was something that many who knew about these things did not talk about for fear of being shunned by the majority of people. I didn’t get much else out of our conversation except fish stories.


The sound of the doorbell awakened me. I glanced at the clock, saw the time was 8:30, and jumped out of bed. I grabbed my robe out of the closet, and in bare feet ran to the front door. I ran my hand through my hair, aware I did not look my best.

When I opened the door, Heather was taken aback by my disheveled look.

“Good morning,” she said. Stunned by my morning hair, she grinned and said, “Most girls have to wait until they spend the night before they get to see a man in your shape.”

Dressed in black slacks and a light blue sweater, she looked her amazing self. She also appeared to be wide awake and fully alert. She carried a computer bag in her left hand. A purse was slung over her right shoulder.

“Come in, it can only get better,” I said responding to her remark.

I walked her into the kitchen. “Make yourself at home,” I said. “There’s all kinds of tea and honey in that drawer, milk in the fridge. I’m off to shower, be back shortly.” I turned and ran up the stairs.


When I came into the kitchen after my shower, Heather was sitting at the kitchen table engrossed in a book.

She looked up and said, “What happened to the guy who opened the door earlier?”

“I gave the butler the day off,” I replied. “Told him not to show up for work unless he was properly dressed.”

She chuckled, and asked, “Are you going to have something to eat? If so, I’ll take a scrambled egg and some toast.”

“Sold. Be ready in a few minutes. In the meantime, tell me what you’ve been doing for the last several days. Anything interesting?”

“Dolores has proven to be a wealth of information. She’s been probing into this stuff for years.”

Heather pulled out her laptop computer and a stack of papers and clippings. She placed them on the table into three neat piles.

We talked about her piles of paper as we ate scrambled eggs and English muffins with strawberry jam.

“I’m impressed with what you’ve accumulated,” I said. “So, is there a way to work on this together?”

“Let me see what you have, then we can decide. I’m not giving away any of my really juicy stuff.”


We walked downstairs to my home office where I had installed a large screen TV with a sofa in front. There was also a wet bar off to one side of the thirty-by-thirty room. This left plenty of room for my desk, credenza, and coffee table.

“Very nice,” Heather said. “More room here than my entire apartment.”

I handed her a copy of my manuscript, now seventy-five pages, all double spaced on 8½ by 11.

“So, what’s this?”

“My book. It showed up when I was typing a business proposal. I never intended to write a book, never have done anything like this in my life. It’s like my brain was telling my fingers what to do, without me interfering.”

“This’s amazing, Michael,” Heather said, as she began reading the first page. “What’s the story about?”

“I don’t know much more than these first pages, but so far there are a group of very human-like extraterrestrials walking among us, pointing out what is wrong with our civilization and showing us what we can do to improve it.”

With a big smile, she said, “Thank you for sharing it with me. I’m a little overwhelmed in the presence of an author.”

“Me too,” I responded.

“What I’ve done is nothing compared to this,” she held up my manuscript. “I don’t know what I have to contribute.”

“I’d just like to see where all this is going,” I said. “Don’t see a clear path right now.”

“Neither do I,” she replied. Stretching her arms out, she said, “This is such a nice workspace, so much better than what I have in my apartment with Mary.”

“I’m stuck in the book, don’t know how the story line goes from here. My research seems to be running in parallel, but it isn’t coming together.” I motioned with my fingers to illustrate.

“You really are something.” She looked at me with her gorgeous eyes. “Much more than a former business guy.”

My heart pounded and I felt weak at her comment. Motioning to the chair I had set up next to a sturdy table I said, “Place your computer here. If we want, we can attach it or my MacBook to the large screen TV on the wall. This is yours, day or night, whenever you want to use it. I’m using my iMac to work on the book.”

“It’s a long commute from my home,” Heather said. “Don’t see how to make it work. I have several ball games scheduled.”

“Come once or twice a week, whenever we have things to discuss. I’m finding so much stuff that I can’t keep up, can’t sort it all out. I’d love to have someone to bounce ideas off, to discuss what we’re finding, to see what makes the most sense, what’s true and what’s misinformation.”

“I’d like that too. Dolores is a good resource, but she’s got a fulltime job this summer, plus she has a husband and a youngster to take care of.”

“So, let’s find ways to make it work – for both of us.” Then I took a deep breath and said, “And just so we are both clear, both being truthful and conscious about what’s going on between us, I do like you, but you scare me. I’m not sure I’m ready to get involved, but you are something special.”

Heather shuddered and responded, “I thought about this for the last week, since our hike and all the way down here this morning. Why was I driving to Denver? Why am I going to spend the day with a man I had just met?”

“So, let’s agree to see how things go today.”

I stuck my hand out. She shook it and said, “Agreed.”

“Now, before we head up, let me show you one more thing.” I offered her the pages on which I had written out the communications I had received.

“What are these?” She asked, as she read the words on them.

“I get them just as I am falling asleep. They come from someone who calls himself Bren-Ton, says he is from Andromeda.”

Heather looked at me and said, “Michael, I think you’re a « nice guy, but you have to be one of the strangest men I’ve ever met.”

“Let me tell you about my dream,” I said. “It keeps coming back to me. It’s what I experienced when I first woke up from my thirty-six-hour sleep. In the dream I see myself dying. Really feels like I’m going away. Then, still in the dream, I awaken as if nothing happened. All the time I’m surrounded by ghost-like figures.”

“Strange, as dreams go,” she said.

“Don’t understand it myself,” I said.

“When we get together with Mary and Dolores, we can talk about it more. Both those two have very good insights into strange things.”

Then with renewed enthusiasm, she said, “Wait until you see the stuff I’ve uncovered.” She was clearly uncomfortable with what I had just said. “It’s so much more than Steven Greer told us, way more.”

I said, “My biggest problem is I don’t know what to believe of the stuff I’m seeing on the Internet.”

“I totally agree. Let’s try something I’ve found works for me.” With that she stood and placed her hand over her heart. I watched as she leaned forward slightly, then a little backward.

“This is something I’ve been practicing for a number of years. It’s called muscle testing. My body tells me what is true and what is not. Just now, I find that most of what you tell me is true. I also asked if I should be concerned about you. My muscle testing said not to worry. Oh, and I still think you are a little strange.” She smiled and touched my arm.

“And you think this stuff is pretty reliable?” I asked.

“I have a book by David Hawkins that shows the scientific basis for it. Show it to you when you next come to Loveland.”

We headed upstairs to have a cup of tea and review the material Heather had brought and what to do next.

All I knew was that I was looking forward to working with this smart beautiful woman.

For the rest of the morning, we sorted through the material Heather had accumulated. She frequently used the exercise she called “muscle testing” to verify the truth, or not, of each item.


For lunch we walked to the Fresh Fish Company, a few blocks away. We had muscles for an appetizer and fish as the main course. We passed on dessert.

After lunch we walked downstairs into my office, with its big screen and comfortable sofa, to watch videos that Heather’s friend Dolores had provided.

The first video was a presentation before the International UFO Congress by someone named Mark Kimmel. He was introduced as a former conservative venture capitalist who had gotten a tap on the shoulder to become something else.

“Somebody I can relate to,” I thought.

On the video, Kimmel started out by asking the large audience in the room who’d had a contact experience. Most of the several hundred people indicated they had.

Another audience survey discovered that most of the audience felt they knew why they were here at this time and place.

He said that, as an unconscious entrepreneur, he had helped invent the magnetic stripe credit card, the swipe reader for retailers, and the first ATM.

He talked about being amazed at the UFO photos in a copy of Project Blue Book he had been shown, returning to work the next day, and forgetting all about the pictures in the book. He said that he had heard about a base on the back side of the moon and again ignored it.

Kimmel talked about entities coming into his room at night and later his business partners saying that he was no longer tough enough to be in the venture capital business.

“Sounds familiar,” I thought, but I didn’t see any entities.

Kimmel said that he had gone back to school and was writing an academic paper when his first book, Trillion, spilled out of his computer.

With that I paused the video and said to Heather, “I have to meet this guy.”

“Good luck. This video is several years old. He’s probably dead by now.”

Returning to the video, Kimmel briefly mentioned the Disclosure Project and CSETI. He talked about one of his books, Creating the Cosmic Paradigm.

Heather rummaged in her bag and held up a copy of the same book. Dolores had given it to her. “I like how he weaves the spiritual into extraterrestrials,” she said, “how it’s part of a spectrum of reality.” She spread her arms wide to demonstrate.

On the video, Kimmel talked about a number of UFO events as if everyone in the audience already knew about them. I scribbled notes as he spoke, stopping the video several times.

He spoke about ancient evidence of ETs and UFOs in the  Sumerian tablets, the pyramids, kachina dolls, and fifteenth century pictures, and an 1897 newspaper from Aurora, Texas that reported people descending from sky ships.

He talked about The Battle of Los Angeles, fought on February 25, 1942, when an unidentified craft settled over the southern area of the city. Anticipating a Japanese invasion, the Army shelled the craft. The artillery rounds caused significant damage to the human population on the ground. The craft sailed off undamaged.

Then he talked about flying saucers over the U.S. capital, crop circles, the Belgium craft sighting, with picture of a huge triangular ET craft. The Phoenix Lights were seen by thousands of people. The Cometa report from the French military that said that the unusual craft were extraterrestrial but that they did not represent a danger. There was a report about Rendlesham Forest where a craft was seen by many, on several nights. And finally a report from author Georgina Bruni about Margaret Thatcher telling her, “It’s all true, but you can’t tell the people.”

Then Kimmel threw out this question to the audience, “What does all of this mean in terms of the media and governments lying to us about ETs and UFOs?”

He let that question hang in the air for a few moments and then said, something like, “We’ll now look at this question, and the larger issue of secrecy in so many aspects of our lives.”

Heather applauded at this, as did the audience.

He showed a chart about all the possible forms of ETs. I paused the video as I copied it down on my yellow pad.





Extra-dimensional beings

Intra-planetary beings

Spirit guides


Time travelers


“Many times, you don’t know what you are dealing with, and that’s okay, Kimmel was saying as I restarted the video.

Let me give you a sample of what I mean. I was about to give a talk in Colorado when an older man approached me. He said his name was Arnie and that he’d had a dream that told him to attend my presentation, rather than go to a scheduled doctor’s appointment.

“His hands were trembling. I couldn’t tell if he was excited or he had a medical condition. Then he shows me a piece of paper with the image of a small grey ET on it. ‘This is what showed up in my trailer this morning.’ I welcomed him and said we could talk some more after my presentation.”


I paused the video and said to Heather, “I really like the way this guy puts things together. It’s all making sense.”


When I restarted the video, Kimmel was saying, “I estimate that I have had conversations with about 200 people who have had contact experiences. Some of them have told me stories about abductions. Mostly though they are very benign experiences and they want to have more of them.

“Some of these are from military people, some are with people who have had experiences since they were very young. And then there are some walk-ins who can describe their former experiences on other planets.”


Something in me clicked with his statement. I did not say anything to Heather, but stuck it in the back of my mind.


Kimmel said he’d had an experience a few years ago when walking through the airport in Denver. An energy had hit him so hard that he had to stumble into a seat. Then a voice said, telepathically, “This is what we want you to do.” They went on to say they had some very important individuals that they wanted him to meet.

Without too much hesitation, he said that he had agreed. They didn’t name the people. At that time, he thought they were humans.

Pausing for a long moment to collect his thoughts, he then said, “I want you to know, I would never go back to the venture capital business. What I’m doing is so exciting, so challenging, and so rewarding.”

I thought to myself, “I guess we’ll just have to see about that.”


Heather and I took a break to go upstairs to the kitchen. I fixed us both iced chai and dug out some cookies and grapes.

“So, what do you think?” she asked.

“I’m seeing a guy who used to be a businessman but isn’t one any longer. It’s helping me take a close look at what I’m doing. I’m just not sure I want to go along a path like that.”

“You already are.”

“Yeah, I see that and I’m not so sure I’m as committed as he is. I just wonder what kind of a personal life he has. I gather he does a lot of traveling.”

“Guess we’d both better get a grip on this issue,” Heather said. “Ready for more?”

“After you,” I pointed at the steps to the basement.


When we re-started the video, Kimmel was putting forth conclusions about his experiences. I paused the video and wrote the following on my yellow pad:


Variety of experiences

Range of understanding

Non-physical dimensions

Generally uplifting

Simultaneous information





Past lives


Before I restarted the video, I said to Heather, “That guy has really had a lot of experiences. I feel like a real novice. But I also find it terribly interesting.”

She nodded and motioned for me to continue with the video.


When the video restarted, Kimmel was saying, “Here are the messages I’ve been receiving. Keep in mind, I get messages only from benevolent ETs.”

He pointed to an image on the screen to his right. I got busy again writing on a new yellow page while he talked.

Kimmel said, “Benevolent ETs exist at higher dimensions. Some can slip into 3rd Dimension, others rely on very sophisticated holograms. All of them find it hard to exist in earth’s density.

“They tell me that they seeded life here and that’s the reason for the four different races we have.

“They see earth as a planet that has been enslaved by dark energies and dark beings. This has been going on for thousands of years.

“They believe we are capable of stepping up to become cosmic citizens, but not without getting our energies to higher consciousness.

“They say they have intimate knowledge of our government and financial systems.

“They are telling me that the situation in the larger universe is somewhat like that portrayed in Star Wars or Star Trek, but without the constant conflict.

“They see an environmental crisis that is much more severe than we can imagine and that we need to pay attention to it now.

“Debilitating chemicals are impacting our bodies, causing us to lose touch with higher consciousness.

“They are not coming to save us. They will help us, but it is up to us to move humanity to a higher state of consciousness.

“They see the possibility of a spiritual awakening. Some of it has already begun in certain locations.

“And finally, I am being told that this is the tipping point when humanity must awaken and take charge.”


I paused the video. I had been writing so furiously as Kimmel spoke that my hand hurt. I shook it out and looked at Heather. I had found considerable material for my book. Might have to go back and watch some of it again.

Heather appeared to be lost in thought as she leaned way back in her chair, feet on the coffee table. She said, “I believe that we will soon discover that there are many beings in the universe supporting humanity in our quest upward. There are names on that chart whom we can call upon for assistance. I say this based on my work with my spiritual group.

“You can put different words to it, but it all comes down to the same idea. We have to discover who we really are and then take responsibility for our thoughts, words, emotions, and actions. Then we can act out of love; then we can influence others to step up and assist everyone’s ascension.

“I believe each of us can do this. Humanity has now risen to a point where we are intelligent enough, wise enough, and loving enough to take full control of our lives.

“This is where I want to focus my investigation. I feel in my heart that this is my path.”

I took her hand in mine and said, “Thank you. I’ll be happy to assist you. Just show me how.”

Tears filled my eyes as I looked at this very special woman. I had no idea such uplifting words would come from her. I said a silent prayer to the ones who were communicating with me to keep her safe and to enable her to fulfill her goal. At that moment I knew that I loved her for who she was.

Each lost in our thoughts and emotions, we sat very quietly for a while.


I broke the silence and said, “It’s over my head. As an example, Kimmel talks about higher consciousness. What does that really mean?”

“I’d give you my interpretation,” Heather responded, “but that would be just me talking — without much background or investigation of my own. I say we give it a rest for a couple of days, let it sink in. Then we get back together and see if we can make sense of it, maybe get together with Mary and Dolores.

“Michael, look at what has happened to you since you were awakened. You have been given a book. You are getting communications from benevolent ETs. You have seen an extraterrestrial craft as few others have seen. I believe you are being offered the opportunity to make a difference on behalf of all of us.

“You say you will support me. I say that it will be me who supports you. I give you my blessing, as someone who knows who you really are.”

I scooted over and put an arm around her. She leaned into me, returning the warmth. We sat together for a long time, caught in the enormity of what lay before us.

Then Heather got up and stretched. I watched as she did things I was sure my body would never tolerate. I was fascinated watching her beautiful athletic body. I really hoped we could continue to explore this UFO and ET stuff, just so we could be together, if for no other reason.

The clock showed 5:00.                          

“How about a walk before you head home?” I asked.

“Trying to get rid of me, huh.”

“You may stay as long as you wish.”

“How about a walk and then a light movie with popcorn,” she said.

“Sold.” I shut down my computer and the large screen, leaving the DVD in place. We traipsed upstairs.

“I’m going to put on a sweater.” She reached into the bag she had brought.

I opened my coat closet and found a light jacket. “Will that sweater be enough? I’ve got all kinds of jackets in here.”

“From all your old girlfriends?”

“Hey, we already discussed that.” I held the front door open for her.


After a walk of a few blocks, we returned to my home. I ordered Chinese food and found a Star Trek episode on Netflix.

After eating our Chinese food, we sat comfortably, but not too close, on the sofa in my living room.

“The next time you come down, I’ll make curry. I am a very good cook.”

“Humble too,” Heather smirked.

“You have no idea,” I said.

“Oh, I think I do.”

Then I said, “On a more serious note, I like you, period. I should explain my cautiousness around you.

“After the death of my second wife, I promised myself I would be very careful about getting mixed up with another woman. I have kept that promise. You are the first one, other than my daughter, who has been in this house since then.”

“I’m of the same mind,” she said. “I like you also. We’ve had some amazing experiences, and I want to pursue this ET and secret government thing with you. As far as this higher consciousness thing, we’ll get into it the next time we see each other. I’ve been studying alchemy, as practiced in the ancient mystery schools, for the last five years.”

Before she left, we made specific plans to meet here, at my house, in two days at about 9:00 AM and go hiking on Grey’s and Torres, two fourteeners, west of Denver. Then we’d look at a website that her friend, Dolores, recommended. She gave me a long hug as she departed.


Chapter 6




Chapter 6




Late morning the following day, I received a call from a man who called himself, Zoraster. He said he had heard about me and felt we had something to discuss about extraterrestrials and a project he was working on. He wanted me to come to Colorado Springs, an hour south, to meet with him at his office. There was something about his voice that persuaded me to listen.

Eager for new information, I agreed to drive down to Colorado Springs to meet him.

I left the house at 1:30. I made good time driving south on Interstate 25 and arrived at the designated address in Colorado Springs in less than an hour.

It was a store front with windows that had been blacked out. As I prepared to knock on the door it was opened by a very tall man in black slacks and a black dress shirt.

“Welcome, Michael. I am Zoraster.”

When I shook hands with him, I looked into his eyes. For only a brief moment they turned bright yellow with vertical yellow cat-like irises. I suddenly felt like I was lunch for a predator. Then the next instant his eyes turned grey like those of a normal human being.

I tried to pull away, but his energy was so powerful that I stepped into the office. He closed the door behind me. I thought I heard a bolt, but could not be sure.

There was a circular table with three chairs. The walls were decorated with pictures of UFOs and strange beings.

As if on command, an attractive woman with long dark hair entered from a back room and took her place at the table. “This is Zelda,” Zoraster said. “She is my mate.”

He motioned me to the table and indicated the chair I should occupy. He then sat in the remaining chair.

We began a conversation about the galaxy and who it was that occupied other planets. The conversation went on for some time, but I could not follow it as my mind wandered.

Part of what Zoraster wanted was money to finance a movie. I did not get a clear picture as to what the movie was to be about.

“May I have some water?” I asked.

“That would be acceptable,” Zoraster said.

Zelda arose and went to the back room, returning with a clear plastic glass that was half full of water.

We must have talked for some time, for when I looked at my watch I saw that it read 5:30. “May we have some dinner together before I head back home.”

“We have other plans, but will meet you here in the morning,” Zoraster said.

“I had not planned to stay the night,” I said. “I have commitments back home.”

“I believe those can wait. We have not discussed important things.” He pointed at pictures of blue ETs on the wall. “We have a strong connection to the blue planet.”

“I must really insist that I leave tonight.” I could tell this situation was not in my best interests.

“I believe you will be most comfortable staying in this city tonight.”

I felt a strange energy coming over me. I could tell I was no longer thinking straight.

“We recommend the Red Roof Inn not far from here. Be sure to eat and sleep well.”

I stumbled to my Jeep and drove the few blocks to the Red Roof Inn, grabbing a hamburger and fries at Wendy’s. There was a vacancy, a single room left.

As soon as I received the room key, I headed for the room.  I had barely finished my burger when I fell onto the bed.

I tossed and turned all night. The word “disingenuous” kept repeating itself in my head, over and over again.


I arose the following morning early, determined to head home. However, something was pulling me back to Zoroaster’s office.

In the rumpled clothes I had slept in I staggered to the breakfast room of the Inn. There, I ate oatmeal, with milk and sugar, something I had avoided for years, along with three cups of English breakfast tea with milk.

Feeling as if I had no choice, I went back to Zoroaster’s office. He opened the door for me as I approached it. “Good morning, Michael.”

Barely functioning, because of a lack of sleep, I stumbled to the chair I had occupied the day before. Zelda sat across from me.

In the corner of the room was an unusual object. It was blue, shaped like a large egg with an open door. There was a seat within it that appeared to be large enough for one person.

Zoraster pointed to it and said, “Go and sit within it. It will make you feel much better.”

I shook my head slowly. Something told me that I wanted nothing to do with that contraption.

Moving on, Zoraster explained the movie project they were working on, “This is an opportunity to make a lot of money.

“We have been in charge of other projects where we have made lots of money from the people who attended our talks.” He explained how they had used a large tent and conducted such events.

They then took me to the room at the rear of the space. Laid out there were the sketches for a movie they wished to produce, a movie about a beaver and other animals. It made no sense to me, but Zelda could not stop talking about it.

Returning back to the front room, we sat at the table and talked. I had trouble focusing because of my lack of sleep.

When it became time for lunch, I suggested that the three of us find a restaurant. “We have another thing to attend to,” Zoraster said. “We will meet you back here in one hour, after you eat.”

I fled to my Jeep, keeping my stride under control even though I wanted nothing more than to race away.

As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot, I headed for Interstate 25. Taking the entrance north, I gunned the Jeep. I had to get away, had to go home.

Weaving in and out of cars, I raced along the freeway.

It took me a while to recognize the flashing red lights at my rear. Near the exit for Nevada Blvd., at the north end of Colorado Springs, I pulled to the side of the road.

When the officer came to the side of my Jeep, I rolled down my window. “Thank you for stopping me,” I said.

“Driver’s License and registration,” the man said.

As he scanned them, he looked at me as if I were drunk or on drugs of some sort, and said, “You were going eighty-five. The speed limit is sixty-five.”

He took my papers to his vehicle and entered them into his onboard computer.

When he returned, he said, “Please step out of your vehicle.”

I climbed out, a little wobbly, but otherwise okay. “Walk toward my car,” the officer said, pointing to the side of the road where his patrol car sat with its lights flashing.

I walked a more or less straight line.

At his vehicle, he gave me a breath analyzer test. Apparently, it registered no alcohol. Content with my results, he proceeded to write me a ticket, my first in many years.

I returned to my Jeep and headed north once again, more awake and under the speed limit.


When I arrived at my house, Heather’s car was in the driveway. I realized that I was scheduled to meet her today and go for a hike.

The front door was locked. I used my key to unlock it.

As soon as I entered my house, Heather stepped forward and encircled me in a hug. “Are you okay?” she asked. “I was worried when you didn’t show.”

“I need to lay down,” I replied, stumbled for the sofa in my living room, and plopped down. “Didn’t sleep last night.”

“How can I help?” she said.

“Just need sleep.” I closed my eyes, grateful to be home, grateful to be away from Zoraster and Zelda. “Lock the front door. Don’t let anybody in.”

With those words I closed my eyes and I fell into a deep sleep.


When I awakened and looked around, it was dark outside. Heather was seated on a nearby chair, reading something.

I sat up and said, “How did you get into my house?”

“You told me the sliding door at the back was usually not locked.”

I nodded my head.

I then proceeded to tell her how I had spent yesterday and today. How fearful I was in the company of the interesting and powerful people who had control of me. I added the part about my reckless driving, the speeding ticket, and how I had barely made it home.

“How did they target you, single you out?” Heather asked.

“Must be the research I’m doing. My profile is still up on the Internet.”

“Are you hungry?” she asked.

“Yes. I didn’t like oatmeal any better this morning than I ever have. I’m ready for something.”

“How about pizza? Cheese and mushroom.”


Twenty minutes later the doorbell rang and we had food. We had put together a salad.

We talked about my experience, what they had wanted from me, and how they had such power over me. I told her about Zoraster’s cat eyes and wondered whether he was truly a human.

“I believe we shouldn’t give it more energy, so let’s agree to leave it at that,” I said.

“I recommend a long hot shower to wash off any residual energy or chemicals you might have picked up.”

“Good idea.” I struggled to the upper floor of my house. I stood under water as hot as I could stand, and then cold water.


I returned to the main floor somewhat refreshed and said, “How about watching some more of that Mark Kimmel video. Maybe that’ll help clear my mind.”

“Good idea, it’s ready to go downstairs.”

When we rejoined the video, Kimmel was speaking about the current paradigm. He had a chart up that showed a list. We froze the DVD so I could write it down.



Financial institutions hijacked

Petroleum based civilization

Mind control

Medical owned by pharmaceuticals

Education – training future workers

Earth shifts

ETs and celestials

Then we started the DVD again. “We are allowing the environment to collapse,” Kimmel said. “We are allowing ourselves to be indentured servants.

“Einstein said it, ‘One cannot solve a problem using the same thinking that created it.’

“We cannot solve our problems in third dimension terms.

“We must understand who we are, non-physical, spiritual beings incarnated in physical bodies. Our non-physical self is a fragment of Divinity. We have a higher self, an astral body, a soul, and a superconsciousness.”

Kimmel concluded by saying, “I chose to play this role, everybody does. I choose my experiences. I am helping to create the stage. I am creating the script. What about you?”


“I like the last thing that he said,” Heather said, when we had turned off the video. “It goes along with some of what I understand.”

“I will have to explore his remarks in some detail,” I said. “I must admit to confusion about higher consciousness, non-physical self, and the business about helping to create the stage.”

“Give yourself some time,” she said. “You’ve just had a real shock interacting with whatever or whoever this guy Zoraster was.” She gently touched my arm. “I can give you some assistance with higher consciousness and the rest of it. It’s something I’ve been studying for some time, along with Mary and Dolores.”


It had gotten to be eight o’clock, so I shut down the computer and large screen.

“I need to get home,” Heather said. “I’m tired and it’s a long drive.”

She got up from the sofa where we had been watching the video and walked over to her bag.

“Without suggesting anything,” I said, “there’s a guest room at the top of the stairs. Bed’s got clean sheets.”

She looked at me with her beautiful green eyes. Her eyebrows had just enough color to give her face definition. There were few wrinkles in her near perfect complexion.

“Okay, but remember our earlier conversation. And I really am tired.”

“Let me get you fresh towels,” I said. “I’ll probably stay up a while, to wind down, before I get into bed.”

“This is a major trust issue.” She fixed me in a stare that she probably used on students. “Don’t screw it up.”

A few minutes later, I said, “Good night. Thanks for being here when I got home.”

I collected the notes I had made and added them to the stack for my book, then I picked up a novel by David Baldacci. I had read only a few pages when I got tired, so I headed upstairs to my bedroom.

Before I fell to sleep, I was given another message.


Maintain a steady focus on the larger picture. Know why you agreed to incarnate on this planet at this time and place. Find that purpose and embrace it, however outrageous it may appear.


As sleepy as I was, I took time to write down the words, feeling that they were important. How did this fit with what I had just heard on the DVD, with my book, with what I had experienced in Colorado Springs?

My last thought before finally drifting off was, I’m falling for her. It was so nice to find Heather here when I got home. It felt very good to have her as a friend. Anything beyond that would have to wait.


Chapter 7

Chapter 7





As I lay in bed the next morning, I smiled at the sound of water in the shower. I tried not to imagine Heather’s lithe form under its spray. Then I caught myself. Was I ready to get involved, to retreat from my pledge of non-involvement?

I got up, dressed, and headed for the kitchen. There I started both coffee and hot water for tea.

“This is another first for me,” Heather said as she entered the room. She was fully dressed in jeans and a light blue sweater. “Sleeping over, but not at one of my relatives or girlfriends. Gotta be a sign.”

“Of what?” I asked.

“Whatever we want to make of it.”

“Scrambled eggs and an English muffin?” I asked, avoiding the subject of our relationship.

“Yes, to scrambled eggs,” she said, then asked, “So what do you want to make of it?”

“I’m real comfortable around you,” I said. “Very glad you’re here. Don’t feel like you need to run back to Loveland.”

Heather smiled, “Whew, you are an interesting man. Do you know that?”

I smiled and looked at her out of a new set of eyes. Not only was she cute, but she was smart and intuitive. She was reading me like a book, and she knew that I knew it.

We both started laughing, just because we liked the current situation a whole lot.

Then she reached out and squeezed my hand. “I like you, Michael.”

“I like you too.”

“Now what?”

“Now,” I laughed, “I’m going to scramble these eggs.”

I cracked four eggs and whipped them with a fork.

I turned to her and said, “You take my breath away.”

“Me too,” she replied, looking into my eyes.

“Stay until noon. There’s lots more to figure out about ETs and the rest of what Kimmel said. I note that he did not mention anything about a cabal. I’m still looking for something to get my teeth into on that whole subject.”

With only a little hesitation Heather said, “Okay, here’s the book I got from Dolores.” She held up a copy of THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL. “I’m not sure it will help with the cabal, but it’s got a lot about the government keeping things secret.”

After eggs, toast and orange juice, we settled on the sofa in my living room, the book on Heather’s lap.

“I read a little of this,” she said, “as I was waiting for you to show up yesterday. It’s written in the form of an autobiography, very interesting, but difficult reading. It has a 1997 publication date.”


As Heather read, I made notes, focusing on what I might use in my own book or in conclusions for our investigations. I hoped that it would be an important source of information.

The book stated that the author, Colonel Philip J. Corso, headed up the Foreign Technology desk at Army Research and Development at the Pentagon. He reported to Lt. General Arthur Trudeau, the director of Army Research and Development.

Previously at the Pentagon, he had worked in some of the most secret areas of military intelligence. As a part of his job under General Trudeau, he controlled a file cabinet that contained debris and information that the Army had gathered from the Roswell crash in 1947.

According to the book, the Roswell crash had been kept from the public in light of the “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast in 1938. This fictionalized report of an alien invasion, told by Orson Wells, had caused widespread panic. The authorities did not want a repeat of this, should the Roswell crash become widely known. Added to this was the concern that the craft might have been an experimental Soviet weapon, because it bore some resemblance to Nazi aircraft that had appeared at the end of World War II.

Corso referenced the many different stories circulating about the Roswell crash. All agreed that something had happened in the desert near Roswell, but none had details or proof.

General Trudeau had directed Corso to use the Army’s weapons development and research program to transfer the Army’s cache of technology from the crash into the hands of industrial corporations, so they might produce things important to the Army.


Over several pages of the book, Corso described, in detail, events the night of the Roswell crash as he knew them. It was a night filled with severe lightning storms across the desert of the entire area. Radar had tracked unexplained phenomenon for days. These incidents of unidentified radar blips that had continued for several days put the military on high alert. Surveillance flights reported no sightings of strange objects. The ground shook from the unusually strong thunder. An odd craft, traveling at high speed, was seen by several civilian observers. Army counterintelligence was ordered to Roswell.

On radar, the evening of July 4, 1947, one of the strange objects was reported pulsating, then disappeared, and then exploded off radar screens. Believing it was an enemy aircraft that had crashed in the nearby desert, a crash-and-retrieval team was sent to the site. Its job was to recover and bring back remnants of the crash before anyone else could. A secondary intent was to keep knowledge of it away from civilians. In the book, Corso pointed out that the program had been so successful that thirty years later, mystery surrounded the crash at Roswell and no hard evidence had been picked up by the media.

At the crash site, all was organized chaos. It did not look like any craft they had seen before. Most assumed it was some sort of a Soviet craft. The military carried off bodies of small child-like beings like no one had seen before. Soldiers shot and killed one small alien who tried to escape. Soldiers, some on their hands and knees, searched the area for scraps from the wreckage. Military police focused on keeping civilians away, and swearing any local officials who saw anything to absolute secrecy. The collected debris was shipped to secret locations for analysis.

After the crash, military intelligence officials sought to suppress any information about the event. They used threats of violence and bribery against local people to suppress the truth about the event. The families of military personnel were especially hard hit, as they knew something had occurred. A week later, the crash outside Roswell might never have happened. Corso wrote that this level of disinformation had continued to the present day.


Corso described his first impressions of single-filament glasslike wires and thin two-inch, cracker-shaped wafers with tiny road maps of wires on their surface. He was fascinated with the eyepieces from the beings that enabled them to see in the dark. He fingered what he described as a foil-like swatch of cloth that returned to its original shape after twisting. He soon realized that the military had nothing like these in use or under development.

He and General Trudeau created a plan to move further developments of the Roswell technology to defense contractors where they could be developed apart from government oversight, away from those that might want to bury it under the guise of secrecy.

Trudeau believed that the Air Force had debris from Roswell at Wright Field in Ohio under control of Lt. Gen. Nathan Twining. The USAF was committed to developing aircraft to out-fly the Soviets, so that was where all efforts were headed. Trudeau also believed the Navy had debris. All was kept secret out of fear of leaks to the Soviets.

Corso set the stage for his efforts by discussing, over and over again, the many steps he took to keep his activities secret from the CIA and other government agencies because he feared leaks to the Soviets.


Later in the book, Corso tells how he was absolutely shocked to see the body of an extraterrestrial biological entity (EBE) at Fort Riley, Kansas: a four-foot human figure, four fingers, thin legs and feet, an incandescent light-bulb shaped head, and pale gray skin. The eye sockets were oversized and almond shaped with a tiny slit for a mouth. He wrote that he hoped never to see anything like it again, although the memory had never left him.

USAF General Twining had transferred the bulk of the debris from the crash to Fort Riley. He directed a complete interchange of data about the crash among the Army, Navy, Atomic Energy Commission, JRDB, the Air Force Scientific Advisory Group, NACA, and the RAND and NEPA projects. Twining supplied a report about activities to President Truman.

Despite efforts to quell the Roswell story, it would not go away with the continued sightings of UFOs. Various groups within the government continued their investigations. With no knowledge about the beings involved in the crash or their mission, they had concluded that the craft was extraterrestrial. It was treated as a war against an unknown enemy. For the next fifty years the secrets around the Roswell crash bounced among various government agencies. Despite this confusion, the Army, operating in secret and feeling itself in competition with the Air Force and other groups, had somehow acquired what was in the file given to Corso in 1961.


The strategy Corso developed was to organize the material in the file using assistance from scientists like Oberth and von Braun. Then they would assess which defense contractor had ongoing development contracts that would allow them to feed things from the file cabinet into existing projects. That way the existing defense contractors became the cover for what they were developing. They were mixing what was under current development with non-earth technology. They decided to have the companies apply for new patents on what was developed. Doing it this way and keeping it secret, the world would never know the technology came from off-planet.


His job charter was to sort what looked promising for R & D to further develop or improve what they already had. The general direction was to discover things of value so that man could travel in space.

The first technology that Corso focused on was the EBE retrieved from the craft. Rather than a humanoid, it was deemed to be a robot specifically designed for space travel. The creatures still alive after the crash had great difficulty breathing our atmosphere. There was no food aboard the craft, leading to the speculation that the craft was a scout ship. Scientists could not determine how the entities’ chemistry worked. The body was enclosed within a one-piece protective covering. Corso believed that with it the entities were part of the electrical system of the craft.

Experiments to duplicate the workings of the craft were continuing. There was no understanding of the propulsion system.


“This is a little different than what we heard from Dr. Greer,” Heather said.

“True, but remember this book was published in 1997, years before either the Disclosure Project testimony or what we heard from Greer on the Baca.”

“So, is it even worthwhile?” she asked.

“I like the part about the Roswell crash. I’ve often wondered whether it was the real thing. And I think we’ll discover where some of our technology comes from.”

“Well, okay, let’s get on with it.”


Back to the book, I skipped forward to focus on specific technologies. But before we got to them there were many pages of recollections about Corso’s career and description about the interplay between the various parties interested in getting. something from the crash to give the United States an edge against the Soviets.

Corso described how information about Roswell had circulated around the White House, although in a secret way that no one would admit. Then he described the day, in 1961, when he had received a cabinet of objects and information from Roswell, as an assignment from General Trudeau. The General had impressed on him the top-secret importance of the file and its contents. Its existence had been kept secret since 1947.

Much of the book was Corso’s recollections about his career, detailed reports on what the Air Force under General Twining was doing, and the state of development in various technologies.

As a background note to 1962, Corso wrote that Army Intelligence was focused on potential threats due to the Bay of Pigs failure. Khrushchev was angry about the U2 incident, and Russia was getting ready to send manned spacecraft into long-term flights. J. Edgar Hoover was concerned about all the Roswell stories that were circulating because the CIA was involved. There were hunts ongoing for communists in all areas of government. Everyone was feeling that the U.S. was badly behind relative to space.


After reading more of the book, I said to Heather, “I feel this is an important book — lots of detailed history and secrets surrounding Roswell and what the military situation was like at that time. Helps me understand how everyone was feeling toward the Soviets and that the U.S. was behind them relative to space.”                            

“Much to think about, but how does it help our investigation?” she asked. She set the book on the sofa.

“It gives me an appreciation for just how complicated everything is regarding UFOs and ETs.”

She turned her body and looked directly at me. “For me, this book is very slow going. What are we trying to achieve?”

In that moment I saw a different side of Heather, a strong side, one willing to question what I obviously felt was important to me. I loved what I saw.

“I want to know what influences the Roswell crash had on our technologies,” I said. “For me, that is enough. I don’t care so much about the interplay between the various government agencies.”

“Then let’s skip through that in the remainder of the book. Pick out what you feel is important.”


We then opened the Corso book and began to skim. I jotted notes to use in my own book. Heather noted what appealed to her.


Corso had arranged to transfer the laser technology to Hughes Aircraft because they were working in that arena.

There was much on-going work to discover how to transmit light using fiber optics. The Roswell craft had used it in place of electrical wiring. Corso arranged with Western Electric to utilize what had been discovered from the Roswell craft to speed developments of their projects.

Scientists examining the Roswell debris had discovered a ceramic-like fiber that encased both the EBEs and the craft. Corso approached Monsanto and DuPont who were major plastics and ceramic manufacturers. Several years later, DuPont announced the creation of Kevlar. Again, Corso’s efforts and the debris from Roswell had speeded up a company’s research and development process. Stealth aircraft were also a beneficiary of composite plastics and ceramics based on the Roswell craft.

A particle beam weapon was predicted to work if electrical power generators, storage devices, and computer software could be developed. Nicolas Tesla had theorized about its development before 1900. He called it his “death ray,” because it could destroy entire cities anywhere in the world.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was created to focus on the military’s requirements for new technologies. It quickly focused on discovering potential technologies to be derived from the UFOs and EBEs. One of its first areas of focus was a particle beam weapon. Corso described how the Roswell crash contributed to furthering research in that direction.


I pointed to a page that dealt with the whole subject of secrecy about ET craft. “I want to spend just a moment here,” I said.

“Okay,” Heather replied.


Corso stated that as of January 1953, the country had no official policy about how to deal with sightings and other information about ET craft, about how to release it to the press. After the inauguration of President Eisenhower, the working group headed by General Nathan Twining, Air Force chief of staff, was to be the focal point for all such information. It was to be released to the public only when it was identified as swamp gas or a meteorite. Project “Moon Dust” established recovery teams for crashed UFOs, and project “Blue Fly” directed all debris from crashed UFOs to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. The military was focused on the Soviets. UFOs were clearly viewed by the military as a second enemy.

In December of 1969, the Air Force announced the termination of Project Blue Book, saying that it had not yielded any useful information. At the same time Corso stated that the war against UFOs has continued because they had caused disruptions at Air Force bases. In the 1970s, directed-energy weapons and high-energy lasers were employed against UFOs.

In the 1980s, President Reagan and Chairman Gorbachev recognized the need for cooperation against a common enemy, although neither officially recognized the threat. The U.S. Strategic Defense Consciousness produced space-based weapons that could be used against UFOs. The EBEs were viewed as cloned biological entities who were harvesting Earth specimens for experimentation.

Corso finished the book by pointing out the mind-set of the military at the time he was functioning. The U.S. was in a cold war with the Soviets. UFOs and EBEs were not understood and were viewed strictly as enemies. Secrecy was the way in which all this was dealt with, and the truth about UFOs was kept secret for decades, even from Presidents. And finally, he reported that the U.S. had high-energy lasers and directed particle-beam weapons.


An appendix to the book presented “Project Horizon,” classified documents by General Trudeau. They detailed his 1959 proposal for a manned military base on the moon. Its purpose was to demonstrate United States leadership in outer space. The material included sketches for equipment, buildings, and spacesuits for people. It proposed using the Saturn rocket to move the required material to the moon.


“I now agree, Michael, it’s quite a book,” Heather said as she held it up. “I wonder why it hasn’t gotten more publicity.

“Probably because it’s so difficult to read,” I said. “There’s a wealth of information buried inside, but Corso’s style is so detailed that it’s hard to ferret it out. He is focused on keeping his activities secret and then describing what else is happening at the same time in other branches of the military and government. It’s no wonder they managed to keep everything secret. There was no coherent path through all the information about extraterrestrials and ET craft.”

“So, what’re our conclusions about this book?” Heather asked.

“I’d say there are three major ones. First, the crash at Roswell was the real thing, it did happen. Second, we got some very advanced technology from extraterrestrials. Third, the government has gone to great lengths to cover it all up.”


It was now lunch time. Heather prepared to head back to her home in Loveland.

“No need to rush off,” I said.

“I have things to do at home.”

“And what could be more important than continuing what we have started?”

“I will leave the book with you.”

“I’m not talking about the book,” I said. “I’m referring to what we started between the two of us.”

“I know,” she said. “That’s why I’m leaving.”

I walked over to where she was assembling her things. When she stood, I wrapped my arms around her. Then very slowly I lowered my lips to hers.

Her immediate reaction was to pull away. But then after a moment’s hesitation she returned my kiss.

“Not bad,” she said, “but I really must go.”

“I’m not so sure about all this, but I’ll follow your lead.” I said. I helped her to her car. “Thank you again for being here.”

“I was happy to do it,” she said. “We still need to do that hike to Grey and Torres.”

“I’m good for the next two weeks,” I said, “then I’m off on my annual fishing trip with Peter. If it’s okay with you, I’m going to attend some of your softball games. And I want to find a Rockies game we can go to.”

“That all sounds good.”

With that, she backed from the driveway and sped up the street.

I felt a loss at her leaving, but knew we had moved a step closer.


My time with Zoraster was still on my mind. I called Al Simpson and asked him to lunch. I wanted answers to what I had experienced.

We met in downtown Denver at the Ships Tavern in the Brown Palace Hotel. A booth there provided a quiet place to talk.

I asked him what he thought about book, The Day After Roswell. “I’ve read it,” he said. “New thinking about the crash. More important, I think it sheds light on the whole secrecy thing around UFOs, how the military views all ETs as adversaries.”

I agreed with him, then I launched into my experience with Zoraster and Zelda.

“I’ve never heard of anything like this,” Al said. “With his eyes and the strange behavior, he’s got to be some kind of an ET hybrid, clone, or hologram.”

“All I know is that he had some powerful energy,” I said. “I felt like I was a captive. Not sure how I summoned enough strength to break free.

“Doesn’t this contradict Dr. Greer’s statements that all ETs are benevolent?” I asked.

“Does seem that way. There are a number of other people who are pointing to dark ETs and how they have infiltrated our society, how they are linked up with certain people.”

“Give me some references.”

“Soon as I get home, I’ll email you.”

“Another question,” I said, “has Steve Greer ever been threatened due to the work he’s doing?”

“Yeah, a couple of years back he talked about it,” Al said. “Apparently two people close to Steve died as the result of an attack.

“Which leads me to advise you to watch yourself. There are people as well as ETs who may not want the bigger picture laid out in that book you’re writing. This guy Zoraster probably found you due to the searches you’ve been doing.”

I patted myself on the back that I had separated my work on the book to my iMac while I did searches on my MacBook. The iMac was not connected to the Internet. A little clumsy, but, apparently, I had done the right thing. I had never imagined that my activities would threaten anyone, or make me a target.

On my way home, I called Heather and mentioned my conversation with Al.


Over the next two weeks, Heather and I got together at my house three times, attended a Rockies game against Atlanta, and I watched two of her softball games, both of which her team won. It felt good to have a friend with whom to do things. More importantly, our relationship deepened to where we both were comfortable hugging and kissing in public.

What did not happen was our hike up Greys and Torres. It kept getting postponed with my work on the book and her schedule of activities. We did find time to watch a couple of videos, but they did not provide anything.

Chapter 8




Chapter 8




On a Monday morning after two weeks of softball, books, and videos, plus an ever-deepening relationship with Heather, I loaded my fishing gear, sleeping bag, fishing clothes, and a cooler with beer into the back of Peter Lockwood’s Ford F150. Then, pulling Peter’s popup trailer, we drove away from my home and headed for two days of camping and fishing in the Colorado mountains.

We picked up US 285 going west out of Denver. First, we followed the winding road through Turkey Creek canyon. We passed through the town of Bailey without stopping. The highway took us over Kenosha Pass where we crossed the Colorado Trail.

I had hiked that trail for several days a few years back. In addition to the incredible scenery of the high mountains of Colorado, I had become familiar with the rear end of the llama that carried the camping equipment and food for our party. I lugged a sixty-pound pack for the trek.

At Johnson Corner, Peter and I turned south, staying with  US 285, along the Arkansas River. We had fished along here before, but our destination today was further west. When we reached Poncha Springs we turned west on US 50. If we had continued south on US 285, we would have arrived at the Baca Grande. The experiences of my week were still fresh in my mind.

At Poncha Springs we stopped at the little café I remembered and ordered two Pad Thai. The food was excellent, as good as I remembered.

On US 50 we climbed over Monarch Pass, the Continental Divide, and soon arrived at the town of Gunnison. Skirting around Blue Mesa Reservoir, we arrived at our campground near Cimarron, a wide spot on the road west to Montrose. There we ditched the popup trailer in a designated camping site, and headed to the Gunnison River.

We spent the rest of that day along the banks of the Gunnison, without much luck. They had released a large amount of water from the upstream reservoir and the fish had not settled down to their usual habitats. Calling it a day, we headed for camp.

We raised the popup and got our things organized before breaking out the first beer. I had brought along Coors, not because it was the best of beers, but because it was our tradition.

That night we sat around the fire and told stories of earlier trips. I told Peter about my lost day and my long sleep. He told me about the problems of running a chiropractic business. I told him about my exit from Alliance and how I was now working on a book. He asked about Heather. I told him that I was in love, but that we were remaining on a friendship level. “Good luck with that,” he said. He talked a little about his long-time girlfriend, Lois Liggett, and how they were going to be married in a few months.

“Congratulations,” I said, “I like her. Seems like a really nice person.”

“She’s special, has a spiritual outlook on everything,” he replied. “Is Heather spiritual?”

“I’m beginning to see that side of her. She’s very committed to seeing things from a higher perspective. I’ve got a lot to learn.

“We’ve been focusing on extraterrestrials and the cabal – the stuff we heard from Steve Greer. Found some really interesting things along that line.” I went on to relay a little about what our investigation had turned up about Roswell and Colonel Corso. “I’ll lend you the book when we get home.”

“What about your experience with the ET in Colorado Springs?” he asked.

“Still looking for answers,” I said. I mentioned my conversation with Al Simpson.

“No one seems to have had anything like my experience. Or if they have, they’re not talking about it. This secrecy things makes it real hard to get answers.”

We drank a few beers and ate hamburgers. About 9:00 we turned in, preparing for a big day tomorrow.


The following day we fished the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River and a smaller stream that flowed into the town, then had lunch in Lake City. We found everywhere loaded with other fishermen.

In the afternoon, I was sitting on the bank of the Lake Fork, about ready to call it a day. I looked to the north, down the valley of the river where it widened out to flow into Blue Mountain Reservoir.

Suddenly and quietly a black helicopter came over the ridge to the west. I watched as it ejected a drone from its side. The helicopter continued east, while the drone came south toward me. When it was a few hundred feet over me, I looked up to see a camera on its underside. Instinctively I lowered my gaze and slipped my fishing hat low over my face. Regardless, I was sure it had taken a picture of me. Climbing, the drone continued south, up the valley.

I asked Peter if he had seen the drone.

“Yes, it was strange to see it way out here. About that time, I had a nice strike, but then lost it.”


The next day, from our camp site, we climbed steadily as we drove on a twisting gravel road. It followed the Cimarron river south. It took us about an hour and several miles, as we passed high-altitude ranches with Herefords and Black Angus on either side of the road. We finally arrived at the pull-out that I had remembered from earlier trips. A gate blocked us from further access.

After a half-mile hike down a steep dirt road, we emerged at the top of the dam for Silver Jack Reservoir. In years past, Peter and I had experienced great fishing in the spillway below the dam. Not many fishermen were willing to make the long hike down to it or, more importantly, the long hike back up to the parking area.

I wore a fishing vest over a long sleeve shirt. The latter to help ward off mosquitos. I had on my chest waders and my lucky fishing hat. Attached to my belt was my trusty net on the left, a collapsible pole to help with wading the stream on my right. In my left hand I carried my nine-foot fly fishing pole.

Remembering what worked last year, I tied a tiny dry fly to the tip of my leader. Twenty-four inches below, I tied a much larger dropper.

The air was crisp. The water, coming from deep in the reservoir, was cold and clear. We moved around the banks of the stream, keeping our shadow off the water and being cautious not to make noise. Navigating among willows, we waded into the stream, keeping a little space between us. Peter headed for the opposite bank. The water was so clear I could see every rock on the bottom. Careful with my steps among the slippery rocks on the bottom, I headed for shady water a little way upstream.

On my first cast into the hole, I snagged a beautiful trout. After playing it to exhaustion, I scooped it out with my net. I thanked the fish and killed it quickly. I could tell right then that it was going to be a memorable day.

Not long after, Peter got his first fish next to the bank on the other side of the river. We continued to wade toward the spillway, casting our flies along the sides of the river.


At the end of the day, we hiked back up with six beautiful trout each, below our limit, but enough to provide a feast when we got home. Last year I would have used the catch and release technique to catch many more fish and return them to the stream. But I now felt this practice caused trauma to the fish. I had decided to no longer practice it. Hearing my argument, Peter had gone along with me. We kept what we caught. We ate what we kept.


Late afternoon, when we reached Cimarron and my iPhone showed two bars, I called Heather.

“Did you catch some?” was her immediate query.

“Got my limit,” I replied. “We’ll head back in the morning. Can you come to dinner tomorrow? Fish with other good stuff. Peter and his girlfriend, Lois, are coming.”

“What time?”

“Five-thirty. I’ve got a surprise to show everyone.”

“I’ll be there. What can I bring?”

“Just yourself. Look forward to seeing you.”

“Me too.”


Peter and I slept late the following morning. We did not leave the campground until close to 10:00. We arrived back at my house at about 2:00 and unloaded, then I headed for a shower.


By the time Peter and Lois arrived, I had fixed a large salad and cooked Spanish rice. They brought garlic bread, beer, and cheesecake.                              

I warmed up the frying pan with bacon grease and rolled the trout in corn grits, just the way my mother had done.

I turned around in the kitchen and there was Heather. She had not knocked, just let herself in the front door.

We reached for one another and gave a big hug. “Missed you,” she said.

“I missed you too,” I said. “Guess I’ll have to take you fishing next time.”

“Careful, I might out-fish you.”

At that moment, Peter and Lois stepped through the sliding glass doors from the back yard.

Heather turned and immediately said to Lois, “I know you. Attachson Middle School, ten years ago.”

Lois rushed to her and gave her a big hug. “Small world,” she said.

“Hi Peter,” Heather said, “I wasn’t too sure about you, but now I know you must be okay. Lois is very discriminating.”

Lois laughed, “Look who’s talking. I met Michael a year ago, but then he was just another business guy, suit and all.”

“All right you two,” I said. “I’ll start the fish.”

Before long the aroma of trout in bacon grease filled the house. The two women had gone to the living room to talk. Peter found a beer in the fridge and stood by as the four trout turned golden brown.

I had laid everything out on the kitchen counter. There were glasses for the Silverado Chardonnay that I had been chilling in the ice bucket.

“It’s time to eat,” I called out.

We served ourselves and then gathered at the round table.


After we had eaten, but before we had dessert, I said, “I have a special treat.” I turned around and brought forth a large book. Without showing them the front cover, I said, “I found this very rare book on an antique book site. Somebody had told me about it, don’t remember who, and I went looking. It’s a nineteen seventy-nine printing.” I showed them the certificate of authenticity. Then I showed them the front cover, UFO…Contact From The Pleiades.

Scooting around so everyone could see, I opened the book. On the first page, was a picture of a UFO, slightly behind a tree. The following was a quote from that page:


We too, are still far removed from perfection and have to evolve constantly, just like yourselves. We are neither superior nor super-human, nor are we missionaries… we feel duty bound to the citizens of earth, because our forebearers were their forebearers…

          The Pleiadian cosmonaut, SEMJASE

          February 8, 1975


I passed the book to Lois who sat between Heather and Peter. She carefully turned its pages, as the three of them were delighted with its contents. On one page the text stated that on Tuesday, January 28th, 1975, at 2:12 P.M. in the Swiss countryside of Hinwel, Billy Meier had heard an unusual sound. Then he saw a strange silver disc-shaped craft circling slowly above. He snapped several photographs. It landed in a clearing 100 meters away. He tried to approach, but was stopped by an invisible wall. A cosmonaut emerged from the craft and walked directly toward him. This was the first of his many encounters with beings from the Pleiades.


Heather, Lois and Peter continued to turn pages on which pictures of UFOs against the background of rural Switzerland were printed in full color.

“Keep in mind that there were no digital cameras when these photos were taken in nineteen seventy-five,” I said. “These were all taken by Billy with a thirty-five-millimeter camera. Plus, he was a one-armed man riding around on a motorcycle.

“I’ve been through this book several time, but still find its photos amazing and the words resonate with me, even though they contradict some of what we know from Steven Greer.

“I want to ask you about this quotation.” I pointed to it:


Although terrestrial man may have taken his first step into space, this is still a question of primitive attempts even though he has been able to fly to your moon with missiles. He has still to reach space – because to achieve this end he needs a force (propulsion) that is able to produce a ‘hyperspace’ velocity, so that the tremendous distances are reduced to something navigable. Then space and time are overcome by non-space and non-time –that is space and time are reduced almost to annihilation.


“What I want to know is how this squares away with what we know from Steve Greer and Colonel Corso. Anyone?”

“It’s not consistent with what we’ve received from others,” Peter said.

“I think it was tailored to the people of that time,” said Heather. We know so much more today.”

“Gives me pause to think about what we are stumbling on. Where does the truth lie?” I asked, then suggested that we continue with the book.

“I like the pictures,” Lois said, “regardless of the words.”

Heather said, “Could it be that much was lost in the communications from the Pleiadians to German, and then again as it was translated it into English?”

I pointed out another quote:


On many occasions space travelers have visited your Earth from other stars (108 different civilizations at last count) sometimes from very distant systems, like ourselves. On occasion accidental contacts which are unique may take place with Earth people.



Again, this solicited comments from each of us, because it varied from what we had understood previously. After a while, we concluded that we should just marvel at the rest of the book with its pictures and then discuss it as a whole.

Having agreed to this, Lois pointed out one message from the Pleiadians that she thought was particularly important:


Man should know that the God (force) is quite simply that of creation, and that man also, either coming from the higher spiritual spheres or being elevated to those spheres after numerous terrestrial lives, is subject to creation and respectively complimentary to it… However, one can never identify God separately from the creation because God itself is a part of it…


The remainder of the book dealt with verifying the pictures as being produced by unaltered film. Billy Meier’s neighbors were involved in some of the contact incidents and gave witness to their truth. There were also drawings of various type crafts.

At the very end of the book were pictures and claims by the Pleiadians about their involvement with the great pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, their influence in ancient Greece, and their involvement with Machu Pichu, Peru and the Nazca Plains in Peru.


We sat for over an hour looking at the amazing pictures in the book. Lois was the most astonished because she had not been with us in the field, although she had seen the Disclosure video. We took a break and the others each had an opinion or two about the book.

“Overall, I find it fascinating,” Peter said. “The pictures are wonderful. Sure, there’re some inconsistencies with what we’ve heard from Greer, and Corso, but who’s to say who is more correct. After all, the words are being communicated to humans with unique backgrounds. There’s bound to be some differences. It’s a real find, Michael, thanks for sharing it.”

Heather said, “I’m going to study it more closely, and find some cross references. I’m sure there are more up to date sources. After all, so much more has come out since 1975.”

Lois’ comment was that she liked the reference to God. It was not too different from what she had concluded after several years of investigations. Heather agreed saying that she too liked the Pleiadians references to God.   

I told them I had asked those who were communicating with me about the book. They had said that it was quite good and appropriate for the time when it was put together. Now they directed me to find more recent communications.


At 8:00, Peter and Lois decided it was time to depart.

After they had gone, Heather said, “I’m going to stay the night, hope that’s okay.”

“Great,” I replied and kissed her lightly. “You know where the guest bedroom is. I need to clean up a thing or two, then I’ll be ready for bed myself.”

“You want help?”

“No, I’m good.”

She grabbed her bag and walked upstairs.

“What was likely to happen? Was this too soon after the death of my wife?” I asked myself. “What about my commitment not to get involved? Heather was indeed very special. I knew we both felt a connection.”

When I arrived in my bedroom, I slipped all my clothes off to my shorts and climbed into bed.

Then I climbed back out, “What the hell, nothing ventured,” I said to myself.

I opened my door to the hallway. At the same moment, Heather’s door also opened. She was dressed in a skimpy night shirt.

We stared at each other for a moment, then hugged in the middle of the hallway.

“It’s time,” she whispered.

Before I could say anything, she placed a finger on my lips. Then she covered my mouth with hers. Her taste was better than I had imagined.

I took a step back toward my open door, pulling her gently with me.

In the room, I lifted her night shirt over her head.

Then I caressed the beautiful body that I had dreamed about so often, as she touched mine.

With her help I wiggled my shorts down to my feet.             

We found our way to the bed.

Time had no meaning thereafter. I knew that we would be together for a long time, and knew that we loved each other.

Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning, we fell asleep in each other’s arms. We had made love to each other slowly and very gently.

We had each whispered that we loved each other. I felt pleasure along with gratitude for what was happening. Nothing would ever be the same for me.


When I awakened, she was still next to me. I studied her face and tousled hair. She was like an angel as she lay there, breathing softly. I reached out and kissed her gently.

She opened her eyes. “I felt you eyeing me”

“So, what happens now?” I asked.       

“Now, we learn how to be with each other both as friends and as lovers. You notice I said friends first.”

“I got it. You would have been a great challenge to my old self. However, I believe my new self will do quite well with being your friend.”


A little later we had migrated to the kitchen. I was in a pair of pajama bottoms. Heather wore a dress shirt of mine, buttoned so that it covered her to her thighs.

“Here’s to us, as friends,” I raised my mug of tea. “However, if you dress like that very often, I’ll have a hard time remembering.”

“Just another challenge for you,” she smiled.

“I didn’t use any protection last night,” I said. “Did you?” I stepped to her side and encircled her with my arms.

“I started taking birth control pills a week ago. Plus, as I told you, I did not get pregnant in my two former marriages.”

“It’s been a long time for me too,” I said. “However, I think we owe it to ourselves to get tested for HIV and whatever else.”

“I agree about the tests,” she said. “What about protection?”

“I’ll use a condom until we’re both sure where this relationship is going,” I replied. “I’m comfortable making love to you in this way, and being in love with you.”

“You’re sure?”

“I’m sure that I want a relationship with you.”

We hugged each other, as the impact of what we were discussing washed over us. “I love you, Michael. I love you enough to have a child with you, when the time is right.”

Her words, so genuine, innocent, and beautiful, hit me very deeply. I was overcome with gratitude and love for the woman at my side. “Me too,” I whispered as I held her close. Now that her body was dedicated in this way, it had become sacred.

Chapter 9

Chapter 9




The next moment, the doorbell rang.

Mindful of her tousled hair and skimpy clothing, Heather raced upstairs.

I peeked outside to see who was there. I quickly grabbed a lightweight jacket from the hook next to the door, slipped it on to cover my naked chest, then I opened the door.

My daughter, Victoria, greeted me. “Morning Dad. Hope I’m not too early. I stayed at mom’s last night.”

“Hi Vicki,” I said loud enough for Heather to hear. Then I gave her a hug as I thought, “What timing.”

“Wow, smells like fish,” Victoria said, as she came into the house. “Guess you were out fishing when I stopped by yesterday.”

“Got home in the afternoon. Let’s grab a cup of tea.” I ushered her into the kitchen.

We had barely settled at the kitchen table when Victoria said, “Do I hear a hair dryer? I hope I’m not interrupting something, DAD.” She looked at me with a questioning slant to her head and a big smile on her face.

We talked, catching up on things since I had last seen her in California, a couple of months ago. On the phone, I told her about my experiences in the Baca.

I was about to tell Victoria about the UFO coming out of the mountain when Heather walked into the kitchen and came to my side, placing her left hand on my shoulder. This morning she was glowing in an ivory blouse with blue jeans. She was barefooted.

I turned my head, smiled at her, and patted her hand, then said, “Vicki, this is my special friend, Heather.”

“Nice to meet you, Vicki,” Heather said. She extended her free hand toward the other woman. “Your father has told me a lot about you.”

Victoria laughed. “My father has told me NOTHING about you.”

This brought a blush to my face, as well as Heather’s.

“It all started when we saw that ET craft come out the side of a mountain, about fifty yards away from us,” Heather said.

“We’ve been focused on trying to understand the ET and UFO thing ever since,” I added.

Heather stepped over to get a cup, add a tea bag, and pour hot water. Then she joined Victoria and me at the table.

“Dad, you are in so much better shape than when you visited me in California,” Victoria said. “Now, I see why. Thank you, Heather.”

“I am most assuredly in a better place,” I commented and placed my hand on Heather’s arm. “This wonderful woman is changing my life.”

“Not to mention a close-up UFO sighting and being captured by an off-planet being,” Heather added.

“Okay you two,” Victoria put up her hands, “let’s take this one thing at a time — slowly.”

“Heather, you start. I’m going to make French toast.”

I pushed away from the table, gave Heather a kiss on the top of her head, and headed for the stove.

While I cooked, I listened to two women I loved very much talk. Heather was excited to tell about our time in the Baca. Victoria was full of questions about UFOs; wanted to hear about the UFO coming out of the mountain.

When Heather began to talk about the cabal, Victoria shook her head. “I’m sorry but I can’t believe any of this. I see some problems in medicine, but nothing like a dark overcontrol of the whole system. I think we take very good care of our patients.”

“As dictated by pharmaceutical companies,” I interjected.

“They supply a very important piece of what we do,” Victoria said.

“Are you open to looking at alternative healing methods?” Heather asked.

“I’m new at this whole medicine thing. Been at it less than two years,” Victoria said. “I just follow what the AMA and my doctor-boss says.”

“How about your boss, does she toe the AMA line?” Heather asked.

“Beverly is just getting started in her own practice. I know she had some problems where she was before, something about AMA protocol, but we’ve only begun to talk about it. I’m still learning.”

Sensing Victoria’s uneasiness, Heather said, “Here’s an interesting book. Just picked it up.” She reached to the nearby counter and picked up a book by Zecharia Sitchin.

She continued, “He writes about the evidence that non-humans were here, preceding us, at the time of Babylon and Egypt.”                                         

“Another book from Dolores?” I asked, as I delivered plates of amber colored French toast to the table.

Victoria got up to find maple syrup and butter.

“Another from her collection,” Heather said. “I brought a number of them.”

“Want to join in as we scour this little jewel for what we can discover?” I asked Victoria.

“Sure, I just came here to see how you were doing and to visit mom. Now it’ll give me a chance to get to know this new person in your life.” She winked at Heather. “I’m not sure I can stand the competition.”

While we ate, I told Victoria about my adventure with Zoraster and Zelda, and how I was trapped by their energy.

“How did they find you?” Victoria asked.

“Been thinking about that,” I answered. “I think it’s a combination of being in the Baca with Steven Greer and all the searching I’ve done on the Internet. Plus, my bio is on the Internet. Just enter my name.”

“So, someone or some organization is tracking you?” Heather asked. “Tracking us?”

“I don’t have another explanation,” I said. “I believe the government can listen to our conversations, track our Internet searches, and delve into our emails. Not much is secret.

“Heather, do you remember that one night in the Baca when there were large bugs flying all around us? I clearly remember one of them coming right up to my face and staring at me. At the time, I thought it strange. Now I’m sure they were more than just June bugs, as everyone said. I think they were miniature drones and they took pictures of each of us that night.”

“At the time I dismissed it totally,” Heather said. “Does all this mean they’re monitoring us and our computers?”

“It could be how Zoraster and Zelda found me,” I said.

“You two had better watch yourselves,” Victoria said. “If the authorities want to keep all the stuff about UFOs and other stuff secret, you may get a visit. I mean, if a couple of ETs can find you.” She did not take it further.


After we finished eating, we scooted our chairs close together, with Heather and the book in the middle. I had my ever-present yellow pad in front of me, and left one hand on Heather’s thigh.

In the book, Sitchin started out showing that the megaliths of Stonehenge were oriented to serve astronomical sighting purposes. On the Golan Heights of Israel there is a recently discovered similar structure, with a third of a mile circumference. He raised the question of who had built such structures. Both structures were perfectly aligned to fulfill their goal of alignment with the sun, moon, and stars.

Paging ahead, we noticed that much of the rest of the book, was based on comparing what can be discovered about the Sumerians and Hebrews, and how the Bible compares to carved stones from Sumer.

There was a lot of detail about the various beings from Nibiru, the Anunnaki. They saw themselves as gods, and were treated as gods as they interacted in prehistoric Babylon, Sumer, Israel, and Egypt. Sitchin credits them, an off-planet race, to explain how the primitive people of that time were able to construct such structures as Stonehenge and the pyramids by moving gigantic stones.

Then, based on Sumerian tablets, Sitchin asserts that the Anunnaki were harvesting gold from the waters of the gulf. Gold was needed for the survival of their planet Nibiru. At their peak, the Anunnaki numbered six hundred.         

He relied on stone carving to show that the Anunnaki were the creators of the first homo sapiens, making them similar to themselves. He likened it to the creation of Adam in the Bible and said the early books of the Bible were based on activities of the gods from Nibiru. At first the Adam they created could not procreate, so the Anunnaki gave their subsequent creations the X and Y chromosomes. They saw the results of their creations as primitives who would undertake the strenuous job of mining gold.


“This stuff is way out there,” Heather said. “It sure conflicts with everything I’ve studied about spirituality and the origins of humanity.”

“We’re getting his interpretation, from a bunch of stone carvings, that off-planet gods from Nibiru created humans to use as slaves,” Victoria said. “It’s too much.” She pushed her chair away from the table and went to the refrigerator.

Returning with soft drinks for everyone, she said, “I’m still getting used to the idea of aliens, and now we have them  creating us?”

“I know it’s a reach, but bear with it,” I said. “We’ve only covered part of it.”

“Dolores had good things to say about it,” Heather said.

“If we don’t finish reading it, we’ll never know.” I picked up the book and opened it.


In the book, Sitchin discussed the relationship between Seth and Osiris, two gods of Egypt. Osiris was reportedly saved by his mother, the goddess Isis. Isis appealed to Thoth who helped her impregnate herself to deliver Horus. They used seeds to accomplish this.

Reading more, Sitchin asserted that humans would have evolved on earth without the actions of the Anunnaki, but that they had speeded up the process. What we call DNA was the seed the Anunnaki had used to create the first humans and to replicate them thereafter.

The Biblical story of the flood was captured in Babylonian writings based on earlier writings from Sumer. These writing had been collected by Greek historians. They speak of an ark that survived the deluge.

A nuclear holocaust was unleashed on the Sinai Peninsula to obliterate the space port the Anunnaki used to haul the gold they had mined.


At this point I said, “Okay, I’ve had enough. From what I’ve found on the Internet, Sitchin is well regarded by some people. I see now where some of their beliefs have come from. However, I’d like to turn us in another direction and see where that leads us.”

“I agree,” Heather said.

“Ditto,” Victoria said.

“Anything we wish to take away from this material?” I asked.

Heather said, “There are many opinions and conclusion that are proposed by people, even learned people. That does not make them right. I believe we need to search out what feels right for us. This material does not feel that way for me.”

We all agreed.

The three of us then talked for a long time. Victoria told Heather about herself and what was the latest thinking from the world of medicine. Heather shared about her teaching, her summer activities, and how we had met in the Baca. As I listened, it was most interesting to see things from the perspectives of my daughter and my new best friend.

We took a break and went for a long walk along the High Line canal. This led us to Hampden Avenue and several choices for lunch. I suggested Thai Café, which I suspected Heather would enjoy and where Victoria and I could each find something.


When we returned to my home, I asked to be excused for a short time and walked downstairs to my computer. Drawn to something, I opened it up to a new document. Words began to spill onto the page. It was like when my book had appeared. The words came as fast as I could type.


Beings from other planets have come to this world. The benevolent ones were invited by those seeking to uplift humanity. Those who are in service-to-self have come uninvited. Be aware and center yourselves to know each and to remain who you are.


After I recovered from accepting these words, and without fully understanding their meaning, I printed them out and took them upstairs to share with Heather and Victoria.

When they had read them, they both rushed to me. We embraced in a three-way hug.

Heather said, “I love you Michael Garrison. You amaze me.”

Victoria said, “Dad, I hardly recognize you, but I love what I see.”

We stood for a long while caught in the wonder of what had occurred, drinking in the moment.

“Guess we don’t need to depend on stone tablets,” Heather said. “This feels right.” She pointed to the words I had typed out.

“I don’t really understand much of this, but, as Heather says, it feels right,” Victoria said, as we relaxed our hold on each other. “So, what’s next for you guys?”

Hesitating for only a moment, I said, “I’m going to leave the material from Sitchin in my book. People can decide for themselves.

“Then I’m going to look into something totally different, the thing that people are calling the cabal, or the Illuminati. At this point I don’t know if the words mean the same thing or something different.”

“I’m going back to Loveland,” Heather said. “Got things to take care of. I’ll leave exploring the cabal in your capable hands, but only for the moment.” She had a sad look on her face.

My heart sank at the thought of her leaving. I flashed back to our lovemaking of last night. I didn’t want her to go, but realized it had to happen sooner or later.

“I’ll come up to see you,” I said.

“No doubt about that,” she replied. With that she hustled upstairs to pack.

Victoria and I walked to the kitchen, found tea, and then settled into chairs around the table.

When Heather came down lugging her overnight bag, I rushed to help. It felt lighter than before. “I left a few things here,” she whispered.

I gave her a quick hug.

After Heather said goodbye to Victoria, I walked her to her car.

She had a sad face as she said goodbye. “I’ll miss you,” she said and gave me a long kiss.

“I’ll miss you more,” I said. “We’ll be back together soon.”

I watched as she drove off.            

Back in the house, Victoria and I talked about family things. Then she said that she was heading off to see her brother, Kevin, before heading back to California.

A short time later I was all alone in my house. It felt very empty.


After Victoria left to see Kevin and then return to California, I descended into my basement office. There I searched the Internet for information on the cabal and the Illuminati. Within an hour, I found hundreds of references to the words and a hundred videos, from serious to cartoon, from Hollywood celebrities to librarians overseeing documents. From this massive collection, I quickly concluded that there was more misinformation about the Illuminati than truth. There were even invitations to join it. I decided that there really is such an organization and it is being cleverly disguised by the misinformation. Now my task was to determine what was real.


I dug up the sites that Al had sent me. I hoped this would lead to something concrete. However, after another hour, I was frustrated once again. I put the Internet to one side and pulled out a book that I’d had for some years, The Creature from Jekyll Island. It was all about the creation of the Federal Reserve. As I recalled, it had put the United States on a new path. How this meshed with the Illuminati I was not quite sure, but I had read enough on the Internet to know that money was the primary way the dark energy controlled us.

The book started out with a group of powerful men assembling at J.P. Morgan’s private estate on Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia. The people who attended represented much of the wealth of the United States and Europe.

The people who came to the Island secretly were Nelson W. Aldrich, Republican whip in the Senate and father-in-law to John D. Rockefeller, Jr.; Abraham Piatt Andrew, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury; Frank A. Vanderlip, president of the National City bank of New York; Henry P. Davison, senior partner of the J.P. Morgan Company; Charles D. Norton, president of J.P. Morgan’s First national Bank of New York; Benjamin Strong, head of J.P. Morgan’s Bankers Trust Company; Paul M. Warburg, representing the Rothschilds and Warburgs.

What emerged was a cartel designed to stop competition from newer banks, construct ways to create money out of nothing for purposes of lending, obtain control of the reserves of all banks, get taxpayers to pick up any losses, and sell Congress that this idea would protect the public. The idea of a central bank was introduced.

The second major point that the book made was that all money in the banking system had been created out of nothing through the process of making loans. Therefore, if there was a default on a loan it cost the bank little, merely showing up on the ledger as a reduction in assets without a reduction in liabilities. The final solution on behalf of the banking cartel was to have the federal government insure payment of loans (FDIC).

Freshly created money out of nothing, in the form of loans, was used to bail out Penn Central railroad in 1970; Lockheed, also in 1970; Commonwealth Bank of Detroit in 1972; New York. City in 1973; Chrysler in 1978; First Pennsylvania Bank of Philadelphia in 1979; and Continental Illinois Bank in 1982.


“How’s it going?” Heather asked. She had called when she got back home in Loveland.

“Lonely here,” I replied. “Miss you.”

“I miss you too. Staying busy?”

I told her about The Creature from Jekyll Island. “From just my brief look at it, I can already see that it’s going to help us understand fiat currency, which I believe is one of the basics of the Illuminati, how they control the population.”

“I want to get back together soon,” she said.

“You can come here as often as you want, stay as long as you want.” I thought of her slim body as she had risen from bed this morning. My body ached for more of her.

“I’ll be down tomorrow,” she said. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”


I went back to the Jekyll Island book, making notes to share with Heather and for inclusion in my own book.

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank were created in 1944 to facilitate international trade and stabilize currency exchange rates. Capital for the IMF and World Bank came principally from the United States and other industrialized countries in the form of hard currencies, but mostly in the form of debt. This was when gold began to be eliminated as backing for currencies. This was to create a world-wide central bank with the ability to issue fiat currency that in turn would lead to The New World Order.

A chapter on the nature of money led me to detail the following: Gold and other precious metals were the first money and have since proven to be its only reliable basis. The opposite of money backed by gold or precious metals is fiat currencies which have no backing and are created based on debt. Manipulation of money by those in power occurs quite easily when there is fiat money. Every case of using fiat money has ultimately led to economic and political disaster.

Banking began in Europe in the fourteenth century. They issued receipts for coins on deposit. These circulated freely. Then banks began to issue counterfeit receipts without sufficient backing of coins. As people accepted these receipts, this led to fractional reserve banking. This has led to repeated rounds of inflation and economic chaos.

The United States dollars have no intrinsic value. There is no limit to the amount that can be printed or stored in computer systems. They are created out of debt. The Federal Reserve enables interest to be charged for loans of the dollar. This process, which seems complicated, allows for the unlimited supply of money. Its hidden tax is inflation.                     


After a few hours of reading, I got tired. After shutting things down in the basement, I headed to the kitchen.

I found a hamburger in the freezer and some mixed vegetables. Nothing fancy, but that was what a bachelor ate. I would save the fancy food for when Heather was here.

I tumbled into bed early, missing Heather’s warm body next to mine. I tossed and turned for a bit with thoughts of our relationship and where it was going. Then I turned to wondering about the Illuminati, the New World Order, and UFOs. I felt that I had my first understanding about the cabal and that money was their control mechanism over everyone. It took me quite a while to fall asleep as I mulled it all over and over. This was such a change from the world I had known as a businessman.



Back to the book the next morning, I learned that The House of Rothschild created the world’s first international financial network. It was soon converted into political power as people came under their influence. They provided funds to both sides of conflicts, thus profiting from both. This ruthless attitude characterizes international finance.

As a reward for backing the Bolsheviks in Russia, American financiers received the right to Russian resources. They were not motivated by political considerations, rather it was money.

The United States has had three prior central banks, the first before there was a U.S. constitution. All of these allowed the federal government to create money and regulate state banks. All of these led to boom bust cycles with a taxpayer fleecing of over forty percent.

The current Federal Reserve System was passed by Congress on December 23, 1913. Its name was chosen to conceal the fact that it was a central bank. President Woodrow Wilson was maneuvered into supporting a central bank by the Morgan and Warburg financial interests. The Glass-Owen Bill had all the essential features of the earlier Aldrich Bill that had been drafted at Jekyll Island.

The Federal Reserve System was intended to keep banking power away from Wall Street. Within a short time, the Fed became controlled by the New York Reserve Bank. The Bank of England’s collusion with the Federal Reserve contributed to the 1929 stock market crash.


I made a note in red that the book had stated that the United States government was mired in $5.8 trillion of debt. This was obviously dated, because as of this moment the debt exceeded $27 trillion. This wide difference did not destroy the information in the book as the basics remain much the same, albeit the numbers need to be updated.


The book went on to say that interest on the national debt represents the government’s largest single expenditure, which consumes thirty-six percent of revenue from income taxes.

There are more people working for the government than for manufacturing companies and more receiving government checks than paying income taxes. Federal taxes take more than forty percent of private incomes.

The author contended that none of this is accidental. It is part of a plan to weaken industrialized nations in order to bring everything into a one world government.


I posed the question in my head to see what would happen. I asked Archangel Uriel to comment on what I had read in the book. After a long pause and receiving no reply, I put thoughts about Uriel to one side.

I felt a nudge from somewhere that I should separate the work on my book from the searches I was doing on the Internet. Was this from Uriel? I didn’t know. But there were videos and other information being banned from social media and some of those who were broadcasting contrary opinions had been attacked. Steven Greer had talked about several people involved in developing new energy devices being killed. I was not in that category, but I would be soon. And I was not working on any new energy devices. But Zoraster had found me, somehow.

I had placed everything to do with the manuscript of my book on my iMac and confined all my search history to my MacBook. I also backed up each separately. Then I placed a call to Jeff Wilson and asked him to get me the very best software to stop cyber-attacks and viruses.


I called Heather. After saying how much we missed each other, I said, “This Jekyll Island book lays out the track to a one world government. I think it is pointing to the Illuminati without saying so. I’ll let you read my notes when you come down. You can have the book. I’d like your opinion.”

“I’m really missing you,” Heather said, “so I’m headed down first thing in the morning. Can I stop and pick up something for dinner?”

“What foods are you avoiding?” I asked.

“I avoid everything that isn’t organic,” she said.

“Why don’t you surprise me with something. I eat everything except okra.”

She laughed, “Okay. Be prepared to be surprised. Miss you.”

I reflected back to The Creature from Jekyll Island to see if I could summarize what I had learned. My conclusions were that money is vastly different from what I had formerly believed and from what most people believe, vastly different. I further saw the overwhelming influence of a few rich and powerful men over the rest of us. “Where does dark energy enter into this equation?” I asked myself.                


To discourage viruses and tampering with our computers, Jeff Wilson had recommended that we find a second way to connect to the Internet, as I had tapped into my cable TV system to get my original connection. The people from Direct TV had installed an antenna on my house. I was now ready to search without using my cable link. Hopefully this would allow Heather and me some privacy as we searched. Maybe, just maybe, those who had threatened us would not catch on.


I had ordered several books that looked interesting. The mailman had delivered them the day before.

The first of these was Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

It looked like an easy read, so I grabbed a chai and headed for the basement.

The author, John Perkins, wrote from his personal. experiences, how he had gone along with the system for most of his life. He described how the heads of corporate, banking, and government entities, whose goal is global empire, worked to subvert countries. He also said that he had been threatened and bribed not to write the book.

The job of his team had been to convince leaders of targeted countries into becoming part of a global network to promote U.S. interests. This was done by trapping them and their countries in a web of debt they could not service in order to secure their cooperation. The method used has resulted in jobs, electrical distribution networks, and airports, all built by U.S. companies and at great cost to the ordinary people of the countries.

This has resulted in near-slave wages in Asian sweat shops;  toxins pumped onto pristine lands killing people, animals, and plants; and a bias toward U.S. commercial interests while a  large portion of the rest of the world starved.

He challenged the commonly accepted wisdom that economic growth benefits humanity, and the more the better. A corollary to this was that those who engineer this growth should be accorded special status and rewarded way out of proportion to those marginalized by economic growth.

He pointed to most people in the U.S., who consume out of proportion to what is needed, giving little attention to those who slaved to make these goods. The wealthy and powerful, who were at the top of this pyramid, are consistently held out as models for the rest of the population. He wished us to reassess our support for our appetite for resources and fostering slavery.

Perkins’ job was to convince the leaders of countries to borrow large amounts of money in order to improve their infrastructure. Most often the projects exceeded their original plan, thus leading to additional borrowing. Countries would then be led to become indebted beyond their ability to service the debt. They then fell prey to those who wanted to control the country. This scheme led to the leaders of countries becoming wealthy while the ordinary people languished in poverty.

Perkins wrote that he had written the book to convince people to look at the bigger picture rather than their own self-centered lives.

He sees offshore manufacturing in poor countries like a modern slave trade. Instead of importing people, corporations bring the tasks to desperate people in poor countries so they can make the clothes and items for our consumer-oriented society.

He points out that we in the developed countries believe we have achieved something grand in our economics-based societies. We have convinced ourselves that all economic growth is beneficial, whereas the truth is that we enslave others to support our consuming society.



I was impressed with the words in the book. I felt something in my gut. As I read the words in the book and summarized it for Heather and for the book I was writing, I saw how, as the managing partner of Alliance, I had once been part of the consumption trap. I had been living a grand life without regard to where my food or clothing came from.

I saw that my life had changed after my thirty-six-hour sleep. Now I was more aware. However, I was a long way from paying attention to my environmental footprint, or to screening who or what corporation I supported with my purchases.

I sat with this for a while. Then I decided to examine my life relative to the environment and the rest of humanity. I wanted to see where I could incorporate some of John Perkins’ ideas into my lifestyle.

I wondered how this would affect my relationship with Heather. Then, I thought again and smiled, she was already there waiting for me to catch up.


I went to bed that night thinking of John Perkins and how he had changed his life, how he had seen the damage his actions were doing to others. Before long, words flooded my mind. I wrote them down as quickly and carefully as I could.


The larger picture is much more than understanding how humans interact with each other, be it in harmony or conflict. The larger picture embraces the non-physical and how it interacts with the physical. The larger picture also considers the influence of dark energy on individual humans, and how they deal with it.


In the dim light of my bedside lamp, I re-read the words I had written down. “How does dark energy influence individuals?” I asked myself. Eventually, I dropped into restless sleep.


Chapter 10

Chapter 10





I arose early the next morning, filled with thoughts of John Perkins’ book. Relaxing before I arose, I considered how my lifestyle was impacting the environment and how my example was impacting others.

Then I thought of Heather, wondering when she might show up, wishing her to be close.


After a simple breakfast, I headed to my computer and a new book, The Missing Times by Terry Hansen.

In the book, he pointed out that accounts of UFOs are reported in regional newspapers, but that they rarely surface in national media.

Hansen made several points to explain how news about UFOs was hidden from the public. National Security is often employed to hide whatever officials wish and the media goes along with it. Censorship of information, from both journalists and the public, was regularly used. Misinformation is released to divert attention away from sensitive subjects. Documents are often leaked to cover-up the truth. Spin was often used to control the release of sensitive information.

Contacts between media owners and publishers, as well as influential journalists and intelligence officials, insured what information was released and what was withheld.

Public awareness of conflicts between government and media was used to cover-up their cooperation. To suppress some news and gain access to news desired by the government, the national media voluntarily cooperated with officials.

Individuals from the media and from the intelligence community often traded roles. Internet videos and reporting were more easily censored than books.

Hansen cautioned readers to be wary of all information and be aware of interpretations by individuals with different agendas.

He points out that a big lie is more readily accepted when it is repeated often.

Hansen writes that secrecy about UFOs had become ingrained in the military. It was looked upon as a career issue for anyone to openly talk about UFOs.

Further in the book, he wrote about Joint-Army-Navy-Air Force Publication 146, which made it a crime to release UFO reports to the public. This has led to censoring UFO sightings by commercial pilots. This was denied by officials of the military. Hansen stated that NASA had been aware of UFOs for decades, but chose to be quiet about the topic.

It was the official position of the U.S. government that the Roswell event had nothing to do with a UFO. This position had wavered over the years, creating reasonable doubts about the whole subject.



I saw the Hansen only indirectly related to my search for information on the cabal and Illuminati. However, it had helped me understand how information on secret organizations was successfully hidden away. I could see how it was possible that the public was being kept in the dark about the cabal in much the same way that UFO information had been hidden. For instance, there were UFO secrecy agreements in force among government agencies and contractors. Could there not be similar agreements surrounding the cabal and the Illuminati?

The question of whether or not the government can keep secrets is answered by looking at UFOs. There have been supposed leaks, but who’s to say that these were not intentional? Secrecy had worked well for UFOs, why not for other things?

I thought back to the Disclosure Project presentation in D.C., and how Greer had been told, even before the cameras left the room, that it would not be aired. There was the confirmation of what Hansen had written. So much is being covered up by the media and those who control it. I felt that this was a lead into the workings of the cabal and the secrecy surrounding it. I began to feel there was something to Greer’s opinion.



Listening for Heather, I rushed upstairs as soon as I heard her rap on the front door.

I pulled it open to see her with a roll-on suitcase and a bag of groceries. After I grabbed the bag, she dropped the handle of the roll-on. With both arms around my neck, she hugged me for a long time.

Then kicking the door shut with her left foot, she said, “I missed you.”

I immediately set down the bag and wrapped my arms around her, feeling her nipples through her t-shirt.

Before long we were coupled on the living room sofa.

We laid together for a long time, just enjoying the sensation of each other’s body.

I sat up and looked at the clock. It was nearing the lunch hour and we had not put anything from the bag away.

I glanced at the roll-on bag and said, “I hope you’re planning to stay a while.”

“I am,” Heather replied.

We got up from the sofa and, naked, put away the groceries.

I lugged her roll-on into the master suite. There I made room for her clothes in the closet and in my dresser.

“This feels right,” I said. “I’m not sure where we are headed, but this feels good.”

“I agree,” she said and kissed me once more.

We stood for a long while, arms around each other.


When completely clothed, we went for a long walk along the canal. It was a warm day with many runners, walkers, and bicycles.

Water was flowing in the canal. “I think the farmers are drawing on it,” I said, “probably way out in the plains east of Denver. Makes me think back to the Economic Hit Man book. I’d like to find ways to support local businesses.”

“How do you do it?” she asked, shaking her head. “I was going to suggest we go to a farmer’s market tomorrow. Get fresh produce.”

“Guess I’m reading your mind.”

“Don’t think I like that idea. You might figure out what I really think about you.”

“And what would that be?”

She squeezed my hand and said, “You’ll have to wait for that. Maybe from Bren-Ton or Uriel. But, I already know they’re on my side.

“Is your knee bothering you?” she asked.          

“It happens from time to time, no telling when.”

We walked for another mile, then I said, “I’ve been thinking that I’d like to take a road trip; go back to the Baca.”

“Sounds interesting.”

“Al Simpson told me about the Silver Star, a bed and breakfast near Crestone. Says the food and rooms are much better than the White Eagle.”


“What are your plans for the next few days?

“Hey, I’m with you.” She squeezed my hand.

When we got back to the house, I found Silver Star’s web site, called, and made a reservation for two nights, arriving the following weekend.

“I’ll need to go back to Loveland to get my heavy clothes and boots,” Heather said.

“I’ll go with you.”


With little traffic we made the trip in under an hour.

“Here it is,” Heather said, as she opened the door to her apartment.

“Hey, Mary, it’s me with Michael.”

I heard a door at the rear of the apartment slam shut.

“Oops, guess we caught her,” Heather said to me and then shouted, “Sorry.”

“Wait here, I’ll be quick.” She opened a door and disappeared.

“Hi, Michael,” Mary emerged in a bathrobe. “Sit down. I’ll get tea.” She pointed to a small table in the kitchen area.

“So, what brings you up here to the hinterlands?”

“We’re going back to the Baca,” I said. “Want to see if we can see anything without Steve Greer.”

Mary stared at me for what seemed like along while then gave me a huge smile. “I’m a close friend to Heather and I’m happy to see this happen. She’s been so alone, being cautious and all. Be good to her. She doesn’t show how fragile she is. Anyway, congratulations.”

“Who said I was fragile,” Heather walked into the room and stood next to me.

I stood and put my arm around her.

Mary said. “I know what you’ve been through these last few years. I felt Michael needed to know.”

“I hadn’t chosen to tell him yet,” Heather said. “I was going to.”

I could tell Heather was uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, so I said, “Tell me about this discussion group you women belong to.”

Mary picked up on my lead and said, “There’s a dozen of us. We meet once a month to discuss how we can improve things. We talk about everything from the environment and eating healthy to what’s going on in the bigger picture. The two of us, plus Dolores, are the only ones who have been to the Baca. Everyone has watched the Disclosure video. We share books and interesting web sites. We think of ourselves as spiritual, and look for ways to be more so.”

“I am impressed,” I said, “It’s very inspiring. I’m guessing that Heather has told you all about our adventures.”

“Heather, please sit a moment,” Mary said. “I want to get everything on an even keel, not leave you feeling uncomfortable.”

“Okay,” Heather said.

“I hope I didn’t say something you didn’t want to talk about, Heather. I felt that Michael was close enough to us that we could speak frankly. I care about you, as my closest friend.”

“I haven’t talked to Michael about my problem,” Heather said. “It was a little shocking to hear you mention it, that’s all.

“Now that it’s on the table, let me give Michael a taste of it.” Heather began to shake as she spoke. “When I was married, my husband got very angry. He slugged me. We had been disagreeing about money. After he did it, he was all apologetic. Rather than let it go on, I fled to Mary’s apartment – not this one. It turned out to be a messy divorce. I have no desire to see him again.

She turned to me. “I’ve told you about my reluctance to get close to anyone. Well, that’s the basis of it.”

Then she turned to Mary and said, “I am in love with Michael. He has been very good to me. In him I see a gentle man who will respect who I am and support me in that.”

She started to cry. I stepped close and wrapped my arms about her.

Mary stepped to the two of us and joined in our hug.

I felt that Heather and I had become very close. I did not care what had happened to her in the past. I just accepted it as being a part of her. She was both strong and fragile, like we all are. It caused me to love her all the more.

“Tell Mary about your dream,” Heather said to me.

I recounted my recurring dream.

“Sounds to me like you were given some insight into a past life,” Mary said. “We all have had many of them. This one is simply the latest, the on-going one. Do you remember anything else like this, Michael?”

“I don’t think so. Am I supposed to?”

“Some people do; most don’t. I can help you remember some through hypnosis if you like. It’s part of what I do for people – when I’m not teaching.”

“Thanks, but not right now. I’ve got a very full plate with all the UFO and cabal stuff.”

As we departed, Mary said, “Don’t forget, you two, school starts on Monday.”

“I’m definitely not ready for that,” Heather said.

“Michael,” Mary said, “before you go to sleep, ask to remember your dreams.”


On Monday afternoon, Heather called me. I could tell by the tone of her greeting that something was wrong.

“They threatened me,” she said. “Came up to my car as I was leaving school. Two guys in dark suits. They said to stop our investigating.”

“Exactly what did they say?”

“They said, and I quote, ‘Continuing to investigate would be dangerous for both you and Michael Garrison.’ They didn’t introduce themselves or say anything else. But they had a mean look on their faces and in their eyes that said they were very serious.”

“I’ll be right up. Meet you at your apartment.”

I jumped into my Jeep and headed to Loveland. The traffic was heavy. It took me almost two hours to get to Loveland.

When I knocked on the door of her apartment, it took Heather a few moments to open it. I could tell immediately that she was still shaking. “They really scared me,” she said. “It means that they know what we’re doing; our computers, probably our cell phones, and our emails.”

We sat on her sofa for a long while as I held her. We didn’t talk, just sat.

Finally, she heaved a deep breath, and said, “I’m not going to let them scare me off doing what I believe in.”

“Get you things together. We’re going to spend the night at the Best Western. We’ll go back to my house and get things so I can work from here tomorrow. Then we’ll see how it all feels.”


After that we got into a routine where I would work on searching the Internet and reading books on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Loveland, and I’d spend Wednesday night in the hotel in Loveland. Heather would come to my home in Denver for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.


When we both were at my home on a Friday, I told Heather that there was a video I wanted to watch. “I’m still having trouble believing all that Greer told us about the cabal and the Illuminati. I hope this video will give us some details we can get our heads around.

“I’ve been searching since we got back from the Baca. Found oodles of videos about the Illuminati and the cabal, everything from serious material to cartoons. I’m sure a lot of it is misinformation mixed with truth. At least that’s what I would do, if I was trying to keep something secret.

“I checked with the Encyclopedia Britannica. It’s not much help. It defined Illuminati, and I quote, ‘a word in use from the 15th century, assumed by or applied to various groups of persons who claimed to be unusually enlightened. The word is the plural of the Latin illuminatus.’”


With her cup of tea in hand, Heather joined me on the sofa in my office. I had my laptop computer on a table snugged next to the sofa, so we could pause it to record something important from the video. The computer was connected so we could watch the video on the large TV screen.

The video, entitled Proof of Illuminati was hosted by Damian Champa. It started with an interview between Champa and Dr. Imbler from the Bavaria, Germany State Museum.

According to Imbler, the founder of the Illuminati order was Adam Weishaupt. His goal was to introduce a republic for Germany, as opposed to the existing government. The Illuminati’s activities were understandably opposed by the existing authorities. This was a time when Bavaria belonged to the Holy Roman Empire. Weishaupt used the Freemasons to recruit members for his revolutionary order. Both the church and aristocrats considered him an enemy. He wanted to supplant the aristocrats with a republic, to undermine the state from within. He was also opposed to the Catholic church. He revealed his goal to only a select few among the aristocrats. It was viewed as a secret society to be suppressed by the authorities. One of the ruling dukes found out about the secret society and seized its documents.

Imbler states that Heinrich Himmler was interested in the Illuminati and seized its secret documents that implicated both freemasons and royal families. Some of the Illuminati documents that were handed over were lost due to American bombing in 1944. In 1945 some of the documents were seized by the red army and taken to Moscow.

Imbler talks about the freemasons and the Illuminati as being tightly linked. A member of the Illuminati became prime minister of Bavaria, even though he was considered a criminal in another dukedom. Adam Weishaupt revealed his worldwide ambitions to very few, maintaining it as a secret society. His new society was based on rationalism, atheism, and materialism. It proposed to undermine the existing order from within.

Imbler saw the Illuminati as the beginning of Totalitarianism. He also saw it as the basis for modern America because of its connection to the Freemasons.

Champa contended that now the Illuminati was no longer a conspiracy theory, that there were historical facts for its existence. He displayed a 1785 document, currently in the state archives. It was written by duke Karl Theodor. The text was against the Illuminati and the Freemasons. It was a decree against secret meetings, against using the Freemasons to recruit individuals, and against collecting money. This document showed that the duke was very afraid of the Illuminati.

Champa also displayed a document with the signatures of members of the Bavarian Illuminati. Today Illuminati symbolism was everywhere in Bavaria. The all-seeing eye was a symbol that designated the Illuminati.

Champa saw a continuation of the Illuminati in powerful people who display its symbols for those that recognize them. He saw many in Hollywood and many political figures involved. He said that one of the Illuminati’s intents was to stamp out Christianity. He saw much in modern America as an Illuminati dream come true, as a continuation of Adam Weishaupt’s dream.


Heather and I discussed the video when it ended.

I said, “I think Champa’s good with his discovery of the historical Illuminati. I question his picture of the Illuminati today. He claims that its philosophy has become a foundation for many of the powerful and wealthy in Hollywood, politics, and other institutions.”

“That’s what I heard him saying,” she said. “What was not clear was how it has led to anti-Christianity and how it is the basis of socialism.”

I said, “What I did not see was proof of the connection to the Freemasons, although Champa insists it is there historically. I’m aware that many of the founders of the United States were Freemasons. Did this mean that they were following Illuminati principles?”

“The atheism of the Illuminati seems at odds with the ‘In God We Trust’ words on the U.S. dollar and the all seeing-eye,” she said, “or is the all-seeing eye an Illuminati symbol as Champa contends? Are the words on the dollar the Illuminati flaunting their philosophy at us, with misdirection?”

“Looks like I need another source to verify some of this,” I said. “I have another video. Are you up for it?”

“I need a break,” Heather said. “Let’s head upstairs and come back to it later.”

Two hours later we returned to the basement. Both of us had enjoyed the break.


We found a film by Johnny Royal, entitled ILLUMINATED, THE TRUE STORY OF THE ILLUMINATI.

It started with the following statement:


There are certain truths, holy truths, that enlighten man about his past, present, and future condition. They most certainly exist.

In each century they veiled their teachings, this diseased world requires help. To act is therefore our first purpose. To make the world better and wiser. We do not recruit for our own benefit. This is a labour worthy of the holy legion of better men.

Adam Weishaupt

Founder of the Illuminati


The movie presented Ingolstadt, Germany as the backdrop for the world’s most controversial secret society the Illuminati, founded in 1776. Royal stated that the story of the Illuminati was one of rebellion. It was patterned after the Freemasons teachings in order to bring about revolutionary changes to Bavaria, possibly to Germany and the world. By means of a secret society, Weishaupt wished to accelerate enlightenment, new thought and science that was sweeping all of Germany contrary to the teachings of the Catholic church. Baron van Eyckshaut provided the impetus for the Illuminati to blossom. Through his writings, Adam Weishaupt showed his intention to improve the conditions of mankind. It was to be undertaken by a secret society working within the government. He saw people ignorant as to how much their lives were controlled.

The Illuminati found their way into Freemasons. Illuminati insiders pledge secrecy and obedience. There were secret words and handshakes. Although Freemasons were a society with secrets,  its members could mention membership in it. The Illuminati was a secret society and its members could not mention membership in it. Members of the Illuminati use their connection to Freemasons to obtain money.

To advance within the ranks of the Illuminati, one had to be a Freemason. Members were subjected to a very detailed investigation. There were dire consequences if a member betrayed the order. The Illuminati was highly structured. There were many rituals to emphasize secrecy.

U.S. presidents have been Masons. Nine signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons. The closeness of the Freemasons convinced the 13 original colonies to unite.

According to Royal, the greatest achievement of the Illuminati was that many in the world talk about it today.


When the video finished, I looked over at Heather and put my arm around her shoulder and said, “That was a long one. Not sure it added to our understanding or clarity.”

She said, “I agree. They tried to say that understanding the history of the Illuminati makes a case that it’s for real. I’m sure that was true at one time. I’m not so sure I buy that argument in today’s environment.”

“I agree. I’m not so sure that Weishaupt’s idea of a one world government translates into what we have today. Maybe this video is misinformation, trying to confuse us into believing that the Illuminati went away, or that today’s Illuminati is really well intentioned.

“In the early days the Illuminati was opposed to the existing government. Now I’m being led to believe that it’s part of the secret state running the government. And I’ve heard that the secret government is in charge of the monetary system.

“I see how the Illuminati targeted the old structures in Germany and the Catholic church. I guess I can see how that might lead to socialism. However, socialism is based on government control. So, I can see how this might lead to the One World Order with a single government. But, doesn’t that get back to a centralized government like in Germany?

“Also, I see how the Freemasons, with or without the Illuminati, might have helped establish the government here in the U.S. in opposition to England. Now I see our government going back and forth between socialism and conservatism. Where is the Illuminati in all this?”

“Maybe they’re hiding in plain sight,” Heather said. “More for us to discover.” She gave me a kiss.

“I go back to the Federal Reserve and how it was created as a source of huge income for its founders,” I said. “I’m sure they are getting these huge payments today, as the government borrows from the Fed. However, I suspect there is more to the cabal than that.”


That night as I lay snuggled with Heather, and was almost asleep, I was directed to listen to a communication. I quietly slipped from the bed and went to the other bedroom. There I wrote down this message.


There will always be conflict between those in power versus those who live according to Unity, Love, respect, stability, and discernment. Opinions about what is true are changeable. You are responsible only for yourself. Center yourself. For clarity, pay attention to your own thoughts. Stabilize yourself.


Returning to the bed I slept soundly.


Chapter 11


Chapter 11



After breakfast we packed things into my Jeep and headed to Crestone. Not far from my house we picked up US 285 and followed it southwest over Kenosha Pass toward the town of Fairplay.

Keeping the fourteeners of Mount Princeton, Mount Antero, and Mount Shavano to our right we headed straight south. I recalled many happy days hiking on these peaks and fishing in the waters of the nearby Arkansas River.

We stopped at Poncha Springs and ate Pad Thai. Continuing south we turned onto CO 17 to the town of Moffat. There we turned east to Crestone, passing by the White Eagle Lodge.

The Silver Star bed and breakfast was a short way out of town to the south. We arrived in mid-afternoon.

Our hosts Juelle and Donovan greeted us warmly.

I immediately spotted a book displayed in the lobby, THE WALK-IN. There were several copies on the table. It called to me, so I walked over and picked one up. “Tell me about this,” I said.

Juelle said, “It’s my story. Like you I had a soul exchange.”

“What are you talking about, soul exchange?” I asked.

“When did you begin to know you were different than you were before? Tell me about it.”

“I’m not sure what you are talking about.”

“I saw you drawn to my book. I went inside and got confirmation. You too are a walk-in. Tell me your experience. How did it happen for you?”

“Tell her about your thirty-six-hour sleep,” Heather said.

“Oh that.” I paused for I had shared this with only a few. I was surprised Heather remembered.

“Several months ago, I slept for thirty-six-hours straight. When I awoke, I felt different, but not in any way bad. It was kind of uplifting, as I think back on it. However, my business partners picked up on it and bought me out of the company I had founded, saying I had lost my aggressive edge. Since then I’ve been searching, not quite sure about what.”

Juelle came over and laid her hand on my arm. She guided me to a chair and said, “Sit.” She motioned for Heather to also find a chair and sit. Juelle dragged a foot stool in front of me.

“What do you understand about your soul?” Juelle asked.

“I’m just learning, thanks to Heather, that I have a great soul. Bigger than my body. Don’t know too much else, so far.”

Juelle closed her eyes for a long time, then said, “Your soul has journeyed for many, many lifetimes, both here and on other planets of the universe. It has acquired great wisdom.

“It decided it wanted to be on this planet at this time. It searched for the best way to do this and found your body. Your oversoul spoke with the oversoul of the soul that resided in your body. During the time you slept for thirty-six-hours, the soul that had occupied your body left it and your current soul moved in. That is what we call a walk-in experience.”

“Wow.” I caught my breath and glanced at Heather. She was smiling as I had never seen her smile before. And she was slowly nodding her head.

“You gave me goose bumps,” Heather said to Juelle.

“I’ve been known to do that,” Juelle said. “This is so amazing, Michael. Usually it occurs when there is an accident or other trauma to the body. Your soul must have been pretty persuasive to do it like this. Congratulations.

“Tell me what you’ve been doing since you came into this new body. I’m most curious. Let me get you a refreshment.       Coffee?”

“Tea,” I said. “Heather also.”          

I looked at Heather and she nodded to Juelle.

When Juelle had left to get the tea, Heather came to me, kissed me, and said, “You never stop amazing me, Michael Garrison. I love you even more, now that I know you have a fresh soul.”

“Please, an old one,” I laughed.

When Juelle returned, we talked for an hour. She showed us to our accommodations on the lower level. We arranged to go into town and have dinner with Donovan and her.    


Over dessert, I said, “When we were here a couple of months ago with Steve Greer, he talked about the cabal. We’ve been researching that ever since.”


“Something within me says it’s important, and I’m to do something about it. Also, I’m writing a book. It seems to fit in with doing something to assist people to better understand the larger picture.”

“What about you, Heather,” Donovan asked. “You’ve been kind of quiet.”

“As have you,” she replied. “I feel that what Michael’s doing fits in with the spiritual quest I’m on. Don’t know exactly how, right now, but it definitely does fit. Plus, we enjoy hanging out together.”

That night, Heather and I sat on Silver Star’s deck overlooking the San Luis valley. We had hoped to see some ET craft, but the energy of the night felt too quiet.

“Hey, you got what you came for,” she said.

“True,” I responded.


We went to bed and cuddled because the night was cool and because we enjoyed each other.

I fell asleep quite easily. After a while, Heather got up and quietly closed the bedroom door.

She was still up in the adjacent room when I was roused at 2:30 AM and went to see her. “Having trouble?” I asked.

She held up a pad of paper. “I’ve been getting amazing insights,” she said. “Go back to sleep. I’ll share them in the morning.”


“That room I gave you usually produces some interesting insights,” Juelle said. “I picked it just for you special people.”

We were seated in the breakfast room. There were no other guests, so we got special meals of bacon, eggs, and hot cakes. Juelle came and sat down with us.

“I had some amazing perceptions while I was in my semi-conscious state,” Heather said. “Seems Michael and I have been together in several past lives, and you won’t believe how many children and grandchildren we have. And you’ll have a hard time recognizing us in some of our non-human bodies.”

“Was this with my old soul or my new one?” I asked.

“Definitely the new one. The old one didn’t like to travel.”

“I need to say something to you both,” Juelle interrupted. “This is not to scare you, but you need to be discerning about who you talk to about your journey, what you are finding about the cabal, and the secret stuff you will uncover. I’m not saying it to frighten you. Just be discerning. There are dark forces and dark beings. There are government agencies dedicated to keeping things secret. They will not like what you might disclose about their activities. Maintain a high consciousness. Focus on those who are honestly seeking and assist them.”

“You’re serious about this?” I asked.

“Yeah, as you will find out, there are trillions of dollars in play. People have been killed protecting these secrets.

“Remember Zoraster,” Heather said. “He was pretty powerful, as I remember.”

I proceeded to tell Juelle about my adventure with Zoraster, seeing for the first time that he had wanted to influence me.

“You should be very glad you did not go into their blue chamber,” Juelle said. “As I envision it now, it would have altered your mind. They knew you were a walk-in and wanted to control you. He was a non-human who operates from service-to-self.”

“I’m just happy to have you back in one piece,” Heather rested her hand on my arm.

I took a deep breath, taking in all that had been said. My new soul had obviously asserted itself, giving me the power to resist Zoraster and then flee.

Now I understood my desire to write a book and to pursue understanding of the cabal. It came from my new soul.

Turning to Juelle, I said, “Change of subjects. Is there anyone else we should be talking to?”

“Let me give that some thought. In the meantime, get into high consciousness as soon as possible.”

“Mary and Dolores can help with that,” Heather said. “We’ll head to Loveland after we get back to Denver.”

“Well, we didn’t get to see any more ET craft,” I said, “but the trip was certainly worthwhile. Thank you, Juelle. Thank you so much.” I stood and gave her a big hug. Heather joined in.


By the time we arrived at my home, Heather and I had pretty much discussed how we would proceed. Before more exploration about the cabal, I would spend time raising my consciousness to a higher level.

Keeping in mind that the next day was a school day, Heather had called both Mary and Dolores and had given them a sketch of what was needed. They agreed to help transform “The Old Guy” into someone of higher consciousness.

At my home, I grabbed a small suitcase with enough civilized clothes for a couple of days. Then Heather and I set out to meet with Mary and Dolores.

Arriving in Loveland, we went to the Best Western Hotel where I had a rented a suite with enough space to comfortably accommodate the four of us.

We four sat around the table there. Mary and Dolores had each brought a drink from home. Heather and I had acquired a tea in the lobby.

After pleasantries, Heather started, “We’ll look at the basics first. Help me out, you two. There are 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions.

“3rd dimension has two meanings. It’s the chair and the table, and all else that is physical. As a completely separate use of the term, it is how we relate to each other.

“When I say someone is acting out of 3rd Dimension, I mean they are behaving based on fear, anger, and/or judgment.”

“Don’t forget greed,” Mary offered.

“Or separation,” Dolores said.

“So, it’s any one of those, or maybe more than one,” Heather said. “The important thing here are the actions, emotions, thoughts, and words. They define whether someone is in 3rd Dimension or not.”

“What if they’re mixed with some good things?” I asked.

“We’ll get to that in a moment,” Heather said. “Before that, let’s look at 5th Dimension. In 5th Dimension, people act from unconditional love, acceptance, perfect unity, peace, and similar characteristics.”

“Seems like a real challenge,” I said. “What’s perfect unity?”

“Perfect unity,” Dolores said, “is when you are one with others, one with nature, recognizing that everything is conscious, and you love yourself all the time. Yes, it is a tall order. Not many people can maintain 5th Dimension all the time. That’s true higher consciousness.”

“And when they don’t?” I asked.

“Then we get to 4th Dimension,” Heather said. “When you slip out of 5th Dimension, you slide back into 4th.”

“4th has many levels, as does 5th,” Mary said. “Lower 4th is when some of the characteristics of 3rd Dimension are still hanging around. For example, a much lesser manifestation of fear, maybe in the background, is 4th. And then maybe it is mixed with a little peace and love. Many people live this way.

“There’s many levels of 4th Dimension, some just below 5th. People slip in and out of 5th Dimension, until they truly embrace it.”

“I need more tea,” I said. “Anyone else?” I went to the hot water and tea service in the room. This stuff is so strange, I needed to think about it.                                    

After I sat back down, I asked, “What about loving myself? Some days I like myself, some not. I’ve never even thought about loving myself.”

“This takes us to a new level of understanding,” Dolores said. “What do you know about your soul?”

“I just found out that I have a new soul,” I said.

“At the Silver Star, Michael discovered that he’s a walk-in,” Heather said.

Almost in sync, the heads of Mary and Dolores turned and tilted. “Tell us more,” Mary said.

Heather explained what she had heard from Juelle about me being a walk-in and how that explained my thirty-six-hour sleep and my new behavior.

“I wouldn’t be sitting here with the three of you before I had that experience,” I said. “The old me would have dismissed all of this.”

“Do you feel much different?” Mary asked.

“Not really. My old business associates tell me I’m no longer aggressive. They wonder why I allowed my partners to buy me out. Doesn’t make sense to them.”

“I believe they are coming from a 3rd or 4th Dimension perspective,” Dolores said.

“I can see that,” I said. “They’re not bad people, just focused on making money. Which leads me to see that the whole money orientation of our society is 3rd Dimension. Correct?”

“You’re getting it,” Mary toasted me with her coffee cup.

We talked for a few minutes as I told my story about waking up after my long sleep. Heather told the other two a little more about our conversation with Juelle.

“Okay, now about this loving myself business,” I said.

“You understand that you, as a new soul, came into your physical body,” Mary addressed me.


“Do you understand that yours is not a new soul, but that you have a new body for your existing soul?” she asked.

“I’m getting my head around that.”

“Does it make sense that your soul has had other experiences? Maybe lots? And that it’s a huge being of Light?” Mary asked.

I paused before answering. “I’m trying to accept this. Never thought like this before.” Shaking my head, I went on, “Just how big am I, I mean my soul?”

“Really big. And very beautiful too,” she said. “It’s been around a long time, picked up all kinds of experiences. And it influences who you are, supplies a quiet voice to direct you.

“So, now you might just see how you can love yourself, because the real you is a great being of Light. You, Michael Garrison, are a great being of Light with a physical vehicle.”

Heather placed her hand on my arm. She smiled at my new understanding.

I looked at the others around the table, as they smiled back at me. I saw them in a new light. Just like me, they were souls have bodily experiences.

“I would never have suspected this was possible from the guy who gave me a ride to see UFOs,” Dolores said. “Something amazing is going on.”

“I agree,” Mary said. “So, what’s next?”

“I think we let this percolate for a while,” Heather said. “Michael will head back to Denver. There he’ll continue exploring about the Illuminati and cabal, until we’re satisfied.”

“We are obviously dealing with something that is quite huge,” I said. “We need to define what that is. It’s a lot more than the money system or politics. So, I’m feeling that I want to get on with it – from a 5th Dimension point-of-view.

“Thank you, Mary and Dolores. This could not be happening without you. I’m quite sure we will be meeting again, and soon.”

With that, Heather went to her car to head to her apartment to get ready for teaching school the next day.

I planned to stay a few days at the hotel with Heather visiting after school. Then I would head back to my home in Denver. It wasn’t an ideal arrangement, but it would work for the time being.

Chapter 12



Chapter 12





After breakfast the next Saturday, Heather and I once again headed downstairs to view another video. We were hopeful that it would provide the final insights about the hidden structures within our government, the Illuminati and the cabal, and also reveal the larger picture. We reminded each other to come from a 5th Dimension observer point-of-view.

It was a very long video entitled NESARA with a subtitle of TRUTH IS REVEALED IN OBSCURITY. It was written and narrated by James Rink.

It started out presenting details of the Renaissance. Then Rink highlighted several physical lifetimes of Francis Bacon, going back as far as Christopher Columbus. In succeeding minutes of the video, he laid out Bacon’s accomplishments and his philosophy, including his influence on The King James version of the Bible.

The Rosicrucian secret society was founded in 1757 to protect Queen Elizabeth when she was excommunicated by the pope. They believed they could best accomplish their ends by being secret. Francis Bacon was a founding member thereof.

The Freemasons were another secret society. Their goal was to recreate the world as God made it, not as man had constructed it. Their principles were brotherly love, relief for the poor, and seeking truth.

Bacon persuaded the king to sign the Virginia Charter. It began the colonization of America. His principles of divine potential, freedom, and enlightenment led to the creation of the Thirteen States, under the Masonic founding fathers. Bacon envisioned a new Atlantis where freedom and peace would reign, under the principles of science and logic.

Bacon believed that the highest form of alchemy was to achieve oneness with the Creator. After he achieved that, he chose to join the Great White Brotherhood of Light, and materialized in the body as Saint Germain.

James Rink goes on to present many events in the life of Saint Germain, including his influence in the steam engine and first railroad, and his interactions with many important people in the seventeen hundreds. He encouraged the founding fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence. He persuaded the French to send troops to support the American Revolution.

Rink then says that trouble was brewing in Europe and spoke about the Illuminati coming from Bavaria and being connected to the Freemasons. He saw the Illuminati as infiltrated by a satanic force while under the leadership of Rothchild agent Adam Weishaupt. This included the worship of Lucifer. Rink insisted that it was the intent of the Rothchild family to take over the world.

He then turned to Saint Germain and his failed attempt to thwart the takeover of the Freemasons by the Illuminati. The Freemasons subsequently erased all references to their interactions with Saint Germain except retaining the letter G.

Saint Germain surfaced again as he tried to save the French monarchy from the revolution, but he failed as they ignored his advice. This led to the rise of Napoleon. It also led to the full infiltration of Freemason Lodges by the Illuminati.

In 1875, Saint Germain reappeared and convinced many royal families to merge their assets into the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. These assets included gold, silver, precious gems, and interests in petroleum. This World Trust, created at that time, has since mushroomed into a value of one quattuordecillion dollars(a 1 followed by 45 zeros). Saint Germain’s World Trust is under the control of the Bank for International Settlements. Its future role is to buy out all Illuminati controlled governments, banks, oil corporations, conglomerates, and pharmaceutical cartels.


I paused the video at this point and turned to Heather. “All of a sudden the Illuminati is characterized as connected to Lucifer and to the Rothschilds.”

“I noticed,” she said. “Different from the other videos we’ve seen where the Illuminati were just working to take down the existing government structure.”

“It seems that’s how it started. It’s evolved into something else.”

Heather stood and, with muscle testing, verified that the Rink information was mostly true. After sitting down, she said, “Be interesting to see where Rink takes us.”

With this in mind, we went back to watching the video.


Rink pointed out three great trusts: Warburg Trust, Rothschild Trust, and Rockefeller Trust. In addition, there were corporate trusts and other trusts such as Bush and Clinton family trusts. These latter had been blocking public access to the World Trust for their own interests.

A number of treaties began with the Jekyll Island Treaty in 1910 and continued to the Trilateral Tripartite Commission in 2003. The result of these was to designate the dollar as the international reserve currency.

Over $200 trillion in stolen money had been used by the New World Order to fund secret projects such as building anti-gravity vehicles. These programs were run in secret within governments and banks.

President Kennedy signed Executive order 11110 that restricted the ability of the Federal Reserve to loan money with interest and required a gold-backed currency issued by the Treasury. Kennedy was assassinated due to this. After his death the order was not recognized.              

Arbitrage and other forms of international trading were used to generate enormous amounts of wealth. Without a gold backed currency, banks created money by using fractional reserves to loan ten times as much money as on deposit. This results in what was known as fiat currency. More and more money was required to service the interest payments on money thus created. The plan was to run out of this money, allowing those who controlled the debt to eventually foreclose on the entire world’s assets.


Looking back at the situation within the original Colonies, they issued paper money only in sufficient amounts to facilitate trade, thus controlling the purchasing power of the script and they paid no interest.

The King of England demanded payment of taxes in gold. The colonists had little or nothing behind their paper money. According to Benjamin Franklin, this was what led to the revolutionary war.

Mayer Rothchild offered to loan the colonists money, thus leading them into the hands of British bankers. To facilitate this, the states were reorganized as federal districts, as corporations, and a portion of the debt was placed in each. Desperate for funds to pay their debt, the colonists allowed for the creation of a private central bank controlled by the Bank of England and the Rothchild family. They pledged the assets of the United States as collateral. Alexander Hamilton, a Rothchild agent, helped to create the Bank of the United States. It was given a twenty-year charter and capitalized with $10 million, mostly owned by foreign bankers. The bank was authorized to loan twice what it had in reserves.


In 1812, the Titles of Nobility amendment was passed. It prohibited any citizen of the United States from claiming, receiving, or retaining any title of nobility. Furthermore, citizens shall be prohibited from holding any office or profit therefrom. Congress also failed to renew the charter of the central bank. Mayer Rothchild threatened war. European investors withdrew $7 million from U.S economy. The war of 1812 was triggered by England’s loss of control over the U.S. economy. All copies of the Titles of Nobility amendment were destroyed.

The Rothschilds knew if they could control the money supply, they could control the United States. President James Madison gave a charter to the Second National Bank. Responding to corruption at the bank, President Andrew Jackson stated, “You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out.” He vetoed a renewal of the bank’s charter and payed off the nation’s debt. An assassination attempt resulted.


A civil war was envisioned by the Illuminati. They predicted that an expensive civil war would cause the U.S. to fall into the hands of the Rothschilds. They could see no other way to gain control over the money supply of the U.S. They stirred up racial tensions and enlisted the help of groups that included Jefferson Davis, John Wilks Booth, and Jesse James. These groups eventually spun off the Ku Klux Klan.

Lincoln approached Rothchild controlled banks for financing for the war. Rebuffed by the onerous interest rates, the U.S. Treasury printed Greenbacks that were backed by precious metals. By the end of the war, $449 million of these had been issued.

When the Confederate States declared their separation, a series of actions made Congress unable to act. This gave Lincoln executive powers that foreshadowed a secret government. On April 15, 1861, Lincoln signed Executive Proclamation 1, which declared a national emergency and placed federal territories under Martial Law to be ruled by executive power. Congress was no longer a lawful body. Thus, the constitution of the US ceased to exist. This created a constitutional crisis. In 1863, all states were placed under the jurisdiction of the federal government and made subject to military occupation.

Lincoln’s actions enabled him to navigate around the Rothchilds. He fought a war on two fronts, the army of the South and the financial institutions at his rear. He feared the financial institutions more than the army.

England stationed troops in Canada and France stationed troops in Mexico. In support of Lincoln, and because he feared a Rothchild bank in his own country, Tsar Alexander II of Russia stationed his fleet in New York to block any invasion from England.

Lincoln intended to return to constitutional law, but his assassination cut that short. Federal jurisdiction and Martial Law under a shadow government continue to exist to this day.


All citizens were turned into franchises, subject to the Corporation of the US of America. Therefore, they have no constitutional rights to protect themselves. The use of ALL CAPS in our names signifies that we are corporate entities.

The District of Columbia was chartered as a foreign corporation in the city of London, to be known as the United States of America, Inc. Congress was enabled to continue business under THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


The Illuminati was thus in full control of the US. Albert Pike had become the head of the Illuminati. He became fascinated with the idea of a one world government. He planned for three world wars in the 20th century that would be financed by the Illuminati. The first war was to bring about an atheist communist state in Russia. The second, was to bring about a Jewish holocaust under a fascist government in Germany. The third war was to bring about the annihilation of both Christians and Muslims. Enormous funding was required. The Illuminati looked to the U.S. with its economic powerhouse. They utilized J.P.Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Lehman Brothers to accomplish this. WWI and WWII are seen as diversions for what was really going on.


I turned to Heather and said, “I’m beginning to appreciate the scope of what we are listening to. It is so much more than just politics of one country or the money system. We are looking at the transformation of humanity into a whole new way of living.”

She grasped my arm and said, “You’re right. It’s so much larger than I ever imagined.”


Nelson Aldrich, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff representing the Rothchild family, and a representative of J.P.Morgan came to Jekyll Island to create the Federal Reserve System, a private bank to lend money to other banks. Faced with bankruptcy for the country, on December 23, 1913, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act. As a private entity, the Federal Reserve was set up to loan money to the U.S.

At that time, Wilson made a famous statement, “There exists this power in the world so subtle, so organized, so watchful, that we dare not speak above a whisper when we speak in condemnation of it.”


Faced with larger and larger costs to service the country’s debt to the Federal Reserve, congress passed the Federal Income Tax law, despite the prohibition in the original constitution. It was able to do this because, in 1871, the original constitution of the United States had been replaced with a corporate constitution.

In 1933, the United States once again declared bankruptcy. The Internal Revenue Service changed its domicile to Puerto Rico, naming itself Department of the Treasury of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Trust Fund #62.  


Rink then went into a very convoluted dialogue about the connection between the Internal Revenue Service, the Bank of England, and the Federal Reserve. He contends that since 1913 none of the revenue collected by the IRS finds its way to the federal government. The original charter specifies 67% to go to the Crown of England with 23% going to the shareholders of the Federal Reserve. The US federal government is funded by corporate and other taxes.

This is detailed in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The Government Accounting Standards Board publishes an annual report detailing all of this. There are 148,000 individual government financial statements showing investments of $110 trillion. All of this is masked within complex legal framework beyond the ability of the public to understand. 66% of the government’s total revenue is non-disclosed.

Rink’s charts show that the government possesses enough surplus investment revenue that it no longer needs to tax individuals. In 1998, total disclosed government revenues, federal and state, were $3.5 trillion. Non-disclosed CAFR revenues were $5.1 trillion.

In 1998, the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the US was $17.12 trillion, with 49% of that due to government economic activity. By the year 2009, total GDP was at $47.3 trillion. dollars, with the government activity at $32.6 trillion. The government now controls 60 to 70% of all of American corporations, plus investments in domestic and international specialty funds. In 2000, the federal government owned 82% of Microsoft, 58% of Time Warner, and 72% of ExxonMobil.

With these large ownerships, the government has no interest in reforming profitable companies like pharmaceuticals. Corporations have been allowed to set up off-shore businesses to hide revenue from taxation. The average American corporate tax rate is between 0.02% and 1.5% versus the average personal income tax rate of 27%. Rink sees a hidden agenda of draining individual wealth to bring us one step closer to a one world order.

The policy of lending fiat money to individuals serves to control physical assets and can enable foreclosures on a massive scale. The government is most interested in creating more loans, thereby injecting more money into the economy.


The government is active in the derivatives market with an ownership of $180 trillion. The source of this information is the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Article 1 of the original constitution required money to be gold or silver backed. Federal Reserve Notes are exempt from this. By controlling the money supply and interest rates, the FED is able to control inflation and deflation.

Wealthy individuals behind the FED and fiat currency have purchased controlling interests in newspapers to convince people everything is okay.

The Council on Foreign Relations was created in 1921 as a gathering place for those interested in pursuing these economic policies. It was succeeded by the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission.


Faced with bankruptcy in 1933, banks were closed for four days to reorganize the insolvent monetary system. President Roosevelt issued the Gold Confiscation act by signing Presidential Executive Order 6102. This allowed the federal government to confiscate all gold replacing it with Federal Reserve Notes. However, money could still be redeemed for silver. The price of gold was set at $42.22 per ounce. At that time, Federal Reserve notes issued in exchange for gold were redeemable in silver, giving the dollar some backing.



“I’m getting tired,” Heather said. She stretched her arms and put one around my shoulder. Pulling me close, she planted a gentle kiss on my cheek. “I can only take in so much at one time.”

“I thought I knew about the history of the U.S.,” I said, “but this is stuff I’ve never heard about before. And you know, I bought some one-ounce gold coins recently. Paid about $1,800 each. Now I have to figure out what happened to make gold worth so much more, and why I wasn’t smart enough to buy it at a lower price, years ago.

“Anyway, I agree, let’s take a break.”


A while later we continued the video. Rink stated that over the years the dollar has risen to prominence as a global standard, primarily because it was the exchange medium for oil. The oil crisis in 1973 upped the value of the dollar.


“It also explains why the government continues to back petroleum companies. It has a huge investment it wants to protect,” I commented.


The Trading with the Enemy Act has been used to justify support of oil producing countries and to threaten war against anyone interrupting the U.S.’s supply of oil.

In 1947, a national emergency was declared, and has continued to this day. At that time, the CIA and NSA were created to assist in guarding the U.S.’s oil interests.

Common Law representing the interests of the people was replaced by Contract Law that operated according to agreements. The legislative democracy changed the U.S. Public Law replaced public policy. It was later replaced by Merchant Law with Admiralty Law functioning based on military tribunals within the legal system.


Under Merchant Law, our birth certificates are not owned by us. The originals are kept by the government. Parents are issued a copy. We are considered to be employees of the corporation of the U.S. The Treasury uses the future labor represented by these birth certificates as collateral for loans from the Federal Reserve, allowing the government to continue borrowing money. Each birth certificate is judged to be worth $1 Million. Then with fractional banking the value is raised to $10 million.

Social Security was created to give some protection to the population. As an employee of the US government, one is entitled to receive social security thus becoming a 14th amendment citizen. On the back of one’s social security card is an eight-digit number indicating that your bond has been recorded, making it function like a stock certificate.

The Bretton Woods agreement allows the gold of the US, along with National Parks, non-profit corporations, property of 14th Amendment citizens, and birth certificate bonds to be used as collateral for loans by the US. These are used by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.

U.S. constitutional law has been replaced by the Uniform Commercial Code that can only be enforced in Admiralty Law courts. This means that the people have lost all constitutional protections.


In 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated for attempting to print gold-backed dollar certificates.

Understanding this complex situation, President Reagan said, “None of the Federal Income Tax paid by the American people is ever been deposited into the United States Treasury, but instead is deposited into the Federal Reserve Bank for its use and benefit.”

Reagan appointed a team of businessmen. Generally known as the Grace Commission, its task was to research the various areas of the federal government. They found that 100% of what is collected in income taxes is absorbed by interest on the federal debt. Reagan attempted to put the U.S. on a gold backed money system. Before he could accomplish this, on March 30, 1981, he was shot and wounded by John Hinkley Jr.

The U.S. has been transformed from a constitutional country to a debtors’ nation to a legislative democracy controlled by a fascist government. In the process, it has transferred all of its assets to the control of international bankers.


Heather and I stopped the video at this point, and I said, “I better understand what people mean by the words ‘Illuminati’ and ‘cabal.’ It’s a few bankers who’re in control of the money of the U.S. and in turn control us. It’s quite different from what I had previously imagined.”

Heather said, “I’m glad you do, because I’m not too sure what I get out of it, except that it is all 3rd Dimension, maybe 4th. There is no 5th Dimension in any of this. Even his references to Saint Germain don’t go along with my understanding of 5th Dimension.”

“I like your observations,” I said. “I believe you are correct, but I need more insights into how to function at higher consciousness with reference to what we just watched. I just need several approaches to things to get them into my consciousness, some verification.”

“Dear Michael, as long as you insist on processing things in your head, 5th Dimension will not happen for you. You must learn to think from your heart. Ask yourself, ‘How does it feel?’ When you can trust the answers you get in this way, then you can say that you are functioning from higher consciousness, 5th Dimension higher consciousness.

“Along with that comes the requirement to control every thought, every emotion, every word, and every action. That may seem like a lot, but it will happen naturally when you reside in 5th Dimension.”

“If I’m functioning at 5th Dimension, what can I do to assist others?” I asked. “How does this ability relate to our discoveries about the cabal and Illuminati?”

“I don’t have that answer,” Heather said, “but I’m sure it will appear.”

“Where do we go from here?”

We walked upstairs to find something to drink and to take a break. Listening to this video had been exhausting.


“So, what do we know for sure?” Heather asked.

“Let’s make a list,” I said.

After a couple of hours, the following list emerged:

I have a wonderful woman in my life

And I have a wonderful man in my life

We know that we love each other

I’ve met an ET of some sort

I know that I slept 36 hours and that my life has changed

I’m no longer a business man

I was bought out of my company

I have enough money to live on without working

Michael has a house, an office with computers, and a Jeep

Heather has a car and personal things

We have friends: Peter, Al, Mary and Dolores

Michael has two children, Kevin and Victoria

We both have been divorced, both have had spouses die

We both experienced unusual events at the Baca

We both saw an ET Craft come out the side of a mountain

We both enjoy hiking

Heather is a teacher of Physical Education

Heather plays softball

Michael enjoys fishing

We have seen messages from Pleiadians

We have seen pictures of Pleiadian craft

Michael is writing a book

We both are exploring web sites and books

We both understand 3rd Dimension

Heather understands higher consciousness

Michael receives communications from non-physical beings

There are trillions of dollars of fiat money

The media is covering up UFOs, ETs, and many other things

The signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons

There is a tracking number on the back of my Social Security card

The Federal Reserve is not a government agency. It is privately owned

The dollar is currently the international reserve currency

Petroleum is traded in dollars


“Wow,” Heather said. “I would never have imagined that we knew so much for sure.”

“Now let’s make a list of what others have told us, things that feel like the truth and check out with muscle testing,” I said.


The following list emerged:

Some technology derived from crashed ET craft

Many government secrets about UFOs and ETs

The U.S. has working space craft

There is a base on the other side of the moon

Testimony from 22 witnesses

The government has recovered ET bodies

There is a secret government, cabal

There is an Illuminati

The Federal Reserve was created at Jekyll Island

There is a group of wealthy men who own and control the Federal Reserve

Pointing to Rothschilds, J.P.Morgan, Rockefeller, Bush, Clinton as part of Illuminati

Freemasons and the Illuminati are linked

The Illuminati was corrupted by dark energy

The Illuminati financed both sides of WWI and WWII

There are great hidden Trusts with vast amounts of money, gold, and other valuables

Kennedy was killed because he wanted a gold-backed dollar

Reagan was shot because he wanted a gold-backed dollar

The U.S. is a corporation and functions as such

The U.S. has been bankrupted several times

The U.S. was bailed out of bankruptcy by the Rothchilds

The government has $180 trillion invested in derivatives – it doesn’t need our tax dollars

The government is invested in all major corporations

All our income tax dollars are used to pay interest on the debt to the Federal Reserve

Our birth certificates are used as collateral for the U.S.’s debt with the Federal Reserve

I am a walk-in

Reincarnation is real


“Again, wow,” Heather said. “So, what is it that we don’t know? What questions do we have?”

“We know our searches of the Internet, our phone calls, and our conversations are being monitored,” I said. “My big question is, when we proceed from a higher consciousness, will that keep us from being hurt?”

“Do you remember what Juelle and Al said about it?” Heather asked.

“Yeah, I remember. I’m still going to get Jeff to check out our computers, our phones, my house, and our cars. See if we can block some of this surveillance.”

“I say we go forward. The stakes are too high to stop,” Heather said.


Chapter 13

Chapter 13



Heather and I were seated on the sofa in my basement office. We turned on a TV newscast to gauge what most people used as their source of information. I turned to other channels. The perspectives were different. However, the information about politics, the stock market, the latest killing, or a medical breakthrough were much the same words, just different points-of-view. All of it was very 3rd Dimension. None of it touched on what we were discovering in books and videos.

“You and I really are coming from a different perspective than the media,” I said, after I had shut off the TV. “It wasn’t long ago that I bought into what was being said on the TV. Now I can see the misinformation and lack of information being peddled.”

“I talk to the other teachers at school,” Heather said. “Not one of them questions what is being presented on the TV. Even those who use the Internet don’t see any aspect of what you and I are finding. They have no interest in what I saw in the Baca. They could care less about the monetary system, as long as it doesn’t impact their paycheck. They’ll talk about their latest physical problems, but are really happy with the drugs they are taking.”


“Let’s finish with James Rink,” I said. “I believe he is going to bring us up to the present time.”

Part III of the video began with the HISTORY OF NASARA. With all their power and money, bankers believed themselves to be above the law. A class action lawsuit was initiated under the name of Farmers Claim Program. First Interstate Bank of Fort Collins, Colorado was caught using fraudulent methods to foreclose on a property. The suit was not successful. A second suit was filed by Farmers Union against the Federal Land Bank Association.

Eventually the claims of the Farm Credit were ruled just by the United States Supreme court. It declared that the federal government had defrauded the citizens out of money and property. The court also ruled that the IRS was a Puerto Rican Trust, and that the Income tax was unlawful because it had not been ratified by all states.

According to the 1913 act that created the Federal Reserve, all debts against the U.S. Treasury are to be assumed by the Federal Reserve. The 14th amendment to the constitution specifies that citizens can recover damages done by a foreign government. The U.S. government based in Washington D.C is such a foreign government, having been created as such after the States.


A Task Force of 300 retired and active duty officers headed by Admiral Jeremy M. Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, William E. Colby, Director CIA, and General David J. McCloud, U.S. Air Force, was assembled to support the return to constitutional law. These are known as the “White Hats.” They pointed out the Corporation of the U.S government’s role in establishing a fascist new world order. They uncovered common practices of extortion and bribery in all areas of the government. This group of military generals and others continues to function as White Hats.

An audit of the Federal Reserve disclosed $800 trillion that should have been applied to the national debt. It also disclosed that most nations owed money to the U.S, rather than the other way around. Despite these disclosures the Illuminati & George H. W. Bush continued on with their plans for global enslavement.


The case of the farmers pursuing NASARA was stifled by the Clinton administration in a secret trial in Michigan. Many who were supporting this effort were arrested and jailed, some died. The general who had headed this effort was imprisoned, killed, and replaced with a double who then acted to defeat the lawsuit.

Attorney General Janet Reno promised to bring about the necessary changes to return to constitutional law. She ordered Navy Seals to Switzerland and Israel to recapture trillions of dollars in gold that had been stolen by the Federal Reserve System. It is now safely stored at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) complex in Colorado Springs, CO. Janet Reno was killed and replaced with a double who covered up the Clintons’ scandals.                 


When enacted, NASARA will accomplish the following:

  • Does away with the Federal Reserve and the IRS.
  • Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities.
  • Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential ‘new items only’ sales tax revenue for the government.
  • Increases benefits to senior citizens.
  • Returns constitutional law to all courts and legal matters.
  • Reinstates the original intent of the nobility amendment.
  • Foreign agents will lose their citizenship, be deported, and barred from reentry.
  • Establishes new presidential and congressional elections within 120 days after NASARA’s announcement.
  • Returns the country back to constitutional law.
  • Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities by special interest groups.
  • Creates a new U.S Treasury currency, ‘rainbow currency’, backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals.
  • Ends the bankruptcy of the U.S.
  • Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records.
  • Initiates a new US Treasury bank system in alignment with constitutional law.
  • Eliminates the Federal Reserve.
  • Retrains all judges and attorneys in constitutional law.
  • Ceases all aggressive U.S. government military actions worldwide.
  • Establishes peace throughout the world.
  • Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.
  • Enables the release of suppressed technologies held under the guise of national security including free energy and anti-gravity.


President Clinton’s double had no interest in signing NASARA into law. On October 10, 2000, a team of Navy Seals and Delta Force stormed the White House and forced him to sign NASARA into law. Subsequently, this action was sealed by the order by Supreme Court. A gag order was placed on all involved. Violation was deemed treasonable and was punishable by death.

Senator Paul Wellstone was about to break the gag order. He was killed in an airplane crash.

All members of congress have been bribed with millions of dollars, as have members of the military, judiciary, media, and other powerful interests.

Extreme misinformation methods have been used against the NASARA law, including alternative media and the Internet.

Currently three Supreme Court judges have the power to keep the law from being announced. In 2001, they told Congress to pass resolutions approving NASARA. On September 9, 2001. NASARA became law. George Bush Sr. and Jr. conspired to put a     hold on it.


On September 11, 2001, Alan Greenspan was set to announce abolishment of the IRS, debt forgiveness, and a new US Treasury Bank System. When airplanes hit the World Trade Center, it stopped any such announcement. Building Seven was demolished to cover up crimes.

An airplane hit the Pentagon exactly where military officers were setting up to implement NASARA nationwide.

George Bush Sr. had accomplished his role in removing control of the government away from the people. The country went off to fight the war in Iraq.

Rink presented a chart with the thousands of military personnel and hundreds of thousands of civilians killed as a result of that war.


The Bush family was offered $300 trillion dollars to cooperate with NASARA. They declined, choosing to keep their control over the population. The Bush family has stopped repeated attempts to implement NASARA. 

The Bush, Clinton, and Rockefeller families are doing everything they can to stop such payments. Documents to be used for the payout have been hijacked under orders of the Department of Homeland Security.

There have been many threats against the international money system to keep things headed to a one world order.

Under NASARA, the dollar can no longer continue as the world’s reserve currency. It must be replaced by gold-backed dollars issued by the US Treasury.


Banks have demanded, and received, $700 billion dollars under the Troubled Asset Relief Program to begin implementing the road to a gold-backed money system.

Under Basil III, banks will become bankrupt if they show all their questionable debts. Banks currently use off-shore accounts to hide bad debts.

Under Clinton, fractional reserves were increased from 10:1 to 100:1, leading to a huge increase in the money supply.

Securitization is used by banks to package and sell their loans as stocks to investors. This has been repeated until there are quadrillions of dollars of credit derivatives.

The new gold-backed dollar is worth 1/28 gram of gold.

China has demanded gold as payment of their debt. They do not want NASARA announced because it would change the arrangement of their debt.

President Obama tried to steal $200 billion from the Bank for International Settlements as a payment to keep NASARA from being implemented.

The government continues to buoy up the economy and support failing companies through loans from the Fed.


QAnon is a group of 200 military personnel who are working to keep the country from collapsing. Its director is an admiral from Naval intelligence.

Trump will initiate NASARA, space force, new money, etc., in a second term as President.                      

White Hats who operate US space command and area 51 are ready to release technology, such as anti-gravity, that will obsolete automobiles.


When we had completed watching this video, Heather said, “Guess we have our answer about the Illuminati and the cabal. It’s all of the government officials who have been bribed with billions, and maybe trillions, of dollars. Then the ones at the very top, like the Bushes, are so committed to a one world government that they turn down trillions of dollars.”

“NASARA seems almost too good to be true,” I said. “I can see why those who want a one world government don’t want anything to do with it.”

“I can see the influence of the dark energy in those who want the one world government,” Heather said. “Their greed, self-centeredness, and lust for power knows no bounds. But where did the dark energy come from?”

“I guess that’s for us to discover, and we will,” I said. “I’m just really happy to see the reference to the White Hats, explains why we don’t yet have a one world government. This also explains a lot about Donald Trump and why he became president. I believe it was orchestrated by the White Hats, in order to get someone in office who was not linked to the one world order, to traditional politics, bribery, or extortion.”

“I guess this also explains why I was told not to investigate any further,” Heather said. “There’s dynamite stuff about important people and the cabal in this video. Not everyone knows about it. It hasn’t made it to the nightly news.”

“Probably explains the viruses I keep getting in my laptop,” I said. “They don’t want us to figure everything out and start telling others.”

“We need to talk about this,” Heather said. She opened her laptop computer and went to her emails. After she had opened up a recent email she showed it to me.

It was a picture of me in bed with another woman.

“That’s not me,” I said. “It may look like me but it’s not.”

“So, when did this happen?” she asked.

“Heather, it’s not me. I haven’t been in bed with anyone other than you in a long time.”

“So, who’s in the picture?” she asked. “Looks pretty recent.” She looked at me with questioning eyes. “It’s your current hair style, your smile. Can’t see the rest of your body, but the girl looks pretty real, and pretty young.”

“I don’t know what else to say, but I haven’t gone to bed with anyone other than you in almost two years.”

Heather stared at me, then smiled and pointed to a small white spot in the image. “Guess they got a little sloppy with their photoshop.”

I heaved a long sigh. Placing the palms of my hands together, I said, “Thanks to whoever is looking out for us.”

“I do believe you.” Heather reached over and gave me a big hug. “Guess we’re making some waves.

“If they hadn’t threatened me, I would have been more willing to believe their picture.” She deleted it from her emails.

“They obviously don’t want us to continue investigating,” I said. “I suspect we have stumbled on something that really bothers them.”

“I think it’s our higher consciousness perspective,” Heather said. “Many others may see the same material, but through 3rd Dimension eyes. We see it differently, and that bothers them. We might get others to start thinking along these lines, then their game of mirrors and lies will start to fall apart.”

“If I look at things from that perspective, I believe we have nothing to fear,” I said. “We don’t need any special protection. They may be able to do things like this picture to me, but we are protected spiritually.”   

Chapter 14


Chapter 14




Heather and I began this video on Saturday in my home office. We sat on the comfortable sofa facing the large screen TV. It was connected by a cable to my MacBook.

She was exhausted, having worked all week teaching Physical Education and Health. I had spent Wednesday evening with her in Loveland. She would spend the weekend with me here. I worked on my book on my iMac whenever I was at home in Denver or in Loveland. We did Internet research on my MacBook or her laptop because we did not want to reveal that I was working on a book on my iMac.

With this arrangement we hoped to avoid attracting undue attention to our efforts. It was working fairly well, but we both agreed it was not a long-term solution. Sooner or later we needed to find a single residence that worked for both of our schedules.


In this video, entitled US SECRET SPACE OPERATIONS & ETs,  Michael Sala synthesized information from many sources. In the first few minutes of the video, he referenced the alien reproduction vehicle (ARV) that was first revealed in 2001 during the Disclosure Project panel in Washington, D.C. He stated that Lockheed Martin was involved in secret space programs connected to the ARV.


The government’s interest in space vehicles began with the Battle of Los Angeles, on February 25, 1942, in which alien aircraft appeared over LA. Suspecting a Japanese invasion, the military shelled multiple rounds at the overhead craft.

This event pointed out the limits of U.S. aircraft. At that time, LA was a hub of aircraft research and development and major manufacturers. Researchers at these companies became most interested in the craft that had appeared overhead.

Two days later, Roosevelt assigned the U.S. Army to take responsibility for any captured UFO technology. The Army had been in charge of the secret development of the atomic bomb. So, they became in charge of any project due to UFOs being shot down.

Douglas Aircraft Company, a company who had built 30,000 aircraft during WWII, created a Navy and Army Airforce Task Group to investigate flying saucer crashes.    

Based on leaked documentation and personal observations, William Tompkins, a well-known whistleblower, talked about his experiences in working with Douglas and Navy intelligence. He mentioned two craft being retrieved from the LA battle. This kickstarted the research and development by the Army and the Navy.

Tompkins was also involved with retrieving information about the Germans’ flying saucer program and their development of anti-gravity aerospace technology. This was discovered by Navy spies.

In 1945, Douglas set up Rand Corporation to study anti-gravity principles and extraterrestrial craft. It was funded by the Army Air Force, Douglas, the Navy, and several other companies. They were all involved in studying extraterrestrial artifacts. Sala stated this information was important for tracking secret space programs within the U.S.

Rand undertook design of an experimental world-circling spaceship in 1946. The intent was to have weapons and observation craft in orbit. In 1952, Werner Von Braun proposed a donut-shaped space station.


The existence of a German breakaway group that went to Antarctica with flying saucer technology became known in 1946, after Admiral Byrd’s expedition encountered them. The Germans had perfected their saucer craft, so the Navy was outmatched and retreated.

Kenneth Arnold, another whistleblower, observed nine German flying crescent craft in 1947. He initially thought them to be Russian craft based on German design. It was later determined that some Germans had survived WWII and were flying the craft out of Antarctica.


The Army’s ballistic missile program was based on V2 rockets brought over from Germany, under Werner Van Braun. Project Paperclip brought 1,600 German scientists to the U.S. to work on rockets and similar projects.      


Sixty US Army and Navy aircraft were lost during May 1950 to April 1951 due to German flying saucers interfering with tests being conducted at White Sands, New Mexico; this information was according to Timothy Goode in his book Need to Know. Germans had perfected directed energy weapons and anti-gravity technology.

USAF Project Blue Book was intended to hide the origin of flying saucers. At that time, USAF officials knew there were two kinds of flying saucers: German and extraterrestrial. They had trouble figuring out who was who.


Over three successive weekends in July 1952, saucers were sighted flying over the U.S. Capitol building. Radar tracked them. U.S. jets were scrambled. Pilots of nearby aircraft reported sightings. There were hundreds of thousands of witnesses. Sala insists that they were German flying saucers.


In February of 1954, President Eisenhower met with human-looking, Nordic, extraterrestrial ambassadors at Edwards Air Force Base. Three extraterrestrial vehicles had flown over the base and then landed for the face-to-face meeting about supporting U.S. technology efforts.

Later Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger advised Eisenhower against reaching an agreement with the Nordics. So, Eisenhower said no to the Nordics.

Rockefeller was advising Eisenhower about setting up research on ET technology, and how to respond to German technology. He became Eisenhower’s national security adviser.

Rockefeller was important in that he was reorganizing the federal bureaucracy. In the process, he was advising Eisenhower« to set up secret classified research on ET craft and deal with the ETs who were assisting the Germans in Antarctica.


Following on these events, the Navy began working with the Nordic extraterrestrials. Secretly cooperating with them, it developed a space program without the executive branch knowing anything about it.


This was different than the Air Force working with the Germans’ draconian extraterrestrial allies who had helped them develop WWII technologies and set up the Antarctica base. Their focus was all directed toward becoming a space power.


The question then became one of why didn’t Germany win  WWII? The answer supplied by Sala is that the allies were secretly being helped by the Nordic extraterrestrials. WWII was a proxy war between the two extraterrestrial races.



“I see a connection to what we’ve learned from our other investigations,” I said to Heather. “The cabal would not want an alliance with the Nordics.”

“Seems so obvious, now,” Heather said. “But at that time, few people knew the details about the cabal, or about contact with extraterrestrials. Only a few know now, even fewer will make the connection we are making. The members of the cabal are very good at hiding their intentions and activities.”

“The cabal rejected the assistance of an advanced civilization who was trying to help us,” I said, “just so they could hang onto their power.”

“And take over the world,” Heather added.



Returning to the video, Sala stated that Eisenhower met with the extraterrestrial alliance that the Germans were working with out of Antarctica, at Holloman Air Force Base. Eisenhower came out of their extraterrestrial craft and shook hands with them, indicating that an agreement had been reached. Corroborating information has recently become available from several whistleblowers.


After WWII, the Fourth Reich infiltrated the U.S. Military Industrial complex, especially USAF and CIA. What was not realized was the extent to which these scientists would become a fifth column, undermining the U.S. Military Industrial complex, infiltrating the highest levels of government and corporations. In 1961, Bill Tompkins saw a combined U.S. and Nazi flag at Marshall Space Flight center.

Tall white extraterrestrials and USAF Generals worked together. The tall whites appeared to be a hybrid between the Nordics and greys. They were very intelligent and possessed very advanced technology. This indicated that the U.S. government was working with the tall whites dating from the 1950s.

The extraterrestrials the USAF had been working with only shared technology relating to atomic powered, short range craft, such as capable of going to the moon. Interplanetary craft information was withheld.


“There is so much secret information and so many secret projects within the government,” I said after I had paused the video. “So much has been kept from us. How much are they still keeping?”

“Lots,” Heather said.


Returning to the video, Sala said that, in 1963, the USAF received funding to focus on rockets to develop a manned orbiting space station. In 1969, the public was told that the Apollo project was cancelled, but it was only the manned orbiting laboratory portion of it that was. The USAF continued the Second Phase in secret with funding from other sources. This illustrated how dollars flow into the classified world. The goal of this secret project was to create a large, manned space station. This was all revealed through National Reconnaissance Office documents that were finally declassified in 2015.

To get the astronauts to this huge space station, alien reproduction vehicles were developed based on crashed ET craft. Three vehicles, such as this, were witnessed by Brad Sorensen at Edwards Air Force base in 1988. The largest was 60 feet in diameter.

Ben Rich, who was the head of Lockheed Martin’s skunk works, said that they “had the technology to take ET home.” This meant that they had developed alien reproduction vehicles. In the 1960s, the USAF had been assisted by tall whites and greys to develop saucer technology. By the 1980s, the USAF had two operational flying saucers.

In late 1980s, the USAF had flying triangles, using magneto hydrodynamics to attain speeds much greater than conventional craft, plus atomic powered engines. These craft were observed during the Belgium triangle craft sightings. At that time, most researchers believed these were alien craft.


Emery Smith was exposed to USAF technologies. During 1992 to 1997, he disclosed that he had worked on these craft at Kirtland AF base in New Mexico. He was asked to work on them because he was an expert on the biology of alien life, and some of these craft were organic.

He was also given information about ETs who were working with the USAF in a highly classified program to develop these craft. The tall whites, reptilians, and greys were involved with the USAF. These were the same ones who were working with the Germans out of Antarctica; totally different from group working with the Navy.  This group captured Nordics and tortured them for information. Cory Goode shared this on an episode of Cosmic Disclosure.


Because they had been working with the Nordics, the US Navy had developed superior technology in the form of cigar shaped craft that were capable of interstellar flight. The USAF was shocked to learn that the Navy’s capabilities were so much more advanced. After decades of working with the reptilian German alliance, the USAF had not been allowed to develop craft such as the Navy possessed. The USAF finally realized they had been told only a partial truth.

Sala showed pictures of supposed extraterrestrial craft that were deliberately shown to the public. These triangular craft were sighted near MacDill AFB.


On Jan 13, 2018, the USAF stopped a false flag attack on Hawaii in a decisive break with the deep state. Residents of the Islands had received a ballistic missile alert to take shelter. There was panic because they thought they were being attacked by a missile with a nuclear weapon, coming from North Korea. Later, the State of Hawaii issued an apology, saying it was a mistake.

Sala says it was a real missile attack carrying a nuclear weapon designed to be a false flag attack where North Korea would be blamed, thereby starting a third world war. It was shot down by the USAF secret space program.

This was really a momentous event. The USAF stood up to the secret state and told them it was not going to be allowed to happen. If the missile had been allowed to hit Hawaii, Trump would have been forced to retaliate against North Korea, causing China and Russia to enter the game. This was the deep state’s plan for WWIII. Fortunately, the Air Force decided to join the White House and prevent the attack.


The USAF is now cooperating with the Nordics, the Pleiadians, and others who helped the Navy all along. The USAF realized they had been lied to by the extraterrestrials connected to the Germans all this time and that the Nordics could be trusted. It was a big realization that the ones working with the Navy were the good guys. This caused a realignment away from the greys, tall whites, insectoids, and reptilians.


There is an Ultra Top Secret, New Majestic Document that reveals US diplomatic relations with extraterrestrials. It will be released to the public to inform them about human-looking extraterrestrials being our friends. It outlines the history of the cooperation.

The USAF, National Reconnaissance Office, and NSA now believe that the Nordics are the friendliest ETs. It acknowledges that the government has been working with human-looking ETs since the 1950s.        

There are four types of ETs: Earth-like humanoids, Greys, Non-humanoid extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs), and Transmorphic Entities. The majority of earth-like humanoids are friendly. Those that are not friendly are the ones working with the Germans.

The document talks about the 1954 meeting at Kirtland Air Force base where a statement of intent was signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower and an individual with the Nordics.


“This conflicts with what Sala said earlier about  Eisenhower rejecting the Nordics in 1954,” I said.

“Guess it depends on who is telling the story,” Heather said.

“Sounds like this Document wants to make Eisenhower look good and cover up the actions of the cabal, Rockefeller,” I said.



Back to the video, cylinder shaped craft were spotted near MacDill AFB. This pointed to the USAF Nordic alliance. The video showed a May of 2018 picture of a Nordic in a USAF Uniform. The Nordics were now helping the USAF develop technologies for more powerful spacecraft.

Military insiders confirm that thousands of human-looking extraterrestrials have lived among us for decades.


The initiation of the US Space Force in 2018 was a step toward disclosure of the USAF Secret Space program. USAF did not want to be subservient to Navy. It wanted its own space force. The US Space Force was intended to aggregate all of USAF and Navy activities. Its goal was to give it authority over corporate contractors building spacecraft, giving it control over technologies, intelligence, and acquisition of components. This would make it very difficult for the deep state, the Antarctic Germans, or corporations to have secret space activities and siphon off technology, personnel and money. The deep state had opposed the creation of the US Space Force because it limited their secret activities.

As it now stands, there were two separate space force initiatives: Air Force and Navy. The Navy has cooperated with other nations in its efforts, while the USAF has not. The goal of the Space Force was a multi-national program, like Star Trek.


“That was quite a revelation,” Heather said. “Who will believe that our military has been working with extraterrestrials since the 1950s?”      

We had wandered upstairs to take a break and find refreshments.

“It’s a lot to accept,” I said, “but it also explains why U.S. technology has leaped forward so quickly over the past fifty years.

“I believe it’s now time to explore what things look like in todays’ world.

“We’ve covered enough background that I’m confident we have a good understanding of UFOs and ETs, and knowledge about the cabal, the monetary system, the media, and most of the other basics.

“I see it as a huge, multifaceted picture of humanity’s enslavement. It’s been going on a long time and is well entrenched. What’s missing for me are the details of what we’re dealing with right now.”

Heather said, “Let’s not lose sight of the spiritual aspects or the dark energy. For me they are key.

“What I am being told is that we need to appreciate the individual aspects and forces that are not working in everyone’s best interests and then we can utilize our higher consciousness to help people raise their energies to move out of 3rd Dimension.

“Furthermore, my higher self is telling me that the effort we are making to investigate this situation is of great benefit to all. In other words, we are doing it not only for ourselves but for many others with whom we connect unconsciously.”

I said, “I hereby request those who are assisting us, to clarify our path forward.”

Heather said, “I ask the same.”

With that, I stood, gave Heather a hand up, and gave her a long hug.


That night, when we settled in bed ready for sleep, the voice in my head communicated.

All institutions of your civilization, be they government, monetary, legal, medicine, religion, or education, have been compromised by individuals attuned to the dark energy.

As was my pattern, I wrote down the words. As I settled into a restless sleep next to Heather, I understood that I had just been given an insight into a picture larger than the cabal. The dark energies were very pervasive as well as invasive. And what exactly was dark energy, and how did it compromise people.

Chapter 15

Chapter 15




While searching for information on details of the larger picture, Heather and I found a web site entitled, CRITICAL THINKING. On it were presentations by a number of highly qualified doctors.


The first doctor was Sherri Tenpenny. She started out with a discussion about shedding of viruses. It is usually connected with live virus transmission between people. In the case of Covid-19, the means of transmission was not clearly identified. It has been shown to be transmitted between vaccinated people and unvaccinated people. She went on to say that people are not getting immunity from any of the Covid-19 shots.

With Covid-19 there is an unprecedented situation. Doctors are getting reports from thousands of women around the world with vaginal bleeding, bloody noses, and bruising from simply being in proximity with those who have been vaccinated. Blood clots are reported in men and there is erectile dysfunction. There is unprecedented censorship that keeps this information from the public.


The second doctor is Christine Northrup, an author of 3 best sellers. She is a Board certified OBGYN and has taught at prestigious schools. She spent 25 years at Vermont College of Medicine. She has been on the Oprah Winfrey show and other public television shows. Since she has started speaking out about the truth, she is now listed as one of the 12 most important sources of misinformation about vaccines.

She showed a report from Life Site News that thousands of women are reporting menstrual cycle irregularities and reproductive dysfunction following COVID vaccines and from people who have simply been around people who have been vaccinated.

She sees the vaccines as some kind of a bio-weapon that the body of those vaccinated is secreting. The vaccines cause the body to make a synthetic protein that has never been seen before. The body becomes a factory producing this protein. The protein that is shed comes out in urine, feces, sweat, and  blood. It adversely affects pregnancies.



Dr. Carrie Madej was an internal medicine physician who has been practicing 20 years. She saw nano-lipid particles in vaccines as tiny computers or nano-bots. Drug manufacturers are telling doctors that the human body would destroy any such substance being injected. The nano-lipid particles trick the body into accepting the synthetic proteins, by using particles to surround it. This creates an on-demand drug delivery system that can be triggered to deliver the payload, by suppressing the body’s natural immunity. It can also be used to control body functions, by transmitting and receiving. It is completely foreign to the human body. It can be triggered by EMF.

Higher levels of EMF coming from cellphones interact with the nano-lipid particles, modifying red blood cells to become stringy. This leads to clotting. EMF radiation has gone up in recent times. She asks, is there a connection between EMF and the vaccines?


Dr. Lee Merritt was an orthopedic surgeon with degrees from the University of Rochester. She served on the Navy defense advisory committee. She tells stories of people dying due to being exposured to someone else being vaccinated. She sees the vaccines producing a self-replicating protein as an explanation for the transmission problem. She supplied a very technical explanation. There are many moving parts to vaccine illnesses.


In a very emotional presentation, a Dr. Larry, whose last name was never provided, insisted that the injections are not a vaccine. Vaccines are supposed to protect us against a bacterial or virus infection. Nothing in any of the shots does this. As soon as we realize this, then everything thereafter is a complete and utter lie. The vaccines can’t protect against transmission. They produce blood disorders, heart disease, lung disease, clotting, and neurological issues. He sees the vaccines as a manmade weapon to poison blood. He asked, why inject something into the body to make protein? We don’t really know what’s in the vaccines. We think it’s a protein, but we really don’t know. We have no experience with a synthetic protein.

Dr. Larry insists that what we have is a massive propaganda campaign. People who have been injected with a vaccine are getting people who have not had a shot to experience Covid-19 symptoms. The lipid particles in the shots are capable of passing whatever is in the shot to the vital organs of the body including the brain. He insists that we stop calling it a vaccine.

He said that we don’t know what’s going on, and that we should have people who get the shot quarantined, so those who have not can avoid them.


At that moment my MacBook froze. Nothing I could do would free it up. This had happened a couple of times recently, never before that. As a last resort, I restarted it.

The computer went through an elaborate start-up routine.

Heather said, “What I’m getting from this video is that something is getting passed from those who have gotten the shot to those who have not. I also see a lot of 3rd Dimension fear being expressed.”

“Agreed,” I said then added, ”we need to make sure we are observing it from a higher dimension perspective. It serves no purpose for us to get caught up in fear.”

After the computer restarted, we hugged to affirm our commitment to the task. Then Heather and I went back to the web site and continued to watch.


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny then came back on. She reminded everyone to stop calling it a vaccine, rather call it a shot or an injection. She said that it is an injection of foreign matter.

The mechanism of all three of the current shots is to make a spike protein and make an antibody to it. The spike protein can cross the blood brain barrier. It is a lethal weapon.

There are 89 additional vaccines almost ready to go. The J & J vaccine contains adenovirus that can be readily transmitted just as a cold virus is.

Both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are very effective against the covid-19 virus, whatever it is. They each have been used for over fifty years to treat various illnesses. Take one of the pills every other week. Our Vitamin D level should be at 80 to 100, and our Zinc level between 7 and 12.      


“That sure brings the whole virus pandemic thing to the foreground, doesn’t it,” Heather said. “You and I have been so focused in tracking down the cabal, unearthing the monetary system, and following up on UFOs and ETs, that we ignored the implications of the lockdown.”

“It hasn’t really affected us that much,” I said. “Sure, I’ve had to wear a mask to buy food and some restaurants demand a mask until you sit down, which makes no sense. But, overall, we’ve not studied the whole issue. And, because we don’t watch TV, we’ve not been bombarded with the media harping on it.”

“Face masks, social distancing and lockdown are definitely changing the way people act and relate to one another,” Heather said. “I wear a mask only when I don’t have a choice, like at school, where it’s mandatory.”

“This whole mandatory thing is against the Nuremburg trial conclusions,” I said. “The government is acting illegally when it mandates wearing masks and the other stuff.”

“But the media is still selling the pandemic,” Heather said. “I’ll bet eighty percent of the people are buying their line.

“This whole virus thing has hit me,” she continued. “Last summer we were pretty oblivious to it. Sure, there was the occasional mask to go shopping or eating out, but not a big deal. However, now that I’m back in school, most of the teachers have gotten jabbed.”

“I’m sure we’re not going to get the shot,” I said. “Does that make us stand out?”

“I’m doing okay. Just don’t talk much to those who are so convinced that the media knows it all.           

“However, the proposition about getting Covid-19 from someone who has gotten the shot is worrisome,” Heather said. “I can only trust what these doctors are saying is true.

She paused for a long moment, then said, “My inner guidance is telling me to believe them. It feels right.

“I work at keeping my energies high.”

We had remained seated in the cool of the downstairs office, holding hands.

“Very good,” I commented, then said, “I too believe if we maintain our higher consciousness, we will not be affected.”

Heather smiled and said, “How many weeks has it been for me to convince you of this?”

“True,” I said. “Guess I’ve finally come to trust you and your higher way of seeing things. So, thanks for keeping after me. I think I’ve finally got it.”

She reached for me and gave me a big hug.

“As far as I’m concerned, I believe the virus and the pandemic is just another way of enslaving us,” I said. “It has separated us from each other, made us fear each other, and now it’s being revealed that the vaccines are injecting some really bad stuff into people.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that the virus and the lockdown is the latest attempt by those under the influence of the dark energy to put humanity even deeper into enslavement.”


Heather and I contacted Mary, Dolores, Peter, and Al. We arranged to meet together at Cinzetti’s, on the north side of Denver. It billed itself as the world’s largest Italian buffet.

It was an easy to get to location, just off Interstate 25, and reasonably centralized for the members of the group. The restaurant featured an elaborate array of different pasta dishes like eggplant parmesan, four kinds of pizza, and everything Italian I had eaten before. It was all arranged as a series of long buffet tables.                                  

Beyond the food was the large seating area with room for several hundred. It provided an excellent spot to gather and talk, as there were no waiters or waitresses hurrying us along.

We chatted as we ate, catching everyone up on how we each were doing. Heather, Mary, and Dolores were all teaching. Peter« was involved in his chiropractic clinic. Al was piloting private aircraft for executives of corporations.

When it came my time to speak, I said that I was writing a book and was almost entirely occupied with doing research for it. “I want to talk for a moment about what we’ve uncovered.” I motioned to Heather.

“We’ve talked to you individually about our efforts during the last three months,” Heather said. “Now, I believe we have finally come to understand the cabal and much of the rest of where we find ourselves.”

I picked up our presentation by saying, “It goes something like this. First of all, it is much bigger than the cabal that Steve Greer talked about. This is something that involves the entire planet, every country, and every person. Second, it has been going on for a very long time. It has blossomed at times and then retreated when it did not reach it objectives, or when people rose up against it. Third, it is basically a non-physical energy that infects people to cause them to act out of fear, self-centeredness, judgment, anger, and greed. This leads people to focus on money and power over others.”

Heather spoke next saying, “The goal of those aligned with the dark energy is to completely dominate this planet, not just humanity. It wants it all: the land, the oceans, the trees, the grass, the animals, and the insects. They want this planet for its resources. Humanity is just a stumbling block. They do not recognize human beings as vehicles for great beings of light, that we call souls. And finally, it has set itself in opposition to Source, and the Schematic of Source.”

I chimed in at this point, “There are great non-physical beings of Light and benevolent extraterrestrials who see this picture. They have been assisting us all along, and are continuing to assist us. That’s why we have not given in to the darkness.”

At that point, Heather stood and said, “Michael and I have spent hundreds of hours investigating this stuff. We do not come to these conclusions lightly. Personally, I find the whole subject overwhelming. Other than publishing Michael’s book, we are looking to what we can do to educate people about what we’ve found and motivate them to stand against those who are attempting to control everything.

“Please let us have your thoughts. And, we would like to go away from today with a plan of action for us as a group.”


For the next hour, we wrestled with various approaches to what we could do as a group. Several ideas were floated. None caught a consensus as each of us seemed to be following our own path.

We agreed to meet again in two weeks in hopes of coming up with concrete suggestions.


On the way back to my house, I said to Heather, “I’ve been thinking about setting up a web site and posting some of what we’ve learned. I think we might reach people who we don’t already know. Maybe do some good.”

“Interesting idea,” she said. “We could start slow, so people can get used to all these new things gradually.”

“I’d want to post some really challenging things,” I said. “Observations, perspectives, and facts to get people really thinking. Then we could direct them to the web sites and books we’ve found helpful.”

“What would be our uniqueness?” Heather asked. “There’s lots of web sites and blogs.”

“I see most of the web sites and blogs confined to a particular point of view. Often, it’s very 3rd dimensional, because that attracts people. I think our higher consciousness perspective coupled with the truth about 3rd dimensional things is unique.”

“Let’s keep talking about this,” she said. “I think it’s very interesting.”

“Is that going to make us a target for those that don’t like what we’re doing?”

“Probably, but I can’t just sit back afraid of what might happen.”


Chapter 16


Chapter 16





“Here’re copies of two newsletters that I get a copy of once a  « month,” Dolores said. “I think they offer an uplifting perspective about our situation.” She handed me printouts of something called a MESSAGE FROM MATTHEW.

We were seated in the Starbucks coffee shop on Garfield Avenue in Loveland. I had met with her after the school day during one of my overnights. Heather was still busy at school with a parent-teacher situation.

We chatted for a few minutes, then she said that she needed to get home to relieve her husband from his child caretaking duties. She also had a list of things to get at the grocery store.

“I’ll take these back to my room and take a look,” I said.


In his most recent Message, Matthew said that what is going on throughout our world is a different kind of discovery process. The combined light being beamed to Earth from powerful civilizations and the light each of us generates has been exposing one layer after another of darkness. This process will continue until every layer of darkness has been vanquished and its energy transmuted into light.

Encouragement may be helpful to all who are distressed because the exposure process is showing little evidence of progress with no official acknowledgement. He assured us that a great deal is progressing on target behind the scenes.

Matthew said that we may not remember that we volunteered to come to Earth and help the civilization awaken. We knew life in a third density world would be difficult. We knew that we were chosen when many, many others were not, because our multiple lifetime experiences would provide the spiritual strength, wisdom, and perseverance to surmount obstacles we would encounter.


“This is really speaking to me,” I said, when later I showed the Message to Heather. “It’s causing me to remember what it was like when I made the decision to walk-in.”    

“Wonderful,” Heather said. “You really are becoming conscious. It’s fun to watch you change.”

After that exchange, we continued reading and recording parts of the Message for the book I was writing.


In many cases, friends and family give no credibility to what we know is true, making us feel alone. Another reason we were selected to help when so many other volunteers were not is that we know we are never alone. We just need to remember that myriad guides and angels are always with us. We are known, loved, and honored by all light beings in this universe, and they are beaming light to help us along our path.


We may discover that acquaintances we never suspected could be kindred spirits, have been so all along. Many feel frustrated and anxious. When they realize they have been lied to, rage and guilt will be common reactions. Our light will help foundering people replace negative feelings with optimism and determination to transform their world.


Think of ourselves and everyone else, whether or not we admire or agree with them, as who we all are: multidimensional immortal souls, inviolate and independent, yet inseparably interconnected with all other life throughout the cosmos. Each and every life is the love-light essence of Creator Source, the most powerful force in existence.


“That is a truly beautifully worded expression of what it’s all about from a 5th Dimension point-of-view,” Heather said. “It literally takes my breath away to understand that I am a part of this.”

“Nicely said,” I commented. “My congratulations to Matthew who is now a non-physical and to his mother, Suzy Ward, who transcribes these wonderful messages.”


The message continued with Matthew saying that, it is not our responsibility or our right to change what others believe. Everyone has the divine right to move toward enlightenment at his or her own pace, and if people beloved to us have chosen a pace slower than yours, please honor their decision.


Matthew stated that vaccines cannot separate us from Source or prevent personal ascension, the evolvement in consciousness and spiritual awareness. It continues until the immortal soul returns to its beginnings within the pure love essence of Creator Source.


What does affect our journey is the energy of thoughts, feelings, and intentions. Those who are in fear, greed, brutality, betrayal, dishonesty or any other low-vibratory sensation or intent of an action, decrease light within their body. Light is a body’s life force. It is what transforms carbon-based cells into the crystalline structure that strengthens immune systems and enables physical viability in the higher vibrations of fourth and fifth density planes. This is where Earth is heading.

Society has been conditioned to believe vaccines prevent diseases. They don’t. What they do is introduce diseases into individuals with weakened immunity, damage the body’s healing mechanisms, and cause autism-like symptoms in young children. Nevertheless, time and time again medical experts exhort everyone to get vaccinated.

Thus, solutions containing the virus that was laboratory-designed to cause the influenza called Covid-19, nanochips programmed to track and control individuals, and foreign tissue that can change bodies’ DNA are claimed to be vaccines. Medical establishment members who are urging everyone to get vaccinated don’t mention it actually is experimental gene therapy with potentially dire effects that won’t be apparent for a year or two or more; and the manufacturers of the vaccines bear no liability whatsoever for death or other harmful reactions.

Crystalline cells don’t interact with incompatible substances, and they leave via bodies’ elimination systems. However, even though the scientists in the extraterrestrial special forces have reduced the potency of the virus and decreased the viability of the genetic material, bodies with weakened immunity and/or carbon cellular structure have much less ability to resist foreign substances. That is why some people die after being inoculated and others develop serious health issues or their existing conditions worsen.

The extraterrestrial scientists also erased the chips’ programming, but it isn’t the chips that cause death and medical problems. They are in the solution for a different sinister reason and the rapid rollout of 5G is part of it. By intent, the devices’ emissions damage bodies’ electrical systems, but it is the technology itself that is of more importance to those who conceived the idea to inject bodies with programmed nanochips.

Not only can they transmit a designated individual’s location, communications, and purchases, but they can send signals to the brain to perform whatever task is specified. We hasten to assure you none of that ever will come to pass because the programming was eliminated. The extraterrestrial scientists also reduced 5D emissions’ impact on bodies.

The purpose of the virus itself and the substances in the solution is two-fold: decrease the population by billions and technologically control survivors and subsequent generations. The diabolical minds behind this crime against humanity failed to achieve the intended death toll, and they will fail in the other goal, too.


Light keeps intensifying throughout the planet and cells of people who are absorbing light are becoming crystalline, thereby gaining resistance capability; and many souls now incarnating  « came in with crystalline structure. Eventually all of Earth’s peoples will be of that makeup.

Foreign substances injected into a body do not affect the soul. The soul is love-light energy, which is indestructible and impervious to issues that affect physical bodies. The etheric body—the “light body” in which a person transitions from physical lifetime to a spirit world—is affected because the two bodies are attached until death of the physical.


“I enjoyed reading these two newsletters,” I said. “They gave uplifting hope that we will come out of our current circumstances in a most positive way. I now know that I need not be concerned, but know that I will achieve a wonderful new way of being. These words give me encouragement to continue with my book and with our search for the truth.”

“I also see them as very uplifting,” Heather said. “I’ll get Dolores to give me some back issues.”

Chapter 17



Chapter 17





Heather and I had settled on the sofa in my office to watch a video by Catherine Austin Fitts, PLANET LOCKDOWN.

“I’m interested in what she has to say,” I said, “because, as I remember, she had served in some high-level positions, first as managing director of Dillon Read, the investment banking firm, and then as Assistant Secretary of Housing in the first Bush Administration. I also recall she had got into an expensive fight with the government when she became a whistleblower on government expenditures.

“I was at a conference in Mexico, a few years ago. Had a one-on-one lunch with her. She’s quite impressive.”


Fitts started out saying that for many decades the dollar has been the reserve currency. Then she claimed that this monetary system is outdated. Banks are trying to keep the old system going while they bring in the new one, not realizing what the new one is. The new system is the end of currency; it will be all digital.


Then she moved in a different direction by pointing out that we, as a country, have invisible enemies. First it was terrorists, now it’s a virus. This is completely different from enemies with armies and guns. Invisible enemies work best if they scare people. The virus scares people.

The next principle is “divide and conquer”. An invisible enemy like the virus allows tremendous control mechanisms. If you can stop people from gathering and talking about what’s going on, you can institute extraordinary levels of surveillance and control.

Going back to the monetary system, she said that banks are trying to get people to buy into it before they know what it is. A digital currency gives banks tremendous abilities to monitor and control people’s activities. The reason behind the changes is that certain people in government are trying to centralize economic and political control.

Referring, again, to the Covid-19 situation with lockdown and distancing, the result is to wipe out small businesses on main street, allowing major retailers to consolidate power. The people employed by main street and the businesses thereon need to cover their expenses. The current situation destroys this independent income. The overall result is that all high-tech nations are consolidating power.

Populist candidates won in 2016 because people opposed the concentration of wealth and power. Covid-19 brings about the controls necessary to convert the planet away from democracy. She sees it as a coup d’état.               


In 1987, a decision was made to move massive government assets out of the U.S. This was a fundamental change to the system. Rather than telling the people the cabal stole your money, the ones who had done it decided to change the system, thus the virus. From the point of view of the cabal, every problem was being solved by the magical virus.

The vaccine serves to inject a new operating system into the body. It is similar to a Microsoft operating system that needs to be updated every few months. The body’s operating system will hook everybody up to the cloud. The result is a world of zero privacy. All transactions can now be traced. This is a 24/7 control system, including mind control. Every bank in the world can shut an individual off if they don’t like the way they are behaving. They can monitor travel. People are being hooked into the “Borg”. At this moment, there is a fundamental disagreement between those who want a one-world government and those who don’t.


There are five different activities going on day to day that impact our lives. First are the tech people, 5G, the clouds, and telecommunications. Second is the military doing activities like putting up satellites. Third is big pharma that wants to modify your DNA through vaccines. Fourth is the media putting out the propaganda. Fifth are the bankers.

Through the media, the cabal is trying to keep these activities separate so people can’t see it as connected, thereby instituting the complete slavery system. For example, central bankers try to stay away from conversations about any of the others. They don’t want outsiders to see the impact of 325 million personal IDs.

The door is not yet shut on the plans of the elites to control everything. Transparency of their plans is the key to overcoming them.

By shutting down small businesses, you put everyone at the mercy of the government, making them easy to control. Technology gives the cabal the ability to institute a complete control system through centralized systems.

With the weapons in space, the cabal can put down any rebellion. With satellite technology to individually identify and track everyone, they have the ability to control slavery. Today trafficking and slavery are the most profitable businesses of any.

Technology makes it easier for a small group of people to control everything. With technology you can reduce the population to a manageable size. A few can control the many with far fewer headaches and fear. The cabal is very afraid of the general population. Those in charge of the government believe they cannot undo the secrecy surrounding it because the liabilities are too enormous.


People are rabid about owning guns because they see the potential of a government take over.

The activities that Fitts talked about can lead to total mind control.

She commented that she had never seen voting fraud so blatant. Democrats needed Covid-19 to stop a Trump win, to prevent a populist president. People now have a fake virus and a fake president.

As the cabal moved huge amounts of money, official reality got further and further from the truth. The middle of the road is going away. Now everybody has to choose which they want.


In thirty-four of the thirty-seven places where the Federal Reserve is located there were riots. The location of buildings destroyed in the riots created opportunities to buy them cheap and then use them as tax shelters.

If those controlling a planet wanted to harvest its resources, who is more efficient: robots or humans? Humans can teach robots to do jobs via AI software. Every company can be automated with AI robots, data bases, and software systems. Satellites provide a way to track robots 24/7. If they can do it with robots, why do they need people?


Fitts offered two visions of the world. The first is humans as sovereign individuals – as evidenced by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – free, based on their own authority. The second is humans as a natural resource, like livestock, not someone who shares your life.

Elitists don’t think of themselves as part of our civilization anymore.            

Fitts said that the planet is run by some force. She doesn’t know who or what that is.

She doesn’t know who has control of the weapons, or who controls the finances.                     

She believes that whoever has the dominant position in space, controls the planet.


Fitts went on to talk about her vision of what a new world could be like if Mr. Global (Fitt’s name for whoever is at the top of the power pyramid) gets his way. She gave the example of China, where most people are under surveillance 24/7, and are financially dependent. It is essentially a slavery system. There are no personal freedoms.

She talked about a future world, where the pecking order is determined by 24/7 surveillance. Based on money earned, travel and behavior would be determined. She points out that in a system with robotics, it will be much harder to determine value among people. Even today, the moneyed classes believe they can do anything. Fitts stated that, “It’s a one-way mirror, they can see you, but you can’t even see who they are.”


“Quite a presentation,” I said.

“Yes,” Heather commented. “She covered a lot of territory. I hasten to point out that it was all 3rd Dimension, maybe 4th.”

“I see her as a confirmation of what we’ve heard from others,” I said. “And, yes, she stayed in lower consciousness. However, I now see things like voter fraud financed by China in a new light.”

“I feel she opened up the question about who’s in charge of the dark side, without giving an answer,” Heather said. “I think it’s now up to us to get that answer from the Nonphysicals.”

“She paints a very dark picture of our future if we allow AI and the cabal to assume full control,” I said.

“Let’s see how we can prevent that from happening,” Heather said.


Chapter 18


Chapter 18



“Here’s an interesting video,” I said. “I don’t know much about this guy, Juan O Savin, but I’ve listened to some of his other videos and I like what he says. Seems to have an inside track on a lot of things.”

Heather and I were once again back in my office, a more uplifting space than the Best Western. For the past few weeks I had been camping out in Loveland on Wednesday nights to accommodate her teaching schedule. We spent weekends at my home in Denver.

“Before we get started on this, let me ask you a serious question,” she said. “How much longer do you think we can go on with this crazy schedule of you coming to Loveland each week?”

“I’ve been thinking about that a lot,” I said, “particularly when I’m driving back and forth. Maybe I should get a house for the two of us, up your direction. As I see my work, don’t want to call it a job, me and my stuff are transportable.”                          

Heather slid closer to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She whispered, “Do you mean living together?”


Before I could say more, still hugging me, she said, “It’s a big step. Are you really sure you’re ready for it?”

“I think so. I’m in love with you and want us to spend more time together.”

“I love you too,” she said, “but I’ll still need to teach. Living together does give us every morning and evening together.                                 

“True. I still have my book, and I’m committed to discovering the big picture and letting people know about it.”

“My stuff is easy to move,” she said. “Your things are much more complicated.”

“We’d need a three- or four-bedroom house,” I said. “Enough room to have guests as well as private space for each of us. And, I’d want to have enough land to have a big garden.”

A big smile crossed her face and she said, “You’ve been thinking about this quite a bit.”

“I have.”

“Are you going to marry me?” she asked.

“Beat me to it,” I replied.

We hugged and kissed for a long time; two people who loved each other, respected who the other was, loved being close, and loved being in love with each other.



When we finally began to watch the video, Juan O Savin was saying that the US Congress had lost its way from the spiritual focus of the founding fathers. The opening prayer of Congress is not aligned with traditional Christian ways.

He went on to say that vote fraud had been well documented. Voting machines had been shown to be able to be accessed externally from the Internet via a Bluetooth port. In Texas, a machine was hacked by a 12-year-old girl in 30 seconds. Download speeds are such that to corrupt Dominion computers required a physical connection, someone had to plug in a thumb drive to begin the process.

America has been attacked digitally: a digital Pearl Harbor. It is every bit as dangerous as an attack with ships, airplanes, missiles, or armies. Its objective is to control people and government, resulting in a slave operation. The aim of the digital attack was to install the enemy’s leadership in the U.S. and to fool people into doing their bidding.

Attacking a country, installing, surreptitiously, agents to run the country and do their bidding is, from a globalist perspective, equivalent to invading with a standing army.


Juan continued and stated that the corrupt Congress and   captured Judiciary have certified a fraudulent vote, leading to a win for Biden.

Forty-five days after a national election, the Director of National Intelligence had been required to provide an assessment of the election. They were to advise the President and Congress of any foreign interference in the election. In the case of the most recent election, it did not happen until January 19th,2021, giving only one day to act before the inauguration. Any actions would have involved complex actions by Congress and the Judiciary, both of whom are corrupt and captive.


Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilia activities were done to control politicians and media people. They had gone on for a long time. The role of Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew was to get people to Epstein’s island where they could be compromised and brought under control. Epstein was directed by the highest levels of the CIA, MI6, MI5, and the Masons. He also worked with intelligence agencies from other countries.

All of this is controlled by 13 Bloodline families, who blackmail people to do their bidding. Their goal is to move the U.S. toward globalists’ interests that are contrary to the interests of most Americans.

The vast majority of people do not support Biden. People know intuitively that things are not right. Apart from the cities, people voted for Trump. Massive election fraud is going to be exposed.

In Arizona there are no legal consequences of a recount  and investigation. It is only information that will trigger other states. It doesn’t require action on the part of the state of Arizona.

The attack on the election was a militarized, digital attack, highly coordinated, originating offshore, from foreign enemies. Its intent was to control America through a handful of puppets at the federal level, to bring money, resources, and energy to support their goals, and to operate the U.S. for purposes other than the desires of the people of the U.S.


“Juan O Savin really lays it all out, doesn’t he,” I said. We had listened to his discussion about the connection of the thirteen families back to Cain in the Bible and the dark lineage that succeeded him. Stopping the video, I said, “This stuff reminds me of what we learned from Sitchen and others who are interpreting the Bible and ancient evidence. Let’s skip over it.”

“Okay,” Heather said, “but I do think Juan’s comments about looking at the beliefs behind those who want to take control is important, so we can understand what matters to them.”

“But, keep in mind that we have a much better handle on extraterrestrials and non-physical beings from a 5th Dimension perspective than he does,” I said. “The communications we get from the Archangels and other Great Beings of Light are much cleaner. They’re coming from those who were first-hand observers of humanity’s history. They are much beyond a 4th Dimension interpretation of the Bible.”                  

“However,” Heather said, “the 13 extremely wealthy bloodline families believe in their interpretations, as disclosed by Juan. They believe they are descended from Cain, and believe it gives them the right to rule. What you are going to provide in your book, Michael, is the real story from a higher consciousness point-of-view. I’m committed to helping you make that happen.”

“I’ve got to believe that those who do NOT want this real information out are the ones who are threatening us.”

“Reluctantly, I agree,” Heather said. “It really gives me pause to think we have such power by simply writing words.”


When we returned to the video, Juan O Savin was addressing

public events where food resembling parts of human bodies are consumed by those involved in pedophilia, to simulate cannibalism. He asked if these were people we wanted in public office, ruling over us. They have symbolic paintings of these things in their homes and offices. They talk about cannibalism. The occult influence in Washington goes back to understanding ancient references to satan and evil.

The indications of this are hiding in plain sight. The Washington Monument in D.C. is a good example of a dark image standing for all to see.

The largest criminal enterprise is no longer drugs. Now it is slaves; more slaves today than ever before. A large majority are children, and the vast majority of these are sex slaves.


He then said that Trump was asked to run for president. Who asked him? Why him? He was not a politician.  


Juan O Savin went to some lengths to point out the difference between President and Commander-in-Chief, saying that Biden is not Commander-in-Chief. The Commander-in-Chief position is not available for Biden because command of the armed forces has not been turned over to him. For example, Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado is locked up tight against his intrusion.


The aircraft on which the President travels is designated by the USAF as Air Force One. This is not the case with Biden, because they do not recognize him as President.

He pointed out that Biden carries his own bags and umbrella as a sign to foreign leaders.


The military can override a command from Biden, if they believe he is a Manchurian candidate. At the same time, they do not override civilian authority without concrete reasons.

The Military is charged with protecting the Commander-in-Chief and restoring lawful civilian authority. They are responsible for determining if someone is a Manchurian candidate. They use military intelligence to determine this.

This process has been lengthy because it was a digital attack, not physical. It was necessary to determine if our country is still under attack and to identify the treasonous attackers, to determine who is on which team. The risks of getting this right, or wrong, are off the charts. As of now, we have two presidents, and one Commander-in-Chief.

It is like a giant chess game, with fewer and fewer moves available as the game progresses. Plus, we don’t know who or what’s in play. Everything is on the line. In the end there is only one winner.


“I liked his analogy to a giant multidimensional chess game,” I said. “As I see it, from what we have uncovered, it certainly is a gigantic entanglement of conflicting agendas, and I don’t mean only black against white. As I see it there are somewhat different agendas within those who are linked to the service-to-others viewpoint. I see those aligned with the dark agenda as having even greater differences as they struggle among themselves for power.”

“Nonetheless, I believe we are making real progress to understanding the major points in all of this,” Heather said. “Compared to where we started out, we’re miles ahead.”


Chapter 19


Chapter 19




Once again, Heather and I were seated in front of the large screen TV display in my home office. It was connected to my MacBook where we had been surfing the Internet. We found an interesting video by Michael Jaco and Gene Decode, entitled NEWS UPDATE. I focused on this because we had watched other videos from these people and found them worthwhile. They began this video with the following quote from Albert Einstein.


Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.


Then they began their dialogue by expressing that we are engaged in a war for all of humanity everywhere, for the solar system, for the Milky Way. This a war between black and white. Many non-terrestrials are involved in this war. Decode emphasized that if we don’t prevail here and now, we are done. We can’t hide and put our heads in the ground.

The cabal is using the Chinese people as an model, because they don’t rebel against slavery. The cabal wants to eradicate all life on Earth, and proceed outward throughout the Galaxy. So, this is as serious as it gets. Everybody needs to understand this.

They stated that we must take it to the cabal, not each other. Joining the cabal is not an option. They will take us down when they finish with us. This applies to the elites also. The cabal works its way up the chain to the very top. We will just be food when they’re done with us.


We have a flag officer situation where they are debating where, when, and how. In Decode’s opinion they needed to realize that we were engaged in a five-dimension chess game, with a thousand variables and a thousand different scenarios. Trump can hold 500 variables in his mind. A quantum computer can hold 750. Only God can hold all the different variables. At some point we need to put it in God’s hands and proceed. We cannot wait for 2024, or 2022. If the cabal successfully moves beyond their mass vaccination mandate, it’s all over.

People must be ready to rise up with guns. At some point we need to move forward, understanding there will be casualties. We can’t wait until it’s perfect. We can’t wait until everyone is on board. We can’t wait for perfect political and other situations. The cabal is severely handicapped at this time. They are reduced to things like aerial spraying. They no longer have HAARP or high-energy weapons.


Pain for all of us, so it never happens again. Otherwise we wind up with a power vacuum. Otherwise, there are always those willing to compromise. They will fill the vacuum and we’re back where we started from.

We can’t let the cabal people get back in power. We can’t turn a blind eye and just go about our daily affairs. We need a basic level of knowledge about what is going on, so we know what it is that we do not want to happen again.


The fences around the White House look to be a permanent Gitmo type thing. We’ve seen a p.o.w.- m.i.a. flag, meaning prisoners of war, flying over the Capitol for quite a long time.

The real President is in Florida. We can’t announce it prematurely because cabals in other countries will move assets, “toys,” and children. We want to save both the “toys” and the children and heal them, and clean up the mess permanently. In every capitol on Earth it’s the same situation.


Looking at USGS maps of earthquakes around the world, we see some places where there are earthquakes with only secondary waves, no deep waves. These are places where the military is taking out pods, rescuing innocents, and eliminating the rest. The troops are using robotics to insure their safety, because it is hard to know who is light or dark. They are using lava or sea water to flood underground chambers of the pods, like they used the Potomac River to flood D.C. People are now seeing that these are not normal earthquakes in places like Iceland and Greece. Gene Decode showed a map where these earthquakes were located.

All earthquakes at only 10 kilometers deep are unlikely to be natural. He showed Christ Church, New Zealand where there is a mixture of natural earthquakes and directed ones caused intentionally.


Thermographic bombs are used by the cabal to terminate people who are no longer needed since they are seen as mere tools or a liability. This was what happened to the seal team sent to capture of Osama bin Laden. They might have told others that his capture was not what really went on.


Denver has a vast underground complex which is larger than the city. The White Hats can’t take it out because it would collapse the entire front range. Tunnels go from DIA to the Cheyenne Mountain complex of NORAD.

Denver was discussed as a possible site for the future U.S. Capitol. It already has a lot of CIA there, probably more than in D.C. All these facilities could be taken over as the CIA and FBI are dissolved.


The primary energy of Earth is coming from the sun. The sun’s energy source is the central sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. Energy power coming into the sun changes, oscillates like a sinusoidal wave. We are coming into a time of lower energy from the sun.


D.C will cease to exist as the seat of government. Jaco suggested turning it into museums or a wild-life bird sanctuary. Maybe a prison in the middle of the swamp. He said again, we will be stunned by all the changes coming.


Big changes will come to the medical establishment because it is totally corrupted. Italy and other countries are saying no more jabs in the arm. Here in America, Biden ordered more vaccines, whereas Europe is shutting down vaccines.


Decode talked about a bath of diatomaceous earth and zeolite activated charcoal and clay to counteract the vaccine. Jaco suggested a borax and boron mineral bath as a known nanobot replication inhibitor.



The announcement about Space Force was a soft disclosure, making our involvement in space no longer a secret.

Negative non-terrestrials have been here since the get-go. We are now getting positive assistance because we’ve obtained space-faring ability and are standing up for ourselves against negative types.

In our solar system, there is life on all planets, inside as well as on the surface.

Our space forces have bases in other solar systems that we travel to. There are more places where life is, than not. The plethora and variety of it defies the imagination. Infinite Creator creates life in a complexity and diversity and beauty. Those in service to Creator are immense and in a variety beyond comprehension.


Some extraterrestrials were beautiful species before they became part of the dark cabal. Then they changed dramatically.

Decode advised members of the cabal to sit back and look at where they came from before they joined. See how they were contaminated and brought down into darkness and servitude, and made minimal, because the overseers did not want anyone to be a threat.


Decode advised everyone to get a connection to Source, to get comfortable and get intuitive information to move forward.

There is a group of wealthy families who have been making and creating all the wars, manipulating and forcing us to pay taxes for them to be wealthy. They have trillions of dollars.


More and more people are awakening. Still there is a contingent attacking those trying to awaken. Thirty percent know there is a cabal. Most people don’t know about pedophilia. Twenty years ago, people would not have understood things like adrenochrome. Now maybe twenty to thirty percent are open to learning about it.


The border is exploding and we are being overwhelmed like no other time in history. The cabal is desperate to get money. They are being squeezed. Children and adrenochrome are harder to come by. With an open border situation, they see an opportunity to get it all back.


Decode sees the group of flag officer agreeing to make a move within months.

He sees the Internet being shut down in some locations, affecting the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Banks will be unable to do some things because they can’t give receipts. Credit cards will not be usable. Another reason to shut down the Internet is to change financial instruments and take out dark individuals trafficking on the dark web.

He advised everyone to stay in the upper realms of consciousness during these times.



“So, Michael, are we sitting on top of an underground complex?” Heather asked, as we finished watching the Jaco-Decode video.

“It’s news to me,” I said. “And I’ve lived in Denver for a number of years. Really brings it home, doesn’t it? I’m very impressed with the breadth and depth of knowledge. They reconfirm what you and I have seen and heard from others. How they keep it all in their heads amazes me.

“That there’s been so much earthquake activity all over the world and some of it has been intentional is really something. I have a hard time believing that there are that many pods, as they call the dark’s underground facilities. They’re all over the world.

“I remember hearing about the sun getting its energy from the Galaxy, but didn’t pay much attention to it. Here it is referenced again,” I said.

“There were so many things in my past that I just blew off, as being crazy theories without scientific evidence. Now I’m beginning to question whether any generally accepted information is true.”

“You’ve come a long way, Michael,” Heather said with a smile. “When I first met you, I really wondered where you’d been hanging out. I was sure it wasn’t where I’d been.”

“But I’m a fast learner, aren’t I? Probably helped that I’m a walk-in,” I said, patting myself on the back.

“Also, I liked Decode’s comment about having a basic level of knowledge about what is going on, so we don’t let it happen again. I think we’re contributing to that.”


Heather squeezed my leg, then said, “I was surprised by their comment that we had bases in other solar systems.”

“Yeah, that’s new information,” I said. “I also heard words about some extraterrestrials who were formerly good guys joining the cabal and being changed. Wonder if that’s the same thing that happens to humans when they join the cabal, that they change at some basic level?”

“The parts I liked the best were Einstein’s statement about energy and then the references to reaching for a higher state of consciousness,” Heather said. “I feel that is where I am headed in all of this.


“I think we’d better get provisioned for a couple of weeks, if not longer.”

“Come with me.” I held out my hand and directed her to my basement storage area. There I had an upright freezer plus shelves loaded with canned good and other non-perishables.

“You never cease to amaze me,” she said, as she gave me a long hug.


With that, we wandered upstairs to the kitchen to find mugs of chai and maybe something to nibble on. We took our refreshments to my back deck where we could glance out at trees and other landscape from my neighbors. We sat for a long time, fingers entwined, enjoying the moment.

We thought about all the searching we had done, and how it was coming to a head at this time. “I just hope we’ve been able to influence a few people in the right direction,” I said.

“I think your idea about a web site and maybe a blog might be very worthwhile,” Heather said. “Might reach people we don’t already know.”



A few days later we were back again at Cinzetti’s restaurant with the same group as before, plus there were two new people, Dolores’ husband, Jeremy, and Peter’s girlfriend, Lois.

“Before we get started today, Heather and I have an announcement,” I said. “We are getting married.”

All in the group began clapping. Everyone was giving us hugs and best wishes.


“Okay, let’s start our discussion,” I said after everyone was seated. “There have been many new developments since we gathered here before. I’d like to go around and have each of us comment on what is new and important from your perspective. Let’s start with Dolores. What’s at the top of your list?”

“I am very upset by all that’s coming out about the vaccines,” Dolores said. “First, we were lied to about the nature of and source of Covid-19. There were so many theories going around I thought I was trapped on a merry-go-round. Then the truth began to trickle out on alternative web sites, before they were taken down.

“I’ve concluded, based on a lot of investigation, that the virus was developed as a biological weapon. Apparently, it got deployed first in China, either accidently or on purpose. Regardless, the Chinese people suffered first, as those who wanted to perfect it continued to experiment.

“It’s not clear to me exactly who’s behind the pandemic, if you want to call it that. I see the stories about DNA change, implants of the tiny electronic devices, and interactions with 5G. All of this says to me that it’s a very complex plan of attack. So, who benefits from this?

“I see reports of people dying from the vaccines and speculation that the numbers are under reported. Then we worry about the long-term effects of the vaccines, which nobody knows.

“So, I’m left wondering where the truth lies. All I know is that I’m not getting jabbed, or even tested.”


Al spoke up next, “Election fraud is my hot button. There is so much proof about massive ballot box stuffing, about dead people voting, and things like that. Yet the courts are mostly unwilling to hear legitimate legal challenges to the election results. To me, these smacks of a huge cover-up and our legal system being in a big mess.

“What does it take to get people to wake up? If we can’t rely on honest elections, where are we? I’m convinced we’ve been attacked. It’s just not with tanks or airplanes.”


“I agree with Al. I think we’ve been attacked from outside,” Peter said. “But what about internally? It’s my understanding that the government creates trillions of dollars based on nothing, the so-called fiat currency. It’s all done with computers and debt instruments. Trillions of dollars missing, can’t be accounted for. Dollars going into black holes to finance secret projects like space-based weapons.

“The CIA engaging in drug running to secure money for their operations. The CIA is also involved in pedophilia to finance things. Government watch-dogs are turning a blind eye.

“The federal government dispenses trillions of dollars, most of it going to banks and corporations. I’m not getting anything other than a pittance. It’s a house of cards, the entire financial system, ready to collapse. They talk about a gold-backed currency, but nobody’s telling us how this is all going to happen. And what happens to my physical dollars?” Peter held up a twenty-dollar bill for emphasis.


“Let’s take a quick break, get some desert,” I said.

Standing and shaking his head, Peter said, “It’s way too much to get a grip on. I guess I’ll just wait it out, see what happens.”

No one responded to his statement.


After everyone had loaded up on tiramisu and ice cream, we continued around the table.

Mary was next. She said, “From what I’ve been seeing on the alternative media, we have to thank the national media for the beliefs of the majority.

“It’s an old adage of the advertising business that if you tell people something enough times, they will eventually believe it. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or false, they will eventually believe. To me that’s a form of mind control.

“Then there’s real mind control. It can be targeted at specific people. I’ve seen information that shows experiments on people that the CIA and others have done, not to mention other countries.

“Torture is just a part of it. Slave labor is too, because the slaves believe they’re powerless. Pedophilia is based on mind control and power. Who’s looking out for the thousands of kids that have been kidnapped? Who’s standing up against all this?

“It’s all about mind control, and the people who are doing the dirty work for god knows who. And it involves ETs who are linked into schemes to eradicate the population. This whole thing is completely out of control, and we’re not doing anything about it.

“It really PISSES ME OFF.” Mary hit the table with a clinched fist, shaking it and knocking over Heather’s glass of water.

The others at the table looked around nervously, wondering what the wait staff or people at nearby tables were thinking. Peter rested his hand on her arm. She looked at him, blushed, then shut up.

Heather, who was sitting next to her, said, “No judgment here, Mary. We all are feeling it, probably thinking some of the same stuff. Just reluctant to say it.”

A waitress came over with a towel to wipe up the water. She smiled at Mary.


Al spoke up again, saying, “You hit on some good stuff, Mary. Although I can’t prove it, I know that certain ET races have made alliances with our government. It’s been kept secret for many years, known only by a select few.

“I also believe that our country, and perhaps others, has the ability to travel beyond our solar system. I know people who have been at the base on the far side of the moon and on Mars.

“There are two very different groups of ETs. There are the good guys who, with their technology, are helping us build space craft. They’re from the Pleiades. Then there are the bad guys who had been cooperating with Germany during World War II.

“There are some people like Michael Sala and Corey Goode who insist that there is a group of Germans living in Antarctica. They’re in league with the same bad guys as before.

“I also understand there are a few hundred ETs walking among us. They look so human-like that you really can’t tell them apart from ordinary people.”

I interrupted Al and said, “I can certainly attest to your last statement.”

He responded, “Yes you can. That was not a nice experience. I didn’t know how many people you had told about it.”

“Not many,” I said. “I think everyone here has heard my story.”

“Well, that’s all I have to say at the moment,” Al said. “Happy to take questions.”


Lois raised her hand and asked Al, “Do you think the dark ETs and the cabal are all linked somehow? And what do you think their goal is?”

“Lois, I believe they want to completely control this planet. They’ve been trying to do it for thousands of years, but haven’t succeeded. I think they’re as close today to pulling it off as they ever have.”

“So, what can we do?” Mary asked.

“We have to resist them, period,” Al replied. “I don’t have the answers to that, but there are groups, like the White Hats, who are working for everyone’s benefit. I don’t know any of them personally, but from what I read and hear, they’re for real.”


“Thanks, Al, Mary, Lois,” I said. “I really appreciate all your comments. Who else wants to speak out?”

Heather said, “I have a few comments I’d like to make.” She glanced at the others to be sure everyone was on board.

Then she began. “From my perspective, and it’s based on quite a few years looking at things, I believe the most important thing is to maintain a high level of consciousness. By that I mean staying out of fear and judgment. It means seeing everyone, just not the people we like, but everyone as our brothers and sisters.

“I see us engaged in a worldwide play. There is a stage upon which we carry out the action, our daily lives. We are the actors. There is no director or producer. We each get to write our own script and act it out. The goal of the play is to raise the consciousness of everyone and get everyone to reject the darkness of fear, judgment, and separation.

“We are all in this play together. We can only correct the things you all have talked about if significant numbers of us function in love and unity.

“I’ve been told that we cannot ignore the specifics of the dark agenda, ignore the people who are trapped in fear and greed, or ignore the suffering of so many. However, it is important to acknowledge them, but not get trapped in their drama, while maintaining a high consciousness.

“As you know, Michael and I have spent, and continue to spend, a lot of time investigating the many aspects of the cabal and the intrusions of the dark energy into people’s lives. We do this from the perspective of the fifth dimension, walking tall among those who are of a lower dimension.

“This doesn’t make us better than them. We do our best to lead by example. I encourage all of you to approach things like this. It feels really good.”

With those words, the group stood and hugged.

“Do you have a final word for us?” Peter asked.

“Yes,” I said. We were all still standing. “I would like to remind each of you who you are. Remember, at every moment, that you are a physical vehicle of a beautiful, wonderful, and gigantic soul. Your soul has had many lifetimes, and has acquired much wisdom. You came here to undertake helping the positive transformation of this planet. Never forget who you are and why you’re here.”


Chapter 20

 Chapter 20




“Here’s a book that I’ve had for a while,” Heather said. We sat next to each other on the sofa in the living room of my house. My laptop computer rested on a small table at my side.

She handed me a copy of ANNA, GRANDMOTHER OF JESUS by Claire Heartsong, and said, “It explains a lot about higher consciousness and the mystery schools I’ve been studying for the last few years. This book is channeled information from Anna.

“It will give you a good grasp of higher consciousness, as well as new ways to see the lives of some very important people. I believe it will put what’s going on today in a new context, beyond lower consciousness. It represents a uniqueness you and I can lend to the discussions about things like the cabal, secrecy, money, viruses, pedophilia, Illuminati, or enslavement.”

As I paged through the book, and paid special attention to the words that Heather had highlighted, I made notes on my computer. Just glancing at the lengthy book, I soon realized it was loaded with extraordinary wisdom and love. It was written in a beautiful style that resonated with my higher self. I would record only select ideas because I could not do justice to the entire book.


The book started with Anna introducing herself as the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. She said that she was giving us this information as a friend, not an exalted saint.

She said that she planned to take us on a journey to follow the hidden initiatory path that Anna and her family walked 2,000 years ago. She said that the only difference between her path and ours is that today our present life is the temple and mystery school, and we are our own master teacher.

She stated that the book would explain the Essenes and her involvement with Mother Mary, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, and other important people. She offered her experiences in the context of the hidden paradigm of 2,000 years ago. She said that understanding old belief structures is required to restructure our own.


She posed questions like, have we had enough repetitions of our favorite melodramatic roles? Are we finished gathering wisdom through duality? Have we had enough holy wars?

Anna said that her incarnations representing the Divine Mother have been numerous. Look at the life transforming and enhancing energy of love that is carried within and beyond her words.

Anna said that her physical body lived for over six hundred years, by using life restoration techniques learned in the mystery schools of Egypt. Her words came from the perspective of a soul that had incarnated repeatedly. She spoke about an over-soul level where a much broader perspective accessed different time-lines, realities, and dimensions simultaneously. She spoke about a benevolent Creator’s desire for ever-expanding growth and the ultimate purpose of life as love. It is from this perspective that a choice is made to project an aspect of spirit into the Earth plane. She said it took several years of effort and understanding to lift the veils of forgetfulness, so she could remember why she had come to Earth.


Anna described the Essenes as a sect within Judaism. They were the most enlightened and uncorrupted of Judaic Hebrews, who traced their origins back to the ancient mystery schools of Moses and Akhenaten. Essene means Holy one. A relationship with them continued throughout Anna’s long life.

The Essene community at Mount Carmel practiced ritual washing and cleansings of their inner and outer minds and bodies. Herbs, simple raw foods, and practices of horticulture sustained them.

Anna engaged in transcribing records at the library, assisting with the ill at the infirmary, and practicing midwifery. In quiet moments, she ranged over the nearby hillsides gathering herbs and seeds. These she planted in the community garden.

Rituals and ceremonies were practiced as Anna advanced through the initiations of the mystery schools. These practices facilitated the activation of psychic abilities and the rejuvenation of bodies.

From these, Anna developed the skills and disciplined mind to recreate her body each month to look and feel like a thirty-five-year old woman. One of those skills was to disengage from the collective consciousness that believed in aging and dying.


Anna journeyed to Egypt and spent many years there. She became a high priestess of Isis and Hathor. This prepared her for her work with the Essenes at Mount Carmel.


“I am amazed by the fact that many, many years in advance, Anna knew she was going to be the grandmother of Jesus, and she set out to prepare herself for that,” I said.

“Look closely, Michael,” Heather said. “Notice how so much of what we have read so far takes place in very high consciousness that is closely linked to the non-physical. This is a very powerful way to function.

“I am working on maintaining myself at fifth Dimension. It is quite a task as it requires control each moment over my thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. I am still a novice at it, but each month it gets better. I want to lead you on this path. Then we both will be extremely insightful and powerful.”

“I’m peddling as fast as I can,” I said. “I’ve observed you over these last few months, and tried to follow your lead. Please, keep plowing forward. I am slowly understanding what it means to work on saving a planet.”

I continued, “The words by Claire Heartsong in this book are so beautiful, I can’t do them justice, as I write my summary. I can only recommend that each person get a copy of the book and read it for themselves.”


We went back to reading the Anna book. For 303 years of her life, Anna lived and worked in the ancient Egyptian underground city of Tat. Its extensive underground passages stretched from the Great Pyramid to Alexandria. They were also connected to the underground network of Agartha.

In the passages, there was light supplied by oil lamps and shining stones from the time of Atlantis. Sufficient air was supplied through ducts tunneled from portals above.

There, she was taught by the ascended masters, Thoth and Seshat. She spoke about her spiritually impoverished brothers and sisters who walked, as if asleep, on the surface above.

Anna said that she had come to these underground places in Egypt because of her commitment to accomplish a Great Work that was hidden from her mind, but felt sustained by her soul. Some of the information had been carried to Earth from the stars. She learned how the ancient ones had used concentrated thought and frequencies of sound to carve and lift the mighty stones that made the Sphinx and Great Pyramid.

The Brotherhood of Tat had lived on Earth for thousands of years. From them she learned of Osiris’ resurrection, Isis’ immaculate conception, and Horus’ journey into full enlightenment. She practiced accessing herself by stilling her mind and opening her seven chakras. She remembered who she was before Lemuria and Atlantis.

After forty years in Egypt, she began serving as a priestess of Isis, Hathor and Sekhmet. Anna developed the capacity to know many different dimensions through astral travel, bilocation, and teleportation. Through Isis’ mysteries of resurrection, she regenerated the cells of her body as one of immortal youth. She became known as a high priestess of the Great Mother, a psycho-spiritual counsellor.

She said that the essence of what higher consciousness people will accomplish is more a remembrance than a learning of something new. The real journey begins when we engage in ordinariness and personal applications of what we have learned.

Having acquired great knowledge and skills in Egypt over the course of three hundred years, Anna returned to Mount Carmel in 207BC to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus. Her mission was to bring forth the characters who would support his coming.

Anna said she was guided to remember how to preserve and resurrect a physical body. She later came to understand this was to teach her grandson how to resurrect his body.

She went on to say that maintaining her physical body was preferable to undergoing the rigors of birth or walking into an existing body.


At Mount Carmel, Isis, Osiris, Hathor, and Horus took Anna into a secret receiving chamber. There they strengthened her body to undergo Light Conception. She was shown that she would become the mother of a girl child to be called Mary.

Anna stated that she wished us to understand that the ascension process we are currently passing through is Light Conception. All of us and Earth are being impregnated with Light. We are spiritualizing matter which assists the shift of humanity’s ignorant and warlike resistances to unity and harmony.


In 57BC, Anna gave birth to a son, named Joseph, who later became known as Joseph of Arimathea. Into Anna’s womb was placed the essence of a great soul to allow the child’s awareness to grow beyond earthly limitations.

Joseph was taken to Alexandria’s great library to study and take initiations. For several years he lived in India, studying under physical immortals such as Babaji.

In 32BC, Joseph made the first of many trips to Britain, where he eventually became an Arch Druid. Thereafter, he amassed a fleet of 12 ships, that transported tin and lead ore, and had partial ownership of two mines in Britain.

Joseph’s success led him to became a member of the Sanhedrin of Jerusalem, while continuing his association with the Essenes.


Not many pages after she discussed Joseph of Arimathea , Anna addressed the readers of her book:


I will remind you again, my dear friend, that it is primarily for the purpose of midwifing the birth of Christ or unity consciousness within all of life that I am sharing my story with you. My immense love and support are freely offered as you choose to awaken and realize your highest destiny every moment of this present lifetime.   


At Mount Carmel, Anna married Joachim. They had twelve children.

On a trip to Ephesus, a community on the eastern coast of the Aegean Sea, Anna and Joachim were visited by Archangel Gabriel who told them their daughter Mary was soon to be born. They were both lifted up in the non-physical to meet Mary. They felt her presence descend into every cell of their bodies. They did not come together in the penetration of Anna’s womb with Joachim’s seed. Into Anna’s womb came Mary, in totality, to fulfill the promise of virgin birth. Anna was attended by her daughters Judith, Ruth, and Rebekah. Joseph of Arimathea supplied a fully equipped room for the birth of the mother of Jesus.


Other women had come to Carmel to be instructed in Light Conceived birth. Their children would come forth to play their destined parts in Yeshua’s life. Anna gave training for Light Conceived birthing to Mother Mary and these other women at Mount Carmel.

Mother Mary and Joseph ben Jacob were wed at Mount Carmel along with Joseph of Arimathea and his beloved Mary of Magdala.

Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel were present when Mother Mary and Joseph experienced the Light Conception of Yeshua. It was said that Yeshua would be born anchoring vast fields of cosmic consciousness into the Earth plane. Joseph’s etheric seed and DNA were permeated with light as he energetically merged with the great cosmic soul that would be his son.


When it was time to give birth to Yeshua, Mother Mary climbed to an upper room in her cousin Elizabeth’s home in Bethlehem. She was attended by Anna and Elizabeth, as she gave birth to Yeshua. Hosts of angels, dominions, and elementals gathered and hovered. Yeshua was born in early April of 4BC. Mother Mary was sixteen years old when Yeshua was born.

There was a young boy of twelve years by the name of Nathaniel. He brought a newborn orphaned lamb as an offering to Yeshua. Mother Mary invited him to come forward. Looking into his eyes she said, “You, my child, are favored of God. He who is now with us has called you to come out into the world and to be as one who is his friend and disciple forever.” Then she placed the babe, Yeshua, into Nathaniel’s arms.

In Bethany, Mary Magdalene, the daughter of Joseph of Arimathea, was born the same number of hours after sunset as Yeshua’s birth occurred before sunrise on the very same day.

Mary Magdalene grew up in her father Joseph’s home in Bethany. As a young woman she established two residences for unwed mothers and indigent women in his two large homes.



“This certainly is different than the story in the Bible,” I said.

“Indeed,” Heather said. “It is both different and beautiful. I believe many will profit by seeing an alternative to the conventional view.”

“As Anna said,” I remarked, “these differences are preparing us for the great changes that are coming upon us. The idea of spiritualizing matter really helps me understand attaining higher consciousness.”


Joseph, Mary, and Yeshua fled to Egypt aboard a boat owned by Joseph of Arimathea. The magi returned to Herod and reported that they had not found the child in Bethlehem.

Joseph, Mary, and Yeshua lived in an Essene community in Heliopolis and Thebes for eight years. There Yeshua learned many languages, and studied the mystery schools at the temples of Isis, Hathor, and Horus.


When they returned to Mount Carmel, Anna taught and prepared her grandson for his coming initiations to assist him to rise from the sepulcher when the fulfillment of the prophecy should occur. His life would demonstrate that death held no power for those who knew death was an illusion.


Yeshua’s subsequent journey to Britain included stops along the coastline of the Mediterranean aboard Joseph of Arimathea’s ship. There he met with his uncles and aunts, Anna’s children and grandchildren.

In Britain, Yeshua interacted with Celtic Druids on the island of Avalon. He interacted with many Druids and explored not only Britain, but also Ireland. There he found the angelic realms very accessible, as he communicated with beings of Inner Earth. He was shown the perils and desecration that would occur on Earth in future years due to the increasing masculine imbalance. He was reminded that he and cosmic companions had come to stop the imploding cycle of separation and devolution.

After three years, Yeshua returned to Mount Carmel,  engaging with his grandmother Anna, his mother Mary, and others, including his good friend Nathaniel.



Soon thereafter, Yeshua traveled to India in the company of his father Joseph and others from the Essene community. There he spent seven years in India and the Himalayas, returning to his parent’s home in Nazareth at the age of twenty-four in the summer of AD21.

While in India he read sacred texts from Atlantis and Lemuria. He developed a deep appreciation for his father, Joseph, who led him in many experiences. Joseph taught Yeshua about people who coveted power to bolster an inadequate or insecure lower self. Yeshua deemed him to be a true avatar.

Yeshua also had several other teachers, one of whom was Babaji. This great master was known as the Immortal Yogi. In Babaji’s presence, Yeshua interacted with Maitreya Buddha, a representative of the energies called the Cosmic Christ.

For one year, Yeshua and his father, Joseph, lived in the high Himalayas. During a meditation, Yeshua was assisted to remember the Divine being he was.         


After returning from India, Yeshua spent time in the Court of the Scribes, discussing, reading, and expounding upon the Law and the Prophets.

Yeshua began gathering his team of active supporters to prepare for what was coming.

Travel to Egypt was organized. Yeshua’s cousins Mary Magdalene and Mariam, Mariam’s husband Nathaniel, and others would stay with Yeshua in Heliopolis, which served as a home base. Nathaniel and Yeshua had a friendly, casual relationship in which they frequently laughed.

Yeshua, along with his brother James and others, met with key priests for empowerments and mentoring. They stopped at temples in the south, then worked their way north to the Temple of Isis on the island of Philae.

At each temple, they experienced initiations which  tempered, refined, and opened the life-force channels. These initiations were intended to change fear-based perceptions and behaviors. By understanding electromagnetic fields, sacred geometry, and the nature of light, sound, and color, Yeshua took complete control of the forces of life and the illusion of death.


The foundation for Yeshua’s plan to undertake a multidimensional process that would indelibly imprint the resurrection and ascension principles into all life and through all time and space was laid in Egypt.

Every person that was destined to play a significant part in supporting Yeshua was present for a rehearsal of Yeshua’s planned crucifixion and resurrection. In addition to those physically present were others who could teleport or bilocate.

Anna emphasized that all that Yeshua did, people of this time can also do. While we may not be as great as Yeshua, each of us has the responsibility to increase self-mastery, to embrace harmony, and to add our enlightened, loving presence to the collective of humanity. We will be supported in this by cosmic levels to achieve alignment with love and unity.



Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were married in a ceremony at Cana. Many of the Essene community and others who were the children and grandchildren of Anna witnessed this beautiful celebration. Working with the elementals, Yeshua did change water into new, very good wine plus grape juice for the Essenes.

From this time forward, Mary Magdalene accompanied Yeshua on his teaching mission, interacting with those who came to listen. In Yeshua’s close inner circle all were married, thus Mary was the leader among these twelve women.



“Anna’s descriptions of Yeshua and the other people involved with him are quite different from what is in the Bible,” Heather said, “as are the descriptions about Yeshua’s visits to Britain and India.”

“I know that words such as these may cause some people to reject my book, or attack me,” I said. “Nonetheless, I intend to include them. Although the truth may be different from what we have been taught to believe, I feel it is important that it be revealed.

“This is another example of being exposed to things that are different from what is conventionally accepted. We have seen it in the videos we’ve watched and the books we’ve read. In this case, something inside is telling me that Anna’s channeled material is true.”                             

Then I turned to Heather and said, “I am being told that Nathaniel was a vehicle for my soul to play a role in Yeshua’s life, just as I am a vehicle for my soul during this lifetime. I was overwhelmed to learn in this Anna book that Nathaniel was married to Mariam, Yeshua’s adopted sister, and that he was good friends with Yeshua.”

Heather said nothing, just gave me a long hug.


We returned to reading the book and taking notes. Much of the material on the next pages was not too different from what was in the Bible. The biggest exceptions were the roles that Anna’s children and grandchildren played in Yeshua’s crucifixion and resurrection. In Anna’s words, these significant events read like a well-orchestrated play with actors carrying out their assigned roles.


Yeshua and Mary came to Mount Carmel after his forty-day ordeal in the desert and his baptism with John. He interacted with Benjamin, the son of Mariam and Nathaniel, who had suffered from birth with a club foot and palsy, and cured him by focusing love and light into the boy’s body. Benjamin communicated telepathically that he would forever remain loyal to Yeshua. Yeshua reminded him to be faithful to his own I AM and to live in gratitude.


The remainder of the book dealt with events leading to the crucifixion of Yeshua and his resurrection. It resembled the bible, but with details about the careful orchestration of individuals and programmed events in support of Yeshua’s predetermined mission. One notable difference is the Last Supper that involved seventy men and women at one of Joseph of Arimathea’s homes.


It was noteworthy that Peter was little referenced in Anna’s story. She stated that Peter’s lack of experience with esoteric initiations and his very strong patriarchal bias, wherein he feared the feminine aspect of God, haunted him. This influenced his role in creating a patriarchal church for those who followed Yeshua’s teachings.



Near the end of the book, Anna stated that today’s ascension process that brings about unity does not require the mystery schools or a prolonged sanctuary with master teachers, as those of Yeshua’s time required. Earth and our own life is our empowerment school. There is loving support in the form of awakening peers, books, seminars, alternative healing, and many spiritual paths. We can receive guidance from ascended masters and angels. This is illustrated by the butterfly that emerges into new life resurrected from its crucified caterpillar life.

Anna went on to ask if we are ready to take Yeshua off the cross of endless suffering, to allow growth of our inner authority and divinity to fly free of self-imposed prisons. Yeshua passed through crucifixion and resurrection to achieve this. Yeshua did not die to pay any form of debt.

In whatever way we choose to be more loving, kind, forgiving, honest, and generous, we are living as a Christ. Anna said to imagine ourselves seated on a high platform. From this high place, we can easily look down on the stage below. From this perspective we can see the scene being played out, as opposed to being caught within the activities on the stage.


“What a wonderful book,” I said. “There are so many beautiful words that I could not capture.”

“Let us be grateful for what we are doing,” Heather said. “And know we are assisting the ascension of all humanity, in small ways.”

It was very late, so we headed for bed with the words of Anna swirling in our heads.



After a few hours of sleep, I was awakened and asked to go to my office. I sat before my iMac and the following words spilled forth.



Greetings, Michael. I am Yeshua. I am here today to clarify my mission and to comment on the current situation on Earth.

When I walked the lands of your planet, it was my intention to set an example of the right way to live, to relate to others, and to communicate this. It was important for me to show the people of Palestine how to live at a higher way of being.

Fear, separation, anger, greed, and judgment were a part of the lives of most people at that time. They may have been happy in their circumstances, but without love in their lives they were far from what their lives could have been. I set an example. Whether they chose to follow it was entirely up to them.

My crucifixion was a planned event. My resurrection was a planned event. The others in my life at that time were part of this plan. I intended to show that there was life after death, so I had to have a conspicuous death that all could recognize. My resurrection was likewise to show many that I was alive, that indeed there was something after death, and that it was glorious.

I met with many after my resurrection, many more than are contained in your Bible. I met with small groups or individuals to comfort them, to raise their spirits, and to show them that I was still present. This went on for several years, not only in Palestine but throughout the Mediterranean area.


I look upon the churches and religions of today and am saddened. Never did I envision a structure where the leaders would tell others what to believe. Never did I encourage anyone to create a church. I said only that people were to emulate my life.

The amassing of wealth was never what I envisioned or taught. Edifices, large or small, were never what I preached. I asked only that people love one other, that they treat each other as loving brothers and sisters, and that they see that they are all one. Perfect unity is what I wished for humanity, not warring nations, not conflict over land, money or power.

I see the churches at this time and I am saddened that they have been constructed in my name. I see religions that believe I came to save people. People did not need to be saved. I am a son of Source, as are each who read my words. I am your brother, not your leader. I am not to be worshipped. Source does not demand to be worshipped. Source is within each and around each.

Source is also on other worlds. I too have been on other worlds, many times. I did not undergo a crucifixion there because it was not part of the plan, was not necessary. The people there saw me as an example and followed me in that way.


The next morning, I showed Heather a printed copy of the message from Yeshua. She studied it for a long while before commenting. “This and the Anna Book will cause people to rethink exactly what they believe and how they view their religion. It will also help them see that the activities of third dimension are not important in a Cosmic sense, for they do not affect who they really are if they remain at a higher dimension.

“As a former Catholic, it’s going to take me a while to get a grip on what Yeshua’s saying. I’ve seen it during my studies of other religions, but here it is so very clearly spelled out.

“At this moment, I am feeling that Yeshua’s words are true. My body is telling me that what he is saying is profound.”

“I believe it’s part of the total picture of who we are and how we are meant to live,” I said. “I felt his words as I typed them. They are very powerful.”



Chapter 21


Chapter 21




Heather and I had returned to my house in Denver, after driving from Loveland. I was barely inside the door when I was pulled back downstairs to sit in front of the iMac.

I settled in before it, as if working on my book. After opening up a blank Word page, I was ready to type. My fingers responded to words as they came through my head. I could almost feel them being guided to each key on my keyboard. This had happened when my book first appeared, and later when Yeshua spoke to me. The author, this time, identified himself as Archangel Uriel.


Many billions of years ago, Earth was a very high dimension planet. There were beings of 12th Dimension who lived on her. She was a beacon of Light, a wayshower for all planets of the Milky Way Galaxy. This state of beauty and tranquility continued for millions of years.

Beings from the planet Atlantis, came to Earth, as refugees from their own dying planet. Despite their lower vibration, the people of Earth accepted them, believing that their high consciousness would outweigh that of the Atlantians.

After a long period of peace, some of the former Atlantians began to experiment with what had almost destroyed their planet. They moved to the other side of the planet to continue their experiments. This ultimately resulted in the near destruction of Earth.

The nonphysicals who had created Earth intervened. After a period of dormancy, Earth was recreated as a 3rd Dimension planet. Humans were introduced by the nonphysicals about 500,000 years ago with the charter of returning Earth to its former glory as a 12th Dimension planet.

Benevolent beings from other planets were invited to add their unique characteristics to the developing humans of Earth. You have inherited these characteristics.

Dark beings have once again descended on Earth, seeking to imprison humanity. Your Light can overshadow their efforts.

At this moment, humanity is at a tipping point to determine if the planet and her population will fulfill their charter. You have the opportunity to be an active participant in this process.


“This certainly puts reinforcement on our efforts,” I said. I had walked up to the back deck and had handed Heather a printed copy of Uriel’s message. “Do you understand what he’s saying?”

“The part about Earth being a 12th Dimension planet is new,” Heather said. “Haven’t heard that before. Also, I didn’t know that Atlantis originated off-planet. I had heard about the people of Atlantis being destructive, but I didn’t know their actions almost destroyed Earth.

“It makes sense to me that we were somehow re-created as lower dimension beings. I mean look at us now. We’re nowhere close to 12th Dimension. And I sure didn’t know anything about a charter to restore Earth to 12th Dimension.

“I can’t relate to dark energy, even though we’re being told that it’s behind all of our problems. I don’t understand how it works.”

“Uriel’s words are certainly full of stuff that I barely understand,” I said. “I want to sit with it for a while. Also, I’ve asked Uriel for clarification. So where does that leave us?”

Heather said, “I’m getting that we are finished with videos and delving into books; that you must continue writing your book, but now it will be from a higher perspective. And we’ll do it despite those opposed to our efforts, and despite the majority of people unable or unwilling to see alternative explanations for what is happening.

“Most importantly, we must constantly strive to keep ourselves at a higher level of consciousness.”

“If we come at everything from a higher perspective, I believe nothing will harm either of us.” I said.

“More importantly, if we keep ourselves at a high consciousness, we can model for others, helping them move out of fear.”

“I am determined to continue,” I said with renewed conviction.

“I agree,” Heather said.

We wrapped our arms about each other, knowing who we were, and understanding the immensity of what lay before us.


Heather and I went for a walk along the canal. It was a pleasant early fall day. There was a crispness to the somewhat cooler air , and a different smell to everything. The leaves on the trees and bushes had just began their annual displays of red, orange, and yellow. It would not be long before the first snow was on the ground.

“I believe I’ve found a place for us to live,” I said.

“Oh, and just when did all this happen?”

“While you’ve been busy teaching, I’ve been busy scouting around the Loveland area. After we’re married, we’ll need somewhere to live, so you can keep teaching.”

“So, when do I get to see this place?”

“How about Monday, after school? I’ll set it up with the realtor.”

“This is going to completely rearrange your life, you know,” she said.

“I’m flexible,” I said. “A new house may be the least of our challenges.”


After we returned to my house, we fixed a Caesar salad and sat at the kitchen table.

“In all of the investigations we’ve done, there have always been fingers pointing at the secret government, as if it’s one big glob,” Heather said. “We now know there are pieces of it and that they don’t always get along.”

“We found the hidden government that few recognize.”

“And we found those that want a one-world government.”

“Where do you stand on political parties?” she asked.

“I’ve been on both sides of that fence,” I replied. “I can appreciate things the Democrats stand for such as the environment and medical care for all. I like the Republicans  stand on immigration, money, and States’ Rights.

“Right now, I really don’t resonate at the political level, which I see as very 3rd Dimension. I’m looking at things from a higher consciousness that says we have an enslaved population that doesn’t know it’s enslaved. Neither party talks in those terms. They’re all about preserving their political power, raising money, or getting into power. Individuals in both parties are backing one world government.

“To me, the bigger picture is so much more important. What we are dealing with is so huge that the wrangling in political parties doesn’t get my attention. I’m about helping people choose a future with individual freedoms to choose how we each lead our lives.”

“I see a spiritual slant to it all,” Heather said. “I think it’s about achieving lives based on Love and Oneness, versus lives based on self-centeredness, separation, judgment, and greed.

“I see both the spiritual and individual values as part of the same picture. If someone is coming from Love and Oneness, they are not concerned about concentrating power around themselves. They are focused on helping others, not controlling them.”

“So, do we still vote?” I asked?

“I see big changes coming,” she said. “I don’t think we will be voting in the traditional sense. Maybe no political parties, like now. I’m not sure what it looks like. I just see really big changes in our future.”

“I believe we need to find another way to become involved. There are some good people in politics, particularly at the local level. I’d like to find a way to support them, maybe become involved in a new type of government.”


The next day, I was once again directed to my home office and my iMac. The following words flowed through my fingers as I typed them.


I am Master Kuthumi, one of a collective of Ascended Masters. We are the souls of avatars who no longer reside in human bodies, so we can relate to what you are experiencing because we have lived it. We now form a group of very high consciousness non-physical beings whose sole mission is to support the resurrection of Earth to 12th Dimension.


The dark energy is present on Earth as a result of experiments undertaken at the time of Atlantis, billions of years ago. Those who were experimenting believed they could create outside the Schematic of Source, and could manifest physical beings without depending on the Light or Love of Source. Earth was not the originator of this dark energy; it had come from other planets and had infected the physical beings and Creator Gods of Earth.

The whole process began as simple experiments to see how higher energy and physical matter could be combined, in ways not done before. It was an exciting possibility and captured the imagination of a few of Earth’s high consciousness beings.

In their excitement to create something entirely new, they lost sight of the bigger picture of how the rest of the universe had been created and was being directed according to the Schematic of Source. They were well aware of Christ Consciousness as an uplifting force for all, but chose to ignore its energy.

It was from this beginning that the dark energy of Earth began to accumulate a power unto itself, began to be an independent force. It began to exist outside individual beings.


As the experiments continued and grew in size, encompassing the involvement of more physical beings and Creator Gods, the energy of the dark grew. It exhibited the power to invade the consciousness of many.


The dark energy had much to do with persuading those involved with the experiments to continue with them even though they were adversely affecting the planet itself. Like a cancer that was eating its host, the dark energy demanded that the experiments continue. Those who were in charge of the experiments became infected with this point of view; the experiments went on.

When it became apparent that the entire planet was reacting to the experiments, the cancer demanded throwing caution to the winds, saying that the only way to overcome the adverse effects were to step up the intensity of the experiments.


Lemuria fell beneath the ocean. Atlantis sank into the center of the Earth. Earth was headed for self-destruction. The planet was put into a state of suspended animation, a lifeless orb. Yet the dark energy remained.


After Earth’s period of dormancy, and its restart as a 3rd Dimension planet, the dark energy reasserted itself. It had not been eliminated. In the beginning, it was not powerful because early humans were concerned with their survival and did not have developed brains. As the years went on, it began to play a role in the lives of humans, slowly helping them to see each other as separate. Then came domination and anger. When extraterrestrials visited earth, the dark energy was pleased to find some extraterrestrials were self-centered, such as it was encouraging humans to behave.

Keep in mind, this is an energy I speak of, not an entity. Dark energy does not manifest itself as an entity, rather it is like a cancer infecting a human body. It invades the mind of an individual, distracting the mind from its focus on Oneness with all, focusing on fear rather than Love, on separateness rather than Unity.                                  



Now let us turn to the current state of Earth. Most humans of Earth are of the 4th Dimension, in that fear does not rule their lives, at least not consciously. There are a few of 3rd Dimension where fear does indeed rule their lives and they act accordingly.

Dark energy had formed such a cocoon in the collective minds of the humans of Earth that it has been difficult for the Archangels and Ascended Masters to penetrate it. The institutions of your current civilization have all been infected by dark energy.


There are, however, several important differences from Atlantis. First, there are a number of humans who are dedicated to resurrecting Earth back to 12th Dimension. Second, there is the active participation of Archangels and Ascended Masters with those individuals who see the path to higher consciousness. Third, there are a number of extraterrestrial races who are actively involving themselves to suppress the dark and install Light.                       

This was never the case with Atlantis. These outside supporters make a huge difference. Like physicians treating a cancer, they are shining the Light on those humans who would pursue 3rd Dimension ways of behaving. This Light has a healing affect much like certain frequencies of light heal the body. They are also rooting out those humans who embrace the ways of dark energy by clipping their power and surgically removing them from positions of power as their misdeeds are shown. Even those with great wealth are being removed as their misdeeds are highlighted.


Your task, if you choose to embrace it, is to discover who you really are: A great soul with many lifetimes of experience incarnated in the physical body of a human of Earth. Once you understand this, you will undoubtedly love yourself. Once you love yourself, you can then love all others. This is the energy that a highly conscious individual transmits to others.


Then you can go the next step and embrace Christ Consciousness, Love, and Unity. Then you will see all others in Unity as expressions of Source.  Then it will be quite easy to love them, regardless of their behavior or beliefs. The key to this is to focus your energy so that you transmit who you really are. People will recognize you at an unconscious level regardless of your physical appearance.


We encourage each individual to maintain and honor his or her body. It is much easier for a healthy body to embrace the energies of higher consciousness. We encourage both appropriate diet and exercise.

We also recommend quiet time each day so the body is separated from the busyness of day-to-day life. This will reduce any effort of the dark energy as it seeks to deflect you from maintaining a lifestyle based on Love and Unity.

Choose a path to spirituality that resonates with your heart. It is okay to explore several, but settle on one for a time and absorb all that it has to offer. Then move on if you are called to do so.

Recognize that your physical body is an instrument of your soul in which to gain experiences. Think of your body as a vehicle and allow your soul to drive it.

See your soul as a great being of Light that has existed for a very long time. Know that you have had other incarnations and will have many more. Discover why your soul came into this body at this particular time.

Focus your life on what is your soul’s mission. Focus on what makes you happy without being diverted by concerns of the conventional paradigm.

Find stability with money. Do not let it control your life.

Set an intention to lead a balanced life, one that accommodates day-to-day life, but has as its goal something higher than merely living out your days on Earth.

Seek out people who reflect your values rather than people with whom you merely spend time. Engage in deeper conversations.

Find opportunities to be of service to your brothers and sisters.

Enjoy the beauty of your wondrous planet.

Find balance in your life between the spiritual and the physical. Seek to live in the spiritual, not just pay lip service to it.

You are on Earth at a critical time. Know that you came here for a reason. Find that reason. Earth is undergoing change. There will be even greater changes coming. Find your core values so that you can rely on them as change comes into your life.


“I am so happy to have these words,” I said as I handed the typed pages to Heather. “At last, I can give   something concrete to people who want to live at higher consciousness. They will be an important addition to my book.”


Chapter 22

Chapter 22


Archangel Michael


I was directed, once again, to my computer. As I sat before it, my fingers typed the following words.


Greetings,  I am Archangel Michael. I speak for a collective of Archangels, Ascended Masters, Creator Gods, and Overseers who are most interested in the situation on Earth.

We come from a position of having observed Earth and its human residents for millions of years. Furthermore, we well understand that events on your planet affect all in the Milky Way Galaxy, and in the universe. We are anxious that this moment to ascend you and your planet not be wasted, for another such auspicious moment will be long in coming.

The enslavement of humanity by dark energies is rooted in the 3rd Dimension. If solutions based in lower consciousness are attempted, they will only serve to avoid the true solution. In time, a lower consciousness solution will allow old ills to re-emerge.


In prior pages, many points-of-view have been presented. These range from human to non-human, from historical to contemporary, and from individual to cosmic. Many of them are 3rd Dimension. Some of them are spiritual and of high consciousness. It is important to understand, in depth, what is not working, so it will not be repeated. It is equally important to see the high road to know what is possible.



Those who have succumbed to dark energy are most easily recognized in their expressions of fear, greed, separation, and judgment. When an individual dwells in these, he or she will act accordingly, especially in relationship to others.


This can be seen in an individual who chooses power over others in place of seeing them as a physical vehicle of a great soul. Seeing others as merely tools for their own self-centered benefit and judging them to be of less value is a sure indication of someone who has fallen under the influence of the dark energy.


The dark energy of which I speak originally came to Earth when certain creator gods and their followers invaded the planet and its resident beings. This happened many millions of years ago at the time of Atlantis. They were so powerful in pursuing their attacks against the Schematic of Source, the grand plan for this universe, that they almost destroyed the Earth of that time. Today’s humans are not guilty of causing or allowing this.


When Earth was reconfigured as a 3rd Dimension planet, and humans were created to occupy it, the dark energy had not been vanquished. It immediately went to work to invade the humans of that long-ago time.


It has been a struggle ever since between those who adhere to the Schematic of Source and those who have fallen prey to the dark energies that are opposed to it.


At this moment, dark energies have infected     those who have become the powerful and wealthy of the planet. The resulting self-centered greed encourages them to obtain more and more power and wealth. It also dismisses any concern they might have to see other humans as anything more than slaves to their ambitions. The wealthy and powerful are in positions of leadership in your governments, banks, corporations, medical systems, legal systems, and religions. Many are secreted away from the public, pursuing their ambitions without being noticed. There are wealthy families in which this very large wealth has resided generation after generation. They seek to preserve their status despite all threats.



At this moment on your planet, humanity is embroiled in a struggle between those humans who operate from fear, separation, and judgment versus those who operate from Light, Love and Unity. All of the current political turmoil, all health-related discord, all monetary system uncertainty, all religious disagreements, and all factors that affect the lives of people can be traced to this battle between the dark energy that seeks to continue its hold over humanity and the energy of Source that seeks to free humanity, raising everyone to a higher state  of existence.


Many battles that rage between the dark and the light today are fought at 3rd dimension. There we observe the forces for good attempting to exert themselves in the face of the traditional power structures of humanity that are based in fear. It will not be possible for the forces who see the Light to overcome the darkness by battling in 3rd Dimension. Only by coming to higher consciousness can true freedom be achieved.             



Among those aligned with the dark energy,  there are a relative few totally committed to extending the enslavement of humanity. They see this as the only way to maintain their  extraordinary wealth and power. Many others emulate them as they embrace the goal of securing a comfortable lifestyle.



The media and other forms of communication paint the lives of the wealthy and powerful as something to be desired. Their greed, separation, or anger is displayed as something desirable, something to seek after, in order to attain great wealth and power like them.


Once you see this structure and the way in which the powerful and wealthy look upon you, you will see something as ordinary as making a purchase in a different way. You will then see it as a way to support their lifestyle, as a small continuation of their wealth and power. Think about this the next time you buy something.


If you examine your life closely, you will see that you are controlled in numerous ways, and your mind accepts these controls as normal. Many who are in lower dimensions see this as a loss of freedoms. We of the higher consciousness see this as much more, as enslavement of the mind. It is much more intrusive than merely losing your ability to act in certain ways. In order to extract the maximum from you, the wealthy and the powerful attempt to convince you there is no other way to exist.



The presence of beings from other planets of the Milky Way Galaxy began not long after the first humans were created on Earth. The Creator Gods who fashioned humanity’s first humans requested their assistance to upgrade these first physical beings of the new Earth. What you term extraterrestrials came from planets in the Pleiades, in Sirius, in Arcturus and from the Andromeda Galaxy. All of these functioned in accord with the Schematic of Source. They helped to upgrade the brains of humans, as well as some physical features like posture and the opposing thumb.


Today extraterrestrials come from many planets. Some are from planets that function according to the Schematic of Source. Others are from planets where the dark energy has totally enslaved the population, leading to societies who function exclusively from fear, separation, and judgment. Many of these are present on your planet today, walking among you with physical features not unlike your own. Some are created by holograms and by clones. They interact secretly with individuals in the governments and the military of many countries. Extraterrestrials have trained the military and corporations of your country and others to create space ships capable of journeying beyond your solar system.


There are groupings of planets who are aligned for reasons of mutual support, trade, and consciousness. These are both those allied under the thumb of darkness as well as those functioning in accordance with the Schematic of Source and Christ Consciousness.


When Earth was recreated in 3rd Dimension and its humans were first created, their souls were charged with directing their physical vehicles to work on returning Earth to 12th Dimension, such as the planet and its population had existed many billions of years earlier.


This upward climb has slowly resulted in todays population on Earth. There have been times when we witnessed positive steps toward this goal, times of relative freedom and peace. In each instance, the dark energy invaded a few of the population, turning them against the majority, getting them to operate from fear, getting them to seek power over others as a solution to their fear.


We have that situation today. A relative few have power over the many. They function from fear, separation, and judgment, believing that power overcomes their inner insecurities. We see such individuals in positions of power in your government. We see them in positions of power in your corporations, banks, churches, and medical, education, and legal systems.


We see your monetary system and banks based on debt, huge loans without backing. This has created a massive fiat currency. The dollar has been the reserve currency for the world; it cannot continue, given the amounts of fiat currency now outstanding. This system is not sustainable.

The conversion to a more stable currency will be most difficult for those depending on the dollar. This transition will be accomplished with some dislocations for all involved.

Given the central role of money, this transformation will need to be undertaken before re-creation takes place in corporations and other systems, such as legal.


Your churches and religious organization have all been invaded by the dark energy that causes some to desire positions of authority. Many in positions of leadership within these organizations are driven by the need for power to overcome their inner lack of self-worth.

Your churches have historically been a focal point for separation and judgment. Many people have suffered due to religious dogma that called for domination of a particular belief. Such domination has been forced with physical violence.

This attitude will be changed with higher consciousness on the part of those involved in these religions and restructuring to eliminate the power pyramid within their organizations.

Relationships with Source do not require priests or other intermediaries. Accepting that we are all brothers and sisters, and that there is no better-than or lesser-than, will bring about needed reforms. I believe Yeshua said enough earlier that I need say no more.


Truth will change both the educational and medical systems. Here I am referring to the larger Truth of the universe as functioning in accord with the Schematic of Source, the true nature of the human body as a vehicle for the soul, the true reason for being in the body, the truth about death and reincarnation, and what it means to function at higher consciousness.

The education and medical systems need to recognize that humans survived for thousands of years without modern technology. There is great wisdom that is not taught in schools of today or incorporated into the latest inventions. There are ancient healing ways that performed quite well before the advent of modern medicine. Look at the long history of humanity on this planet and discover what has been lost due to blind greed and to those whose anger drives them to destroy things. A perfect example of the latter is the senseless destruction of the great Library of Alexandria, which contained priceless records.


We also see individuals and groups who are dedicated to raising the larger population to higher consciousness. They are working to shine light on those who do not function with the greatest good for all. These beautiful people generally work behind the scenes and are largely responsible for humanity’s persistent march toward higher consciousness despite the best efforts of dark energy to interfere. Along with benevolent extraterrestrials, they have also prevented any large-scale destruction due to atomic devices.



In conclusion, we wish to point out that humanity’s path beyond enslavement is not based in 3rd Dimension solutions like politics or technology. We have witnessed other planets that were controlled by dark forces. Their path away from enslavement was only successful when a significant portion of the population awakened and became committed to higher consciousness. The Light of higher consciousness, which is very much more powerful, overwhelmed the darkness.

It does not require everyone to embrace a higher way to behave. It only requires those who embrace higher consciousness to fully commit to it as the only way to live. Look at the small percentage of the population who believed in freedom; they brought forth the United States. Do not depend on actions by those rooted in 3rd Dimension solutions to overcome the dark. They will not. It has never worked out before. It will not work out this time.


Blessings to All, Michael


“This is pretty clear,” I said as I handed Heather a printed copy of Archangel Michael’s communication.

“We have no choice, unless we want to incarnate here again and again,” she responded. “Any permanent solution requires humanity to function at higher consciousness. Now, let’s see if we can get a critical mass of high consciousness people to step up and make it happen.”

“I see this as the way forward for you and me,” Michael said. “I may not see the route clearly, but I see functioning from higher consciousness, from a spiritual point of view, as the only way we can do our part in assisting humanity upward.”














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Chapter 23

Chapter 23

New Earth Paradigm

“I am seeing things differently this morning,” I said to Heather. “It’s like I received an upgrade, maybe some of those off-planet energies we’ve been hearing about.

“It’s so strange, I’m looking at all that’s going on in the world, as if it doesn’t matter any longer. Hard to see what our future looks like.”

We were standing at the railing of the back deck of our new home, overlooking a recently rototilled garden patch. It would be planted in the spring with lettuce, onions, squash, beans, and tomatoes. Three apple trees stood off to the left, their leaves wilted for the coming winter. To the right was where we planned to place the new swing set and sand box. Beyond were two acres we had not yet decided upon.

We paused to take in the tranquil beauty of what lay to the west beyond our yard. Farm land, dotted with fences and cottonwood trees, stretched west for miles. In the far distance the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains rose to the sky, their peaks white with early snow.

Our new dog, Amber, came to me nuzzling my elbow for a walk. I reached down to pet her behind her ears. “In a few minutes, girl,” I said. She settled at my feet. A mix of greyhound and blue healer, she was a recent addition to our lives, a most welcome one. Heather had found her at the local shelter. Amber and I enjoyed walking the nearby gravel roads.

“Michael,” Heather said, “I’m seeing things different also. I believe we will have a much grander future than what most people imagine.”

“I agree,” I hugged her and kissed the top of her head. It was how we had come to express our love and our commitment to traveling the high road.

Heather said, “I’ve learned that we must love ourselves. Then we can broadcast loving energy to others.”

“I believe that also,” I said.

“Changing our focus for a moment, I see the worldwide crisis we’ve been experiencing has revealed a dark energy far beyond what most people ever imagined. It has penetrated every institution and captivated many, many people within its dark agenda. It seems to be everywhere I look.

“On the other hand, I’ve come to understand that this dark energy can’t exist in the presence of the Light and Love of Source. Despite the current darkness, I see a whole new world emerging, as each of us embraces the reality of our own Light and Love and transmits it to the rest of humanity.

I’m reminded what I’ve learned about the initiation of the dark energy; how it started out as an experiment. By the time the experimenters realized they were seriously at odds with Source, they were committed to their path. Since then, they have increasingly moved themselves further and further from the Schematic of Source.”

“What’s the Schematic of Source?” Heather asked.

“It’s the dynamic grand plan of the universe. It’s all based on undifferentiated Light, unconditional Love, and the perfect Unity of Source. Ninety-nine percent of the universe is aligned with Source’s Schematic. Earth is one of the very few exceptions.”

“It almost makes me sad to hear these words,” Heather said. “Now I see dark energy as the opposite extreme from the Schematic.”

We each took a deep breath and stood quietly, as we grasped the enormity of humanity’s current struggle.


After a few minutes, Heather pointed to our garden plot and said, “I’m looking forward to growing our own vegetables. I’m sure that the stuff in the grocery stores is not the best for us.”

“It’s going to take some work to turn that plot of dirt into an organic garden,” I said, pointing to the dirt that needed amendments to turn into soil.

“I can hardly wait to tell our plants what our bodies need,” Heather said. “Talking to store-bought vegetables, even organic, just doesn’t do it. And just to be clear, I am not proposing that we raise cows, goats, or pigs. Although, I might go for some chickens.”

I said, “I believe aligning with nature for our food versus giant corporations is something that everyone needs to adopt, on a world-wide basis. We have strayed a long way from what is sustainable long-term.

“We’ve got to move away from the use of chemicals, insecticides, and herbicides. Somehow, we need to move back to a simpler lifestyle rather than relying on corporations for food and most everything else. We might not produce a similar variety of products, but we’ll have a much healthier lifestyle, and we won’t need drugs.

“I believe the corporate take-over of agriculture was driven by the dark energy’s desire to dominate everything. Just another way to get control over us.          

“The questions I’m proposing to everyone go something like this,” I said. “Is our current agriculture poisoning us? How can we use collectives and smaller scale farming versus corporate farms that are under the influence of dark energy? Does more healthy food lead to higher consciousness?”

Heather said, “Approaching food from a spiritual basis makes eating a whole new adventure. We’ll be eating what our bodies require, not what our taste buds want, not what is either popular or quick and easy.”

“How do we get people to convert to this way of living?” I asked.

Heather replied, “When people understand the immense scope of what’s going on, when they realize they have been lied to their entire lives, and when they realize that they are vehicles for beautiful souls of Light, then, and only then, can they live at their highest. Then they will change the way in which they live.”


“Let’s talk about the environment for a moment,” I said. “It’s fairly evident that the planet is suffering due to the ways in which humans disrespect her. On the other hand, modern civilization has come to depend on this harsh approach. How do we maintain our standard of living without it?”

“I see a recalibration of humanity,” Heather said. “The result being new ways of acting. Once people get a higher consciousness they will discover ways that don’t harm the planet. I have great faith in the ingenuity and resolve of people once they are on a higher path.”

I said, “I’ve been told, during some recent communications with extraterrestrials and archangels, that we will receive assistance once we function at higher consciousness. There are techniques available to correct all the damage we’ve done to the planet. The vision I’ve been given of a future Earth shows me a place of peace, tranquility, beautiful landscapes, natural abundance, and healthy air, water, and soil.”

“Whew, that’s a big leap,” Heather said.

“This assistance has already begun,” I said. “I felt some of when I first awakened. There are uplifting energies being focused on humanity and Earth. This is making it easier, for everyone who wishes to do so, to ascend to higher consciousness.”

We stepped off the deck and walked out toward our apple trees. Amber ranged back and forth, not too far from where we walked, happy to explore while keeping an eye on us.


“I don’t believe we can depend on government to solve things for us,” I said. “Nor can we depend on finding a special person who will lead us out of our current situation. And, I don’t believe a military takeover, on any basis, is the solution.”

Heather said, “We’ve got to create a whole new way to organize where there is no pyramid of authority, where there is no one at the top telling us what to believe or what to do.”

“The government has been lying to us about almost everything, along with media,” I said. “Elected officials think mainly about raising money to stay in power and maintain their status and wealth. They’re like other people of power and wealth struggling to stay at the top of any pyramid.

“Dark energy invades the minds and emotions of people like these, or ones who want to be like them. They are susceptible to functioning from an attitude of exclusively service-to-self. Then things like fear, pedophilia, blackmail, bribery, and threats are used to control them. This is the essence of the cabal’s control mechanism.”

“Is our current form of government sustainable?” Heather asked.

“I don’t believe so,” I said. “We need something much closer to ordinary people. We need organizations that stem from the cooperation of individuals, not a government  controlling us. And we need to remind ourselves every day that there is no political solution; that there is so much more at stake than an election or the latest law.”

“And we won’t get to this until individuals begin to function at a higher consciousness,” Heather said. “Right now, the current paradigm seems to be comfortable to most people, regardless of their individual situation.”

“I think small groups, working at higher consciousness, are the first step,” I said.

“Money is used by governments to control people. We need a new monetary system that reflects self-government. What would that look like? Does gold have a role in it? What about the Illuminati? What kind of a new monetary system can overcome their power?

“How will a new legal system of self-government function?

“And finally, how awful do conditions have to get for people to wake up and decide they need new organizations, new monetary systems, and new legal systems?”        

Heather said, “I keep coming back to the spiritual as the only way forward. We need to acknowledge all of the evils perpetuated by the influence of dark energy, so we commit to not doing them ever again. Then we assemble those people functioning at higher consciousness and reconstruct our lives, our country, our monetary system, our legal system, and the rest of it. Then people of lower consciousness will want to join us.                 

“At higher consciousness, we won’t need much in the way of government. People will be individually responsible. With that there’ll be no need for armies or police forces.

“Somewhere along the way to higher consciousness, Colorado will be a state unto itself without being part of a federal government, It will take a few years to finalize everything, but it certainly looks like that’s on its way.”

“I’m not surprised that it’s going slow,” I said. “Based on what I’ve been reading, it took several years for those wishing a revolution to convince others in the original Thirteen Colonies. At that time, they had a single enemy, England, that they fought against. Now we have a dark energy ingrained in every institution. It’s not at all like the American Revolution. The enemy is inside the tent, not across the ocean.”                                                            


“Changing the subject to education, it’s the teacher in me speaking now,” Heather said, as we returned to the deck. “I think that schools, as currently structured, simply do not teach children to think, to reason, or to choose. Most of what is taught is rote memory. I see the current educational system training kids to fit into the corporate pyramid structure, to do a good job for organizations, to strive for the top. Schools will have to change radically to function at higher consciousness.”

“I see today’s schools as a way to get people to conform to commonly held opinions. Degrees merely say that an individual has conformed,” I said. “Sure, there is individual research, individual expression, but very little of it is beyond the generally accepted norm.

“There is great power within educational institutions to toe the line. To express a belief, or talk about extraterrestrials, means being shunned from the accepted academic norm.”

“As a teacher, I have the following questions,” Heather said. “How do we teach children cooperation versus competition, while teaching them to think for themselves? Is there a better way for children to learn, a better structure other than class rooms? What should be the true goals of education?”                         


“What about diseases and medicine?” I asked. “The current situation with the virus and vaccines is a perfect illustration of what is wrong with the medical system. We have people in government, without medical backgrounds, dictating our behavior. We have a medical system that forces doctors to comply with standard medical practices or lose their licenses, despite what they may know is in the best interests of their patients.

“How do we train physicians to incorporate all facets of healthy living, like diet and nutrition? How does a healthy body relate to higher consciousness?”       

“What’s the result of the vaccines so many people have had injected?” Heather asked. “Are the stories about changes to DNA true? What can be done for people who have had the shot? What about people who have not had it?

“What about the psychological effects of the lockdown and of wearing masks? We now have youngsters who have not known any other way to live.”

“I have developed some strong feelings about the Covid-19 virus and the vaccines,” I said. “I now believe that the entire scheme of virus and vaccines is part of a well-thought-out plan to lead to a totalitarian world under the domination of the dark energy.

“I believe that the pandemic was intentionally caused by those under the influence of the dark energy to separate us, thereby controlling humanity. There is some question in my mind as to whether there really is a virus, or whether the whole thing was caused by the introduction of 5G and the electromagnetic radiation resulting from it.”

I added, “I know from my own experience that electromagnetic radiation is harmful to the body. For a long time, I’ve known that radiation from cell phones, television, computers and heating blankets can damage the body. Some of our investments at Technology Alliance were in companies aimed at using it beneficially. The experiments we undertook showed that radiation caused significant changes in laboratory animals resulting from radiation as low as sixty cycles. 5G is a whole new ball game, much more invasive.

“The former boss of Vodaphone in Europe insists that he can correlate the introduction of 5G with the blossoming of Covid-19 in China and Italy.”

“Lots that we don’t know,” Heather said.

“Lots just becoming known,” I said. “We shouldn’t let a virus or vaccine distract us from looking into what we can do if we can get a significant number of people to function at higher consciousness. I believe that higher consciousness will protect the body from many ills.”

With that we went inside to have lunch. Amber followed along, hoping for a treat.


After lunch, we began another round of discussion, while seated on comfortable chairs on the back patio. I set up shade cloth to block some of the afternoon sun.

“I think spirituality is the key to help awaken people to see a better, higher way to live,” I said.

Heather said, “However, religions are the same pyramids of control with someone at the peak telling others what to believe and how to act.”

As I handed a typed sheet to Heather, I said, “I received the following from Yeshua who is well qualified to speak about religion and spirituality.”        

Greetings, I am Yeshua,                 

Allow me to make a few comments about religion.

I came to Earth as part of a well-organized plan to demonstrate life after death. My crucifixion was designed to show death. My resurrection was designed to show life.

The years I spent on Earth were to show people how to live as a person who incorporated high consciousness and lived accordingly.

It was my intention that people would emulate my life long after I was no longer present on the planet. It was not my intention to have a religion or a church. I did not instruct anyone to undertake such actions.

The current situation is one of many religions and many churches. These hold sway over the lives of many people. It will require a basic change in how these institutions function to enable people to attain higher consciousness.

First of all, the pyramid structure of religions must go away. Everyone is fully capable of speaking to Source, God, or other spirit beings like myself. It is only necessary to believe one can do it and then take the first steps venturing forth. Those of any religion can do likewise.

I will respond to anyone who wishes to communicate with me. My response may not be in the form of writing such as you and I are using, but there will be a response to each person.

The focus of churches on raising money and building structures has no meaning in higher consciousness.

The most important aspect of this moment in humanity’s existence is to raise the consciousness of all. This will happen one person at a time, but happen it eventually will.

Those of us from the non-physical realms foresee a brilliant, beautiful, peaceful Earth based on higher consciousness. We foresee oneness as people appreciate that all is conscious, that all is based in Love and Light, and as they come to love themselves and appreciate each other.

Do not depend on others to resurrect Earth or ascend humanity. Each person has a responsibility. Discover your unique contribution, however large or small, and pursue it in joy.

I leave you now to complete your words of this book and communicate them to many.

Know that you are loved and appreciated.


Blessings Yeshua 

“That was wonderful,” Heather said. “Thank you, Yeshua.”

I said, “To sum things up, I believe it will take several years to fully realize the beneficial changes ahead of us.”

Heather said. “I fear that, in the short term, many people will settle for compromise – once their physical needs are met, when they are again ‘comfortable.’ Until we all function from higher consciousness, there will be a temptation to slip back into the old ways.

“We have a very complex, multi-faceted situation both with respect to the existing physical reality and with respect to the very promising future of humanity. Change will happen, but not all at once. To complete the picture, all facets need to be addressed and pursued with the highest good for all as the goal.”               


“Changing the subject, I really like what Mark Kimmel has been saying about higher consciousness,” Heather said.

“I agree,” I added. “I particularly liked what he’s been saying about accepting others as they are, not judging them. You may not agree with how they are behaving, but you can love them as your sisters and brothers.

“Living in a place of love, not fear, not being overcome by fearful events or people. Plus finding a place of sovereignty where we know who you are and how powerful we are.”

Reading from Kimmel’s web site, Heather added, “Feeling unity with all. Any form of separation is not part of higher consciousness. Plus, feeling from the heart to know what is true, not relying on your head, ego, or emotions.”

I said, “In Higher Consciousness we pay attention to energies, not just words, that come from others, including TV and books, and how those influence us.”

Heather pointed out that, “We are being encouraged to observe what is going on around us from a higher perspective, the cosmic paradigm. Think of life as a stage. Position ourselves high in the balcony so that we can see life from a broad perspective versus being lost amidst the frantic pace, conflicting views, misdirection, and self-centeredness of those on the stage. ‘Walk higher than those of lower consciousness.’

“With Higher Consciousness we recognize who we really are, a physical vehicle of a Great Soul of Light, a Soul many times greater than our body, a Soul with the experiences of many past lifetimes.”

I said, “We are being told that to attain Higher Consciousness, we need to spend quiet time each day thinking, speaking, and acting at a higher way of being.

“When we reside in a state of Higher Consciousness, we radiate our uplifting energy to all around. By doing this we assist the ascension of humanity and Earth.”

“What a wonderful way to live,” Heather concluded. “I’m going to follow this path. How about you?”